Reverend Insanity
2139 Righteous Speech
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2139 Righteous Speech

"Hahaha." Golden Fur Immortal Monarch laughed, "You are wrong, little girl."

Shi Zong added: "It doesn't hurt to tell you. Your Southern Alliance's leader, Wu Yong, has already traded with us several times. He purchased a rank nine wind path immortal material from us, and also handed rank seven fan wind Gu to us to raise it to rank eight."

"What?" Chai clan's Gu Immortals were shaken.

Bing Yuan smiled: "Demonic path, righteous path, what's the difference? If my master converts to righteous path, who will dare to not accept him? In fact, not only Wu clan, Western Desert's Fang clan is also secretly working with us. Currently, Fang clan is using all their strength to develop green ghost desert and is supplying countless soul cores to master."

There was another round of disturbance among the Chai clan immortals.

They had heard of Western Desert's Fang clan and also knew of their recent movements. What impacted them even more was that Wu clan was secretly cooperating with Fang Yuan.

"How can that be?" Chai Ke Qing called out, "At least try to make a better lie. Lord Wu Yong is our Southern Alliance's leader, how can he reach agreement with you? Everyone, you should not listen to these variant humans' nonsense, they are just making lies to deceive us!"

But this time, Chai clan immortals were silent.

Chai Ke Qing had undergone immortal ascension just recently and had done so through relationships. Although she had talent, she had always been taken care of by Gu Immortal seniors and was not aware of how the world worked.

Her understanding of the Gu Immortal world was even less than Shang Xin Ci.

Since these variant human Gu Immortals said this, Chai clan's immortals believed that it was likely to be true!

Because they only needed to investigate it and would be able to find clues.

Since the variant human Gu Immortals had said it, they were not afraid of being verified, they could even provide direct evidence.

Chai Ke Qing did not believe Wu Yong would do such things, but Chai clan's immortals were people who were experienced and aware of worldly affairs. Not long ago, they themselves had reached an agreement with Lu Wei Yin secretly to leave a way out.

Bing Yuan continued: "My master is determined to create the secluded domain of heaven and earth — Human Sea. I think you all know about master's nature. Even if all the people in the world oppose him, he will do it, he will not give up because someone obstructs him!"

"You can also inquire about the recent events in Eastern Sea."

"We variant human Gu Immortals moved all around in Eastern Sea and slaughtered humans, it was to gather resources to complete Human Sea."

"Did any Eastern Sea righteous path super force oppose us openly?"

"Hehehe. The righteous Qi Alliance even has Qi Sea Ancestor, a pseudo venerable, but he pretended not to see it. Let alone your Southern Alliance."

The will of Chai clan's immortals were shaken, they started conversing secretly.

"There are indeed many tragedies happening in Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world."

"Yes, these variant human Gu Immortals might be detestable, but their words are not without logic."

"Eastern Sea's Righteous Qi Alliance has the pseudo venerable Qi Sea Ancestor, but it still ended up like this. Not to mention our Southern Alliance which doesn't even have such an expert."

"The worst thing is, Wu Yong secretly collaborated with Fang Yuan."

"Fang Yuan's influence is truly terrifying!"

"The enemy is strong while we are weak, it will be sensible to preserve our strength for the future."

No matter how much they hated to admit it, Chai clan knew they were not Fang Yuan's match, they were not even the match of these three rank eight variant humans in front of them. What made them even more hopeless was that even if they retaliated, the Southern Alliance would not provide them any protection. Even if the Southern Alliance provided protection, they would not be able to protect them.

Chai clan's Human Smoke Mountain had countless humans.

If they really fought, these people were Chai clan's weaknesses and Chai clan would not be able to protect them.

In history, when Ba clan and Xia clan caused troubles for Chai clan, they relied on this point, as long as they made a threatening move towards Human Smoke Mountain, Chai clan had to act carefully.

By now, Chai clan was already inclined towards cooperating with Fang Yuan.

There was nothing that could be done about it.

The enemy was strong while they were weaker by a huge degree!

Only Chai Ke Qing was still continuing: "Everyone, listen to me…"

"Shut up!" Chai Gan could not endure it anymore, he waved his hand and sealed Chai Ke Qing, making her unable to even budge.

Chai Ke Qing was shocked, she had never expected her first supreme elder to do this!

This method surprised the three variant human immortals.

When Chai Gan used this move, not even a slight aura leaked out from the start to finish.

Without being able to sense the aura, the three variant human Gu Immortals were unable to judge what path this killer move belonged to.

Chai clan was a Southern Border super force after all, it had some foundation.

Chai Gan's expression was cold as he stared at a Chai clan Gu Immortal: "Chai Dui Shan, control your own descendant."

"Yes." Chai Dui Shan immediately walked towards Chai Ke Qing and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Instantly, the seal on Chai Ke Qing was strengthened further.

Chai Ke Qing's mind shook intensely, her expression was one of incredulity. Her eyes moved towards the side and reddened as she looked at the ancestor that had once been so tall and grand in her heart.

Seeing this, the three variant human Gu Immortals had a similar thought —

The outcome was set!

A day later.

While Chai clan's headquarters were empty, Human Smoke Mountain was attacked by the biggest beast calamity of the past hundred years. An earth path immemorial desolate beast dug out from the ground.

At that time, Chai clan's immortals had gone out to fight for blessed lands, inheritances, and so on, and only a few rank six Gu Immortals were left to guard the headquarters.

