Reverend Insanity
2141 Fang Huan“s Revival
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2141 Fang Huan“s Revival

Chapter 2141: Fang Huan’s Revival
Central Continent.

In the depths of an Earth Trench.

Inside a pitch-black cave, two cold rays of light shone suddenly.

This was Bai Ning Bing’s gaze.

As she ended this closed cultivation session, she had not only created an ice path killer move, but also gained some insight towards ice path.

“I can clearly feel my understanding of ice and snow deepening by a little, I am not far from grandmaster level.” Bai Ning Bing mumbled.

“Such a pity that after I converted to dragonman, my comprehension speed of ice and snow path fell sharply. My current master level is mostly the accumulation from before.”

Previously, Bai Ning Bing possessed Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique and had an extremely high innate advantage when cultivating ice path and soul path. Her attainment levels in those paths could increase rapidly.

But after converting her body, it influenced this aspect.

Dragonman was specialized in enslavement path, if Bai Ning Bing were to change to cultivating enslavement path, she would have an advantage in it. But the level of this advantage could not compare to the help the Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique provided in cultivating ice path and soul path.

Man was the spirit of all living beings, the talent of the ten extreme physiques was far superior to the talents of the variant human races.

Bai Ning Bing cautiously walked out of the cave.

This cave was formed naturally and was at the side of a cliff in the Earth Trench.

Bai Ning Bing activated breath concealment ice pearl, shortly after, an ice thread-like thin line appeared on her slender and fair neck, circling around it.

This move was created by Bai Ning Bing and was not from Bai Xiang’s true inheritance.

The killer move did not let out any aura when activated. Because the aura was stored as tiny ice pearls on the ice thread.

The disadvantage of this move was that it sacrificed some of its power, and once there were too many ice pearls, they would combine into one and turn into a noose that would strangle Bai Ning Bing, causing serious injuries or even death.

“I must conceal my aura when exploring this deep into the Earth Trench.” Bai Ning Bing’s expression was calm as she quietly activated an investigative killer move to scout her surroundings.

After she left the Earth Treasury, she started cultivating in the depths of the Earth Trench. She was chased down by wild beast groups and suffered a lot.

Fortunately, with the killer move Bai Xiang, as long as a fragment of her body remained, Bai Ning Bing was undying, otherwise, she would not have survived until now.

“There are three immemorial desolate beasts within a hundred li radius, as well as an ancient desolate beast group.” Bai Ning Bing quickly understood her surroundings.

She only had rank seven cultivation, it was extremely dangerous for her to live in this environment. Even ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals found it difficult to explore this place.

With huge risks came huge rewards.

The cultivation resources here were at rank eight level. Even if Bai Ning Bing could not use them, she could sell them in treasure yellow heaven and buy the resources she needed.

Bai Ning Bing liked taking risks, most people would be on tenterhooks about this kind of life, but she immersed in it and enjoyed the thrill of being at the brink of life and death.

“Although it is dangerous to cultivate here, there is still a chance of survival. But in the five regions and two heavens, it is even more dangerous, be they Fang Yuan, Shadow Sect, or Heavenly Court, they will all hunt me down.”

Bai Ning Bing had a clear judgment of her situation.

“Hmm?” Bai Ning Bing had just walked out of the cave when her expression changed slightly.

She sensed that most of the wild beasts suddenly acted like cats that had smelled fish, beginning to rush towards one direction.

Some beasts and beast groups were unmoved, but they were soon engulfed by the will of the majority of the beasts and rushed forward as well.

Thereupon, a massive beast tide formed rapidly under Bai Ning Bing’s gaze.

“What’s going on? These beasts seem to be attracted to something, they gave up on their fights and territories to go after it. What could it be?”

Bai Ning Bing could not help but feel curious.

Without any hesitation, she immediately activated a movement killer move as she joined the beast tide.

The beast tide started gathering together, countless ancient desolate beasts and some conspicuous immemorial desolate beasts were surrounding an area.

This area was also on the precipice of the Earth Trench, it protruded slowly like a burial mound. At this moment, it was letting out yellowish-brown and red light.

The light was like water as it moved around dazzlingly.

On the peak of the burial mound, there was a tombstone! The tombstone seemed to have writings but they were obstructed by the light. They could not be seen even by using investigative killer moves.

Bai Ning Bing had already transformed into Bai Xiang state and joined with the beast groups.

“What place is this? There is such a dense earth path and fire path aura here. What is hiding here? Immortal materials? Or Immortal Gu?”

“But why is there a tombstone? The tombstone seems to have some characters written on it. Is it made by someone? Who is buried there?”

Bai Ning Bing looked at the surrounding beasts.

She had a trace of understanding: “Most of these beasts are earth path and fire path beasts, no wonder they were attracted here. There are only beasts of other paths here and they were forcefully pulled in by the beast tide.”


Right at this time, the two lights over the burial mound suddenly shot towards the sky, turning into a giant yellow-red pillar of light.

The beasts roared in excitement.

Some beasts began to charge towards the pillar as if trying to get the top spot, but they were soon knocked down and trampled by the beasts behind them.

