Reverend Insanity
2142 Ideas About Resources
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2142 Ideas About Resources

Chapter 2142: Ideas About Resources
“Alright, we have finally moved this Copper Seal mountain now.” The exhausted Gu Immortals let out breaths of relief.

One rockman Gu Immortal did not rest and began to prepare.

After a long while, he activated an earth path killer move.

Under the effect of this killer move, Copper Seal mountain seemed to shake slightly. The base of the mountain started emitting a thin earthen-yellow radiance.

The threads of light gathered and formed a translucent, golden earth path mountain root.

The mountain root pierced the ground and began to spread quickly.

The rockman Gu Immortal continued to maintain the killer move, he had an expression of difficulty, his immortal essence was consumed rapidly.

Finally, he could no longer continue and stopped the killer move.

The mountain root stopped spreading rapidly and paused. It had entered deep underground and began to grow with normal speed.

In the coming years, this mountain root would join with the surrounding dao marks, maintaining and helping to stabilize Copper Seal mountain.

Trees had tree roots, while mountains had mountain roots. If they were casually moved, the roots could be broken and result in their destruction.

Therefore, moving famous trees and mountains required special wood path and earth path methods, otherwise, there were more disadvantages than advantages in moving them forcefully.

The rockman Gu Immortal sat cross-legged on the ground and started to recover.

He was extremely tired, his immortal essence expenditure was also the highest among the immortals. Naturally, after the mission completion, his contribution points would be that much higher as well.

As for the other Gu Immortals, they had finished resting and started to carry out the final inspection.

After a while, the immortals gathered once again.

“That will do, this Copper Seal mountain’s state is good.”

“The mountain root’s situation is also pretty good. Such a famous mountain and mountain root can completely bear the task of being an earth vein node.”

“Master is truly majestic and bold. He is actually constructing an earth vein in the entire mini five regions. This plan is really too grand and will need at least ten years to complete. It really makes me admire him endlessly.”

The immortals nodded, they had the same feeling.

“Alright, let’s leave. We need to relocate the next famous mountain.”

“There are not many Gu Immortals who can relocate mountains, but there will be fewer tasks like this as we continue finishing them, the contribution points are also abundant. Let’s work hard and try to finish some more.”

“Yes, yes. Recently, if someone cannot continue, they will make a trip to the liver life formation. No one wants to give up on those contribution points!”

“I already went before this.”

“Haha, is that so? I also went there!”

The immortals left Copper Seal mountain while conversing.

If the mini five regions were looked from high above, one would see about ten groups of people working hard to relocate mountains.

Of course, it was not just famous mountains.

Besides famous mountains, there were also the ten earths that could act as earth vein nodes.

There was a detailed description regarding ten earths in Southern Border’s Paradise Earth true inheritance.

The ten earths were: Earth Abyss, Earth Trench, Earth Tunnel, Earth Cave, Earth Prison, Production Earth, Flying Earth, Formation Earth, Treasure Earth, and Tomb Earth.

These ten earths could bear the task of being earth vein nodes.

The first step in Fang Yuan’s artificial earth vein construction was to arrange all kinds of earth vein nodes in the mini five regions. He would then use earth path methods to connect the nodes. Lastly, he would make adjustments.

Currently, Fang Yuan could only create half of the ten earths: Earth Abyss, Earth Trench, Earth Tunnel, Production Earth, and Formation Earth.

The other five earths were beyond his ability.

For example: Tomb Earth.

The formation of this earth was shrouded in mystery, even Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable could not see through it.

Gu Immortals could revive in this area.

Tomb Earth’s tombstone was also extremely mysterious, possessing the ability of information path. It seemed to be able to extract and condense all the information of the Gu Immortal’s life from the River of Time.

The greater the reputation of the Gu Immortal, the more detailed the writings on the tombstone, which seemed to provide more help towards the Gu Immortal’s revival.

The specific relation between them had to be verified.

At present, Fang Yuan’s subordinates were all moving mountains.

Mountains usually acted as earth vein nodes and not the ten earths.

These mountains needed to be at least of famous mountain level.

“There are not many famous mountains in the sovereign immortal aperture. I estimate they can only cover thirty percent of the earth vein nodes in the first step of the plan.”

The artificial earth vein project was extremely large and needed the most investment. Fang Yuan had annexed a large number of grotto-heavens and obtained an inestimable amount of cultivation resources, but now, he was starting to see the limits.

Fang Yuan still had a famous mountain which he did not use.

That was the recently obtained Human Smoke Mountain!

“It is better to keep this mountain. My intuition is telling me that if I continue to use Chai clan’s human path research results, I will be able to condense the essence of Human Smoke Mountain and form an incomplete Human Mountain!”

Fang Yuan was a human path grandmaster, his intuition regarding human path was much more accurate than human path masters.

After killing many mortals raised by Chai clan, Human Sea was complete, but Human Mountain had yet to form.

The combination of Human Mountain and Human Sea would definitely be extremely powerful. Even in five hundred years of his previous life, Fang Yuan had not seen it.

But this was a long-term project.

The investment in constructing a secluded domain of heaven and earth was extremely big, much bigger than the investment in an artificial earth vein!

