Reverend Insanity
2152 Earth Vein“s Initial Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2152 Earth Vein“s Initial Formation

Chapter 2152: Earth Vein’s Initial Formation

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Several variant human men gathered into a circle, they were busily engaging in an important business.

“Slowly, slowly.”

“Guys, relax a little, don’t be so anxious.”

“Faster, faster, I can’t endure it anymore.”


A loud sound was heard.

A gigantic hill landed on the ground.

This hill was not tall, it did not have clear waters of beautiful vegetation, there were mostly dust rocks and iron cloud stones on the mountain, causing it to look grey in most areas.

And most amazingly, this entire hill was completely silent.

Even though there were many life forms, when Gu Immortals spoke here, no sound could be transmitted unless they used specific methods.

This was silent hill.

It had the same reputation as Western Desert’s anti-sound desert, famous in the world. Any sound path killer move used here would be greatly weakened and suppressed.

Silent hill was a famous mountain in Southern Border, but because it produced little resources, it had not been very useful to anyone.

This time, Fang Yuan sent envoys all over the place to negotiate in transactions.

Silent hill was sold to Fang Yuan as a result, these variant human Gu Immortals moved in groups, they were in charge of moving silent hill back into a specific location of the sovereign immortal aperture.

But relocation was just the first step, next, they had to develop its mountain roots.

The one in charge of this was a rockman Gu Immortal.

He activated a method as silent hill’s mountain roots began to grow rapidly, stabbing into the surrounding environment.

“Deeper, go deeper!” The leader instructed as he suddenly sighed: “Sigh, why did you stop? Are you finished so quickly?”

The rockman Gu Immortal said impatiently: “Say, leader, can you keep quiet? I want to go deeper too, but I only have rank seven cultivation level. This is a famous mountain, it is very exhausting to influence and manipulate its mountain roots!”

But the leader said: “That’s why I said you need to work harder. Your cultivation level is too low, when will you become a rank eight?”

The rockman Gu Immortal rolled his eyes: “Boss, I was still rank six some time ago, I only went to pass the tribulation and reached rank seven because of our master. I also want to reach rank eight, but that is just too difficult.”

The other Gu Immortals quickly spoke.

“Leader is right, in our group, you’re the only one that can deal with the mountain roots, allowing them to grow thick and long. If you were stronger, we would complete our mission to a greater extent, we would receive better rewards as well.”

“You are in charge of the mountain veins, your contribution is the highest among us!”

“I heard that you went to sleep recently?”

“I have not slept in two months, I have been doing mountain relocation missions the entire time.”

“Master has such grand ambitions and inspirations, he is managing a project to create artificial earth veins. But this plan will eventually be completed, aren’t we grabbing onto this chance when it is available to us? Look at the other groups, the more missions they complete, the fewer we will have for ourselves.”

The other Gu Immortals stared at the rockman Gu Immortal, they had a look of expectation and disappointment.

The rockman Gu Immortal was very helpless: “Don’t you guys know? We rockmen have no lack of sleep in our lives. Because our bodies are too heavy, it is a huge burden on our soul. We need to sleep to pacify our soul.”

“Then use the liver life formation!”

“I already used it.”

“On master’s contribution board, aren’t there soul path methods to raise your soul foundation?”

“But I cultivate earth path, soul path methods are less effective on me. Instead of using my contribution points on them, I might as well raise my earth path attainment instead.”

The leader gritted his teeth: “Stop arguing, let’s pool our funds and help our little rockman brother. Let’s gather some points and raise his soul foundation.”

The other Gu Immortals agreed together.

Right now, the rockman Gu Immortal was their group’s weakness, if he got stronger, the entire group would benefit from it.

Fang Yuan handed out all sorts of missions, they were created after wisdom path deductions, their contents were simple but they had deep meaning.

Be it the difficulty of the mission or the content itself, Gu Immortals often had to cooperate with others, it was hard to do any mission alone.

This gave the Gu Immortals of various races a chance to work together intimately.

After a long period of cooperation, they naturally developed camaraderie and friendship.

Thus, within the entire sovereign immortal aperture, all the different tribes and races were seamlessly fusing together into one big community.

Humans, rockmen, feathermen, inkmen, snowmen, and others, they were all working together, contributing blood and sweat for the sake of building their wonderful homeland.

“Excellent, silent hill has been relocated already. All the famous mountains are distributed around the mini five regions, the most basic requirement has been met, we can now start developing the earth vein.”

Fang Yuan had been paying huge attention to the famous mountain relocation plan.

After seeing the situation over at silent hill, he started to take action personally.

In order to construct the earth vein, he had already created many immortal formations in the important areas of the mini five regions.

At this moment, Fang Yuan willed as immortal essence was expended, the immortal formations started to activate on their own.

The ground of the mini five regions was shaking with greater intensity as time passed.

The variant humans living in the various areas were lost and confused, while some showed expressions of joy.

“What is happening? Is there another earthquake?” Most of the mortal Gu Masters did not understand the situation.

“Master has started to take action. Oh heavens, he is affecting the entire mini five regions in one go, this is truly a huge project!” The Gu Immortals sensed the situation, they all felt intense joy and also deeper admiration towards Fang Yuan.


