Reverend Insanity
2124 Admiring Fang Yuan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2124 Admiring Fang Yuan

Seeing the old man's appearance, Shang Xin Ci thought of many things at this instant.

The mysterious old man was so strong, Shang Xin Ci did not even detect his method to lurk within the Gu worm.

He came with unknown intentions, he could either be having kind or malicious intentions. He might even be the culprit behind this fake Gu incident, this might even be one of Shang Ya Zi's plans.

But Shang Xin Ci was more willing to believe that the mysterious old man came with kind intentions.

Shang Xin Ci said solemnly: "I sighed earlier because Shang Ya Zi and the rest chose to pull me down from the clan leader position in order to fight for that immortal opportunity. But they did not care that these schemes would bring great misery and losses to others. In fact, they completely disregarded Shang clan's reputation, they only cared about themselves."

"But I can understand their choice. Who does not want to become a Gu Immortal and transcend the mortal realm, gaining great abilities? But does becoming a Gu Immortal mean one must treat the people as insects? Isn't there another way, a kinder and less damaging way for the weak?"

The old man heard this and sighed deeply: "Shang Xin Ci, oh Shang Xin Ci, I've stayed in Shang Liang Mountain for years, I believe that you mean this from the bottom of your heart, thus, I decided to help you!"

Shang Xin Ci bowed deeply but her expression was still calm and tranquil: "May I ask for senior's name?"

The old man smiled bitterly: "I am merely a pitiful person who is at his wits' end, I do not dare to expose myself. I know you are suspicious towards me, but I come with goodwill. You are someone worthy of my help, after becoming the clan leader for so many years, you know that to trust a person, what they say is not important, only their actions speak louder than words."

Shang Xin Ci nodded: "Please teach me senior, I am willing to listen."

The old man said: "I know the person who created the fake Gu as well as his residence. His name is Feng Tian Yu, your brother Shang Ya Zi befriended him and asked him to do this by offering huge benefits."

"Feng Tian Yu?" Shang Xin Ci's gaze flickered: "I know of this person, he is in the righteous path, once the young clan leader of a village. He has incredible refinement path attainment, he is a refinement path master, having rank four cultivation level. When he was rank three, he refined a rank five Gu worm. Although the rank five Gu died after half a day, he achieved instant reputation from that. Regrettably, his clan lost in a conflict and faced extermination, he was no longer the young clan leader that had limitless prospects, becoming a lone cultivator instead."

Shang Xin Ci was the leader of Shang clan, she knew the information of Southern Border's expert Gu Masters very clearly.

The old man nodded: "Feng Tian Yu has already reached rank five, but he keeps it a secret and only shows rank four cultivation level. I have a method for you to convince him and turn him over to your side, becoming your loyal subordinate."

Shang Xin Ci was very curious.

Feng Tian Yu had rank five cultivation level now, like Shang Xin Ci, he was also a refinement path master, extremely popular in Southern Border. Such a person would receive royal treatment anywhere he went, if he wanted to rebuild his clan and create Feng clan again, he would become the clan leader, a righteous path leader in the Gu Master world.

How could such a person submit easily?

The old man did not conceal anything, he told the method to Shang Xin Ci immediately.

Shang Xin Ci's expression changed: "Senior wants me to lie to Feng Tian Yu?"

The old man smiled: "That is not lying, it is true that you are acquainted with Fang Yuan. Of course, strictly speaking, it is still a lie. But Shang Xin Ci, if one lie can save countless people, will you do it? You have no other choice now, Feng Tian Yu is the culprit behind the fake Gu after all."

The old man's smile became wider: "In this world, being a bad person is not easy, but being a good person is even tougher. Because a good person has to defeat the bad person while defending their own morals and beliefs. Oh Shang Xin Ci, I am only giving you a method, as for what you are going to do with it, that is entirely up to you."

Shang Xin Ci did not hesitate: "Thank you senior, the method is very good, I am going to give it a try."

"Very good." The old man laughed: "This is why I like you. You have benevolence but you are not blinded by it, you know how to use various methods to deal with evil. In this world, pure kindness is akin to suicide, it can even harm your friends and family. But you are not like that, you are realistic in your goals, you are a truly practical good person."

