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This skill was very strong

Formation Mana is a natural skill where you can form Mana as you like

I did not think about arrows

But I thought about the shape of the sword

I love swords more

"I learned skill

mana swords "

You can produce 10 mana swords

Because I can control my mana in a good way, I can make these swords fly in the air

Now the test time






Some wolves

These bodies are very helpful


listen to all my orders

in front of me

10 wolves

with a lot of wounds

I whispered

"mana swords"

10 Swords in the air pierced the bodies of the wolves

All wolves died with one strike

When I saw that

I was surprised

Why those swords

With such strength

Then I went to the forest with all my strength

I will find one of them

a senator

They were very rare

This will make me happy

When I saw him

I could not hold myself back

I whispered

"mana swords"

I created only one sword

I am level 31 and this monster is level 35

my sword flayed in the air and penetrated his body

But even though the sword pierced his body, he did not die, but he staggered

But he was still standing on his feet

I looked into the eyes of the senator with great anger

But I found an arrow moving towards me so I created a shield of energy

He could not penetrate the shield

will I'm still angry

I whispered

"Shadow Movements"

I chose not to come close to him

I approached him in steady steps and I lifted my sword in the air and unleashed the halo of the sword. I think that the horror of the hearts of all the creatures of the jungle today

fled their Hearts

He was firing a lot of arrows five stocks so far

But I do not care

My shield can withstand even the tenth arrow

The senator looked at me with fear and terror and was trying to escape but before he did so

I have created four white mana swords

And made it penetrate his four legs

Then I whispered

"Shadow Steps"

And I am standing over him

I made a mana sword in my hand and made it pierce his intestines





Why did not die from

The first hit

Why this skill is so weak

But I do not care I can kill all those who are weaker than me with one strike and this is enough I can kill ten monsters or ten people with one strike and without any effort

I can use it

10 times before I exhausted all my energy


I ran out of energy

I lose my consciousness

If it weren't for me


I would die a long time ago

These bodies do not need any energy t