The beast groups fell into chaos and madness, fighting and killing each other as they charged towards the pillar of light.

But even if some beasts reached the front and collided with the pillar, they did not get what they wanted. The pillar of light remained unmoving, it was like a large mountain that refused to budge an inch.

Bai Ning Bing was a Gu Immortal and had intelligence far above the beasts. She hid outside the chaotic battle, and although she was still implicated, she mainly observed the changes.

As time passed, there were heavy casualties among the beast groups with corpses scattered everywhere. The yellow-red pillar of light also started to shrink, seemingly converging into the burial mound.

The beasts became even more frantic, their bloodthirsty, pained, and chewing noises filled Bai Ning Bing’s ears.

“This vast world is truly profound without limits and it has endless mysteries to explore. Let me see what is going on.” Bai Ning Bing began to move closer towards the mound.

When the beasts had killed each other and the survivors were riddled with injuries, the yellow-red light was completely absorbed by the mound.

The tombstone on the mound also dug into the earth.

The mound seemed to have reached the point of qualitative change as it suddenly split apart.

Crack crack.

Thin cracks spread all over the mound.

Shortly after, the mound burst open from the inside and a Gu Immortal’s aura leaked towards the surroundings.

A naked male immortal opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings in a daze: “Who… who am I?”

But at the next moment, he started becoming clear-headed as he recalled many things.

“I, I remember, I am Fang Huan.” The male immortal’s eyes shrunk in amazement and shock.


Beast groups roared and pounced towards the naked immortal agitatedly.

The male immortal opened his eyes wide and flew to the air: “I am alive again! I am Fang Huan, I am — Lava Demon Lord!”


A huge sound erupted as red light waves spread from the male immortal’s body.

The light waves surged like a tsunami, drowning its surroundings.

Everywhere they passed by, the red light waves burned everything; most of the beast groups were burned to death instantly, and some of the surviving beasts were even more injured. Some were lying on the ground on the verge of death, while a small portion of the beasts went berserk as they charged towards the male immortal.

The male immortal Fang Huan’s expression turned solemn as he let out the red light waves again.

The red light swept the whole battlefield, causing a large number of casualties, but there were still several immemorial desolate beasts that managed to reach Fang Huan.

Fang Huan could not keep his composure anymore as he shouted towards Bai Ning Bing: “Lend me a hand. I will reward you heavily after this!”

“Okay.” Bai Ning Bing agreed without hesitation and attacked directly.

Within a short period of time, she easily killed those several immemorial desolate beasts.

It was because they were already heavily injured.

“Many thanks, friend! Fortunately, with your help, I could… ahh!” Fang Huan was suddenly cut into two at the waist.

Bai Ning Bing grabbed his head, holding his upper body as she smiled cruelly: “I thought about it, it is still more convenient to soul search directly.”

Fang Huan stared at Bai Ning Bing with wide eyes.

This female immortal had light-blue vertical dragon pupils and had a pair of spiral dragon horns. Her glistening silver hair was shiny like crystal, extending to her waist. Her skin was snow-white, and on her peerlessly beautiful face, there was a hint of crazed indifference.

“Such a beautiful woman…” Fang Huan died with his eyes wide open

Bai Ning Bing searched Fang Huan’s soul but was unable to obtain any valuable information. Although Fang Huan revived in the mound, he was still muddle-headed and did not know many things.

Bai Ning Bing landed on the broken mound and searched carefully.

There were still no gains.

“This area had such a large scale of earth path and fire path dao marks, but they have disappeared completely, and it is no different from ordinary ground now.”

But Bai Ning Bing looked at Fang Huan’s body: “No, to be more accurate, these dao marks condensed into the immortal body.”

“Wonderful, truly amazing.” Bai Ning Bing praised repeatedly.

Through soul search, she knew this Fang Huan was from a previous generation. He cultivated earth path, but later inherited heart fire true inheritance, so cultivated fire path as well. He did fire monster business and had been one of the tycoons of this business in treasure yellow heaven.

He had died long ago, but for some reason, he actually revived!

“This grave-like mound seems to have the same effect as Heavenly Court’s immortal graveyard, it can let Gu Immortals revive?!” Bai Ning Bing was excited about this discovery.

She had made a huge gain this time.

Not only did she discover the mysterious mound, she also captured Fang Huan’s soul and obtained his inheritance as well as cultivation insights.

The even bigger battle spoils were the beast corpses that filled the battlefield.

There were many rank eight immortal materials here! Rank seven immortal materials were even higher in number.

Sovereign immortal aperture, Mini Southern Border.


With a loud sound, a mountain landed on the ground like a large stamp.

The famous mountain was red and squarish. This mountain did not have even a trace of soil, it was completely formed from all kinds of copper. It was Copper Seal mountain.

Previously, Copper Seal mountain was targeted by the tribulation of the three thousand heaven path dao marks, half of it was split by the lightning, giving out dense smoke and sparks. The entire mountain had turned into a molten state and emitted a terrible smell.

But now, after Fang Yuan issued the corresponding missions, Copper Seal mountain was repaired by many Gu Immortals. It was not only restored to its former state, it was even larger now.


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