Reverend Insanity
2134 Fang Yuan, Just You Wait!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2134 Fang Yuan, Just You Wait!

After consuming this heaven path immortal material, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture gained nine more heaven path dao marks.

The grand tribulation that sent Shi Zong into despair, when turned into heaven path dao marks, merely amounted to nine. Moreover, this grand tribulation's strength was much higher than normal, a normal grand tribulation would give less than nine heaven path dao marks when transformed.

"Probably around seven." Fang Yuan estimated.

This could not compare to the gains from annexing the two heavens' grotto-heavens.

Each of the two heavens' grotto-heavens gave Fang Yuan several thousand heaven path dao marks. Fang Yuan devoured grotto-heavens one after the other, his sovereign immortal aperture's development had already reached eighty percent.

At present, his heaven path dao marks numbered over two hundred thousand!

Fang Yuan wanted to become venerable through refinement path, so he prioritized annexing refinement path grotto-heavens, which increased his refinement path dao marks to over six million!

"Currently, the sovereign immortal aperture cannot annex any more grotto-heavens. So I can only use this method to gain heaven path dao marks."

"Although the increase each time is small, Gu Immortals undergoing tribulations is a process that will never stop. Little droplets of water make a mighty ocean, I can accumulate a substantial amount with this method."

In the long run, this path of helping Gu Immortals undergo tribulation was quite bright.

The two heavens' grotto-heavens accumulated for a million or so years to have such foundations. But if Fang Yuan annexed one, there would be one less.

There was, however, an unending stream of Gu Immortals.

Shi Zong's tribulation succeeded and he advanced to rank eight.

When he returned to the sovereign immortal aperture, he immediately received the congratulations of many people and was asked about the exact details.

Shi Zong was already prepared, he had used Gu worms to record the complete video of his tribulation.

When this video was spread, it brought a strong impact to the sovereign immortal aperture's Gu Immortal world.

"Master is so strong!"

"He used over twenty rank eight killer moves in an instant, is he still human?"

"These are totem killer moves? They look quite convenient!"

From the start, the Gu Immortals were attracted by the totem killer moves. When Thieves Den appeared, they exclaimed in shock again.

When the video reached the end and the yellow sky dust cloud was completely destroyed by Fang Yuan, the Gu Immortals sighed, deeply moved.

"Master's methods are unimaginable, he can really destroy calamities and tribulations beforehand."

"In history, these calamities and tribulations will calm down only after they have vented everything. But Lord Fang Yuan has unfathomable powers, he can get rid of calamities and tribulations ahead of time."

"It can be inferred that this task is a huge fortune. Not only can we increase our cultivation level, we can also get a sizable amount of contribution points."

"Didn't you hear what Shi Zong said? Although he passed the tribulation and became a rank eight Gu Immortal, he did not gain any new dao marks."

"Ah? There was such a thing. No wonder this task compensated us with contribution points."

Shi Zong did not hide this, he was somewhat hesitant at first, but after the tribulation, Fang Yuan personally ordered him to publicize the truth.

No gain in dao marks, this news was like a bucket of cold water that poured on these excited Gu Immortals.

The Gu Immortals began to calm down.

This result needed to be properly considered.

No gain of dao marks was a huge loss to Gu Immortals. After all, undergoing tribulation was the main way of gaining dao marks.

Over the next few days, there was no movement. But when Shi Zong used these contribution points to exchange for two rank seven earth path Immortal Gu and three earth path killer moves, another person accepted the task of undergoing tribulation.

After that, more and more Gu Immortals began to imitate this, and it soon formed a wave in the sovereign immortal aperture's Gu Immortal world.

These Gu Immortals were shrewd, they had calculated the gains and losses.

Although they would lose a batch of dao marks, the value of the gained contribution points was far higher than the losses.

The Gu Immortal's battle strength and immortal aperture's environment would indeed weaken from the loss of these dao marks, but dao marks was only one of the factors.

There were many factors which determined a Gu Immortal's battle strength. For instance, Immortal Gu was a main factor, immortal killer moves as well were much more important than some thousands of dao marks.

