Ring Of Chaos
25 the orc
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Ring Of Chaos
Author :JokerXDD
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25 the orc

it has been over 5 months since i entered the forest

i killed a lot of tigers slaughtered a lot of wolves and senators

there are no more creatures

by that name in that forest

i do not know why i did this, but i hated this creature because he did not die with one strike so i decided to remove this breed from the jungle so i cannot remember my failure

and for another important reason

i am now in level 35 with a fairly large army

35 undead body

their levels have become 45

i can level them up

but this draws many of the black jewels that were falling from the centaur

when i loaded the first gem something appeared

"do you want to upgrade the bodies "

i thought of the word

"yeah "

the black jewel disappeared from my hand

and it became smoke

like the smoke of my old cigarette in the sky

i was so curious

i whispered


name: jewel centaur

the jewel can increase the capacity of your mana and can be converted to acer

special abilities: 5 jewels can upgrade the army of darkness

so i killed all the senator monsters to raise my army level

that's what happened

they were completely destroyed

40 white tiger i do not know why many white tigers are in this forest whenever i move a handful of them


now they are like little mice for me

even though

it has a great speed

it is one of

the fastest creatures

there are also

more than 20 wolves of the night

when we approach any battle

they show there


those wolves really love blood like their master loves to kill

i have the power of telepathy with all this monster

that's one of my tamer skills

i can make them come to me whenever i want and i can give them orders now easily

so i pulled all the bodies inside my range

i made the wolves and tigers move away but follow me from a distance

i whispered

"super speed"

and i ran

in the forest very quickly

i was putting




in my feet to increase my speed

but suddenly turned into a great eagle

flying is much better than running

but what is the best thing about flying

the strange feeling that moves my heart i feel that there is nothing able to stand in my way

flying for me since i was in my real world was just a dream

do you remember this ridiculous question?


you were always asked

when you were small

"what do you wish to become when you grow up?"

i have not had the opportunity to answer this silly question

because no one ever asked me

but my answer was going to be

very simple



i certainly do not want to become a criminal

when i was a child i wanted to become a pilot i wanted to


high in the sky

to get away from my father and mother

from this hell

they call a home


this constant pain

so when i became

the boss of my gang

i achieved this dream but in a different way

i took over

a private plane

that belong to a target of mine

i made the pilot

go as high as he can

i told him not to be afraid i would leave him alive if he did

what i told him to do

when he reached the height i wanted

i killed him and became the pilot

i was smiling

i was happy


may fall

dead because of that smile

but there was a problem i could not

fly a plane

so i carried that dreaded thing that the captain of the plane was talking to in order to be heard by the passengers

"dear passengers, the captain of the plane is announcing

3 mounts are left before we reach our destination


i wish for you to have a nice journey

and a slow death thank you "

i said it

i jumped out of the plane not knowing where i would fall but i love the feeling of falling

and the feeling of sky diving

so now i am in the air at a very high distance i saw a new monster this is the first time i see it

eagle eyes really strong

i turned again

to my true form

will in the air

and i fell from this high

i like to free fall

i like the feeling that everything is going to disappear

and before i get to the ground i turned to eagle again

and landed safely

to feel that you are in danger is a beautiful thing. you feel that all things will go but with your strength, you can only keep them

now i moved very quietly toward this beast

this monster has a very large body but its body is like a human

he holds a large ax on his back

his face is ugly to the extreme

his fangs

it appears from his mouth in a terrifying way

i whispered

"status "

name: ork

level: 40

capabilities: deadly earthquake

if this is the orc i need to


his jewel

his level is very strong

so i will see how powerful he is

i called a wolf who came after some time because he was far away and ordered him to attack the ork with all his might

the wolf hesitated for a while but when i looked at him hard and lifted my sword

he knew the punishment of not listening to my orders

so he attacked quickly

but it did not last more than 10 seconds until the or cans killed him with a single blow that destroyed the black wolf skull

like it was nothing

anyone can see this scene

he would have felt scared because of that

horrible horror and withdrew

but i did the opposite thing to this completely

i smiled my horrible smile and stood up i know that when i smile this smile

know that i look uglier than this monster

but what can i do? i cannot control the expressions of my face when i see a powerful opponent in front of me i just smile

as i approached the orcs i lifted my sword in the air and fired the black halo and it was still on my face

that dreaded smile

which i cannot control the smile of death as some have called it in my real world

if anyone sees my face now

he would tap himself out of fear

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