Wuxiaworld > Ring Of Chaos > 26 Purification

I am now standing in front of a giant

double my size

Do not forget that I'm still a little boy

Yes, I am 15 years old but my body is still a bit small

So this dreaded beast began to laugh after watching me laughing with a loud voice and raising its


in the air

He tried to cut me into two halves

with one strike


"Shadow Steps"

I came from behind him and put all my strength in my sword and even started the black aura

And started to attack him but this monster responded to my attack as if he felt the attack

he attacked me


So I activated


Energy Shield

But my armor could not bear the blow so it crashed the higher my strength and the more powerful monsters I found

"Swords of Mana"

I took ten swords and attacked the Orcs

The swords caused him some light wounds

So I produced twenty sword

Then thirty

Then forty

I have more than forty sword

I made them move quickly to this

The Orc


But he put his ax in front of his face

So the sword did not penetrate his face, but the swords caused him many wounds in most of his body

He tried to attack me

But he could not move

Because I merged

The skill of venom paralysis


one of the swords that hit him

At that moment I had only 5 seconds


I attacked him with all my strength


I approached him




I lifted the sword

But he was out of the poison effect and would have responded to my attack so it turned into a night wolf quickly

I put my teeth in his neck

He threw his ax out of pain and put his hand on my neck

I was exhausted and I had no other energy

The bodies wanted to go out but I prevented them from going out

he carried me in air

I became between his hand like a doll, but that fool instead of killing me quickly

He threw me

so I hit a tree and turned into

my true form to

The blood was coming out of my mouth and my whole body was badly injured

I felt that I was about to die, but this dreaded Ork was standing in front of me

He came very close

to me

I stood and looked at him

And that dreaded smile on my face though I'm drenched in my blood

That there was one watching this fight

He'll say I'm a moron

Or a fool who does not appreciate his life

But what do I do

This is my character

I do not bow to anyone

I am above all

I looked in his eyes

he is

the one who fell to the ground

He was shocked

It is impossible that wolf fangs have done this

So before he went to hell I wanted to tell him


did that to him

I approached his ear and whispered

"My teeth had the poison of blood so I put it in your neck and I kept it for more than 10 seconds I bear your goddamned blows,

I do not know if he understood what I said or not

But it does not matter

He closed his eyes and died under my feet

"you leveled up"

I was called one monster because I did not have the ability to move and ordered him to cut this dreaded Ork


I called 35 bodies and slept in my place I could not move my body and could not speak

My body had no energy

This dreaded Ork is very strong

I have to kill some of them when I wake up

Time passed and I called all the tigers and wolves and ordered them to look for any kind of work in the forest

And then I went to a nearby cave

One of the bodies approached me and in his hand, it was a great black gem

bigger than any gem I ever saw

I took the jewel and analyzed it

Name: Jewel of the Orc

Ability to raise the capacity of the kai

The gem is medium quality

I was putting all the jewels I had in my inner circle

So I put this jewel too

But this time


a strange sing

"Do you want to activate the clearing skill in your internal domain with a special scope"

As usual, before I ask

"Purify all the herbs, stones and pearls of medium quality and high and extract the benefit of it in the experts"

So I thought of a word

"Yeah "

10 minutes and is purified