Reverend Insanity
2148 Le Tu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2148 Le Tu

Chapter 2148: Le Tu

At this time, Tu clan village’s Gu Masters appeared from all directions, surrounding all the mushroommen as well as Huang Wan and her son.

The mushroommen fell into panic as they got encircled.

Huang Xiao Mi shouted: “Don’t panic! I have already requested for help from the tribe, they will arrive shortly. We need to persevere until then!”

The mushroomman Gu Masters forced themselves to calm down.

Tu clan village’s leader did not attack directly, he took a few steps forward and stared at Huang Wan with a complex gaze: “Wan Er, as expected, you came.”

Huang Wan snorted coldly: “What do you want?”

Once she said that, the bald youngster realized at once, his body and mind shook, gasping: “Mother?!”

Her identity was exposed, Huang Wan got rid of her concealment and returned to her original appearance.

“At this point in time, I can’t hide it from you anymore, little rascal.” Huang Wan looked at the bald youngster and sighed deeply with a melancholic expression.

The mushroommen were all shocked.

“This is… the previous generation witch?”

“Why did our former witch save the human Gu Master Green Beast?”

“From their conversation, it seems that they are mother and son?”

“So Huang Wan was exiled from the tribe because she had an affair with Tu clan village’s head, they even had a son!!”

The truth was unveiled before everyone, they quickly understood the whole situation from start to finish.

“Mother! Are you really my mother? Are they speaking the truth?!” The bald youngster was so shocked he could not control himself.

All along, he had lived as a pure human, to think that he was actually a mixed breed of human and mushroomman.

Huang Wan sighed deeply: “They are all correct, I am sorry for hiding it from you for so long!”

The bald youngster took in a deep breath as he stumbled back for a few steps, looking at Huang Wan with wide opened eyes.

He had never seen his mother’s mushroomman form, with the truth of his identity exposed, he could not accept it so easily.

Tu clan village’s head looked at the bald youngster deeply before turning his gaze to Huang Wan: “Wan Er, is he really our son? I did not expect that after leaving me back then, you would stay behind and lurk within Tu clan village. You even raised our son all alone, it has really been tough on you.”

Huang Wan snorted coldly: “You are Tu clan village head, while I am the witch of the mushroomman tribe, we are destined to be separated. But our child is innocent, I only stayed in the village for a reason. That was because my son, a hybrid, will not be accepted by the tribe. Thus, all these years, I let him grow up in Tu clan village, eventually, I would reveal the truth to you and make you take him in.”

Saying so, Huang Wan looked towards the bald youngster, saying gently: “Didn’t you ask me who your father was when you were young? Now you know. I had my own plans, but reality is often not under people’s control, today’s scene was something I did not anticipate. Child, no matter what, regardless of how much you hate me or your father, you need to remember something: People who live in this world, be it humans, variant humans, or mixed breeds, have to be happy and blissful, they should not dwell on grudges or hatred, a big heart will allow you to see a big world, thus, mother named you Le Tu[1].”

Hearing this, Meng Qiu Zhen was shaken internally.

“What, ‘Green Beast’ is Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable? He actually has mixed blood, but how can a mixed breed become one of the ten human venerables?!”

“No wonder I felt such intense emotions after killing Le Tu as Huang Wan earlier, causing the exploration to fail.”

“So it turns out my deductions were wrong, they really are mother and son!”

“Mother, say no more.” Le Tu shook his head as he stepped backwards, looking at Huang Wan in disbelief: “How… are you a mushroomman?”

Huang Wan’s heart jumped: “Ah Le, you lived among the humans since you were born, I know you cannot accept it immediately, but…”


The ground behind Huang Wan cracked open as a Tu clan rank four elder came out and sneak attacked her.

Huang Wan was caught off guard, she was sent flying as she spat out a mouthful of blood while in mid air.

This Tu clan rank four elder did not have strength to chase her after using this move, he had a twisted expression: “Huang Wan! Back then, you saved Huang Xiao Mi, my brother died at your hands. For today, I practiced this cracked soil shattering life killer move for a long time, how does it feel? Hahaha.”

“Mother!” Le Tu subconsciously ran towards Huang Wan.

“Lady Huang Wan saved our mushroomman tribe from the plague, quickly save her!” Meng Qiu Zhen shouted too.

“Too late, my fellow Tu clan village members, kill them all!” Tu clan village head shouted as he unleashed a barrage of attacks.

The mushroomman Gu Masters quickly defended against their enemies, they were unable to care for anything else.

“Lord village head!” Le Tu was anxious at the moment, he could not call that person his ‘father’, he defended Huang Wan as he looked at Tu clan village’s leader in disbelief.

Le Tu was not a three year old, he was a veteran in war, he knew about people’s hearts. When the situation occurred earlier, Tu clan village’s leader had used words to distract Huang Wan, he used Le Tu to draw away her attention and kept the elder hidden so his sneak attack succeeded.

“You made this decision after all!” Huang Wan stared at Tu clan village’s head, her former lover, with a cold expression.

