Reverend Insanity
2130 Pig-Head Land Spiri
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2130 Pig-Head Land Spiri

Ling Hu Xu was a Western Desert demonic immortal who cultivated theft path.

Gu Immortal Fang Dong Xi of Fang clan could not restrain his anger. Sand Heap blessed land appeared too suddenly, Fang clan was unable to take out manpower within a short period, and could only mobilize him, who was the nearest to the blessed land.

He had not expected that the batch of soul cores he harvested in green ghost desert would be stolen by Ling Hu Xu during the chaotic battle.

"These soul cores are to be handed to Fang Yuan! I cannot lose them!" Fang Dong Xi was quite unlucky, he had a lot of resources in his immortal aperture, but what was stolen was the stuff that could not be lost.

Fang clan and Fang Yuan's cooperation could not be exposed.

Fang Dong Xi could not announce it and could only give chase.

Ling Hu Xu's cultivation had recently advanced to rank seven and his speed was extremely fast. Fang Dong Xi had already decided to chase him without resting.

But just as he was about to leave, he was obstructed by Shi Kang's killer move.

"Shi Kang, what are you trying to do?!" Fang Dong Xi shouted.

Shi Kang smiled coldly: "Fang Dong Xi, you and these people attacked me for so long, and you want to leave just like this?"

Fang Dong Xi's eyelids twitched in anger: "Shi Kang, you should rejoice that I am not going to attack you. Did you make some agreement with Ling Hu Xu in secret? The grand Shi clan is actually cooperating with a demonic bastard!"

The moment Fang Dong Xi spoke, he immediately made false charges.

But because of this disturbance, Ling Hu Xu had already disappeared.

Shi Kang laughed madly: "I have been in closed cultivation for several years, this is my first battle after coming out, it must be famous throughout the world. Don't even think of fleeing, come fight! All of you are the stepping stones for my name to spread far and wide."

The other Gu Immortals' faces darkened upon hearing that.

Fang Dong Xi said through gritted teeth: "Shi Kang, you are the one who spoke insolently and provoked us, which was why we encircled you. But because we are all from the righteous path, we did not use our full strength. Now, you have not only allied with Ling Hu Xu, you are showing so much contempt towards us, you are really looking for death! Everyone, attack!"

"Good, I also want to see what methods Shi Kang has gained over these years."

"Shi Kang, I have not seen you for several years and your guts have become so big. You think only you made progress?"

This time, Fang Dong Xi took the initiative to attack first, other Gu Immortals also attacked seriously from the sides.

Fang Dong Xi fought for a while before swapping with another Gu Immortal. Several Gu Immortals fought Shi Kang in turns!

Shi Kang did not get any breather, the pressure on him was several times higher than before.

The battle was rapidly becoming disadvantageous to him, but he was laughing with excitement: "Come, come!"

The Gu Immortals continued to battle intensely, and having observed the battle for a long while, Mo Li flew to that largest sand heap while clenching his teeth.

The Gu Immortals had flown out of this sand heap, they must have left many resources which had no importance to them.

"Fortune is found within danger!" Mo Li was originally a merchant. Right now, his spirit of taking risks was stimulated.

Mo Li entered the sand heap, he could still hear the sounds of the Gu Immortals' battle. Shortly afterwards, he found that his choice was correct.

As he moved deeper, he collected a large number of Gu materials on the way.

Previously, there were many wild beasts and vicious plants inside the sand heap. But because the Gu Immortals had already explored it, the beasts and plants were already killed off.

There were corpses of wild beasts everywhere, from thousand beast kings to even myriad beast kings.

These resources were insignificant to Gu Immortals who tossed them aside casually, but they were incomparably abundant gains to Mo Li.

It was like he had picked countless battle spoils for free.

"I have struck it rich, we've struck rich!" Mo Li was extremely excited.

He also saw many giant craters as well as terrifying poisonous blood.

It was obvious that the desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts were taken away by the Gu Immortals, but the huge ruins quietly displayed the horror of immortal fight.

"If I were exploring it, I might have become food for these ferocious beasts."

Thanks to the Gu Immortals who explored it already, Mo Li entered the core area of the sand heap.

Originally, this was the place with the most valuable resources, but Mo Li did not make any gains.

This place was already ransacked by the Gu Immortals.

"If an immortal material was left out, even if it was only a leaf, it would be an enormous fortune!" Mo Li was not resigned, he was going to search this area completely.

He really ended up discovering a large rock buried under the ground.

"This is a rank four Gu material, flying rock, it contains qi path and earth path dao marks." Mo Li sighed, this gain was far below his expectations, but it was better than nothing at least.

Mo Li was just about to lift this flying rock when the rock split apart.

A young man fell out from the split rock!

"What is this?" Mo Li was shocked before being curious.

This youngster was clearly a mortal, how could he appear here sealed in the flying rock?

Mo Li woke up this mortal young man.

The young man stated his identity: "I am Wang Xiao Er, from Central Continent. Uncle, thanks for saving me. Where is this?"

Mo Li gave a malevolent laugh as he grabbed Wang Xiao Er's clothes: "Speak, how did you appear here?"

Wang Xiao Er stammered: "I… I don't know."