The ground continued to rumble but the extent was not too severe, there was not much loss from this.

An earth vein started to form in a chain due to the effect of the Gu formations in various areas, using the famous mountains as its various nodes.

This earth vein crossed through the mini five regions, it was present in Mini Eastern Sea, Mini Central Continent, Mini Northern Plains, Mini Southern Border, and Mini Western Desert.

If one looked from above, this earth vein would resemble an irregular geometric shape, the lines were very clear and simple, it barely covered the area of half the mini five regions.

The earth vein was successfully constructed, the ground returned to normal.

The immortal formations of various places came to a halt, they were basically fueled by immortal materials that were almost completely expended, the formations were now incomplete and could not be used again.

Fang Yuan started to carefully assess the outcome.

He was very patient and thorough, after some time, he nodded in satisfaction.

It had gone according to plan, the entire earth vein was created perfectly, no flaws could be observed.

Of course, this had to do with the simple design of the artificial earth vein, it was simply too crude.

The truth was, the hardest part of the artificial earth vein project was not the creation of the earth vein. The problem was the way to gather enough famous mountains to use as the nodes of the various regions’ earth vein.

The second hardest thing was the method to create an artificial earth vein.

“The earth vein is completed in its initial state, it is quite crude now and does not have an immediate impact on the entire sovereign immortal aperture. In fact, it might even cause problems to occur frequently during this initial period, but after some time when things go back to normal, the sovereign immortal aperture will become more stable than before!”

Fang Yuan estimated in his mind, he withdrew his attention from the sovereign immortal aperture and used Cooking Luck Pot to inspect his luck again.

With one glance, Fang Yuan’s eyes shined, joy was expressed in his gaze.

The creation of his artificial earth vein had a huge effect on his luck.

His luck was originally a grand pillar of silver light, but it was quite loose like cloud soil, it could scatter with one touch.

Now, even though the silver pillar was smaller, it became more condensed.

This was quite an assuring development.

“But the luck of the other venerables has also grown stronger.” Fang Yuan frowned to himself.

At the top of the silver light pillar, three clouds were looming over it, they represented Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, and Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

Star Constellation’s cloud was still in control of the first level, it had expanded slightly.

Spectral Soul was at the second level, while Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was at the third.

But there was an odd scene now, Star Constellation’s cloud seemed to be devouring Spectral Soul’s cloud.

This scene was quite confusing to Fang Yuan, he had many guesses in his mind but he was not certain about anything.

There was also another transformation.

At the bottom of the silver light pillar, yellow-brown dust started to spin around it again. This earthy dust moved around the silver light pillar, seemingly stabilizing it.

Through luck inspection, Fang Yuan confirmed that the artificial earth vein plan was very useful to himself, he became even more resolved to continue this plan.

“But after getting an earth vein, I can no longer use myriad beings assimilation transformation.” Fang Yuan reminded himself.

Myriad beings assimilation transformation killer move was the ultimate method of Beast Calamity Immortal, it contained the highest profundity of transformation path, able to turn dao marks of all other paths into transformation path dao marks. It could even influence heaven path dao marks, thus all sorts of tribulations could turn into beast calamities.

Fang Yuan’s main body could not use it anymore.

This move that transformed dao marks had a huge effect on the sovereign immortal aperture’s habitat.

Fang Yuan had a terrifying number of dao marks now, ignoring anything else, just refinement path dao marks alone amounted to over six million. If these six million dao marks suddenly turned into another path’s dao marks, the sovereign immortal aperture would not be able to adapt to the change.

By then, a huge issue would occur in the environment, the terrifying tribulation that occurs would have unimaginable consequences!

For example, it was like a fish swimming in water but the water turned into lava, it was easy to guess the outcome of the fish.

In the past, when Fang Yuan used myriad beings assimilation transformation, the sovereign immortal aperture’s development was still quite low, there were very few life forms inside. At that time, he also had far fewer dao marks.

If he used myriad beings assimilation transformation now, there would be too many dao marks transformed, it could not be done. But if he transformed fewer dao marks instead, against venerables, it would not have any purpose in combat.

Immortal killer move — Heaven and Earth Travel!

At the next moment, Fang Yuan’s main body went from Eastern Sea to Southern Border.

A tall mountain peered into the clouds, frost energy emanated from it, its mountain roots were cut already, Fang Yuan was here to retrieve it after the preparations were done.

This was Frosty Peak.

Back then, Fang Yuan disguised as Wu Yi Hai and sneaked into Wu clan, he had gotten into conflict with Xia clan over this mountain.

Frosty Peak was a famous mountain of course, it produced ice and snow path resources. However, the originally white and beautiful Frosty Peak was now littered with holes all over as a result of excessive excavation, not only was it ugly, the production of resources was also affected.

Thus, this Frosty Peak was sold to Fang Yuan by Wu clan.

At this moment, there were many Gu Immortals surrounding Frosty Peak.

Other than the variant human Gu Immortals that Fang Yuan dispatched, Wu clan’s Gu Immortals were here as well, Wu Yong was among them.

“Fang Yuan, have you been well?” Wu Yong took the initiative to greet him, showing a complex expression at the same time.


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