Reverend Insanity
2150 Crazy Mother
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2150 Crazy Mother

Chapter 2150: Crazy Mother

Tu clan village head became anxious, he started to fire off questions.

But even though Huang Wan spoke the truth each time, her replies were all nonsensical.

Tu clan village head did not get the answer he wanted, he looked towards Doctor Wu Xiao with an unkind gaze.

Doctor Wu Xiao was shocked too: “Amazing, too amazing! This mushroomman’s will is too strong, even though she lost her mind and has fallen into insanity, she became even purer as a result, each of her actions resonate with her true feelings. In her heart, she will definitely not betray her tribe, even if they exiled her. Tu clan village head, there is nothing else I can do.”

“You…” Tu clan village head was very angry, he controlled himself: “Then Master Wu Xiao, you can go rest now.”

In the jail cell, only Tu clan village head and Huang Wan were left.

Tu clan village head looked at Huang Wan and laughed coldly: “Don’t worry, even if you are crazy, I can still make use of you. If I cannot get an answer from you, I will capture more mushroomman higher-ups and ask Master Wu Xiao to take action. I do not believe that I cannot find out the location of your mushroomman tribe!”

Thus, in the next scene, Meng Qiu Zhen turned into Huang Xiao Mi.

The elite Gu Masters of the mushroomman tribe were beside him.

The night was dark, they had already stealthily arrived near Tu clan village.

“Brother Xiao Mi!” Fang Tu secretly went to receive him.

These years, Fang Tu had received the help of Huang Wan and Le Tu, she started her cultivation journey and was now a rank two Gu Master.

She had received immense help from Huang Wan, because of her fortuitous encounter, she bore goodwill towards the mushroommen.

“How is the situation?” Meng Qiu Zhen asked immediately.

Fang Tu answered: “The village head is already prepared, tomorrow morning, Auntie Huang Wan will face the trial publicly, she will be beheaded! On the other hand, I have already found out about the location where Le Tu is kept in.”

“Alright, we will split into two groups, one group will head to the execution ground and lay in ambush. The other group will save Le Tu and pass him those Gu worms that we prepared.” Meng Qiu Zhen instructed.

The sky gradually lightened up.

Right when Huang Wan was about to be beheaded, Meng Qiu Zhen led the mushroomman Gu Masters to attack the execution ground.

“You came after all.” Tu clan village head laughed.

“Everything has gone according to leader’s estimations.” The elders praised.

“Mother!” On the other hand, Le Tu also arrived with his reinforcements.

Tu clan village head frowned: “You chose the other side after all! Forget it, today, I will slay my kin in the name of justice, I will correct my past mistakes. Kill that pair of mother and son! Try your best to capture all the remaining mushroommen.”

A chaotic battle started.

Tu clan village soon gained the upper hand, this was a trap that they had set in the first place.

The mushroomman tribe also predicted this but there was no choice. Huang Wan was the former witch, she knew too many secrets of the tribe, she could not be allowed to stay in Tu clan village.

Huang Xiao Mi and Le Tu fell into tough combat, they were surrounded by strong foes.

“To think that the day would come where we fight on the same side.” Le Tu looked at Huang Xiao Mi, smiling bitterly.

Meng Qiu Zhen suddenly laughed heartily: “Don’t worry, our reinforcements are here.”

At the crucial moment, the dream realm changed once again as a large number of mushroomman Gu Masters joined the fight.

It turned out that the mushroomman tribe leader had gone all-out, he led the entire tribe to attack Tu clan village in a last ditch attempt.

To win or to die trying!

There was no other possible outcome!

Most of Tu clan village’s higher-ups were at the execution ground, because of their temporarily weakened defenses, the mushroomman army actually broke in and charged all the way into Tu clan village.

An intense battle erupted.

The village head and tribe leader were both rank five, they fought against each other.

Le Tu and Huang Xiao Mi’s alliance became the crucial element that could break this stalemate.

They were too familiar with each other, even though this was their first alliance, they had immense coordination in working together.

Both of them had rank four cultivation level, once they joined hands, their battle strength rose greatly, even Tu clan village’s head could not resist them.

In the end, the mushroomman tribe won while Tu clan village suffered a terrible loss.

The remaining Gu Masters escaped into the prison, resisting with all their might, desperately attempting to survive.

Meanwhile, Tu clan village’s head was heavily injured, he was on the brink of death, captured by the mushroomman tribe.

“Mother, how are you? What happened to you?”

Le Tu managed to save his mother in this chaotic battle after suffering huge injuries. But he found that Huang Wan had already gone mad.

Huang Wan looked at Huang Xiao Mi: “Son, oh son, you must live in happiness and bliss. That is why I named you Le Tu. Come, smile for mother, show me a smile.”

“Oh mother…” Le Tu was covered in tears: “It was my fault, if I had not barged in, you would not have gotten hit by the village head! You would not be in such a state.”

At this time, Wu Xiao was brought over.

He begged for mercy: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! I know what happened to your mother.”

“Speak!” Le Tu roared.

Tu clan village head who was heavily injured smiled and replied in a cold tone: “Hahaha, your mother cannot be saved, she had gone completely insane. That’s right, I caused it, this Doctor Wu Xiao is the direct culprit behind it as well.”

“You will all die!!!” Le Tu’s expression was distorted, he was about to make a move.