The reason the incomplete Human Sea could be completed was because there were the painstaking accumulations of Eastern Sea’s Xia clan.

It was at its final stage and required human path resources.

Eastern Sea’s Xia clan suffered from their righteous path identity and could only collect the resources secretly. How could they dare to be like Fang Yuan, killing and massacring openly!

Firstly, Fang Yuan chose the targets of slaughter cleverly, he did not cross the limits of the Righteous Qi Alliance, they ignored it.

Later, he paid attention to Chai clan’s mortals.

Fang Yuan decisively gave up on a portion of the benefits to negotiate forcefully. Even a super clan like Chai clan finally submitted to Fang Yuan’s demonic might, lowering their head to cooperate.

“I am starting to lack resources.” Fang Yuan frowned slightly.

The plan of constructing Human Mountain was definitely far away in the future.

In fact, the incomplete Refinement Sea was also on the verge of being consumed.

Fang Yuan had invested too much in this recent period of time.

In fact, he had looted countless cultivation resources. These resources mostly came from two heavens’ grotto-heavens, which had a long history spanning several hundreds of thousands of years, and even a million years.

But it would not last long!

Fang Yuan had been refining rank eight Immortal Gu on a large scale, at the same time, he used rank six and rank seven cultivation resources to nurture his subordinates.

Fang Yuan had too many Gu Immortals under him!

Just Lang Ya Sect alone had many hairy man Gu Immortals, the variant human alliance had even more Gu Immortals. There was also the group of variant human Gu Immortals like Bing Yuan, Shi Zong and Mo Tan Sang.

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven’s human Gu Immortals were close to ten, including Combat Beast King.

And there was also Lady White Rabbit, Fairy Miao Yin, as well as Fang Yuan’s clones Wu Shuai, Zhan Bu Du, and others.

Not long ago, mushroomman Gu Immortals joined him. Among them, the strongest was Ke Xin Hong.

The size of Fang Yuan’s subordinate Gu Immortals far surpassed normal super forces. Even Longevity Heaven could not compare to him, that was to say, only the former Shadow Sect that had Zombie Alliance, and Heavenly Court that had the ten great ancient sects under it, could compare to him.

Were Wu clan to possess this many Gu Immortals, Wu Yong might be laughing happily even in his dreams. A formidable character like Wu Yong did not care about the difference in races, he only cared if they were usable or not. Naturally, it would be better if they were all human Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan was expanding so much that no amount of cultivation resources would be enough for him to use.

Fortunately, his foundation was extremely robust and could last for this long.

But now, it was beginning to show signs of exhaustion.

“Looks like I need to plunder resources again.” Although his accumulations were still there, Fang Yuan was preparing for the future.

“I have already looted the resources of the variant human alliance. Only a portion of the grotto-heavens remain now.”

“Mushroomman Paradise’s situation is also the same. Almost all the mushroommen have moved over, let alone the resources accumulated there.”

Fang Yuan analyzed.

He had placed his hopes on Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, but from the information Zhan Bu Du brought, Fang Yuan knew Longevity Heaven had placed its forces in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven.

Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven itself was very powerful and was difficult to conquer. There were definitely forces eyeing it other than Longevity Heaven.

So, although that place had plenty of resources, Fang Yuan did not want to target it at the moment.

Eastern Sea’s blue dragon whale also had abundant resources.

But it was also not possible.

Ever since the last time he left, Fang Yuan had not been able to find any traces of the blue dragon whale.

He had used the killer move heaven and earth travel to try to enter the blue dragon whale’s immortal aperture, but failed mysteriously every time.

“There is still a group of two heavens’ grotto-heavens who submitted to Qi Sea Ancestor, they are all humans. These grotto-heavens also have plenty of cultivation resources. Maybe, I can cooperate with Qi Sea clone.”

For the moment, Fang Yuan did not want to invade super forces like Chai clan and Wu clan.

That would expend his own luck.

Any super force possessed enormous luck and had a few tricks up their sleeves.

There might not be many benefits and the risks were definitely huge. More importantly, even if he invaded super forces, Fang Yuan did not want to take over too much of the outside world’s territories.

It was much better to develop the sovereign immortal aperture, both his territories and himself were in one body, it was extremely flexible and convenient.

Other Gu Immortals did not have the sovereign immortal aperture, so it was more beneficial for them to occupy territories. If they possessed the sovereign immortal aperture, they might also make the same choice as Fang Yuan.

A strong wind suddenly blew over from Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool and charged towards the skies before dissipating.

He Chun Qiu brought good news, Wu clan’s fan wind Gu was advanced successfully, though it failed two times in the process.

Rank eight fan wind Gu!

In recent times, Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool had gone through some adjustments and its ability was much stronger now.

Including fan wind Gu, Fang Yuan had already refined over fifty rank eight Immortal Gu with Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool.

“I can sell true inheritances on a large scale in treasure yellow heaven and exchange for cultivation resources. The profits from doing Gu refinement business are also quite amazing.” Fang Yuan thought of two ways to gather resources.

According to Fang Yuan’s current refinement path strength, he was only unable to refine rank nine and rank ten Immortal Gu, as well as some specific rank eight Immortal Gu.

For instance, Fang Yuan lacked sufficient rank eight luck path immortal materials for fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu.


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