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23 the melody of death

The battle was about to end but my happiness was not over yet

I felt like a musician playing his musical instrument

He even merged with the tune completely and forgot about everything around him

My sword was dancing on this melody and ripping everyone around me without exception was cutting their neck and into

Their limbs

This is the first time I have heard this musician and I am in the middle of a battle

Is it my mind who invented it?


Or my voice which will rise to the sky

I am now a musician

who forgot

He's on stage

And forget

All the crowd before him

And now he is playing on the necks of his victims and blood

But the melody ended in one moment and the wolves ended up feeling like the time had stopped

in that


"Absorption capacity" analysis "

Analysis: You can analyze all physical objects and know their capabilities

I felt that my hand was trembling not for fear or tension but happiness

My body was very tired but my blood was boiling with ecstasy

I wanted more

but all that was left was

The faithful 35 bodies

And three wolves

Has continued to live so far

But the pain of the wounds was heavy on my body

"Wounds will heal after half an hour"

I decided to sleep at this time

I went to the wolves' headquarters, which is now empty of life, where there is some small wolf hidden in some caves

I ordered my followers to kill them

Kill them all

I went to the biggest cave

I went to sleep immediately without feeling anything

I did not think I was so exhausted

And when I woke up

there was

Strong blood smell

I thought the battle was far from here why this smell was so close

I hurried out of the cave

I found in the middle of the headquarters more than 30 bodies in front of me


Truly cut off in a professional way like a professional criminal like me who did this

The bodies were found standing in a straight row around the cave where I was sleeping

their swords were covered in blood

I looked at one of the


trying to figure out what had happened

I felt that my consciousness moved to his body and saw everything

This body was standing in front of the cave guarding it

With the rest of the bodies

And suddenly noticed a lot of eyes in the dark

So battle between the wolves who


revenge and me



and of course

It ended with the victory of me


All this happened in less than 5 minutes

So why was the morning battle long I did not understand

And why these saints cut off that way

that I love

Make you feel that the head is divided fairly and there is no defect

But I found no conclusion

I stopped thinking about it and went to sleep and I was sad that I did not participate in this fight

Or the Slaughterhouse that took place

So in the morning, I decided to return all the bodies to their places

And go to the forest to

to hunt

Some new monsters

After killing some of the tigers and wolves I found

I found some strange creature

His body from the bottom resembles the body of a horse

and his upper body looks like a man

He attaches a wooden arch to his shoulder and does not carry any arrows

I looked at him and thought

"status "

Name: Centaur

Level: 35

Capacity: Arrows of mana

Arrows of mana

What 's this ability I want to test that ability before I kill it

So I've


A Corpse

And ordered him to attack this beast, but in an exposed manner

Without killing him

The corpse

He turned quickly to the beast, and the sounds of his footsteps on the ground were high

the Senator

saw him

He raised his bow quickly but did not show arrows yet

In a moment

White arrow with thick color


the arrow hit me a corpse

This stock was made of mana

I tried to do that

But I could not

I tried a second and third time but without any avail

I ordered the body not to kill this monster but

to play died

But the body attacked the centaur



The corpse

did not listen to me

But I noticed


The steps of the body were very slow so quickly the senator formed five arrows inside the bow and fired them on the body and when the body received those arrows

It fell to the ground without any movement

it was like he was a dead body

ha ha ha ha ha

I wanted to follow this monster I wanted him to go to a place where there was the greatest number of them

I have been following him for more than

10 hours

without boredom

Now he stands with another 15 cantors

So I summed




I have made it surround the place

And after that, I appeared to the beasts out of the trees after I was in hiding

And I carried my own sword

But those monsters noticed me and attacked me with arrows

I know you think I'm stupid I could have made



The taste is instead of me

But I do not like that way when I decide to

To fight I would like to be in front

To be first

in front of


And there is another thing I want to experience energy shield, I raised it to level 10 and this is the highest level

I whispered

"Energy Shield"

I had a shield on the shape of a fairly large circle

There were more than 30

Arrows coming on me

The shield was not pierced

But they exhausted the armor power so it disappeared

The monsters tried to attack me


But at that moment appeared



From the back and killed all the centaur each one of them taking two strikes in vital areas

The battle lasted no more than one second and the monsters were all on the ground

I am not a coward but they did not notice what was behind them

I died once because of this stupid act

"Natural Absorbent Capacity

Mana Formation "

When you are sleeping in a room and suddenly feel that there is someone behind you

so know for sure that

Truly there is someone behind you so look behind you to see who will send you to hell