Reverend Insanity
2132 Nurturing Gu Immortals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2132 Nurturing Gu Immortals

Southern Border, Wu clan.

Over fifty Gu Masters were gathered in the hall.

"First supreme elder! Supreme elder Wu Qiao, supreme elder Mountain Moving." Gu Masters greeted together with solemn expressions and hardly concealable excitement.

Wei Shen Jing was among them.

He had finally emerged from the cruel competition and obtained the opportunity to become an immortal.

Besides him, there was Divine Doctor Sheng Shou and Wu Shen Tong, these two had been revived through the dead sea life retrieval formation. There was also Zhong Yi, the Western Desert Gu Master who had inherited Fire Thunder true inheritance.

These fifty or so people were geniuses of their generation and were Gu Master elites selected by Wu clan.

"You may stand." Wu Yong was sitting on the main seat, to his left was Mountain Moving Old Monster, and to his right was Wu clan's rank seven Gu Immortal Wu Qiao.

"The information on immortal ascension and the matters to pay attention to regarding immortal ascension have already been given to you. Over the following period of time, you should start closed cultivation and come out only when you feel you have the certainty to ascend to immortal. Our Wu clan's Gu Immortals will help you resist the immortal ascension tribulations with all their strength. You may leave now." Wu Yong raised his hand.

The group of around fifty Gu Masters retreated.

Wu Yong smiled towards Mountain Moving Old Monster: "Supreme elder Mountain Moving, I shall hand the matter of these Gu Masters' immortal ascension to you."

Mountain Moving Old Monster was not a Gu Immortal originating from Wu clan, his surname was Qin and his name was Jing Sheng, he was previously a lone immortal.

When Fang Yuan was disguised as Wu Yi Hai, there was the issue of Mount Snail where he reached an agreement with Mountain Moving Old Monster. Mountain Moving Old Monster obtained most of the benefits of Mount Snail, but this immemorial desolate beast still belonged to Wu clan in name.

But in the end, Fang Yuan's identity was exposed and Wu Yong went after him.

Mountain Moving Old Monster's situation immediately became awkward.

Wu Yong was a formidable character, why would he let go of this opportunity? He immediately exerted pressure on Mountain Moving Old Monster; using both forceful and persuasive measures, he made Mountain Moving Old Monster become Wu clan's external supreme elder.

Back to the present, Mountain Moving Old Monster quickly agreed to Wu Yong's command: "I am in deep admiration of first supreme elder's broadmindedness. I will stake all my strength to make sure the tribulations cannot harm anyone."

"Good." Wu Yong laughed, "I, Wu Yong, guarantee that the Wu clan I govern is fair with rewards and punishments."

"I shall take my leave and make preparations." Mountain Moving Old Monster left.

He knew the meaning behind Wu Yong's action.

He was an external elder of Wu clan, external elders were usually ostracized.

But Wu Yong's move was too revolutionary, he actually supported so many Gu Immortal seeds at once. What raised Mountain Moving Old Monster's attention the most was that these fifty or so Gu Masters were mostly outsiders.

Wu Yong ordered Mountain Moving Old Monster to be in charge of this matter: on one hand, he was worried of Wu clan's Gu Immortals being biased towards the clan members if they were put in charge; on the other hand, it was to reassure Mountain Moving Old Monster, using action to tell him — I, Wu Yong, am different from ordinary leaders!

When Mountain Moving Old Monster left, Wu Yong's gaze moved towards Wu Qiao.

Wu Qiao had been keeping silent and was feeling uneasy under Wu Yong's gaze.

Wu Qiao had been Wu clan's third supreme elder with high authority and status. But he was enticed by Qiao clan and had supported Fang Yuan, who had disguised as Wu Yi Hai. This action was the same as betraying Wu clan's benefits!

Later, Wu Qiao was in charge of guarding Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian but lost it to the enemies. This was a great stain to his reputation.

After Wu Yong took the position, he suppressed Wu Qiao to the limit. Wu Qiao's situation declined day by day and he was even stripped of his third elder position.

"Wu Qiao." Wu Yong spoke, "What do you think of my decision to support so many Gu Immortal seeds?"

Under Wu Yong's gaze, Wu Qiao's forehead became covered in sweat. He took a deep breath before standing and bowing, saying in a sincere manner: "Lord Wu Yong, I think this action has far more benefits in long term. I give my full support to it!"

Wu Yong laughed, he raised his tea cup and took a sip, before asking leisurely: "Then tell me how you will give full support?"

Wu Qiao took a deep breath and said what he had already prepared before.

Wu Yong did not comment and only nodded as he put down the cup: "Do it."

Wu Qiao was exulted, he quickly requested for leave. He did not leave directly like Mountain Moving Old Monster, instead he stood at the door and bowed deeply towards Wu Yong before leaving slowly.

This attitude was extremely respectful.

Only Wu Yong remained in the discussion hall.

He was expressionless, but was sighing inwardly.

This time, he invested all the resources of the clan to support the immortal ascensions of over fifty Gu Masters, this move could be considered crazy.

His move had caused dissatisfaction in many Wu clan Gu Immortals.

The main reason was that among these over fifty Gu Masters, less than half were Wu clansmen while the rest were outsiders.

Many Wu clan supreme elders including Wu Ba Chong thought: Wu Yong's action was shaking Wu clan's foundation!

"These short-sighted people." As Wu Yong recalled the recent times, when these people admonished his actions openly or secretly, he could not help but snort coldly.

