Reverend Insanity
2154 Looting Everything
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2154 Looting Everything

Chapter 2154: Looting Everything
Immemorial white heaven.

Intense winds blew, Fang Yuan’s hair fluttered in the wind as a result.

After preparation, he activated his killer move.

A rank eight earth path grotto-heaven was devoured by the sovereign immortal aperture under Fang Yuan’s method.

Like what he did earlier, Fang Yuan did not annex this grotto-heaven wholly, he chose to split it into different portions and placed them into the sovereign immortal aperture’s various areas.

Of course, because this was a rockman earth path grotto-heaven, most of it landed in the mini five regions, only a small portion ended up in the mini nine heavens.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

As profound light faded, a mountain range appeared in Mini Central Continent out of nowhere.

“It’s here, it’s here, our tribe’s Myriad Ravine Mountain Range!” Shi San Bai was incredibly excited.

“Yes, this is our former Sacred Mountain, but now that it is inside the sovereign immortal aperture, it has become quite ordinary.” Shi Gua Bi had a complex expression, he felt dejected but also happy.

These few rockman Gu Immortals gathered together for this moment.

They were the Gu Immortals of this former grotto-heaven, but they were sent into Fang Yuan’s sovereign immortal aperture in advance.

During this period of time, their cultivation levels rose rapidly, they also gained many Immortal Gu. They were simply on a whole new level than before.

“Let’s go, let’s go in.” The rockman Gu Immortals flew into Myriad Ravine Mountain Range.

“Greetings to supreme ancestor!”

“The ancestors have finally returned!!!”

Myriad Ravine Mountain Range still had a large number of rockman Gu Masters, after seeing the rockman Gu Immortals, they cheered loudly.

“Indeed, this is our new home.”

“We have a bright future living here.”

After the rockman Gu Immortals gave them a speech, they started to take action.

They had missions to do.

This Myriad Ravine Mountain Range was a famous mountain too, it was going to be one of the cores of an earth vein.

Fang Yuan spent several hours annexing this earth path grotto-heaven, during the process, certain changes developed in various places across the sovereign immortal aperture.

In Star Collection City, Combat Beast King held the fort as he observed the commotions in the sovereign immortal aperture along with other Gu Immortals.

“During this period of time, master annexed several grotto-heavens and caused the dao marks to rise in number. It can be expected that the various areas of the sovereign immortal aperture will have increasing commotion over time, with rising intensity.”

“Isn’t this good? The more incidents there are, the more missions we have to do.”

“Sigh, when will our tribe’s grotto-heaven be annexed by master?”

The Gu Immortals talked among themselves, feeling expectant towards their future prospects.

Their mindsets had already changed drastically.

In the past, they were against Fang Yuan annexing their grotto-heavens, but now the situation was different, they looked forward to it. It was as if they could not gain their master’s acknowledgement if their grotto-heaven had not been annexed. Many Gu Immortals who had their immortal apertures annexed felt that they were a true part of the sovereign immortal aperture, they felt superior to the Gu Immortals of the two heavens.

“Lord Fang Yuan, Lord Fang Yuan!” Lu Wei Yin shouted.

He flew over from afar.

Fang Yuan turned around and smiled: “It has been tough on you, you came all the way here to immemorial white heaven.”

Lu Wei Yin smiled bitterly, he said in an urgent tone: “Lord Fang Yuan, you must know why I came here. Let’s set off now, do you know that yesterday, a rank eight Immortal Gu House flew from immemorial black heaven to Crazed Demon Cave.”

Fang Yuan nodded: “Many people saw that, the Immortal Gu House should be the one that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind, Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace, right?”

“Indeed.” Lu Wei Yin nodded continuously, staring at Fang Yuan: “Right now, Longevity Heaven and Heavenly Court have moved. If we still do not start taking action, we are going to lose this prime opportunity.”

Fang Yuan nodded: “Fine, let’s go.”

“Really?” Lu Wei Yin heard the answer he wanted, but he could not believe it.

These last days, he had used information path methods to urge Fang Yuan to go, but he kept on refusing it.

To think that Fang Yuan was actually going to move now.

“Can I confirm when Lord Fang Yuan will go?” Lu Wei Yin was still in disbelief.

Fang Yuan smiled: “How about now?”

Lu Wei Yin was overjoyed: “Lord Fang Yuan is truly resolute, that is the best answer, let’s go, let’s go!”

The truth was, Fang Yuan had already decided to go to Crazed Demon Cave now.

He had already used up all of the dream realms, his attainment levels rose accordingly.

Quasi-supreme grandmaster: refinement path, time path, enslavement path.

Great grandmaster: theft path, transformation path, rule path, qi path, fire path, wisdom path, water path, earth path, poison path.

Grandmaster: blood path, strength path, star path, dark path, formation path, soul path, sword path, human path, wood path, food path, phantom path, luck path, ice and snow path.

Master: dream path, space path, metal path, wind path, cloud path, lightning path, information path, light path, sound path.

As for the remaining paths like bone path, they were not at master level yet, but he still had some progress. Heaven path was the same.

Even though he did not reach Spectral Soul’s level, Fang Yuan’s attainment levels were already top rate in the current world. Be it breadth or depth, he could be considered the number one person in the world!

