Reverend Insanity
2136 Fang Yuan“s Secluded Domains of Heaven and Earth
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2136 Fang Yuan“s Secluded Domains of Heaven and Earth

Immortal killer move — Landscape as Before!

Fang Yuan activated the killer move.

The previous landscape as before Immortal Gu was only at rank six. But two months ago, Fang Yuan had successfully raised it to rank eight.

Rank eight was the limit of landscape as before Immortal Gu.

The limit of most Immortal Gu was at rank eight. After advancing to rank eight, they would have arrived at their peak and could not be advanced anymore.

Gu were the essence of heaven and earth, fragments of the Great Dao. These fragments had their respective limits, those with higher limits could accumulate slowly and reach rank nine, while those with lower limits might even be forced to stay at rank six.

There were many Immortal Gu, although they were unique, they covered almost all aspects imaginable. For instance, Fang Yuan used the killer move lingering poisonous ant plague, which gave birth to two Immortal Gu — red copper immortal ant Gu and white noodle immortal ant Gu. If there was a slight change, there might be another kind of Immortal Gu. For instance, dark-gold immortal ant, black noodle immortal ant, and so on.

Among all the Immortal Gu, only a small portion could truly advance to rank nine.

Rank eight landscape as before Immortal Gu was still a time path Immortal Gu. But the killer move Fang Yuan was using right now was a compound killer move.

It contained profundities of not only time path, but also earth path, water path, rule path, soul path, and other paths.

Under the effect of this compound killer move, Reverse Flow River let out soft gushing sounds as it started expanding at a rapid pace.

After Fang Yuan's nurturing over this period of time, the compound killer move that was used dozens of times showed great effects, Reverse Flow River, which previously only had a little trace left of it, had become a long narrow river!

Fang Yuan had all along been trying to restore Reverse Flow River, and he finally got a good result now.

He had previously thought of using orderly well.

This killer move was a rank nine killer move and came from Shadow Sect's true inheritance. This move used City Well as the core, it could modify secluded domains of heaven and earth, removing the conflict between dao marks, which made it convenient to restore them.

Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley, and Miniscule Mountain had experienced this move.

But Fang Yuan had never been able to grasp this killer move.

Because he lacked its crucial core Immortal Gu, Immortal Gu was unique, that core Immortal Gu was already in someone else's possession. Fang Yuan had thought of modifying this killer move but it was extremely difficult.

This was a rank nine rule path killer move, it had already reached a peak level where it had no room for improvement.

At least, Fang Yuan was unable to see any.

His rule path attainment level was at great grandmaster, and not quasi-supreme. He was still some distance away from seeing through this kind of rank nine killer move.

"Reverse Flow River is recovering faster right now, but at the later stage of its recovery, Landscape as Before's compound killer move will experience a fall in effectiveness continually, until it becomes negligible."

Landscape as Before's compound killer move was at rank eight level, while the complete Reverse Flow River was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, which was equivalent to rank nine in terms of quantity of dao marks. Because of the huge amount of dao marks, they could sometimes be used as quasi-rank nine Immortal Gu.

Naturally, this depended on the Gu cultivator's ability.

Conceptualizing killer moves with the secluded domain of heaven and earth as the core was only the start, the crucial point was how exceptional the created killer moves were, and if they could fully use the secluded domain of heaven and earth or not.

For instance, Fang Yuan's reverse flow protection seal made use of Reverse Flow River only at the intermediate level.

His Luo Po seal was only at the elementary level of secluded domain usage.

Orderly well killer move was different, it made use of City Well to the highest degree, and was at the advanced level.

There was no killer move that completely used secluded domains of heaven and earth.

Secluded domains of heaven and earth were not Immortal Gu, after all.

Immortal Gu was alive and could be used fully as long as immortal essence was transferred into them. But secluded domains of heaven and earth were non-living, their usage was limited.

An Immortal Gu was a connected body of fragments of dao marks. A secluded domain of heaven and earth was an amalgamation of countless dao marks, these dao marks were piled together, some were straight or bent, some were continuous threads, some were entirely different, and some were intertwined. There was no way to make use of all the dao marks.

Even venerables were not an exception.

This could be seen from the killer move orderly well.

"I have gathered quite a lot of secluded domains of heaven and earth. Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley, Reverse Flow River, City Well, Hu Land, as well as the incomplete Refinement Sea, Human Sea, and Qian Kun Crystal Wall."

Dang Hun Mountain was the first secluded domain obtained by Fang Yuan, he even entered Northern Plains to find a way to repair it.

Luo Po seal, which used Luo Po Valley as the core, had once helped Fang Yuan kill Gu Immortal experts.

There was no need to talk about Reverse Flow River, in that event of Old Ancestor Xue Hu refining fortune rivalling heaven Gu, Fang Yuan had relied on reverse flow protection seal to shock the world while being hunted by Longevity Heaven and Heavenly Court.

City Well was obtained from the turbulent flow sea area, Fang Yuan had used it as a trap to kill many Eastern Sea Gu Immortals.

Hu Land was the easiest to obtain, he bought it forcefully from Wu Yong. Naturally, it was possible because of Fang Yuan's strength and reputation. These things had been accumulated since his rebirth, while being on the verge of life and death, and going through countless large battles.

The incomplete Refinement Sea came from Lang Ya blessed land, it showed Long Hair Ancestor's ambition. Unfortunately, although Fang Yuan obtained it, he did not have enough spare effort, time, and resources to complete it. Currently, the incomplete Refinement Sea was being intensely consumed by Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool.

The incomplete Human Sea came from Eastern Sea's Xia clan. Wu Shuai led the variant human alliance to invade Xia clan's territory, killing or driving Xia clansmen away, and looting this incomplete Human Sea.