In order to protect the common people, the Gu Immortals left behind, with Chai Ke Qing as the head, used killer moves without caring for losses to Chai clan.

This move inflicted damage on both enemies and oneself, although the immemorial desolate beast was killed, Human Smoke Mountain was heavily damaged and was almost turned into a crater.

Fortunately, they were able to protect some clansmen.

"Although there is a difference between immortals and mortals, Chai clan holds no such differentiation."

"Human life is most important, mortal lives are as precious as Gu Immortal lives! Even if we have to sacrifice our lives, it is worth it if we can save more lives."

"This is my Chai clan's principle, it is our integrity as part of the righteous path!"

Chai clan's first supreme elder Chai Gan proclaimed his words that were full of righteousness to Southern Border's Gu Immortal world after the event.

The three variant human immortals set off on a journey back in secret.

Human Smoke Mountain was naturally attacked by them.

According to the agreement between the three variant human immortals and Chai clan, Chai clan sold Human Smoke Mountain as well as most of the mortals on Human Smoke Mountain, only keeping their own clansmen. They also kept some random outsiders to put up a show.

Chai clan Gu Immortals did not make a move, the three variant human immortals dug up Human Smoke Mountain and slaughtered countless mortals.

Lastly, the three immortals took away Chai clan's human path results, while leaving a fire path true inheritance and three rank eight Immortal Gu to Chai clan.

"Hahaha, master's bottom line was five rank eight Immortal Gu for this mission, I did not think we would complete this mission with just three." Shi Zong laughed.

"Even if Chai clan is a super clan and has been in Southern Border for a long time, they are truly inept. Just three rank eight Immortal Gu were enough to blow them away." Golden Fur Immortal Monarch also showed his disdain.

At present, there were over twenty rank eight Immortal Gu listed on the sovereign immortal aperture's exchange list!

These rank eight Immortal Gu were of various paths and could be exchanged for using contribution points!

Fang Yuan had been helping many Gu Immortals undergo tribulation, which spiked the number of rank eight Gu Immortals in the sovereign immortal aperture. Because of this, Fang Yuan put some rank eight Immortal Gu on the exchange list.

This move stimulated all the rank eight Gu Immortals, they were excited to the point of madness.

Even though many Gu Immortals knew clearly: Fang Yuan was dangling a carrot in front of them so that they would work for him like a mule.

But this carrot was too large and too glossy, it really made them salivate!

How hard was it to obtain a rank eight Immortal Gu, how hard was it to refine it?

The Gu Immortals simply could not resist this temptation!

"Congratulations, Bing Yuan, for saving two rank eight Immortal Gu for master. When we return, you will definitely be rewarded with lots of bonus contribution points." Golden Fur Immortal Monarch flattered.

Fang Yuan's task rewards were not fixed, they could change according to the change in situation.

Bing Yuan laughed reservedly: "Actually, I don't care much about contribution points. I saved the two rank eight Immortal Gu not for contribution points, but to help my family. You know that my Xue Er is Lord Fang Yuan's fiancée after all."

"This again."

"Bing Yuan is showing off her relationship with master again!"

Shi Zong and Golden Fur Immortal Monarch looked at each other secretly, seeing the complex emotions in each other's eyes.

They had heard of Bing Yuan mentioning this relationship so many times that they started feeling nauseous. But even so, every time they heard it, Shi Zong and Golden Fur Immortal Monarch could not help but feel envious.

Not willing for Bing Yuan to stay on this topic, Shi Zong said: "Our side is clearly so strong, why do you think master still used such a huge price to trade with Chai clan?"

Golden Fur Immortal Monarch immediately replied: "In my opinion, master traded with Wu clan, Chai clan, and Fang clan, probably because he wants to convert to righteous path."

Shi Zong heaved a sigh: "If I had status and strength like master's, I would run wild, who can stop me? Hehehe, a mere Chai clan will be turned to ashes with just a flick of my finger. Will I still talk business with these people?"

Bing Yuan snorted coldly: "Which is why you will never become an existence like master. Master's considerations are always far-sighted, how can we reckon what he is thinking? If we make guesses, it is no different than ants trying to estimate the sun and moon."

"Yes, yes." Golden Fur Immortal Monarch quickly added, "Actually, even if we turn to righteous path, our lives will be pretty good. Just look at those Chai clan Gu Immortals holding back their anger, it was really refreshing. I, a hairy man, finally get to experience the taste of equality."

The three immortals looked at each other and saw smiles on the others' faces.

Bing Yuan said: "Whether master walks the righteous path or demonic path, we only need to know one thing. That is, we follow master's decision. If master wants to negotiate and do business, then we will do business. If master wants to kill someone, we will go kill that unlucky fellow."

"Naturally!" Golden Fur Immortal Monarch patted his chest strongly.

Shi Zong also nodded, saying with emotions: "In the history of humanity, besides Ren Zu, I only respect master!"

Over this recent period of time, Fang Yuan's subordinates had a huge transformation.

The transformation on the surface was the rapid increase in their cultivation level and strength. And the internal mental transformation was that their loyalty towards Fang Yuan was increasing rapidly.

The authority of the supreme demon, harsh agreements, and terrifying battle achievements made these Gu Immortals feel dread and not dare to rebel. On this basis, Fang Yuan only needed to give some benefits and these Gu Immortals would feel deeply grateful to him!

And currently, Fang Yuan's treatment towards them was something the other forces simply could not match.

Such huge benefits made these Gu Immortals gather tightly around Fang Yuan.


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