Reverend Insanity
2146 Prison Break
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2146 Prison Break

Chapter 2146: Prison Break
The two elders gradually stopped, entering another tunnel as they moved along instead.

The two of them rapidly left the place.

Meng Qiu Zhen’s eyes twitched.

The scene in front of him reminded him of certain memories in his mind.

“In the five hundred years of the main body’s previous life, during the five regions chaotic war, a super clan known as Tu clan emerged in Southern Border. Their Gu Immortals were most skilled at digging tunnels and using them to launch sneak attacks in battle. Does this have anything to do with this Tu village?”

There were several possibilities regarding this.

Firstly, Tu village’s inheritance was excavated by someone. Secondly, Tu village’s bloodline was spread by descendants, they rose to become immortal during the era of abundant dream realms, or they were simply secluded Gu Immortals. Thirdly, Tu village’s members revived in Tomb Earth.

Meng Qiu Zhen successfully found his way to Huang Xiao Mi after following the route of the two rank four elders.

Huang Xiao Mi was curled up in a corner of the cell, having fallen asleep.

This time, Meng Qiu Zhen investigated carefully, after finding out that there were no traps here, he entered the prison cell.

He immediately found that Huang Xiao Mi was in poor shape, at the brink of death.

Huang Xiao Mi had the mushroomman plague to begin with, it was quite fatal. If one had insufficient resistance, they would die.

Today, he first fought against the bald youngster before getting interrogated by the two elders, his entire body was overgrown with mushrooms.

If Meng Qiu Zhen did not arrive in time, he would die in just a few more breaths of time.

Meng Qiu Zhen sighed to himself, it was a close shave, if he came later, this dream realm exploration would have failed entirely.

He immediately tried to save Huang Xiao Mi, thankfully, he was prepared for this.

The mushrooms on Huang Xiao Mi’s body continued to shrink until all of them went back into his body.

“Who are you?” Huang Xiao Mi was barely able to open his eyes, his vision was still blurred.

Meng Qiu Zhen answered immediately: “I am Huang Wan, I have already used a killer move to suppress the mushroomman plague in your body. Your situation is dire, your life force is almost depleted. I cannot pull out the mushrooms casually as it will consume your life as well.”

Huang Xiao Mi immediately thanked: “Thank you for saving my life, senior.”

“Sigh, it is still too early to say that. Let’s go out, I need to research on this plague. You don’t have much time left.” Meng Qiu Zhen said.

He had not created a poison path killer move that could heal Huang Xiao Mi’s illness yet.

However, the next scene might request for him to heal this mushroomman plague.

Naturally, that was just his guess.

While searching for Huang Xiao Mi earlier, Meng Qiu Zhen did not have a chance to activate dream butterfly Immortal Gu, thus he did not know what the following scenes would be.

“You need to persevere, let’s go.” Meng Qiu Zhen helped Huang Xiao Mi to get up as they left together.

But halfway through, they met the bald youngster.

“Stand there! As expected, someone came to save you.” The bald youngster shouted.

The two elders were behind him as well, they were furious and shocked.

“Such guts! Vicious thief, you dare to break into the prison!”

“Quickly activate the formation, capture this person as well.”

Once he said that, the Gu formation activated, the two elders fought while the bald youngster assisted them.

Meng Qiu Zhen sighed internally as he fought against them.

He had many poison path killer moves, they were evenly matched after fighting for some time.

But soon, the bald youngster saw a weakness and attacked Huang Xiao Mi instead.

Huang Xiao Mi could not resist, he was a huge burden to Meng Qiu Zhen.

Meng Qiu Zhen had to grit his teeth as he helped Huang Xiao Mi time and again. Eventually, he lost the initiative and got suppressed by the two elders.

In the end, Huang Xiao Mi was killed by the bald youngster, dying on the spot.

“All variant human mushroommen deserve to get killed!” The bald youngster shouted with a righteous tone, filled with excitement.

At the next moment, the dream realm shattered.

Meng Qiu Zhen returned to the sovereign immortal aperture, healing himself while collating his insights about the dream.

“I used dream butterfly Immortal Gu earlier to investigate this dream realm but I did not find the bald youngster. To think that after exploring this dream realm to a degree, it would develop on its own and create new characters.”

“Why did the bald youngster come to the prison?”

“From his tone, he seemed to have discovered my traces, what method did he use to find me?”

“Unless, he already found out about the secret of his identity, he knows that his ‘mother’ is a mushroomman variant human? So he went along with the flow?”

After his injuries were healed, Meng Qiu Zhen went back into the dream realm with several questions to answer.

The route did not change, Meng Qiu Zhen arrived at the prison cell in advance.

He lurked at a corner and watched as Huang Xiao Mi was beaten and interrogated by the two elders.

These elders had outstanding strength, more importantly, they had the help of the Gu formation, Meng Qiu Zhen did not want to use brute force.

After two failures and accumulating experience, his own strength already surpassed the original Huang Wan. But his greatest weakness was still Huang Xiao Mi.

His earlier failures already proved that as long as Huang Xiao Mi died, the dream realm would fail.

It seemed that this scene of the dream realm required him to save Huang Xiao Mi successfully.

Meng Qiu Zhen waited patiently, after the two elders left, he immediately went to Huang Xiao Mi’s side.

