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103 the ghosts of the dead

When I saw her, I was amazed and shocked. This girl is the reason for my death. How did she get here?

\u003cAuthor's note: He certainly didn't think for a moment that he had killed her father and raped her\u003e

I was looking at her like I'm looking at death, she didn't move or leave her place.

But suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of me as if she had been here since the beginning

"Do you remember me?" She said that in a very calm voice, but that voice made my heart tremble a little.

'I don't feel fear, all I feel is astonishment, yes, astonishment, how did this Bitch come to this world?'

How did she get here?

"Do you remember me?" She said again, but this time out loud

I sat on the ground. I wish I can go back to my real-world sometimes to take out my cigarettes and look at the world without interest.

But I have neither my cigarettes nor my pistol that would make everyone else shut up.

"you raped me and killed my father in front of my eyes. Did you forget that?" She said that while raising her hand angrily

Sparks were coming out of Her eyes.

"Yes, I did, I killed your father, raped you, and did everything hideous in this world," I said, as I leand back. with my back against the wall of the room.

"Don't you regret it, don't you have a heart?" She said as tears started falling from her eyes

Black tears, damn

"regret, I think it's not the right word," I said, then stood up and looked in her eyes.

 "I feel pity on you and your father, that you fell in the way of a monster like me. I never feel regret for something I did," I whispered in a low voice.

"But you died" she said that with a kind of anger and surprise

I smiled and passed by her, saying, "So I think that destiny took revenge for you, so I don't want to hear your damn voice."

"You are the damned one, you felt lonely and miserable, so you wanted to break everything. You were pouring your weakness and fear on me and every weak person you meet. because You see yourself in them. Do you think that I don't see the real you ? You are weaker than anyone"

I took a step back and whispered to her, "then let this week person get you out of this miserable world."

I pulled my sword and made it go through her chest. She looked at me and said

"I will always hant you"

"And I will always be waiting for you to send you back to hell" I said, as she disappeared completely

"master, Is what she was saying is right? Are you really weak?" Dima said

"Yes, I was, but I am not anymore" I said, then I remembered something

I remembered how lonely I was, how I was killing everything that came close to me

How I decorated my bed every night with a new head

Really, this was a kind of weakness, a kind of illness that made me feel strong

But now I don't need it because I'm really strong

I put my sword in the ground and turned and tried to break through the walls, but I couldn't use any strength

So I remembered, "that I have to killeveryone in the room to get out."

After I remembered that, I sat quietly without a sound,I put my sword in front of me, and sat in an attempt to meditate and enter my inner domain.

But I couldn't, so I was really surprised

After some time, a new person appeared in front of me. He had a big mustache and was handsome

When I came to this world I first saw him and felt his love and today I look at him and I feel a strange hate

His eyes were black and his heart radiated in darkness

He is my father, I looked at him, but I didn't stand up. I kept looking at his eyes as he kept looking at mine

I really miss him but I know that's not him

This is another person, but I missed his features, his mustache, and his looks, so I did nothing but look at him.

Do I really have to kill him? Is there another option? Is there another way to get out without killing my father?

"are you going to keep sitting like this? Why didn't you take revenge for me? Why didn't you kill the demon king? Why are you so weak?" He said that while looking at me in anger.

My heart at that moment was in pain. I felt like it was hit by a lightning bolt. I know that he is not my father, but I felt an indescribable pain.

I felt that my body would be shattered by pain

I remember the day he died like it was yesterday, I remember how I swore to take revenge for him

"you fell in love with the demon king daughter and you forgot your father. You forgot your promises to me"

I stood up and headed towards him

"You're a despicable son who's not worthy of life"

I got closer and raised my sword

"Do you want to kill your father? You really don't deserve everything I did for you"

As I stood before him he said

"You don't deserve to bear my name"

I made my sword pierce his neck

He disappeared

"master, are you crying? I've never seen you cry before"

I didn't care about what She said, I didn't care about anything at all at that moment

I was very angry and deeply saddened that I wanted to break everything

I sat on the ground and the sword fell from my hand

there was some water falling on the ground. I didn't know at that moment that water was coming from me

I put my hand on my face to find me crying

I don't like crying. I never want to feel weak

At that moment, I felt a body that contained to me from behind.

"don't Cry"

I looked back and was shocked when I saw the source of that sound

'It's Hind'