Reverend Insanity
2129 Golden-Red Armor
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2129 Golden-Red Armor

"This luck…" Fang Yuan frowned slightly.

Over this period of development, his luck had some growth, but the suppression from the three venerables had become even more clear now.

"I am growing day by day, but the three venerables are indeed beyond ordinary, they have stabilized the situation again."

"There may be some changes if my luck manages to solidify."

Fang Yuan sighed inwardly.

At present, he needed to stabilize the sovereign immortal aperture. The troubles in the sovereign immortal aperture were continuing to increase, unlike Fang Yuan's previous expectations where he thought the abnormal changes would decrease with time.

With no choice, Fang Yuan placed many of the variant human alliance's Gu Immortals inside. With these Gu Immortals working day and night along with himself taking frequent action, they managed to stabilize the unrest in the sovereign immortal aperture for the time being.

Moreover, he still needed to create a suitable combat system.

And the most important thing was to become venerable in refinement path!

Becoming a venerable would produce qualitative change.

Refinement path was divided into two major Gu refinement styles: hairy man heaven and earth style and human isolation style. Fang Yuan's hairy man heaven and earth style had already reached the peak and he could not improve anymore, currently, he was exploring the peak of human isolation style.

He gained a huge insight from Qing Chou's style and the accumulate virtue Gu refinement technique of Paradise Earth's true inheritance.

And the Ni clansmen could condense Immortal Gu in their bodies, it was the result of Ni clan Gu Immortal Ni Ren using a human path Gu refinement technique back then. In fact, this was very similar to Red Lotus Demon Venerable's method of destroying fate Gu and preventing it from emerging again!

"If I can reverse deduce Ni Ren's Gu refinement technique from Ni clan, I will be able to fill a huge gap in refinement path. Maybe, I can even ascend to refinement path supreme grandmaster!"

The best situation was if Fang Yuan could ascend to venerable before entering Crazed Demon Cave.

That would be the most stable.

If he could not become a refinement path venerable before then, the second best would be to raise his strength to the limits.

One was to get rid of the problems in the sovereign immortal aperture and annex all the two heavens' grotto-heavens, reaching the maximum accumulation.

Second was to form his own combat system.

Crazed Demon Cave was the greatest challenge Fang Yuan would face.

Because he was not facing just one Immortal Venerable, but several!

Currently, it looked like there was only Star Constellation, Spectral Soul, Giant Sun, Paradise Earth, and Limitless. But almost all the other venerables had entered Crazed Demon Cave and explored it.

When the time arrived, who would decide to jump out would be really uncertain.

Especially when the River of Time was so chaotic, even if Fang Yuan's Spring Autumn Cicada was raised to rank eight, it could not be used.

Fang Yuan only had one chance!

Finally, Fang Yuan's gaze moved to the surface of the pillar of silver light.

The previous clouds represented heaven's envy Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan already knew of it.

But what was this indistinct projection of a protruding hill?

Fang Yuan was not sure.

Southern Border, Rotten Mud Mountain.

"Nature is really amazing. There are actually qi path Gu materials in this Rotten Mud Mountain!" Feng Tian Yu praised.

These Gu materials had no value to Ni Jian.

Because Ni Jian could only recover his strength by increasing his earth path dao marks.

What Feng Tian Yu did not know was that these mud containing qi path dao marks were not a natural creation. It was the result of Kong Sheng Tian's will activating his killer move with the help of Hu Land.

Kong Ri Tian, Central Continent's four great obscenities, and Wang Xiao Er were able to escape because of this. It was unknown where they were now.

"This is strange, this amount of qi path mud is quite a lot. Is there a qi path immortal material buried deep under the ground? How could there be so much qi path mud with no rhyme or reason?"

Feng Tian Yu moved around, feeling increasingly odd.

He was a refinement path master, and had a lot of knowledge and experience.

He searched around before finally stopping at one area and ordered Ni Jian to dig.

However, even after digging for two days and nights, Feng Tian Yu did not discover any good loot.

After Wu clan's Gu Immortals secretly took away Hu Land, they had naturally cleaned up the scene. Even Gu Immortals would not be able to find out anything from just this qi path mud.

After all, qi tides had swept the world before, and qi path Gu materials emerged everywhere.

Western Desert.

Sand Heap blessed land was exposed because of qi tides, and Gu Masters continued to enter and explore it.

However, the environment here was extremely treacherous.

Wind raged and carried rough sand that cut like knives.

On the ground, sand waves rose and fell. If one was even a little careless, they would be buried under sand waves tens of feet high.

The only areas where one could stay in were the sand heaps that appeared inside the sand waves.

The sand heaps were of all sizes, even the smallest ones were the size of a hill.

There was space inside the sand heaps, not only was it tranquil, there were also a large number of cultivation resources.

At this time, inside a sand heap, a group of Gu Masters were surrounding a rank five Gu material. The atmosphere was solemn.

"I saw this wisdom bead grass first."

"Bullshit! We were clearly the ones who discovered it first."

"Everyone deserves a share, what is the use in talking about who discovered it first?"

While the Gu Masters were arguing, someone suddenly attacked.