Not waking him up first, Meng Qiu Zhen directly used the poison path killer move to get rid of the mushroomman plague in Huang Xiao Mi’s body.

Next, Meng Qiu Zhen woke Huang Xiao Mi up.

Huang Xiao Mi found out that his illness was cured, he was overjoyed: “Thank you senior! Please save the mushroomman tribe, many of our members are afflicted with this plague.”

Meng Qiu Zhen nodded, giving Huang Xiao Mi some poison path Gu so that he had some battle strength.

Huang Xiao Mi did not need Meng Qiu Zhen’s help, he was barely able to walk on his own as they sneaked out.

But this time, the bald youngster still found them along the way.

“Stand there! As expected, someone came to save you.” The bald youngster was very excited.

Meng Qiu Zhen had a peculiar expression as he asked: “I used many methods to conceal my traces, how did you find us?”

The bald youngster chuckled: “I’m not afraid to tell you, with my genius talent, I created a move called earthly underground qi. After I captured this mushroomman, I secretly used this tracing killer move, how can you get rid of it in such a rush?”

“Not bad, even though you are an external member of the clan, you have some talent.”

“Very good, all thanks to you, we found this problem today. This is your merit.”

The two rank four elders looked at the bald youngster in a renewed light.

“Thank you, lords!” The bald youngster was very excited, he had the demeanor of a lackey: “I will do my best.”

Meng Qiu Zhen: “…”

After an intense battle, Huang Xiao Mi still died in battle.

Meng Qiu Zhen failed his third exploration.

After deep analysis and deductions, he went into the fourth exploration.

This time, he sneaked in early and hid in a corner. After the two elders left, he immediately entered the prison cell, healing Huang Xiao Mi’s illness and even giving him healing Gu worms.

“Wait here and heal yourself continuously, do not step out of the cell. There is a tracking method on you, if you try to get out, the enemy will find out.” Meng Qiu Zhen instructed: “After I kill the crucial Gu Masters, when you see this healing Gu worm fly in the air, get out and escape.”

Huang Xiao Mi was very obedient, he nodded: “I will listen to senior’s instructions.”

Meng Qiu Zhen made the optimal arrangements and left the cell.

At the other side, with the development of the dream realm, the bald youngster appeared.

He was summoned by the two elders and made his way to them but was suddenly attacked by Meng Qiu Zhen.

“Hmm?!” Even though the bald youngster had great strength, he was not Meng Qiu Zhen’s match, not to mention that Meng Qiu Zhen had prepared for this assault.

The bald youngster died on the spot.

But Meng Qiu Zhen found that he could not move, an intense feeling of sadness, guilt, and regret overwhelmed his heart, he found that he lost control of his body.

“What is going on?”

“It seems that I cannot kill the bald youngster?”

“Maybe because they lived together for so long, the mushroomman Huang Wan had already treated him as her real son.”

The feeling was so intense that even with Meng Qiu Zhen’s fortitude, he could not suppress it.

Mushroomman Huang Wan shuddered as tears flowed down her cheeks, it could not be stopped.

Clank clank clank…

Alarm bells suddenly rang, the Gu formation was activated as the two elders found their way to Meng Qiu Zhen.

They must have gotten suspicious after waiting for the bald youngster for so long, they came over to check.

Eventually, Meng Qiu Zhen’s exploration failed as well.

“So this guy cannot be killed either?” Meng Qiu Zhen was troubled.

Because he could not unravel and dispel that earthly underground qi killer move.

Even though it was a mortal killer move, Meng Qiu Zhen did not know what Gu worms were used in it. And more importantly, even if he knew, could the Gu worms on him achieve such an effect?

“If only I knew how many Gu worms the bald youngster had. It is a pity I have already lost the opportunity to find out.”

In the third scene, Fang Yuan’s identity was Fang Tu. If he tried to investigate, with the bald youngster’s affection for her, he should have gotten some clues.

Earlier, when Fang Tu sold mushrooms, the bald youngster flirted with her, it was a great opportunity.

But back then, Meng Qiu Zhen had not thought of this.

Because dream butterfly Immortal Gu did not let him see this scene. Back then, the bald youngster did not exist in this scene in the first place, the dream realm changed on its own after saving Huang Xiao Mi, causing the bald youngster to appear.

Now, after reaching this scene, the earlier ones had vanished already.

After deep consideration, Meng Qiu Zhen went into the dream realm again.

This time, he did not enter the cell directly and wait there.

Getting there early was useless.

Meng Qiu Zhen had to wait for the elders to leave before he could try and save Huang Xiao Mi.

Meng Qiu Zhen set up some arrangements on the route that the elders would take instead.

He used create dream Immortal Gu to establish a complicated tunnel along the way.

After making his arrangement, Meng Qiu Zhen came to the prison cell, the two elders had just left.

He immediately saved Huang Xiao Mi but did not leave him in the cell, bringing him away directly.

The two elders were just about to meet up with the bald youngster but they lost their way.

With this crucial gap in time, Meng Qiu Zhen successfully brought Huang Xiao Mi away.

During this period, the bald youngster chased them and wanted to stop them.

But Meng Qiu Zhen did not kill this troublesome guy, instead making him faint on the spot. After stopping Huang Xiao Mi from taking revenge, he successfully passed the scene of the dream realm.


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