After all, Spectral Soul lost his attainment levels after leaving behind the dream realms, while Star Constellation and Giant Sun would not retain their supreme grandmaster attainment levels even if they revived now.

Of course, he still had insufficiencies.

For example, painting path, weapon path, and others, they were completely blank.

These paths were just too rare, painting path was intentionally concealed by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, while weapon path was crudely created by Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortal Che Wei recently.

With the rise of attainment level, Fang Yuan could annex more grotto-heavens, the sovereign immortal aperture reached its limit once again.

If there was some time to digest the new gains, the sovereign immortal aperture would become more stable.

But there was neither time nor opportunity.

Through luck inspection, Fang Yuan found that the situation had worsened again, even though there was still leeway, it had clearly gotten quite severe.

With a resolute decision, Fang Yuan immediately went to Northern Plains with Lu Wei Yin.

Ever since that pursuit battle over Fang Yuan ended, he had already used all his time to the limit, recuperating and raising his strength as much as he could.

Now, it was time to face the venerables head on!

Years had passed, Fang Yuan returned to Crazed Demon Cave again.

Initially, when he first came here, he only had rank seven cultivation level and was restricted by an alliance agreement.

Now, he looked down towards Crazed Demon Cave, ready to engage in battle with venerables.

The first layer of Crazed Demon Cave was a huge land of yellow soil.

This was a huge cave, it was almost circular at the entrance, spanning hundreds of kilometers, it looked extremely grand.

Inside the cave, there was a lush rain forest, filled with the colors yellow and green. Desolate beasts formed into groups, vines and trees tangled together, growling could be heard everywhere, it was a primitive sight.

“We will go down from there.” Lu Wei Yin said.

“No rush.” Fang Yuan raised his hand: “These immortal materials are useful to me.”

He opened his immortal aperture’s entrance, many variant human Gu Immortals were let out.

These Gu Immortals were talking among themselves, they went down in groups, causing chaos in the entire first layer.

“Quick, there is a desolate plant here!”

“Dig it up, bring it back.”

“Oh oh, there’s a group of desolate beast monkeys here, let’s work together.”

“Squeak squeak…” The monkey group cried out together.

“These rocks are immortal materials, bring them back, bring them all back.”

“These are all contribution points!!”

The Gu Immortals worked enthusiastically, they were like a group of bandits that entered a mortal village.

Even though the first layer of Crazed Demon Cave had wild beasts and plants, Fang Yuan’s subordinates were superior in numbers, there were also many rank eight Gu Immortals among them that possessed rank eight Immortal Gu and rank eight killer moves.

The first layer of Crazed Demon Cave was completely looted!

Lu Wei Yin watched with a dazed expression.

In just this short period of time, how did Fang Yuan’s subordinates become so strong, didn’t their strength rise too absurdly?

“I have too many people under me, our resource expenditure is very high, especially when I made the artificial earth vein recently. This is really embarrassing.” Fang Yuan smiled.

Lu Wei Yin quickly waved his hand: “Of course not, I feel admiration towards you instead. In the current world, only Lord Fang Yuan is capable of making use of these chaotic immortal materials.”

Because Crazed Demon Cave had demonic sounds at set intervals, dao marks would become chaotic and all the immortal materials would be useless. Living beings would rampage and lose their senses, even rank eight Gu Immortals became lunatics in such an environment.

A while later, the first layer that was filled with vitality became a barren land.

The variant human Gu Immortals were still not satisfied as they brought the vast amount of resources back into the sovereign immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin went into the second layer after that.

Crazed Demon Cave’s second layer was an incredibly hot land of burning rocks. A large amount of rocks were piled up together, big and small, the large ones were like huge elephants, the small ones were like pebbles.

These Gu materials also had chaotic dao marks, but they were mostly made of fire path and earth path dao marks.

“Take them all.” Fang Yuan ordered, the variant human Gu Immortals moved again.

They swept the area like a locust swarm, emptying the entire second layer.

After that, Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin went into the third layer.

The third layer was covered in dense fog, it had a vast number of fog worms and cloud bamboos. These life forms were also senseless and chaotic, they were all taken down or chopped down and collected by the variant human Gu Immortals.

There was even a Fog City here.

A ghost city of dead people.

The Gu Immortals who died in Crazed Demon Cave gathered together with vengeance and created this Fog City.

When Fang Yuan came here before, he avoided it as he had rank seven cultivation level, if he entered it, he would definitely die, there was no way to escape.

But it was different now.

Fog City?


Take it away!

After looting everything in his path, Fang Yuan arrived at the seventh layer of Crazed Demon Cave.

He spent much less time compared to his previous expedition.

Back then, Fang Yuan was led by Not Immortal, they kept taking detours. The deeper they went, the more turns they had to make, sometimes, the straight distance seemed to be short, but they had to make a long detour. With their strength back then, detours actually saved them more time than taking a straight path.

But now, Fang Yuan moved unhindered.

No matter what obstacles he met along the way, he placed them all into the sovereign immortal aperture.

The seventh layer of Crazed Demon Cave was filled with bright colors. The rocks, grass, soil, and trees were all shining in bright lights.

Every piece of soil or rock here was a quasi-rank nine immortal material.

But the dao marks were chaotic, they could not be used at all.

Of course, that was the case for most Gu Immortals in the world.


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