The others were caught unprepared, and the person who got sneak attacked was heavily injured, shouting furiously: "Mo Li, you have such guts, you dared to attack me!"

Other Gu Masters immediately split up and stared at the attacker while also being vigilant of one another.

This Gu Master was a middle aged bearded man, he was wearing a white scarf on his head, and his triangular eyes let out a sinister light.

He sneered: "I was most wary of you. Now that you are heavily injured, my greatest obstacle is gone. Hahaha, all of you, die!"

The Gu Masters were stunned before erupting with fury.

"Mo Li, you have lost your mind!"

"Alright, let me see what ability you have to speak such words."

"Hehe, you have angered all of us. Everyone, attack together, let's get rid of this bastard first!"

Facing the group attack, Mo Li felt even more thirst to battle.

"Come, I will let you know my true strength." His whole body began shining with blue electricity.

He slowly rose to the air.

The chaotic and disorderly electric arcs became clear electric threads that covered Mo Li like they were clothes.

The killer move was activated successfully, Mo Li shouted: "Golden-red armor!"

Crack crack.

Pieces of armor floated out from his body, the hundred or so pieces followed the electric circuit and pieced together into one complete armor.

In an instant, Mo Li was dressed in full-body armor.

This armor let out metallic light, the golden and red lights emitted a domineering aura.

The armored Mo Li charged at the Gu Masters like an eagle.

At first, the Gu Masters attacked wildly, but the golden-red armor did not suffer any damage, there was only some soot left on its surface.

The Gu Masters were pale with shock as they began to evade and defend.

The armored Mo Li only charged around like a brute and many Gu Masters immediately died from the collision.

The remaining Gu Masters lost their will to fight and began to run everywhere.

Mo Li laughed coldly inside the armor, he then activated the armor's killer move.

At the next moment, the golden-red armor stretched out both hands, a circular marking shone on both his palms before several electric arrows flew out abruptly.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The electric arrows flew with extreme speed, killing all the fleeing Gu Masters.

The battlefield became quiet immediately.

Mo Li slowly landed on the ground, the golden-red armor separated into pieces and disappeared. After that, the electricity weaved clothing also dissipated slowly.

Mo Li half-knelt on the ground, his breathing was rough and his face was sweating profusely.

"Although this golden-red armor has absolute might, the expenditure is too high. In just tens of breaths of time, my primeval essence, stamina, mental energy, and thoughts have been emptied. If not for your complete support, I would have only lasted half the time." Mo Li mumbled.

Peng Da's soul floated out: "Don't we have wisdom bead grass now? We can refine electric brain[1] Gu with it, with its addition, the consumption of golden-red armor will reduce by more than half and the time it can be maintained will increase by at least double!"

"Yes." Mo Li smiled and picked up the wisdom bead grass.

After Mo Li killed Peng Da and seized his Thieving Heaven true inheritance, he had been cultivating painstakingly. The killer move golden-red armor was his greatest achievement.

With this killer move, Mo Li's battle strength was able to surpass rank five Gu Masters for a short period of time.

And the reason Peng Da was cooperating with Mo Li was because Mo Li had encountered a life and death crisis before this, if Mo Li died, Peng Da's soul would also disappear. Mo Li promised Peng Da that as long as he helped, Mo Li would help resurrect Peng Da.

Peng Da and Mo Li reached an agreement.

"Let's go, we have ransacked this place already." Mo Li came out of the sand heap and arrived outside.

The strong wind almost blew him into the sand waves.

Mo Li activated his defensive method to endure the devastating sandstorm as he observed the surroundings.

He could not see other sand heaps and could only sand waves crashing down loudly.

Mo Li endured for about seven minutes before he finally saw a new sand heap.

"Such a large sand heap! This is the largest sand heap I have seen! There must be a lot of resources inside." Mo Li was exulted and was just about to jump into it.

Suddenly, the sand heap exploded.

Several figures flew out of it.

"Gu Immortals!" Mo Li's heart shook, he immediately retreated.

The Gu Immortals were fighting in the air, their fight seemed to shake heaven and earth, and even dispelled the large sandstorm.

"This is the power of a Gu Immortal, so frightening. Even if I have golden-red armor, I cannot endure the collateral damage of their confrontation." Mo Li watched secretly, his heart jumped wildly and his mouth was dry.

Mo Li observed carefully and gradually saw the actual battle situation — several Gu Immortals were attacking one person.

This besieged Gu Immortal provoked them while laughing wildly without any worries.

Amidst the chaotic battle, a shadow suddenly intruded.

This intruding Gu Immortal left shortly afterwards, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The Gu Immortal, who was sneak attacked by this figure, roared: "Ling Hu Xu, you dare to steal my Fang clan's possessions!"

Ling Hu Xu laughed loudly: "Who asked you to be the nearest person to me? I didn't expect you to actually carry so many soul cores. Looks like Fang clan's plans in green ghost desert were quite successful."

The Fang clan Gu Immortal was restless and furious: "Ling Hu Xu, I will advise you to leave those soul cores alone! You are provoking a huge trouble."

"Haha, will I be intimidated so easily? Goodbye!"

[1] This has the same characters as computer.


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