The situation was urgent, there was no time for healing. She quickly suppressed her injuries and stood up.

“I am the head of Tu clan village, I am responsible for all the lives of my Tu clan village’s members. Moreover, culling variant humans is the righteous duty of all humans!” Tu clan village’s leader snorted as he attacked.

“You have such a cruel and wicked heart!” Huang Wan screamed before pushing Le Tu aside, fighting against Tu clan village’s leader.

Boom boom boom.

The two fought with a huge commotion, the effects of their attacks spread out, causing unguarded Gu Masters to die continuously.

Thus, the surrounding Gu Masters moved away, creating a huge space for these two to fight in.

“Stop fighting!” Le Tu was anxious, he screamed in his anxiety and helplessness.

His body was in poor condition, he could not join the fight now.

“Ah Le, escape!” Huang Wan shouted.

“Ah Le, you are a mixed blood but you are still my son. I’ve seen all your achievements so far, quickly come and help the village, these mushroommen deserve death!” Tu clan village’s leader shouted.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting!” Le Tu’s entire body shook, he was completely lost at the moment.

A dark light flashed in the eyes of Tu clan village’s leader as he thought of a plan.

His cultivation level was higher than Huang Wan, with the latter injured from the sneak attack, Tu clan village’s leader had the upper hand, he controlled the situation.

Tu clan village’s leader purposely forced Huang Wan to approach a certain Gu Master of Tu clan village.

This Tu clan Gu Master unfortunately fell into Huang Wan’s attack range, but his cultivation level was only rank two.

Huang Wan did not think much about it, her attack landed on this Tu clan Gu Master and killed him on the spot!

“No!” Le Tu shouted, subconsciously running over.

It turned out that this Tu clan Gu Master was his close ally, they had gone through dangerous situations many times in the past.

“Go away, Ah Le!” Huang Wan saw that Le Tu charged in, she screamed with a pale expression.

Tu clan village’s head used the chance to attack thrice, landing three attacks on her as she fainted on the spot.

“Mother!” Le Tu shouted, using his body to block the leader’s path, protecting Huang Wan behind him: “Don’t harm my mother!”

Tu clan village’s leader burst out with killing intent, he was about to attack when he suddenly heard some shouting from afar.

“The mushroomman tribe’s reinforcements!”

“Their tribe leader arrived too.”

Tu clan village’s head squinted as he thought: “We came here stealthily without many people, but they are all elites, it is not worth losing them over these mushroommen. Moreover, so what if we win? As long as we cannot find the mushroomman tribe’s hideout, they will not lose against us.”

Thinking so, Tu clan village’s head ordered: “Retreat.”

“What are you thinking of doing?” Seeing Tu clan village’s head approach, the bald youngster called out nervously.

Tu clan village head sighed as he showed a gentle expression on his face: “Le Tu, I will not attack you. You are my son after all, but your mother, she is a mushroomman.”

“A variant human!” His voice suddenly became sharper and louder.

“Do you want to side with the variant humans?!” Tu clan village’s head shouted again.

Le Tu gritted his teeth but did not speak.

“All these years, how many mushroommen have you killed? Do you think they will accept you if you side with them?” Tu clan village’s head smiled coldly.

Le Tu snorted coldly, staring at Tu clan village’s head fiercely: “I want my mother to live! If you have any ill intentions towards her, I will not let you off.”

Tu clan village’s head chuckled: “If you continue keeping her in that state, in just a while, she will die from her injuries.”

“This…” Le Tu was completely lost at the moment.

Tu clan village’s head suddenly attacked, causing Le Tu to faint, he brought both son and mother away.


“Kill these humans!”

“Bring Huang Wan back, she knows the secret of our tribe’s hideout!!”

The mushroomman Gu Masters chased relentlessly.

The Huang Xiao Mi that Meng Qiu Zhen was portraying also shouted among them, but he did not do anything.

Because he had already used dream butterfly Immortal Gu to check the next scene.

After the mushroomman Gu Masters failed in their pursuit, Meng Qiu Zhen arrived at the next scene.

This time, he became Huang Wan again.

His body was bound by chains that pierced through his bones, he had no primeval essence at all, he was completely out of strength.

In the dark prison cell, the door was suddenly opened.

Tu clan village’s head walked in.

Meng Qiu Zhen squinted, from the situation of the previous scene, this was clearly an ambitious and formidable person!

Tu clan village’s head smiled, he came prepared.

“You know my objective, don’t be too rash to reject it. Let me show you this.” Tu clan village’s head took out an information path Gu worm.

Immediately, a video played itself in the air, the scene within it was vivid and lively.

In a well decorated room, Tu clan village’s head opened the door and met with Le Tu.

“I heard from my subordinates that you are awake, I immediately came to meet you, my son.” Tu clan village’s head had a warm expression.

Le Tu was covered in bandages, the moment he got out of bed, his body wavered as he fell back onto the bed.

“How is my mother now?” Le Tu immediately asked in an urgent tone.

[1] These are the same characters as Paradise Earth, his later venerable title.


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