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Why do not my soul disappear and everything ends?

What is the place now? Everything is gone. I do not feel anything. There 's nothing. This place is very dark

Suddenly something strange happened

A long road and some pillars of light descended from the sky like the ones in my real world

A road is made in front of me

The place was dark but those lamps that were like in horror movies are what making some light

I found 6 strange buildings falling from heaven

Every building in the area had strange energy around it

Only one building resembled a palace and had a much larger size than all the other buildings

I approached the first building and found written on it with engravings King Darius

"Army of Darkness"

I entered the door and came across a large corridor and there are 20 rooms all dark except one room that had some light

I stood in front of that room

And over it is written in strange letters a word


I opened the door

35 bodies in front of me stood like statues

next to them a word


So I thought about that word when I did it appeared to me

a Signboard

The corpses can level up

The body shape and abilities you can increase them by 5 levels using 100 low black jewels

There was a small sign in front of me from the beginning

Black Gems Low quality: 300

Gems of medium quality: 50

Gems of special quality: zero

Gems of legendary quality: zero

So I looked at those things and whispered


The first development of the corpses will take 3 hours

I was shocked by this

So this is the place of my army of darkness

I went out of the door and went to the building where it was written

A somewhat strange name

Mythical creatures

When I entered the door, I found a strange view that was not a building but was a vast green land

There was in the center of this land something pulling energy from all over the place it draws energy in a strange way

I looked at it and I realized that it was the seed that was given to me by this old dragon

So I looked at it and found a word next to it


So I thought about this word

"The seed of the King of Dragons"

It takes three years until the dragon comes out

This is all that was mentioned about the seed

I looked for anything else but I could not find anything so I went out

And then headed to the third building, but the shape of this building was a bit strange it was high and coming out of it five large stones and emerged from each stone, an arrow pointing at to the other stone

This building was written on it

The Five Stones

I did not understand anything so I entered and when I entered I found a large wall with many inscriptions on it

In the middle of this wall, there were four empty places and the stone of the dragon was in the fifth place, and arrows came out of every one

Like the shape of the building

I did not understand anything so I came out of this place and I was very angry

why all these mysterious things

What is the matter with this stone,

That the old dragon gave to me and what is the matter with this other stuff, and if one of them is the stone of the dragon, where is the rest and what do they do if they gather I do not understand anything

Then I headed to the fourth building it was written on it


When I entered I found the black jewels the weapons I got from the monsters and the books I kept

My black sword was high in the air with its strong black halo and it was written on top of it the strongest instrument

So I understood the purpose of this place it is to store everything I got

So I went out and headed to the fifth building it was a strange building dominated by some feminine touch

So I opened the door and saw Yamaha in front of me

But strangely enough, she was changing her clothes

So she was naked, her skin was white and her body was perfect in a strange way. This girl is really beautiful


When she saw me

She screamed

So I shut the door quickly

And headed for the sixth building

But that idiot came behind me

Her face was very reddened

(What did you see?) She said this with great anger and her eyes were exploding

"I did not see anything," I said that and there is a slight smile on my face if this girl where in my real world I would **** her now but I promised my mother

(No you saw)

"Well yes, I saw,"

I said

But her face became redder after hearing what I said

(You pervert) She said this and she screamed

"You are my servant, I will do what I want with you"

I said this and moved closer to her but in the last moment

I turned around

I went to the sixth building and the last blinding

I reached the door

She was behind me screaming

(I'm not finished talking with you yet)

When I put my hand on the door I felt big vibration all over the place and I felt that my consciousness was being drawn out