Back then at Southern Border's Rotten Mud Mountain, Kong Sheng Tian's will had activated the immortal move using Hu Land and transported everyone.

But he had forewarned that the killer move would transport them to random locations.

Like that, Wang Xiao Er was sent to Western Desert and coincidentally fell here.

And for some unknown reason, he was sealed by the flying rock and fell into deep sleep.

Although Wang Xiao Er knew some reasons, he wanted to preserve the secret of the whereabouts of the four great obscenities.

Mo Li had plenty of worldly experiences, he could tell from Wang Xiao Er's expression that he was lying.


Mo Li punched Wang Xiao Er so hard that Wang Xiao Er's nose bled: "Tell the truth, tell me everything you know, otherwise I am going to make you wish for death!"

Peng Da's soul suddenly came out and stopped Mo Li: "Stop!"

Mo Li stared at Peng Da's soul with an ominous gaze: "Brat, what are you trying to do?"

Peng Da's soul said through clenched teeth: "Uncle Mo Li, you are a rank five Gu Master, and he is only a child, a mortal. Why do you need to resort to cruel means against him? The Uncle Mo Li that I met was a person who saved me in the desert, and told me about living outside and helping each other. Uncle, don't deceive your conscience because of hatred! You are not this kind of person!"

"Shut up!" Mo Li shouted and smacked Peng Da's soul to the side, "How do you know that I am not this kind of person? Even if I was not like this before… humans change!"

Mo Li walked towards the frightened Wang Xiao Er: "Since you don't want to speak, I can only soul search."

Wang Xiao Er suddenly screamed, pointing towards Peng Da's soul: "Ghost, there is a ghost, a ghost!"

Peng Da's soul: "…"

"Stop making a fuss! Do you think that I will turn you into a ghost as well?" Mo Li punched Wang Xiao Er to the ground.

He had just finished speaking when a strange existence appeared while laughing: "Good, amazing. Young man, I have a high opinion of you."

Mo Li, Wang Xiao Er, and Peng Da's soul turned solemn, the three pairs of eyes stared at this existence that had appeared all of a sudden.

Wang Xiao Er shouted: "A talking pig? But why is there only the head and no body?"

Mo Li, however, shook with excitement: "Idiot, this is Sand Heap blessed land's land spirit!"

Mo Li walked towards the land spirit: "Speak, land spirit, what is your condition for acknowledging a new master?"

The pig-head land spirit floated above Wang Xiao Er and looked down: "My condition is simple, the person who can take the most beatings will be my master."

It then laughed towards Wang Xiao Er: "Young man, I think highly of you."

Peng Da's soul realized at once: "I understand, no wonder the Gu Immortal named Shi Kang was so rampant outside, he is trying to be beaten up through all means."

The pig-head land spirit smiled: "That Gu Immortal took a beating from ancient desolate beasts for a while, so he saw me and learned of the conditions to be my master. But he doesn't realize that it is not the one who can take more fierce beatings who will become the blessed land's master. Taking a beating is a grand cause. Not only do you need the ability to resist the beatings, you also need to have a firm and indomitable spirit to take the beatings!"

"Look at this youngster, he is obviously lying but even if he is beaten and is facing someone he cannot defy, he is still stubborn. This spirit to take a beating is worthy of admiration."

"So there is this way." Mo Li's eyes shone brightly as he saw hope of contending for the ownership of the blessed land.

The battle in the sky was still continuing.

But the attacking Gu Immortals had started to feel something amiss.

"Shi Kang, is this your strength after closed cultivation? You have been beaten to the point where it is difficult for you to even speak, if not for us holding back, you would have already died!" A Gu Immortal scoffed.

Shi Kang's face was already swollen and blue from the beating, his vision was blurry but he still laughed: "Nonsnc! I few grat. Peak conditon, fight five hundr ronds, no problm."

Another Gu Immortal said: "On account of our two clans' close relationship, Shi Kang, just retreat. How much blood have you coughed from the beatings? Anymore and you might not have any left."

Shi Kang opened his mouth to retort but coughed out a mouthful of blood: "Bulsht! I haf lot o' blood, can cough coupl o' mthfuls."

Fang Dong Xi sneered: "Shi Kang, even if you are most specialized in defensive killer moves and can turn into a rockman, you cannot hold out for long. You have already become the laughing stock of Western Desert's Gu Immortal world in this battle, if we fight any longer, you will be crippled. If you are sensible, then take out some resources to compensate for our losses. My Fang clan will let bygones be bygones!"

Western Desert's righteous path had rules, they did not go overboard in their contest over the inheritances. These resources in Sand Heap blessed land were not worth it to stake their lives.

Shi Kang was beaten so miserably that it had already surpassed the usual standard of contending. Could they kill him and attract the retaliation of Shi clan, causing this dispute to escalate? This was something that all the Gu Immortals including Fang clan did not want to see.

Shi Kang raised his head and was about to speak, but the slight exertion caused his right leg to crack in a crisp sound.

Shi Kang held his right leg and pressed it on the broken area while activating a killer move, rocks filled the gap and his rockman transformation was back in one piece for the moment.

Shi Kang still did not want to show weakness, he shouted at Fang Dong Xi: "Cme, I cn stil fiht!"


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