The immortal aperture's environment would be influenced, but the Gu Immortals could exchange for all kinds of immortal materials to create even more resource points to fill this gap.

What made the Gu Immortals choose this path was that there was a special entry in the exchange list that allowed the Gu Immortals to supply the immortal materials and expend some contribution points, to ask for Fang Yuan's clone to use food path killer moves to increase their corresponding dao marks!

These various reasons created an unending supply of Gu Immortals who underwent tribulation.

Fang Yuan's heaven path dao marks continued to increase.

Southern Border.

Ke Xin Hong was flying through the clouds.

He was communicating with his friend.

"You don't know that all the Gu Immortals are accepting the assisted tribulation task. Some Gu Immortals whose tribulations are still far away will choose an option in the exchange list, it requests master's time path clone to accelerate their immortal aperture's time flow! They are using every means possible to accept this task."

Ke Xin Hong read up to here before replying with the information path Immortal Gu: "It is because the contribution points for this task are sizable, moreover, whoever obtains the contribution points first will be able to move a step ahead and do more missions, entering a beneficial feedback loop. Look at that Shi Zong, he has been thriving recently. His strength has surged, he can do and take on more difficult tasks, obtaining even more contribution points much faster."

"Unfortunately, I received a mandatory task now and have to go on a diplomatic mission to Wu clan. Otherwise, I would have been the first to accept this task."

His friend replied soon: "You need to be careful, you are going to Wu clan's headquarters to demand Hu Land. That is a secluded domain of heaven and earth, and Wu Yong is the Southern Alliance's Leader!"

Ke Xin Hong, however, was confident: "I am quite hopeful for this trip. Even if it fails, Wu Yong won't do anything to me. You have not personally realized and witnessed master's power and influence. Alright, I have arrived, I will contact you later."

Ke Xin Hong slowly flew down.

Below him was Wu Yi Mountain.

Wu clan's headquarters was located here.

Seeing Ke Xin Hong, two Gu Immortals immediately flew up from Wu Yi Mountain, at the front was Wu clan's second supreme elder Wu Ba Chong.

Ke Xin Hong had already notified them before coming here.

Wu clan's earnestness could be seen, they had sent Wu Ba Chong to welcome him.

"Envoy, please come in." Wu Ba Chong led Ke Xin Hong to Wu clan's headquarters.

"You came from afar and must be tired, how about resting for a while." Wu Ba Chong was polite.

Ke Xin Hong shook his hand: "Let's get down to business first."

"Alright. Please wait a while, our first supreme elder is handling some clan affairs."

Ke Xin Hong nodded and waited patiently.

He could understand that the leader of the great Wu clan could not be available so casually. Whether he was really busy or not, they had to put up this show.

After five minutes, Wu Ba Chong came again and led Ke Xin Hong towards the guest hall.

Ke Xin Hong saw Wu Yong there.

Ke Xin Hong did not speak nonsense and said directly: "Lord Wu Yong, I come with master's sincerity to have another transaction with your noble clan."

Wu Yong and Wu Ba Chong looked at each other, they had profited a lot in the previous transaction. Wu Yong asked with a smile: "I wonder what transaction it is?"

Ke Xin Hong smiled: "Master is willing to pay a price to buy the Hu Land in your possession."

Instantly, Wu Yong's pupils shrank and killing intent surged in his heart!

"What?!" Wu Ba Chong could not sit still, he stood, "What Hu Land? How could my Wu clan have this secluded domain of heaven and earth? Fang Yuan is definitely mistaken."

Ke Xin Hong smiled and did not refute.

Wu Yong's expression was dark as he interrupted Wu Ba Chong: "Alright, Ba Chong."

Wu Ba Chong immediately stopped denying it, but there was indignance and anger on his face. Veins popped up on his clenched fists as he stared rigidly at Ke Xin Hong.

If gazes could kill, at this moment, Wu Ba Chong would have already killed Ke Xin Hong a hundred times with his gaze.