But Huang Wan suddenly stopped him: “Don’t kill him, don’t kill anyone! That is not good, you must be a kind person, you stupid rascal.”

“Mother, you finally recognized me.” Le Tu cried.


Huang Wan suddenly slapped as Le Tu became stunned.

“Who are you calling mother! My son is right here.” She grabbed Huang Xiao Mi, patting the latter’s chest: “This is my son.”

“Look at my son!” Huang Wan said proudly: “My son is so strong and tall! He is such a wonderful lad.”

“Oh son.” Huang Wan was smiling earlier but suddenly, she cried: “Mother let you down. I hid your identity from you and shaved your head because I was afraid that your hair might grow into a mushroom cap instead. Will you blame me?”

Le Tu wept in agony as tears flowed like a river.

But Huang Wan paid him no attention, she only looked at Huang Xiao Mi.

For the first time, Le Tu looked at Huang Xiao Mi in a pleading gaze.

Huang Xiao Mi nodded as he acted: “Mother, I won’t blame you, you will always be my wonderful mother.”

Huang Wan shed tears of joy as she said: “Stupid rascal, I’m glad you forgive me. But don’t kill your father, don’t kill anyone else. I want you to live in peace and happiness, that is all I want. Let them off, conflict and slaughter only breeds deeper conflict and hatred, it will make you empty, it will torture you, it will make you unhappy.”

“If you are not happy, you will not be Ah Le anymore.”

The surrounding people were silent.

Even Tu clan village head was the same.

“You want me to spare these people?!” Le Tu’s eyes were red, he clenched his fists as his expression became distorted with rage.

“How can I do that?!” He forced that question out through the cracks between his teeth.

Tu clan village head smiled coldly, he had already lost completely, he became disheartened, he had no fear towards death.

But Doctor Wu Xiao suddenly shouted: “There is hope, there is still hope! Your mother still has a chance of regaining her sanity.”

Le Tu grabbed Wu Xiao’s shoulder and lifted him up: “Tell me, what method is it?”

Wu Xiao quickly answered: “Even though your mother is mad, she still has a bit of her mind left in her. Look at her actions and words, they are pure and sincere, this is her inner heart. As long as you do not go against her wishes, in time, her condition will not aggravate, her mind will grow and recover.”

“After that, with my healing, she will definitely be able to recover, there is still hope!”

Wu Xiao shouted for his life, in order to live, he did not give up any opportunities.


Le Tu threw Wu Xiao to the ground.

“Ah—!” Le Tu raised his head to the sky and shouted in pain and agony.

His two enemies were right in front of him, they were completely defenseless, but he could not take revenge!

For the sake of his mother, he had to follow her wishes.

“Fine, for my mother’s sake, I will spare you two today.” Le Tu gritted his teeth, he used so much force that his teeth were bleeding.

The dream realm ended here.

Meng Qiu Zhen’s soul returned to his body, he sighed deeply to himself.

“To think that Paradise Earth had such an arduous and difficult life.”

“Heroes often experience difficulties beyond an ordinary man.”

“No wonder he had no hair in the depiction of his appearance that was left behind in history. But that green beast tattoo is also gone.”

“Paradise Earth is actually the mixed blood of human and mushroomman? How did he become venerable?”

“After that, did he manage to save his mother?”

“When he was still young, he had a rash temper and deep killing intent, he was no different from any other person. How did he end up being the person he was?”

The dream realm gave Meng Qiu Zhen many questions.

And they could not be answered for now.

But the fact was that his attainment level had risen.

Fang Yuan’s earth path attainment level jumped to great grandmaster!

Not only that, his poison path attainment also rose to great grandmaster.

Before this, Fang Yuan’s poison path attainment level was at grandmaster. This dream realm that Paradise Earth left behind contained the true meaning of both earth path and poison path.

Fang Yuan took a risk to raise his dream path clone into an immortal, the gains were quite apparent now.

Not only were food path, poison path, and earth path elevated to great grandmaster, even luck path and ice and snow path were grandmaster now. Space path, metal path, wind path, cloud path, lightning path, information path, light path, and dark path were also at master level.

After passing Paradise Earth’s dream realm, he only had a few dream realms left.

Before the battle in Crazed Demon Cave, Fang Yuan would definitely be able to use up all of these dream realms.

At this moment, he had basically no weakness in most cultivation paths. However, painting path, weapon path, and pill path were still blank.

This could not be helped.

These paths did not exist in any of Spectral Soul’s dream realms.

This might be part of Spectral Soul’s plan, or maybe even he did not have attainment in those paths. After all, they were produced after Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable’s era. Meanwhile, painting path was kept in the hands of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, he did not let any information leak out, it was even more secretive than Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s luck path inheritance.

Moreover, a portion of Spectral Soul’s dream realms were taken by Feng Jin Huang while pursuing Fang Yuan.

But she obtained very few dream realms.

It was not worth it for Fang Yuan to take them back.

After all, Feng Jin Huang had immense luck.

After becoming an earth path great grandmaster, Fang Yuan immediately started to modify the details of his earth vein project, he saved a lot of cost and reduced the time needed for it.

“Looking at the time, Ke Xin Hong should have already arrived in Southern Border’s Wu clan and met with Wu Yong?”

Fang Yuan counted and planned.


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