Reverend Insanity
2137 Fang Yuan Deserves Death!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2137 Fang Yuan Deserves Death!

Qi sea.

Because Qi Sea Ancestor lived here, the qi sea sea area had become the Righteous Qi Alliance's headquarters.

At this moment, a banquet was being held inside the qi sea formation.

Qi Sea Ancestor sat on the main seat while the representatives of Eastern Sea righteous path forces sat to his left and right.

Sitting to the left of Qi Sea Ancestor was a food path Gu Immortal.

He was an old man with a brandy nose, he raised his wine cup high and toasted Qi Sea Ancestor: "Lord Ancestor, I offer this toast of spring sea blossom wine to you!"

Qi Sea Ancestor nodded, his seat was high above the others which gave him a naturally overlooking vision.

Qi Sea Ancestor took a sip before commenting lightly: "Zui Xian Weng, your spring wind petals wine is quite good, it has a vague poetic flavor of youth."

This food path Gu Immortal was Zui Xian Weng.

After he inherited Green Ant Ascetic and Wine Fairy's true inheritance in Central Continent, he was then silently persuaded by Qin Ding Ling to be a chess piece.

According to Qin Ding Ling's arrangements, Zui Xian Weng returned to Eastern Sea and rested for a period of time before taking the initiative to side with the Righteous Qi Alliance.

Everyone in the Righteous Qi Alliance welcomed him warmly.

Because Zui Xian Weng was among the outstanding lone cultivators of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

Zui Xian Weng possessed wine sea, he held a wine reception every year where he invited heroes and warriors of Eastern Sea. His connections were extremely wide, and he himself had good relations with all the large Eastern Sea righteous path forces.

There was a huge political significance for a representative character like him to join the Righteous Qi Alliance, just this significance itself had a huge value.

Because, although the Righteous Qi Alliance was established, most of its members were of Eastern Sea righteous path super clans. Besides them, there were also some two heaven's Gu Immortals who had joined Qi Sea clone.

Few Eastern Sea lone immortals joined the Righteous Qi Alliance.

Demonic immortals were even rarer.

Zui Xian Weng joining the alliance would definitely be a model example which would change some trend of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world, maybe, other lone and demonic immortals would take the initiative to join.

Besides these, there was another reason which was somewhat connected to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's lingering poisonous ant plague killer move had caused a huge disturbance in Eastern Sea's righteous path. They were forced to take out their hidden true inheritances to research the killer move, only then were they able to find a way to restrain it.

During this event, the Righteous Qi Alliance had wanted to invite Zui Xian Weng. However, at that time, Zui Xian Weng had already gone to Central Continent and was secretly searching for Green Ant's true inheritance.

Zui Xian Weng cultivated food path, which was rare in the five regions and two heavens.

While rarer things were often more precious.

Zui Xian Weng was worthy of being recruited!

Qi Sea Ancestor discussed with Eastern Sea's super forces and held a large welcoming banquet. Not only were they trying to leave a good impression and gain the approval of Zui Xian Weng, they were also proclaiming the Righteous Qi Alliance's attitude towards lone and demonic immortals.

When Zui Xian Weng saw Fang Yuan, he was extremely respectful and even had a flattering expression.

For instance, now.

Zui Xian Weng's wine was clearly called spring sea blossom wine. But Qi Sea Ancestor called it spring wind petals wine.

Whether Qi Sea Ancestor had not heard clearly or if it was a slip of tongue, Zui Xian Weng did not ponder on it, he bowed: "Many thanks to Ancestor for bestowing the name!"

"Amazing, amazing, spring wind petals wine not only suits the characteristics of this wine, it is also filled with poetic sentiment, making one feel like they are being caressed by spring wind, while flower petals flutter in the air."

"It is a great honor for this wine to be bestowed a name by Ancestor. With Ancestor's granting of this name, I believe this wine will be known throughout the five regions!"

"Hahaha." Qi Sea Ancestor laughed heartily as he pointed at Zui Xian Weng, "Old Weng, you are quite witty."

The various clan representatives also chimed in, their complements were like waves that followed Zui Xian Weng and moved towards Qi Sea Ancestor.

These Gu Immortals were praising while cursing silently.

'I did not think this old guy Zui Xian Weng to have such a shameless side."

"Truly a boot licker."

"But it is not strange. He holds a wine reception every year where he invites all the forces. He has some skills in social interaction."

Tang clan's Gu Immortal Tang Tang was just about to raise his wine cup, when an information path mortal Gu flew in.

He viewed it with his divine sense.

'What?! The variant human alliance has attacked!' His body jolted, he was greatly shocked.

But after reading the information properly, he relaxed somewhat.

"Fang Yuan only sent ten or so Gu Immortals over different areas of Eastern Sea to kill mortals."

"What is he trying to do?"

"Not long ago, he invaded Fire Plain grotto-heaven and slaughtered a hundred million humans!"

Tang Tang was pondering, when he recalled the incomplete Human Sea.

After Fang Yuan invaded Eastern Sea's Xia clan, the information about this artificial secluded domain of heaven and earth had spread far and wide. So the Righteous Qi Alliance was well aware of it.

At this time, another information path Gu worm flew over.

"Gu Ming Xu is requesting reinforcements from my clan?" Tang Tang's heart stirred slightly.

This Warm Sun Immortal Lord was a lawful lone immortal, Tang clan had always wanted to recruit him but was rejected by him. Who could have expected a crisis to appear out of nowhere, Gu Ming Xu actually offended the variant human alliance.

In the request letter, Gu Ming Xu had clearly expressed: If Tang clan can provide help, he will join Tang clan!

