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1573 Report First Before Acting

Duan Xinya felt more satisfied the more she looked at Bai Yaoyao. This lady was charming outside and gentle inside. She would make a great daughter-in-law.

Moreover, one glance was enough to tell that she was a kind girl.

They had also accounted for her performance on the battlefield. Frankly speaking, when they were looking through her details, they were already pleasantly surprised.

After repeated surprises, they eventually grew accustomed to them.

But she still adored this child from the bottom of her heart. In her eyes, no one else would make a better pair with Duan Yanhao.

As for what happened to this child in the past, she did not care. They were not some old-fashioned family. As long as Yanhao liked her, as his seniors, they would like her as well.

Furthermore, this child was top-grade when it came to both talent and personality.

Bai Yaoyao was feeling all fuzzy inside. It felt good being doted on by Duan Yanhao's family.

Before Duan Yanhao and Bai Yaoyao opened their hearts to each other, she would still let her thoughts run wild. Duan Yanhao was a Major, so his family members were definitely not average people as well. She wondered if it would be easy to get along with his parents and if they would like her.

She knew about how relationships between daughters-in-law and mothers could be strained, so when she saw Bixue with her mother-in-law, she was envious of their close relationship and hoped that she would be able to meet such a great family as well.

However, that was only what she hoped. She did not dare to bring her hopes up. But now that she had met Duan Yanhao's family and experienced the way they adored and protected her, she was truly touched.

Her dreams from her youth were being fulfilled by Duan Yanhao right now.

Duan Xinya replied, saying that it was no trouble and discussed the details with her.

"Yaoyao, do you have any opinion? Do you think we need to change anything?"

Bai Yaoyao had yet to recover from her shock. "Aunt, it's already very good. There's no need to change anything."

Bai Yaoyao quickly waved her hands. The wedding was so large-scaled? She did not dare to imagine this in the past, so what other opinions could she possibly have?

Duan Xinya happily patted Bai Yaoyao on the back of her hand. "Okay, then we will fix the date on the next month."

Duan Yanhao did not say anything from the side, but his eyes were twinkling with a glimmer that could brighten up skies, as if something incredibly pleasing was happening.

When Duan Yanhao tugged Bai Yaoyao upstairs to rest, she had yet to recover from her trance.

Sitting on the bed, Bai Yaoyao slowly recovered. "Wait, something's off. Yanhao, I have yet to tell them that I agreed to marry you!"

Duan Yanhao looked as realization seeped into Bai Yaoyao's face. He smiled and pulled her into an embrace. "I've already told them that I succeeded in asking your hand."

"When did you propose to me, and when did I promise you?"

"It's the same for me to report first before I act."

Bai Yaoyao was angry and tried to forcefully push him away, but there was always an inherent difference between the strength of a man and a woman. She was unable to push him away, and instead, the embrace tightened.

"My wife, the wedding will be next month. I'm not letting you run away."

Bai Yaoyao raised her head to look at Duan Yanhao, finding him a little funny. "Look at how you're behaving right now. You don't look a single bit like a Major."

"If behaving like this will make you agree, I will do it any number of times. In fact, I think that next month is too late."

Indeed, every night, he would dream of Bai Yaoyao being shot on the battlefield. The blood seeping out would stain his hands and eyes red.

He would always wake up from the nightmare. When they get married, he would get to embrace her lawfully. If he could see her beside him when he woke from a nightmare, he would be able to rest assured.