At the end, the old man added: "This Gu worm contains a Gu Immortal true inheritance, I think this is the cultivation path most suited for you. Take a look, whether you cultivate it or not is entirely up to you."

Saying so, the old man's image vanished.

At the same time, a Gu worm flew up from the table, floating in the air, away from the pile.

Shang Xin Ci held it and inspected the details.

A moment later, joy flashed on her face as she muttered to herself: "Good deeds Gu?"

Shang Liang Mountain had an outer city as well as the inner city. The inner city was split into first, second, third, fourth, and fifth inner city.

The first inner city was called the central inner city, the political heart of Shang clan, and also their military base. Shang Xin Ci stayed here.

The second inner city was also known as the clan city, only Shang clansmen could stay here. Tokens were needed to enter.

Feng Tian Yu stayed in the third inner city.

The entire third inner city was extremely expensive and valuable, it used star stones everywhere. Not only buildings, but even the walking paths were made of star stones. At one glance, starlight could be seen in one's entire vision.

The streets had few people, quiet and serene, like a star palace.

There was no inn, there were only gardens.

Small gardens were rented at thirty primeval stones per day, while large gardens were a hundred primeval stones!

Feng Tian Yu was staying in a large garden.

He drank high quality tea and sat in a half inclined chair, his door was open as a breeze blew into the garden, he looked at the beautiful view of the bamboo forest.

"Brother Feng, you are truly enjoying yourself." Shang Xin Ci's voice resounded all of a sudden.

Feng Tian Yu shook intensely, he was so shocked he almost fell from his chair.

But at the next moment, he reacted and the Gu worms in his aperture got ready to strike. He turned around and looked at Shang Xin Ci, calming himself forcefully: "So Shang clan's leader has visited me, I am truly honored beyond words. Clan leader, your method is really amazing, I set up three Gu formations here after all, you actually managed to enter so stealthily, is there anywhere in the world that can keep you out?"

Feng Tian Yu mocked Shang Xin Ci's action of being like a thief, but she was not upset, she retorted: "How can my methods compare to you, Brother Feng? You caused a huge commotion in the market, the fake Gu flooded the market and resulted in conflict, as the clan leader, I almost lost all my reputation."

Feng Tian Yu was shook internally, he did not expect Shang Xin Ci to find him so quickly.

"How can this be? I am sure that my fake Gu have no clues leading to me, is there a problem over on Shang Ya Zi's end?"

Feng Tian Yu thought while sitting up, denying it entirely: "Clan leader, don't try to scare me, the blame of selling fake Gu is not something a small fry like me can shoulder."

Shang Xin Ci chuckled as she took a few steps, arriving at the door and looking outside, speaking with her back facing Feng Tian Yu: "Brother Feng, do you still not understand? Whatever I claim as the truth, even without evidence whatsoever, is the truth."

Feng Tian Yu could not help but feel shocked: "This Shang Xin Ci has a reputation for benevolence, everyone knows that, but after seeing her today, to think that she is such a domineering person!"

He felt immense pressure.

Shang Xin Ci's sudden appearance threw Feng Tian Yu into an extremely passive spot.

He was originally lying on the chair, he had a poor posture, he had to try to modify his posture while exchanging words with Shang Xin Ci, sitting upright gradually.

But Shang Xin Ci seemingly did not notice, she went past him and walked to the door, facing the outside with her back facing Feng Tian Yu, not concerned with his petty actions, she even gave him a chance to sneak attack her.

But Feng Tian Yu did not dare to move at all!

The more confident Shang Xin Ci was, the more wary and nervous Feng Tian Yu felt. Even though they had the same cultivation level, he had already unconsciously placed himself at the lower position.

Shang Xin Ci turned around, smiling: "Brother Feng, come work for me."

"What?" Feng Tian Yu stared with wide eyes, he was stunned, but soon, he laughed: "Shang clan leader, do you know the price that Shang Ya Zi paid to hire my service?"

Shang Xin Ci chuckled: "No matter what price he offered, you will definitely not be able to reject my offer."

Feng Tian Yu let out a breath of air, his eyes shined with brilliance as he stood up.

The moment Shang Xin Ci tried to recruit him, he understood that she was not able to resolve the fake Gu incident, otherwise, she could create a commotion and lead Shang clan's troops to kill him.

