Reverend Insanity
2126 Ni Clan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2126 Ni Clan

In Shang Liang Mountain's first inner city, Shang Xin Ci was handling the clan affairs.

"Second inner city's reparations are finished, the fake Gu incident has also been settled." Shang Xin Ci inspected an information path mortal Gu in her hand with a slight smile on her face.

She then used her primeval essence to add new content into this information path Gu worm.

She made a decision that all the items in Shang clan's managed stores would be sold at a discount with the reason being 'the losses to the Gu Masters because of the fake Gu incident'.

"Like this, we can greatly increase Shang clan's reputation as well as earn primeval stones and make up for the losses caused by the double compensation."

Shang Xin Ci's delicate fingers loosened, and this information path mortal Gu let out a light as it flew out of the study room.

Shang Xin Ci picked up another information path mortal Gu on the desk.

The mortal Gu's information came from Shang Chi Wen.

Ever since Shang Bu Li resigned, Shang Xin Ci handed the task of managing Shang Liang Mountain's market to Shang Chi Wen.

The information in the mortal Gu said that there were a group of merchants who were hoarding goods to push up the prices. Shang Chi Wen's suggestion was to kill them all.

"Sigh, for their own self-interests, these people have harmed countless ordinary people!" Shang Xin Ci sighed in her head, she pondered and wrote a new message in the information path mortal Gu: Only kill the main culprit, let go of the others.

After this information path Gu worm also flew out, she looked at the third information path Gu worm that contained a request for help.

In the periphery of Shang clan's territory, a village encountered a beast tide and was in danger of being exterminated.

This village was a Shang clan vassal, but they only had several rank three Gu Masters and had little to no presence.

"Saving people is like quelling a fire, such distress calls should have been delivered urgently, why did it come through the regular affairs channel?" Shang Xin Ci frowned.

She understood the reason.

Her subordinates knew that, with her nature, she would definitely spare no effort to rescue them.

But the current situation was the opening stage of the great era, all kinds of inheritances were being fought over. Both mortals and immortals of Shang clan were extremely busy. Taking out some of their manpower to do this arduous and fruitless rescue task was a huge loss of human resources, as well as a loss of future profits.

"Considering the time, it might be too late already. Sigh, the hearts of the people…" Oftentimes, Shang Xin Ci felt her own insignificance. Like now, she could only sense her subordinates' thoughts but was unable to change them.

The longer she held this Shang clan leader position, the more she felt her powerlessness. Compared to Shang clan or even the entire world, she was really nothing important.

"Maybe this is the reason why almost all Gu cultivators stake their lives on chasing strength."

Shang Xin Ci pondered for a while, but still decided to assign a group of Gu Masters to commence on the rescue.

Even though it was very likely for that village to have already been destroyed by the beast tide by the time the rescue team set off.

The fourth information path mortal Gu mentioned good news.

A new qi path resource point was discovered in the surroundings of Shang Liang Mountain, and required Shang Liang Mountain to station some force there or support the nearby village.

Shang Xin Ci let go of the information path mortal Gu one by one, occasionally, Gu worms would fly into the study room.

Unknowingly, night passed and dawn arrived.

A dazzling information path mortal Gu flew in front of Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Xin Ci's mind jolted: "A task from the higher-ups."

Shang Xin Ci quickly took the Gu and looked into it. This information path mortal Gu's content was indeed about a huge matter.

The matter concerned the contest for Fur blessed land.

This Fur blessed land was located at the central region of Southern Border and contained Fur true inheritance, it was exposed because of the qi tide. Because of its remote location, it did not belong to any one of Southern Border's super forces, so it was fought over by all the super clans.

Righteous path Gu Immortals discussed and decided to send out Gu Masters to determine the winner, Gu Immortals were not to interfere.

The information path mortal Gu also had some secret information regarding the owner of the blessed land, Fur Immortal.

This immortal was a dual cultivator in wood path and transformation path. But she did not have an excellent method and was only carelessly dual cultivating. It led to conflict between wood path and transformation path dao marks, her battle strength was low her whole life and she was the target of bullying in the Gu Immortal world.

"None of the super forces have an interest in such a true inheritance, except, the blessed land's location holds true value!"

"It is not within our borders, in the event that our Shang clan wins in this contest and obtains this blessed land, it is only an exclave which will be difficult to manage."

"But, this territory can be transacted. I believe those super forces near the blessed land will definitely be willing to purchase it."