Ke Xin Hong only looked at Wu Yong, turning a deaf ear to Wu Ba Chong.

He bowed: "Lord Wu Yong, what is your reply?"

Wu Yong suddenly showed a smile: "Since Fang Yuan wants to trade, of course we can. I believe he will definitely pay a satisfying price."

Ke Xin Hong could not help but feel a chill when he saw Wu Yong's attitude.

Wu Yong was really terrifying, in such a short period of time, he accepted this fact and made the most sensible choice!

Ke Xin Hong took a deep breath and said the price: "Master is aware that Lord Wu Yong desires rank eight Immortal Gu, Eight-faced Prestige Wind. Master is willing to personally refine this rank eight Immortal Gu."

"What?" Wu Ba Chong's expression changed again as he bellowed furiously: "Hu Land can be seen as a quasi-rank nine Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan is not taking out even one rank eight Immortal Gu and wants to exchange with such conditions. You are too insincere!"

Wu Yong said through clenched teeth: "This is indeed somewhat too overboard."

Ke Xin Hong smiled: "Wu clan excels in wind path, your only qi path foundation is in Sheng Tian true inheritance. Although Hu Land is a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it doesn't have much value for Wu clan."

Wu Ba Chong immediately refuted: "You can't say that, any path's attainment can be developed. Although my Wu clan excels in wind path, could it be that we cannot excel in qi path in the future? With Hu Land, I would rather change to qi path and replace my vital Gu! With such huge prospects, which super force would be willing to give it up?"

Ke Xin Hong glanced at Wu Ba Chong: "Second supreme elder, you are spot on, quite insightful. It is indeed correct, with Hu Land, the prospect of qi path is highly favorable. But…"

As he said this, Ke Xin Hong intentionally paused before saying deeply: "The prerequisite is… you need to possess Hu Land."

"You!!!" Wu Ba Chong's killing intent erupted and he looked ready to attack.

Ke Xin Hong's hidden meaning was that Wu clan could not keep Hu Land. Since they could not keep Hu Land, it was useless to mention any qi path prospects.

Ke Xin Hong looked towards Wu Yong and bowed again, saying respectfully: "Lord Wu Yong, I will be frank. If your noble clan is not satisfied with this price, we are willing to refine three rank eight Immortal Gu for your clan."

He then continued with a bitter smile: "This is my side's bottom line and there won't be any concession. Lord Wu Yong, please understand. I am only a messenger, I cannot make decisions."

Wu Yong was silent for a while before smiling: "You are an excellent messenger. I agree to your conditions. Wu Ba Chong, bring Ke Xin Hong to take Hu Land and send the rank seven fan wind Gu as well."

"First supreme elder!" Wu Ba Chong was indignant.

"Go." Wu Yong was solemn.

"Sigh!" Wu Ba Chong heaved a deep sigh as he looked at Ke Xin Hong with hatred.

"Follow me!" Wu Ba Chong quickly moved past Ke Xin Hong and walked out of the hall.

Wu Yong sat on his seat without moving.

The guest hall had bright lighting, but Wu Yong's face was dark and heavy.

Losing Hu Land had a huge impact on him!

"How did Fang Yuan know about Hu Land? Did he capture Kong Ri Tian?"

Wu Yong had a lot of doubts but he did not want to investigate it. Since the matter had already reached this stage, there was no meaning in talking about this.

After a long while, Wu Ba Chong returned to report: "Ke Xin Hong has left. Lord, should we send some people in disguise and ambush him?"

Wu Yong shook his head: "With Fang Yuan's wisdom, how could he not have expected such a loophole? Don't do unnecessary things."

Wu Ba Chong said through clenched teeth: "Damn it. Our grand Wu clan cannot protect Hu Land!"

Wu Yong said with a heavy voice: "We need to remember this. In here, in Wu clan's headquarters, we were forced to sell the secluded domain of heaven and earth! This is my disgrace, and also Wu clan's disgrace. In the future, if there is a chance, I will clear this humiliation and pay it back a thousand fold. Fang Yuan, just you wait!"


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