Reverend Insanity
2147 War
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2147 War

Chapter 2147: War
The Gu Masters reacted and quickly retreated.

Meng Qiu Zhen stomped on the ground with a loud sound, a hole immediately appeared below him.

A Gu Master was caught off guard, he fell into the trap.

“Wanting to restrict me with this method?” He was just about to fly out of the pit, when Meng Qiu Zhen held a huge rock that was the size of a horse carriage and tossed it down.



The huge rock crashed down and sent the Gu Master into the pit, losing all signs of life. From below the rock, bright red blood started to spread into a puddle.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy!”

“You are actually attacking our own clan member, a Tu clansman?”

The remaining two Gu Masters watched this as their hearts jumped intensely.

“Aren’t you guys indignant?” Meng Qiu Zhen snickered as he approached.

Even though the bald youngster had limited Gu worms, against Meng Qiu Zhen’s combat attainment, how could these mortal Gu Masters resist him?

After a short while, they were all sprawling on the ground.

“Stop it, stop it, we give up!” The Gu Masters pleaded in a hurry.

The sixth scene of the dream realm.

Meng Qiu Zhen became the mushroomman Huang Xiao Mi again.

His injuries had healed already, the mushroomman plague was successfully healed through Huang Wan’s secret treatment.

Huang Xiao Mi also obtained some poison path Gu from Huang Wan. Using these Gu to form killer moves, he could completely get rid of the plague that troubled his mushroomman tribe.

Huang Xiao Mi moved stealthily in secret, trying to escape.

The surroundings of Tu clan village had surveying Gu Masters that did patrols regularly.

A group of rank two Gu Masters, with a total of five members, were moving in the forest.

“Stop, we will rest here.” The leader suddenly extended his hand, instructing.

The moment the group rested, a colorless and odorless poisonous gas spread towards them.

Boom boom boom.

The five Gu Masters fell on the ground, falling unconscious.

“Huang Wan’s poison path killer move might only be effective against rank three and below Gu Masters, but it has no aura at all when used, it is very valuable in realistic situations.” Meng Qiu Zhen evaluated as he set off again.

He could not kill these Tu clan Gu Masters, even though they could not resist him now.

Once he killed them, Tu clan village would get alerted, they would chase after him.

But a change happened before Meng Qiu Zhen’s very eyes.

The dream realm suddenly changed, a Gu Master group led by the bald youngster met with Meng Qiu Zhen head on.

“Variant human thief, you are still here? Stop there! Where are you trying to escape to?” The bald youngster was slightly stunned before shouting and chasing after him.

“It seems that this happened in history as well.” Meng Qiu Zhen was helpless about this.

Dream butterfly Immortal Gu could not detect such sudden changes in advance.

In fact, even if he saw it, Meng Qiu Zhen could not do anything about this.

No matter what route he chose, with the natural development of the dream realm, the bald youngster’s group would still meet up with Meng Qiu Zhen regardless.

And looking at it from another perspective, this was a necessary event for this dream realm.

Only by escaping from the bald youngster’s pursuit could he successfully pass this scene.

An exciting chase and escape battle erupted between the two sides.

The bald youngster chased while Huang Xiao Mi, who had recovered, did not waste time fighting him, he escaped while setting up traps, killing the rest of his group members.

The bald youngster was the son of Huang Wan, to play safe, Meng Qiu Zhen did not attack him.

Eventually, Meng Qiu Zhen successfully escaped.

The bald youngster stood behind him without any hope of catching up, he shouted: “Mushroomman thief, I will remember you! One day, I will kill you!”

Their grudges intensified.

Seventh scene.

Eighth scene.

Ninth scene…

Meng Qiu Zhen acted as the bald youngster ‘Green Beast’ at times, while acting as Huang Xiao Mi at other times.

Using the poison path killer move that Huang Xiao Mi brought back, the mushroomman tribe successfully healed from the plague.

But war ensued.

Even though the location of the mushroomman tribe was not discovered, with Tu clan village’s rampant searches and investigation, they could not hide for long.

The two sides started to send their Gu Masters to engage in small interactions and battles.

The two sides suffered heavy losses, but because of that, champions appeared.

Tu clan village had the bald youngster, who was Huang Wan’s adopted son. The mushroommen had Huang Xiao Mi, the tribesman of Huang Wan.

The two interacted occasionally, fighting against each other frequently.

Because of their contest, their strength grew rapidly, they reached rank four at the same time.

On both sides, their clansmen and tribesmen died terribly at each others’ hands.

They became the greatest enemies of each other’s lives!

Finally, at the twelfth scene of the dream realm.

Meng Qiu Zhen acted as Huang Xiao Mi, he set up a trap and sowed discord, causing Tu clan village’s higher-ups to feel wariness against the bald youngster.

‘Green Beast’ was not a Tu clansman after all, he was not truly one of them.

The mushroommen set up a trap that did not seem obvious, it seemed to be the true gathering spot of the mushroomman tribe. Tu clan village immediately dispatched the bald youngster to go and probe them out.

Even though the bald youngster knew that something was up, he was uncertain.

After going and investigating, the bald youngster fell into a trap, he was in a life-and-death crisis.

“Green Beast, today, you will die!” Huang Xiao Mi shouted, leading his troops to encircle and attack the humans who were lower in numbers.

“Even if I die, I will drag down ten mushroommen with me to die together!” The bald youngster shouted.

He was bathed in blood and covered in injuries but his morale was high, even the mushroommen attacking him realized that this person was a true warrior!

Eventually, the bald youngster used up all his strength and primeval essence.

He was all alone.

Tens of mushroomman corpses were lying around him.

“You variant humans will not live for long.”

“Damn it, damn it!”

“I want to kill my enemies, but I have no way of doing that anymore.”

The bald youngster smiled coldly as he knelt on one knee, raising his head up with pride and arrogance.

He shouted at Meng Qiu Zhen: “Huang Xiao Mi, come and kill me! Even if I die at your hands today, I have merely lost to the schemes of those Tu clan elders.”

“You understood it after all.” Meng Qiu Zhen smiled coldly as he walked forward, ready to deal the final blow, but suddenly a change occurred.

Huang Wan concealed her appearance and appeared suddenly, a wave of white poisonous smoke spread out, she saved the bald youngster successfully.

But at the next moment, a human Gu Master who had rank five cultivation level made his move.


With a loud sound, not only was the white smoke dispersed by the human Gu Master, everyone’s vision cleared up and he even obstructed Huang Wan from escaping.

Huang Wan held onto the bald youngster as they landed at the periphery of the battlefield.

“Village head!” The bald youngster was overjoyed when he saw the rank five human Gu Master, he also looked at the female Gu Master who saved him.

From this female Gu Master, the bald youngster could sense a familiar yet foreign aura, he asked in curiosity: “Benefactor, who… are you?”


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