Reverend Insanity
2127 Sovereign“s Commotion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2127 Sovereign“s Commotion

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Western Desert.

An enormous pitch-black city occupied the desert.

This was a large city with rigid structure. The entire city was a hexagon and its walls had gone through the weathering of time. The city walls were more than two hundred li long, they were a hundred feet tall and tens of feet thick.

If a person stood on the grassland, they would see what looked like a huge black beast sprawling. If they got closer, they would need to raise their heads to look up at the huge city gate and walls.

Every edge of the city had defensive towers that were filled with countless holes that could shoot out arrows.

Every few li apart, there would be a wide path for horse carriages to move on.

There were even very secretive armories within the city walls.

Passing the city walls, one would arrive at the vibrant world within.

The city had many streets and shops, there were great numbers of houses and palaces. People and carriages were bustling, there was an endless flow of activity. Loud noises could be heard constantly, this was truly a lively city.

This was Inkman City!

It was created by the legendary inkman Immortal Yi Yan, and was a smaller version of Emperor City. Later, it was captured by Fang Yuan and moved to Mini Western Desert.

At this time, two inkman Gu Immortals, Mo Tan Sang and Mo Qi Yi, were floating in the air and looking at the surroundings with grave expressions.

"These toxic vines and windmill trees have spread over ten li in just three days, they are only around twenty li from Inkman City." Mo Tan Sang said.

Mo Qi Yi frowned: "We have already cleared them up over ten times, but every time we exterminate them, they grow back rapidly. Are we going to have to relocate again?"

Right now, the surroundings of Inkman City were covered in vegetation.

These vegetation were formed from purple-black toxic vines and huge azure-gold windmill trees. It was like a terrifying tsunami of plants engulfing everything in its path.

Mo Qi Yi sighed: "These vegetation have already started producing desolate plants, it is even more difficult for us to clear them up now. If we are not able to get rid of the source, even if we clear them up for thousands of times, we won't be able to solve the root issue. I thought we had moved to a good place, but I did not expect the environment here to be dozens and even a hundred times worse than Northern Plains!"

Mo Tan Sang patted Mo Qi Yi's shoulder: "Master has already sent people to help us, it is better if you speak less of such complaints."

Mo Qi Yi immediately kept quiet.

His master was the number one demon in the present world, a ruthless and vicious existence.

"Look, our reinforcements have arrived!" Mo Tan Sang suddenly pointed towards the faraway horizon with joy.

Mo Qi Yi looked towards the direction and saw four Gu Immortals flying over.

There were two snowman Gu Immortals, one hairy man Gu Immortal, and one mushroomman Gu Immortal. Among them, one snowman female immortal was tall and vibrant, she had blue eyes and hair, and looked pure and noble, she was Xue Er.

Mo Tan Sang and Mo Qi Yi quickly went forward to greet them.

Xue Er's identity was special.

Back then, because of what happened with Fang Yuan and her, on the surface, Xue Er's identity was Fang Yuan's fiancée!

Naturally, Fang Yuan had never acknowledged it, but he had not denied it either.

The snowman tribe, especially the snowman Gu Immortal behind Xue Er, Bing Yuan, was always trumpeting about this relationship, which led to every Gu Immortal in the sovereign immortal aperture knowing of it.

"I did not expect Lady Xue Er to come personally."

"With your help, my Inkman City's crisis can be considered to be resolved!"

Mo Tan Sang and Mo Qi Yi flattered.

Xue Er: "Inkmen and snowmen might be of different races, but both sides have already cooperated back when we were in Northern Plains. I came this time to help you two as well as to request for you to come back to help my snowman tribe once this matter is resolved."

The snowman tribe was living in Mini Northern Plains and had also encountered trouble.

The two inkman immortals quickly expressed they would give full support.

Bing Yuan: "We have already investigated the situation on our way. I and Xue Er will activate ice and snow killer moves, to freeze and slow down the growth of the vegetation to buy time for you."

The hairy man Gu Immortal: "I brought a large number of hairy man Gu Masters with me, we will modify Inkman City into one entity, forming a large Gu House. It will be extremely convenient for you to relocate in the future."

The mushroomman Gu Immortal: "I can solve the issue of the toxic vines, these toxic vines are a disaster to you, but they are superior cultivation resources for my mushroomman tribe. Moreover, I have already found the source of the toxic vines. By fighting poison with poison, I can make use of the toxic vines to fix this area of vegetation and stabilize it for some time."

The two inkman Gu Immortals showed both joy and new worries.

Mo Tan Sang asked the hairy man Gu Immortal: "Back in Northern Plains, Inkman City had a population of over eight hundred thousand, it has already crossed one million and two hundred thousand now. Modifying Inkman City will probably have some effect on the residents. Master had instructed me to preserve the lives of the residents and help them progress with all my strength…"

The hairy man Gu Immortal raised his hand and interrupted Mo Tan Sang: "You don't need to be too worried. Our Lang Ya Sect has already received master's command to modify all the cities in the sovereign immortal aperture. Every city has a specific blueprint, most of them will become mortal Gu Houses, while several large cities will be raised to become Immortal Gu Houses! I need to congratulate you two, Inkman City is one of the cities chosen to become an Immortal Gu House!"

Mo Tan Sang and Mo Qi Yi looked at each other, seeing the excitement on each other's faces.

