Reverend Insanity
2133 Shi Zong“s Tribulation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2133 Shi Zong“s Tribulation

Fang Yuan was secretly observing his subordinates' reactions.

He had issued the exchange list after careful consideration.

Previously, Fang Yuan had thought the sovereign immortal aperture's chaotic phenomena would pass with time. But they were instead becoming more severe.

Sometimes, some strange situations occurred, which were so serious that Fang Yuan's main body had to deal with them.

If he could increase the strength of the sovereign immortal aperture's Gu Immortals by a level or two, the chaotic state of the sovereign immortal aperture would be dealt with much more properly.

Fang Yuan had no way to completely resolve the issues in the sovereign immortal aperture, so he could only alleviate them.

Naturally, regardless of how he strengthened them, these subordinates would not have the ability to take part in the contest within Crazed Demon Cave. Fang Yuan also did not have such extravagant hopes.

Nurturing these subordinates required a large amount of resources.

Fang Yuan had devoured many of the two heavens' grotto-heavens and plundered the countless years of accumulations of these grotto-heavens, he naturally did not lack the resources to nurture them.

On the basis of cultivation resources, Fang Yuan had already surpassed most of the super forces in the world.

Even if Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven had much more accumulation than Fang Yuan, they could not copy his action.

Fang Yuan possessed Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool, it was extremely easy for him to refine rank six and rank seven Immortal Gu. That was why he could domineeringly place all kinds of Immortal Gu on the exchange list and let his subordinates exchange for them.

If Fang Yuan needed to use some Immortal Gu that they exchanged for in the future, he could just throw a compulsory mission at the person. Who would dare to go against Fang Yuan's decree?

At that time, Fang Yuan would give even more contribution points in exchange, the subordinate whose Immortal Gu was seized might even be quite happy.

The heated reactions of his subordinates was within Fang Yuan's expectations.

These Gu Immortals who were stimulated by the exchange list began to crazily accept the tasks, and took the initiative to go to various areas of the sovereign immortal aperture to work like bees.

As for the first task on the mission board, the Gu Immortals were discussing if Lord Fang Yuan had made a mistake?

But even after a few days, the task content had not changed.

The Gu Immortals became increasingly covetous, the contribution point reward of this task was sizable.

Shi Zong was the person to study the new exchange list for the longest time.

Recently, Shi Zong had been distressed over a huge issue.

He was the first supreme elder of Northern Plains' rockman tribe, he was rank seven and was about to face his third grand tribulation.

Rank seven Gu Immortals faced an earthly calamity every ten years, a heavenly tribulation every fifty years, and a grand tribulation every one hundred years.

Earthly calamities and heavenly tribulations were not big issues to Shi Zong. But a grand tribulation was huge trouble, the previous two grand tribulations had almost destroyed Shi Zong's confidence.

The third grand tribulation was imminent, Shi Zong was thinking of ways to delay the grand tribulation.

But he had turned the whole exchange list inside out and was still unable to find a trace of hope.

"The exchange list doesn't have any methods to delay calamities and tribulations!" Shi Zong frowned.

"Does master not have such methods? Obviously not!" Shi Zong's gaze locked on the first task in the mission board.

"Looks like master is encouraging us to accept this task."

Shi Zong was enticed.

His rockman tribe came from Northern Plains' northern icy plain, Fang Yuan had forced them on his ship.

But by now, Shi Zong found that this ship had already become a warship with a bright future and unimaginable fortune.

Since ancient times, the main criteria of a leader was — making use of both benevolence and authority.

Fang Yuan had no lack of authority, so when the exchange list appeared, it changed many people's hearts.

Shi Zong did not dare to betray Fang Yuan and had seen the benefits of following Fang Yuan, he thought for a long while and decided to take the risk, accepting that task!

He accepted the task openly and did not conceal it.

And soon, the news regarding him accepting the first task spread throughout the sovereign immortal aperture's Gu Immortal world.

"Shi Zong is a veteran rank seven Gu Immortal. If he can pass the tribulation successfully, he will become a rank eight!"

"Let's see what's going on with this task."

"Sigh, I also wanted to accept this task. I did not expect Shi Zong to seize the initiative. This is a good opportunity to express loyalty to master."

Not long after Shi Zong accepted the task, he was summoned by Fang Yuan's time path clone.

The time path clone was going to manage Shi Zong's immortal aperture and make preparations for the tribulation.

Shi Zong opened his immortal aperture, Fang Yuan's time path clone personally took control and stuffed earth path immortal materials inside his immortal aperture.

Worry soil, green pond rotten soil, diamond soil, great lake soil, concealing heaven dust, grand soil, region sand, impermanence rock, smoky warm jade, thousand year frost jade essence, dark inkstone, marrow sucking stone, regret water rock, round kun stone, hibiscus stalactite, stone heart liquid, eight-parts jade, and so on; the large number of earth path immortal material made Shi Zong speechless.

After coming to his senses, Shi Zong's heart jumped in fright.

"Gu Immortal calamities and tribulations are the result of Heavenly Dao seeking balance. Right now, my earth path foundation has increased to such an astonishing amount; my grand tribulation will become even more terrifying. Ordinary Gu Immortals want their calamities and tribulations to be as weak as possible, but master is completely the opposite, it is as if he wants the grand tribulation to become a myriad tribulation!"