"My Tang clan cannot offend a person like Fang Yuan! Isn't this trying to push my Tang clan into the fire?" Tang Tang sneered mentally.

They could not give support.

Tang Tang immediately crushed this information path mortal Gu and treated it like he had not seen it.

Fang Yuan's target this time were only the mortals, moreover, he avoided the people of the super clans.

So, Tang clan did not suffer any losses.

As for reputation, Tang clan's reputation would fall a little because they did not retaliate. But, other clans were also the same, Fang Yuan's action was not targeting just Tang clan.

Since everyone was losing reputation, it was same as nobody losing any reputation.

"As long as the situation doesn't worsen, this is only a small matter. Let Fang Yuan kill however many he wants." Tang Tang continued to enjoy the banquet.

After receiving this message, he began to deliberately observe the surrounding Gu Immortals.

Sure enough, these people received the news one after the other.

"Fang Yuan's subordinates are slaughtering mortals?"

"They are not our clansmen anyway, why provoke Fang Yuan because of this?"

"Eastern Sea has so many mortals, even if some are killed, the population will be restored in ten years."

"Let's drink, let's drink."

"Hahaha, good wine!"

The atmosphere became even more lively. As the banquet continued, these Gu Immortals were starting to get drunk, their faces flushed red as they enjoyed themselves.

Tribulation clouds surged continually.

A large amount of water splashed around in the time path clone's immortal aperture, like fish jumping madly.

This was a grand tribulation — Jumping Time Fish Tribulation.

"The outcome is set." The time path clone was observing the whole process calmly.

With the main body helping personally, there would definitely be no issue.

The jumping time fish tribulation was not strong, it was an ordinary type of grand tribulation.

Heaven's will did not trouble Fang Yuan, which was rare. But the time path clone was not surprised.

"In the recent period of time, my main body has not only helped Gu Immortals to undergo tribulations, he is also helping those Gu Immortal seeds to undergo immortal ascension. With him present, unless it is a dream path tribulation, there will be no issue. Heaven's will realizes this fully, the calamities and tribulations are ordinary so that the main body won't gain more heaven path dao marks."

While the time path clone was thinking, the tribulation clouds in the sky were almost gone.

Fang Yuan did not continue to attack, instead he took out ability Gu to give it a try.

But ability Gu was almost destroyed.

\u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e clearly stated ability Gu would continue to grow stronger in calamities and tribulations. But Fang Yuan was unable to find a way to strengthen it.

According to simple deduction, the records in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e stated that calamities and tribulations were Gu materials to advance the rank of ability Gu.

Fang Yuan gave it a try right now, but discovered that calamities and tribulations were not suitable as Gu materials and were extremely hard to control. Fortunately, Fang Yuan had made ample preparations and was able to preserve ability Gu.

After obtaining this outcome, Fang Yuan did not hold back and destroyed the final lump of tribulation cloud.

This time, he did not devour the heaven path dao marks.

He left behind the time path dao marks from the tribulation in the time path clone's immortal aperture.

He did not touch the clone's foundation.

"Now, I also have rank eight cultivation." The time path clone was filled with emotions, "From now onwards, I shall use the name He Chun Qiu, what do you think?"

"Up to you." Fang Yuan's main body replied plainly.

Currently, among Fang Yuan's eight clones, Qi Sea Ancestor, Wu Shuai, the time path clone He Chun Qiu, and Zhan Bu Du had advanced to rank eight.

But Fang Yuan already did not lack rank eight Gu Immortals under him at present.

Southern Border.

Human Smoke Mountain.

This was Chai clan's headquarters.

Almost all of Chai clan's Gu Immortals were assembled, and with Chai clan's first supreme elder leading them, they welcomed three variant human Gu Immortals.

These three variant humans were snowman, hairy man, and rockman; they were Bing Yuan, Golden Fur Immortal Monarch, and Shi Zong.

"People of Chai clan, the three of us came with master's order, we are here to discuss a trade with you." As the leader of this trip, Bing Yuan spoke.

Chai clan's immortals were in serious and heavy moods.

It was not only because of Fang Yuan's reputation, but because of these three variant human Gu Immortals' auras.

Be they Bing Yuan or Golden Fur Immortal Monarch or Shi Zong, they were all at rank eight!

"What does Fang Yuan want? Could my Chai clan have something of interest to him?" Chai clan's first supreme elder asked.

"No need to be modest, Lord Chai Gan." Bing Yuan smiled, "My master is willing to purchase your noble clan's human path results, including the killer move congregated human talent, the human path mountain Human Smoke Mountain, as well as many mortals raised by your clan."

"What?!" The expressions of Chai clan's immortals changed.

"Fang Yuan is going too far!"

"He is trying to dig up our Chai clan's foundation."

"The main thing is, if we cooperate with this demon Fang Yuan, what reputation would our grand righteous path Chai clan still have?"

Chai clan immortals criticized softly.

The expression of Chai clan's first supreme elder was unsightly, he muttered for a while before asking: "My Chai clan does nurture the most mortals, these people live good and content lives in Human Smoke Mountain and do not cause trouble for anyone. I wonder what Fang Yuan wants to buy them for?"

Shi Zong sneered: "Of course, to kill them all."

Golden Fur Immortal Monarch had a crazed expression: "These humans your Chai clan is nurturing have abundant human qi, this is extremely good. Master's Human Sea is only lacking the final step. With these people, it can finally be completed."

Chai clan immortals were shaken.

"Disregarding lives so casually, this demon deserves death!!!" One female immortal, Chai Ke Qing, shouted furiously.


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