Mo Tan Sang was speechless and could not help asking: "Isn't this too big of an investment? Master is actually so resolute! I naturally hope for such things to happen more often, but if this delays master's cultivation and uses up a lot of master's Immortal Gu, then wouldn't it be our fault?"

The hairy man Gu Immortal laughed loudly: "You are underestimating master! How can you estimate master's might and plans? Master's refinement path attainment has already surpassed the predecessors, reaching a level that you and I are unable to speculate. This evaluation was not made by me, Lang Ya land spirit personally said it."

"Currently, it is extremely easy for master to refine Immortal Gu. You have not seen those blueprints, they are all different and ingenious. Just choose one of them, it will take those ordinary Gu Immortals several years or even a dozen years to design them. But master casually drew them within a few minutes."

"Master's attainment and wealth rivals the scale of mountains and seas. This investment you see is just an insignificant amount to master."

This hairy man Gu Immortal's face was filled with fanatical reverence when he talked of Fang Yuan.

"I was wrong, I should be punished!" Mo Tan Sang quickly apologized.

That mushroomman Gu Immortal added: "Although us mushroommen have moved to this world just recently, we were immediately certain of the boundless potential of this world. To create the sovereign immortal aperture, Shadow Sect used up all of their accumulations. The important thing is it is able to show infinite grandeur in the hands of a divine hero like master."

"Every time master annexes a grotto-heaven or blessed land, there will be a huge surge of dao marks in the sovereign grotto-heaven and a large number of territories will be added out of nowhere. Just take these toxic vines, this species has never appeared in the five regions, and their toxicity is extremely strong."

The mushroomman Gu Immortal addressed Fang Yuan as master, it was natural and without any hesitation.

Although they had joined only recently, they were extremely optimistic and excited about their future.

Mini Southern Border.

At the base of Fire Bird Mountain, Shi Shi Cheng, Shi Zong, and other rockman Gu Immortals were controlling an immortal Gu formation.

As the immortal Gu formation started activating, the shaking Fire Bird Mountain reluctantly calmed down.

"Success." Shi Shi Cheng let out a breath of air and relaxed his mind.

Shi Zong said: "Master annexed Fire Plain grotto-heaven as well as immortal apertures of its immortals and Fire Plain Grotto Lord, causing a huge increase in fire path dao marks in the sovereign immortal aperture. This Fire Bird Mountain is a volcano and almost erupted because of this, fortunately, we discovered it in time and set up an immortal formation to suppress it. But from now on, someone needs to stay and preside over the immortal formation."

Shi Shi Cheng nodded: "We need to do that, but the number of Gu Immortals we can mobilize are already few, and now we are going to have one fewer."

Shi Zong heaved a sigh: "Yes. We are already hard-pressed to control these territories, it can be imagined how troublesome it is for master to look after the whole sovereign immortal aperture."

Shi Shi Cheng: "Didn't master take in many members of the variant human alliance and station them everywhere in the sovereign immortal aperture to salvage the situation? There is no choice, master annexed too frequently in this period of time. There is a huge increase in dao marks, and countless resources of every path."

Shi Zong shook his head: "What kind of person is master? He should have already known of these demerits beforehand. We don't need to be concerned for master, it is better if we look after our territories properly. Like this Fire Bird Mountain, it is not feasible to suppress it with just the immortal formation. We must modify this Fire Bird Mountain and make it adapt to the changed environment."

Shi Shi Cheng agreed: "Yes, the resources in the past all developed naturally bit by bit over a long period of time. But here, there are huge increases in dao marks, even this volcano was at the point of erupting. We must modify and quicken the volcano's adaptation process artificially. It is just that fire path is not the specialty of us rockmen, we need to send a request to Star Collection City."

Mini Blue Heaven, Star Collection City.

This was managed by the previous generation's Combat Beast King.

In the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan, this rank eight Gu Immortal had made a great contribution by resisting the tribulation formed from three thousand heaven path dao marks.

After that, Fang Yuan personally healed him.

Fang Yuan had annexed too many apertures, causing instability in the sovereign immortal aperture. Fang Yuan then arranged Star Collection City as the main city and ordered the Combat Beast King to oversee the overall internal affairs of the sovereign immortal aperture.

"The issue of Inkman City at Mini Western Desert has been resolved."

"Mini Southern Border's Fire Bird Mountain was suppressed by using the formation. But they want fire path Gu Immortals to go modify the volcano? This needs to be coordinated."

At this time, an information path Gu worm flew over while making loud sounds.

Combat Beast King's expression changed: "Where did the rank eight disaster appear again?"

He quickly inspected the Gu worm and found that the source of the disaster was a huge fire rain formed in Mini Red Heaven.

Fire rain often appeared in Mini Red Heaven, and after the increase in fire path dao marks, its emergence had become much more frequent.

But this wave of fire rain was different, it kept on growing and shot through a charcoal lake, forming rank six level killer move meteor rain.

As the meteor rain entered mini orange heaven, its strength increased to rank seven level.

As it entered Mini Yellow Heaven, it resonated with metal path dao marks and its might increased to rank eight.

"Damn it! Only I can deal with this disaster. But it is already too late to go and resolve it now!" Combat Beast King's face was slightly pale.

He came from Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, the Gu Immortals there felt that it was their responsibility and glory to protect mortals.

Combat Beast King's heart was in deep pain: "I cannot salvage this. This disaster covers a thousand li. Dozens of resource points as well as the human Ni clan and rockman metal water branch tribe will be annihilated."


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