Several days later, the time to undergo tribulation was here.

Fang Yuan's main body arrived at an ordinary sea area of Eastern Sea and opened his immortal aperture, letting Shi Zong out.

Shi Zong greeted Fang Yuan first before placing his aperture in the outside world.

The blessed land's door was opened and started absorbing a large amount of the outside world's heaven and earth qi.

Fang Yuan stood outside the entrance.

He could not go in.

He had too many dao marks; previously, when he attacked Fire Plain grotto-heaven, he was unable to go in as well, let alone this tiny rank seven blessed land.

The grand tribulation was on time.

First was the arrival of heaven path dao marks, then these heaven path dao marks transformed into dao marks of other paths based on the state of Shi Zong's blessed land.

Most of these dao marks were of earth path.

The transformed dao marks used and expended heaven and earth qi to turn into calamities and tribulations.

If Fang Yuan used big family qi Gu right now, he could absorb the tribulation qi and weaken the grand tribulation.

Right now, Fang Yuan was looking forward to the grand tribulation becoming even stronger.

Soon the grand tribulation took shape, Shi Zong's face turned pale.

"Yellow sky dust cloud! Heavens, it saw my immortal aperture was very prosperous and I had too many earth path resources, so this is specially targeting them."

Yellow sky dust cloud would gain increasingly powerful suction force along with time and absorb the immortal aperture's earth path resources.

The more earth path resources it absorbed, the stronger it would become, its range would increase and it would become denser with much more powerful suction force.

Among all the grand tribulations, yellow sky dust cloud was absolutely among the top few hated grand tribulations.

Shi Zong tried several killer moves, although they were effective, the effect was very little on such a large yellow sky dust cloud.

"I can only rely on master now!" Shi Zong's expression was dismal.

Right at this time, Shi Zong saw multi-colored and dazzling totems fly out of Fang Yuan's body and enter the blessed land, before charging into the yellow sky dust cloud.

These totems were of various types and shapes. There existed ferocious tiger and leopard, agile deer and rabbit, lush trees, as well as spinning flying rocks.

But no matter which one, they all emitted rank eight aura!

Shi Zong's body and mind shook together: "Oh heavens! More than twenty killer moves, all at rank eight level. Master actually has such terrifying strength!"

These were all totem killer moves.

Ever since Fang Yuan obtained the cultivation method of thousands of basic totems from Zhan Bu Du, he would cultivate this move whenever he had some free time.

Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven was the sacred land for cultivating totem killer moves, it was very difficult to cultivate totems outside of this place. Because there was no such food path environment, almost all the food recipes would lose their effect when placed in the outside world.

Fang Yuan, however, was different.

He had deep food path attainment, he modified these food recipes and turned them into killer moves.

With the help of these food path killer moves and countless Gu materials, Fang Yuan was able to cultivate over twenty totems.

These totems were all at rank eight level and were carefully selected by Fang Yuan, their power naturally would not be low. What was even more amazing was once these totem killer moves were formed, they were extremely easy and convenient to activate.

Fang Yuan willed, activating over twenty totems at once. In other words, he activated over twenty rank eight killer moves in an instant!

It was because he possessed the sovereign immortal body that he could fearlessly cultivate totems of so many paths. If it were other Gu Immortals, they would never be able to accomplish this.

Shi Zong watched with a stupefied expression.

Because at that moment, the extremely thick yellow sky dust cloud that covered the sky was shredded by these totems.

"Too vicious, too terrifying!" Shi Zong's thoughts fluctuated intensely.

But although the grand tribulation was destroyed violently, it did not stop. Instead it was trying hard to condense again.

However, the moment a trace of yellow sky dust cloud condensed, it was instantly torn into pieces by the totems.

Heaven's will did not give up but the totems were even fiercer.

Inexplicably, Shi Zong suddenly felt that the grand tribulation was somewhat pitiful.

Immortal killer move — Heaven-Human Sensation.

Immortal killer move — Human Executing Heaven's Work.

Immortal killer move — Unrestrained Heavenly Mark!

Fang Yuan made his move from outside the entrance, refining all the heaven path dao marks from the grand tribulation.

But the unrestrained heavenly marks fell on Shi Zong's blessed land.

But it was not a problem.

Fang Yuan took out an Immortal Gu House, it was the repaired Thieves Den.

Thieves Den's killer move — Steal Dao!

The theft path killer move's working principle was to use theft path immortal materials as the catalyst, the theft path dao marks in the immortal materials would be consumed instantly and the dao marks in the outside world would be stolen. The stolen dao marks must be attached to these theft path immortal materials.

So, if the stolen dao marks were disorderly, the immortal materials would have no value, like those immortal materials found everywhere in Crazed Demon Cave.

In short, Thieves Den had the ability to steal the outside world's dao marks but did not have a method to use them.

Moreover, Thieves Den was already a peak level creation and could not be modified, it had no room or potential for improvement.

These stolen unrestrained heavenly marks formed a heaven path immortal material.

Fang Yuan took this heaven path immortal material and activated a food path killer move — Devour Heaven and Earth!

This killer move was Fang Yuan's gain from his recent cultivation.

Fang Yuan's food path attainment level was grandmaster, he had countless food path killer moves and deep wisdom path attainment, it was not difficult for him to create a killer move to devour heaven path immortal materials.


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