Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife
1266 Entering the Social Circle of Noble Families
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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife
Author :Phoenix Essence Sweet
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1266 Entering the Social Circle of Noble Families

Yun Bixue's cold words startled the few ladies. They watched and listened in fear.

Yun Bixue just said that Jiang Jingshan and An Yexuan were dead people? She actually dared to say that? Did she mean that she…

Everyone shuddered. She actually dared to deal with the Young Master of the An family and the Miss of the Jiang family like this. If she could do that to those two, they could not imagine what she would do to them.

Hence, the few ladies became even more eager to pander to Yun Bixue now.

"Miss Yun, the two of them will be removed since you said so."

Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes slightly at the few ladies before her. "I'm saying this for real. You don't believe me?"

An Yexuan and Jiang Jingshan had long been blacklisted in her heart. She could only take things one step at a time, given the big picture, but she would surely eliminate them. It was only a matter of time.

"No, no. We believe you. It's just that Miss Yun, we are really sincere about inviting you to come. We're even thinking of letting you lead us."

Yun Bixue glanced at the ladies before her. During the past month, when her leg was still recovering, she had done her research on all the people in the capital. After these few ladies said their names, she recalled their information at once. They were only in their early twenties, and one of them was only eighteen. They were not bad in nature, just that they were too wild and conceited. Changing and molding their temperament would do.

"Miss Yun, just take pity on us, please?"

"Yeah, just join us. We've already promised our other friends."

In the end, Yun Bixue said, "Alright then. I'll join!"

"That's great!" Indeed, it felt great. They managed to win over Yun Bixue. She would probably not deal with them.

"Yeah, I'm so happy." Happy that nothing would happen to herself. Her heart had been on tenterhooks for the whole night yesterday, afraid that she would end up just like Jiang Jingshan.

"Let's go for a meal to celebrate!"

"Yeah, yeah. It'll be our treat. Miss Yun, give us some face and let us treat you."

Yun Bixue smiled as she stared at the group of girls before her. "How about dinner later? I have already agreed to eat with my husband at home."

"Sure, sure. Let's meet later in the evening then!"

After Yun Bixue went into the villa, those ladies remained standing outside. One of them even gushed excitedly, "Did you see that? She even smiled at me. This shows that we're safe. She even said she will look after us. That's great, right?"

"I can finally put my heart at ease. That Lu Suyan still looked down on us for doing this. Hmph."

"Just ignore her. She's so arrogant as if she's really something. We need to care about our own families first and look to where our interests lie."


When Yun Bixue came home, Xie Limo had already prepared lunch.

Yun Bixue walked up excitedly and covered Xie Limo's eyes from the back as she said, "Guess who?"

Xie Limo chuckled and held the hands that were covering his eyes. "What made you so happy today?" She would only joke around with him like this when she was in a really good mood.

Yun Bixue put down her hand and said, "You guessed it at once. Yeah, I am really happy about something today. Dang dang dang…"

As she said that, she took out the invitation to the garden party. "Look, this is what the ladies invited me to. From today onwards, I want to formally enter the social circles of the century-old noble families in the capital. It would make it much easier for me to do things and help you achieve your goal."

Xie Limo gazed gently at Yun Bixue. His wife thought about him in everything. Taking the invitation from her, he opened it and took a look. When he saw the letter, his expression changed a little as he said, "This is the invitation to the garden party!"

"Yeah, when I was on my way back home, I saw a few ladies from the Miao family, Zhao family, and other noble families. They were the ones who gave this to me."
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