The last was Qian Kun Crystal Wall. Put simply, it was a bunch of grey-white stone slabs.

The surface of the grey-white stone slabs were filled with black ink lines. Some were straight while others were curled, there were thin and thick lines. The lines were drawn over one another, some looked like letters while others looked like drawings of scenery.

Legends said that if one gathered all of the stone slabs, they could piece back Qian Kun Crystal Wall and the Gu cultivator would be able to enter Book Mountain again.

If one looked at the history of humanity, they would find that generations of Gu Masters, Gu Immortals, or even Immortal and Demon Venerables collected these stone slabs before.

Fang Yuan had obtained countless grey-white stone slabs from Great Wisdom Immortal Mother. According to what Great Wisdom Immortal Mother said, these stone slabs could form half the Qian Kun Crystal Wall!

Fang Yuan had obtained a batch of grey-white stone slabs from other sources like Lang Ya Sect, and the storage of the two heavens' grotto-heavens. Naturally, the number of these stone slabs could not compare to what Great Wisdom Immortal Mother had, and there were also fake goods among them.

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother's grey-white stone slabs were from the inkman race's true inheritance.

There were many fake goods among the stone slabs circulated in the market. But the grey-white stone slabs in the inkman race's true inheritance were all genuine.

"According to the records in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, Primordial Domain was originally inside Qian Kun Crystal Wall. Unfortunately, Limitless Demon Venerable took it away and put it in Crazed Demon Cave. Even if I construct Qian Kun Crystal Wall now, I won't be able to enter Primordial Domain."

Fang Yuan tried all ways to increase his battle strength, these secluded domains of heaven and earth were naturally going to be made use of.

Reverse Flow River was being restored, killer moves using Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley as the core were also being developed. Hu Land was given to the Qi Sea clone, Fang Yuan did not have time to put his effort into this.

Among all the secluded domains of heaven and earth, Fang Yuan paid the most attention to the incomplete Human Sea.

Back then, he chose to invade Eastern Sea's Xia clan mainly because of this artificial secluded domain of heaven and earth.

"All the venerables have human path killer moves, so I need to have some foundation in human path. Even if I don't become dominant in this path, I need to have means to defend against it."

Fang Yuan had suffered during the fate war.

The venerable methods were mostly human path methods, every move was terrifyingly powerful or had amazing effects, influencing the whole war.

Previously, Fang Yuan had ordered his subordinates to kill a hundred million humans in Fire Plain grotto-heaven to use in the incomplete Human Sea.

But this was not enough.

The previous resources were all spent, Human Sea was still some distance from completion.

"The variant human alliance also has many human grotto-heavens with large numbers of humans. But it is not convenient to target these humans."

"Firstly, it will cause dissension in these human grotto-heavens' Gu Immortals. Secondly, these humans will be moved to the sovereign immortal aperture in the future, and are foundations for me to develop human path. Lastly, there are so many humans in the world, why do I need to sacrifice my own people?"

Fang Yuan then issued a task — slaughter humans and gather resources.

Compared to the previous tribulation task, this task was obviously cruel and reeked of blood.

"Master is a demonic path member after all." Many human Gu Immortals lamented.

"But, I quite enjoy slaughtering the outside world's humans!" This task resonated with variant human Gu Immortals.

"Forget it, as long as it is not our grotto-heavens suffering, what does it have to do with us if other humans die?" Those owners of human grotto-heavens were glad about their allegiance.

Soon, over ten Gu Immortals quietly moved out from the territory of Eastern Sea's Xia clan.

There were many fishing villages in Eastern Sea's islands.

Birds chirped and dogs barked, smoke spiraled upwards.

"Kill." A miniman Gu Immortal flew towards these fishing villages and ruthlessly activated Immortal Gu.

Leaves fell down like a rainstorm, killing countless men and women, old and young, blood splashing everywhere.

"Back then, us minimen were captured by you humans. My mother was strangled to death in front of me by human Gu Immortals. I am only taking back some interest!" The miniman Gu Immortal's face was filled with hatred.

On a certain island in Eastern Sea, there was an enormous city.

Two variant human Gu Immortals united to bring forth a tens of feet high tsunami.

At the juncture of life and death, an Eastern Sea lone immortal walked out and blocked the tsunami.

"Stop, I am Gu Ming Xu. This is my homeland, I wonder what the issue is? Why are you implicating these innocent people?" This Gu Immortal shouted furiously.

The two variant human Gu Immortals came down from above the clouds and revealed their appearance.

"So it was Warm Sun Immortal Lord."

"Immortal Lord, you are wrong. Back then, this place had been the homeland of us hairy men. But you humans occupied it forcefully, my hairy man tribe fortunately had the protection of our supreme elder, so we were able to survive in the two heavens."

Gu Ming Xu could not restrain his anger when he saw the two variant human Gu Immortals: "So you are variant humans. You are really audacious, this place is near Eastern Sea's Tang clan. I have already requested reinforcements. Get lost, if you don't escape now, it will be too late!"

The two variant human Gu Immortals laughed loudly as they said: "Immortal Lord, why do you pretend to not know from where we came? Our master is Lord Gu Yue Fang Yuan! Let alone Tang clan, even if the whole of Eastern Sea's righteous path arrive together, they will be like chickens and dogs in front of our master."

"Gu Ming Xu, stop trying to put up a front."

"We are here to kill your fellow humans, to let you taste the pain and suffering we felt back then."

Gu Ming Xu lamented inwardly: "How can there be a demon like Fang Yuan, he actually sent variant humans to attack his own race! He is a traitor to humans, he has no bottom line and no sense of propriety. Damn it! Damn it!!"


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