Wu clan's greatest issue was the lack of Gu Immortals, there was not enough manpower to guard their territories. Let alone when they were planning to expand in the future.

However, Wu clan had few Gu Immortal seeds as well.

Even when they lowered the standard and revived some Wu clan Gu Master elites, the number of Gu Immortal candidates was only eighteen.

Although Gu Immortals could deal with the tribulations, the crucial point in immortal ascension was the balancing of three qi. Outsiders could not help in this, the Gu Master had to rely on themselves.

Eighteen Wu clan Gu Immortal seeds, according to history, only one or two among them might succeed in immortal ascension.

That would not do!

What use was there in gaining one or two rank six Gu Immortals for Wu clan?

This simply could not satisfy Wu Yong's ambition!

Thus, Wu Yong disregarded his subordinates' opposition and recruited outsider Gu Masters to be Gu Immortal candidates. Moreover, Wu clan treated them fairly and gave them full support.

"It is not that these people cannot see the situation, but they raised opposition because it threatened their own benefits."

"They have really disappointed me. Their vision is too narrow, without the five regional walls now, our Wu clan's enemies are not just Southern Border forces, but the entire five regions. And among the five regions, the most terrifying enemies are in Central Continent."

"Central Continent's sect system…" Wu Yong sighed.

With his foresight and wisdom, he was already clear of the superiority of the sect system. That was the reason he gave full support to outsider Gu Immortal candidates and recruited outsiders to become Wu clan's external supreme elders.

But even with his prestige, he encountered such opposition and resistance, it could be imagined what the situation in other super forces would be like.

Wu Yong had excellent political skills, he dealt with this situation by deploying Mountain Moving Old Monster and supporting Wu Qiao.

Mountain Moving Old Monster was an external supreme elder, for the sake of his own future in Wu clan, he would definitely do his best to support those outsider Gu Immortal seeds in their ascension.

And Wu Qiao was an astute person.

He saw Wu clan's situation and Wu Yong's plan.

To get back onto Wu clan's political stage, even if he did not approve of Wu Yong's move, he had to grab this opportunity, becoming Wu Yong's dog and standing against those opposing supreme elders.

Like this, Wu clan's internal disorder was quickly resolved by Wu Yong.

"There will be five or six among these seeds who will succeed in immortal ascension. I hope one of my Wu clansmen becomes a qi path Gu Immortal. Hu Land can be used then."

"In the future, if I am lucky enough to refine eight-faced prestige wind, my strength will rise by another level. Adding on Hu Land, my Wu clan will be among the top super forces in all five regions."

Wu Yong's mood turned much better when he thought of Hu Land.

He thought very highly of Hu Land.

If not for him cultivating wind path primarily and having accumulated a lot of wind path dao marks, he might have converted to qi path for Hu Land.

Wu Ji did not choose qi path and persisted on strength path, which had actually disappointed Wu Yong.

Hu Land's value was extremely high, this could be seen from Demon Immortal Qi Jue.

As long as a set of killer moves involving this kind of secluded domain of heaven and earth was created, the Gu Immortal would have near pseudo venerable battle strength.

Hu Land could be taken as a quasi-rank nine Immortal Gu, while it would be extremely difficult for Wu clan to obtain a rank nine Immortal Gu. Even refining a rank eight Immortal Gu was a huge trial to Wu clan.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Be it Mini Blue Heaven's Star Collection City, Mini Western Desert's Inkman City, Mini Northern Plains' Triple Sacred Mountain, or other areas, Gu Immortals were cheering in excitement.

Just the previous moment, Fang Yuan had issued the latest contribution board, mission board, and exchange list.

The contribution board and mission board were issued long before, but it was the first appearance of the exchange list!

It was this exchange list that made all the Gu Immortals in the sovereign immortal aperture excited.

The exchange list contained a large number of rank six and rank seven Immortal Gu, a dazzling lineup of immortal moves, Immortal Gu recipes, and countless immortal materials.

The Gu Immortals in the sovereign immortal aperture only needed to spend their accumulated contribution points to exchange for any cultivation resource on the exchange list.

"I have never seen such a rich list of immortal materials and such enormous immortal material reserves!" Even Lang Ya land spirit, who was extremely knowledgeable, was dumbstruck when he saw the exchange list.

"There are rank six to rank nine immortal killer moves, including common killer moves, battlefield killer moves, the present age Gu formations and Gu Houses, and even ancient battle formations. Eh? What is this totem killer move? I have never heard of it before." Many Gu Immortals exclaimed in shock.

The Gu Immortals who came from the variant human alliance cared much more about the Immortal Gu in the exchange list.

"Even these Immortal Gu can be exchanged?"

"Am I dreaming?"

"How difficult is it to refine Immortal Gu, but here, we only need to accumulate a certain amount of contribution points to exchange for an Immortal Gu?"

All of the Gu Immortals were moved.

They suddenly realized that becoming subordinates of Fang Yuan was a really fortunate thing!

"Our future is so bright after following master!"

"This is too good, looks like Lord Fang Yuan wants to nurture us."

"I have never seen a force have such wealth. Master's foundation is truly inestimable."

The Gu Immortals' eyes shined with excitement, their faces reddened, and some even cried in joy.

Some quick ones immediately looked at the mission board.

Previously, the tasks they completed were mandatory and they did not have much enthusiasm. But it was completely different now!

"Eh? The first task is so strange! Request for Lord Fang Yuan to protect us from tribulations, and we also get such rich contribution points in return?"


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