The curtain to the great era was pulled upon, there would definitely be huge commotion and unrest in the future.

At that time, this kind of blessed land would be a bridgehead for the super forces to expand their territories, or be an important front-line defense area, its value was high.

After all, these Southern Border super forces might not have any methods to relocate immortal apertures.

Shang Xin Ci evaluated inwardly.

Benefiting from the change in eras, she was exposed to even more information on Gu Immortals than Shang Yan Fei when he had been a clan leader.

Thus, even though Shang Xin Ci was only a rank five Gu Master, she had a deep understanding of the Gu Immortal world's situation.

"This is the most important priority for Shang clan, time is pressing, it must be dealt with immediately!" Shang Xin Ci felt troubled.

Despite having recruited Shang Qiu Niu, Shang Chi Wen and the rest, at the crucial moment, she had too few subordinates.

"Feng Tian Yu is not only a refinement path master but has rank five cultivation as well. I can let him take on the role of the head this time." Shang Xin Ci summoned Feng Tian Yu as she thought this.

Soon, Feng Tian Yu received the message and went up to the study room.

"Enter." Shang Xin Ci willed and the study room's door opened slowly.

Her study room was a mortal Gu House.

Feng Tian Yu had an excited expression: "Clan leader, I have good news to tell you!"

"Oh, what news?" Shang Xin Ci asked with a smile.

Feng Tian Yu: "I have been researching that strange mudman over these days, and I have discovered a shocking secret!"

"This mudman might be crazy and disorientated in thoughts, but he responds properly as long as we ask one question at a time."

"I asked him question after question like this and learned of his origin."

"His name is Ni Jian, he had been a young clan leader of a village. One day, a demonic path expert appeared and slaughtered everyone in the village, including him."

"But after he died, he was revived by a qi path Gu Immortal. This qi path Gu Immortal inquired about the culprit and after getting the answer, he was disregarded and left alone."

"This mudman Ni Jian was extremely strong, having near immortal level strength, but after such a long time, he has weakened to this state."

"I did not expect this mudman to have such an amazing history!" Shang Xin Ci sighed,"But how did such an ordinary village get connected to a Gu Immortal?"

Feng Tian Yu said with even more excitement: "This is the point that I pursued, I found that Ni clan's people have a huge secret! Once in a while, a Gu Master in Ni clan will awaken their bloodline. If they survive, an Immortal Gu will grow inside their body!"

"Immortal Gu?" Shang Xin Ci's brows rose subconsciously.

"This Immortal Gu was the reason for the Gu Immortal's attention." Feng Tian Yu's eyes shone, "This is too strange. A mortal Gu Master's body can actually give birth to an Immortal Gu! More importantly, the slaughtered Ni clan village was only a separated branch. There are many other clan branches that are blood-related to him in several areas of Southern Border."

Shang Xin Ci asked: "So, you are thinking of?"

Feng Tian Yu nodded: "Right, I want to request clan leader to allow me to investigate this huge secret! If we can grasp this kind of refinement path method, we can refine Immortal Gu while only being mortals."

Shang Xin Ci pondered before saying: "Then, go ahead with it, I will send some people to help you."

"No need, no need." Feng Tian Yu shook his hand, "I am a rank five Gu Master, even if rank four Gu Masters accompany me, they will only slow me down. Moreover, if such a contribution can be made, it will definitely be huge. I need to accumulate contribution points to have hope of seeing Lord Fang Yuan in the future!"

Shang Xin Ci nodded, seeing that Feng Tian Yu's attitude was so resolute, she could only let him go.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Yellow Heaven.

A group of Gu Masters with the same surname arrived beside the gold fragment current.

An old clan leader whose hair had gone white and had rank five cultivation, stood with his back facing the gold fragment current as he called out towards the group of people.

"It has been about a dozen years since we mysteriously arrived at this place from Southern Border."

"Although I don't know what the reason is, it is definitely the doing of a Gu Immortal level existence!"

"Our Ni clan bloodline is all gathered in this place."

"Over this dozen years, our Ni clan has been developing and growing, the number of our Gu Masters has increased by ten times! However, recently, the weather of this mysterious place has become uncertain with dangers emerging constantly. Right now, in front of us, we have a life and death crisis."

"The gold fragment current is continuing to rise in water level, we must create more channels for the current! Otherwise, when the water overflows and turns into a flood, the surrounding thousand li will be completely submerged, we will lose our home and will no longer be able to live here."


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