"So she still needs my help." Feng Tian Yu gained the psychological upper hand again.

He assessed Shang Xin Ci while smiling: "Then I will listen, I am sure that the great Shang clan leader will give me an offer befitting your status."

Shang Xin Ci raised her right index finger: "Firstly, your life."

Feng Tian Yu's expression changed, his voice turned more grave as he spoke coldly: "Clan leader, do you think I am helpless against you?"

Shang Xin Ci smiled confidently: "Don't worry, Brother Feng, you have rank five cultivation level, no need to be nervous."

Feng Tian Yu was internally shaken, she knew his actual cultivation level, she came prepared, this situation was perilous!

Shang Xin Ci added: "Other than that, if you perform well, you might be able to receive Lord Fang Yuan's audience."

"What?!" Feng Tian Yu's expression changed again.

Shang Xin Ci spoke without stopping: "Don't be so shocked, Brother Feng. I know far more things than you can ever imagine."

"I'll tell you the truth, I'm sure you know about my relationship with Lord Fang Yuan. I was able to discern your identity because I got help from Lord Fang Yuan's hairy man Gu Immortal subordinates."

"I handed up a fake Gu and that hairy man Gu Immortal actually praised it. He said that you are a genius, if you are able to progress further, you might gain Lord Fang Yuan's recognition and become his subordinate.

"Seriously? Is this true?" Feng Tian Yu was extremely excited, his face was flushed red.

Shang Xin Ci smiled: "Why would I lie to you? Since I can find you, I can easily take you down, what's the point of wasting my breath here?"

"I am sure you know my situation. The reason I became clan leader was because of Lord Fang Yuan. To tell you the truth, Shang clan has already cooperated with Lord Fang Yuan in secret."

Feng Tian Yu chuckled: "Shang clan? Lord Fang Yuan is the number one demon in the world! If Lord Fang Yuan wants to take something from Shang clan, will you dare to say no?"

"But I admire Lord Fang Yuan's refinement path talent the most!"

"Back then on Three Kings Mountain, I was blessed to have watched the scene of Lord Fang Yuan refining Fixed Immortal Travel personally. That was truly the greatest fortune of my life."

"I had once used rank three cultivation level to refine a rank five Gu worm that lived for half a day. But Lord Fang Yuan actually refined an Immortal Gu as a mortal! And he did it in that dangerous situation."

"His talent, his aptitude, his strength, and his wisdom is number one in the world! Since then, I believed wholeheartedly that Lord Fang Yuan would become renowned in the entire five regions and two heavens!"

"As expected!"

"Lord Fang Yuan defeated Heavenly Court in front of everyone in the world, he destroyed fate Gu!"

"And the greatest thing was that he used a refinement path method to destroy fate Gu. From then on, fate Gu can no longer exist in this world."

"From then on, all of us broke free of the restraints of fate!"

"He is a warrior, a hero, a savior. He has made the greatest contribution for the whole of humanity in history!"

"But no one understands him, they think he is in the demonic path, they are just too shallow, they are too ignorant! Lord Fang Yuan is an unprecedented existence, he is a great hero that only appears once in a billion years!"

"But I understand those so-called righteous path people. They are petty figures who feel fear, these weaklings and cowards are shamelessly trying to slander Lord Fang Yuan after realizing they can no longer harm him! They are obstructing the rise of humanity, they are sinners that obstruct the development of the world!!"

"Lord Fang Yuan is too outstanding, he is too amazing, he is too noble!"

"If I can follow him, if I can follow in the footsteps of such a noble figure, I… I do not know what else I can say."

"Huff, huff!"

"Amazing, this is too unbelievable."

"Today is simply the happiest day of my life!"

"Unbelievable, Lord Fang Yuan is actually taking me in as his subordinate. This is unbelievable, oh heaven!"

Feng Tian Yu got more and more excited as he spoke, his entire body was shuddering, he was almost about to burst out into spontaneous spasm.

His eyes shined with such a bright light as they turned red and tears gathered in his eyes, even Shang Xin Ci was feeling a chill as she looked at him.

That mysterious old man was not wrong at all.

Feng Tian Yu was a most fanatical admirer of Fang Yuan.

In fact, Fang Yuan's rise, his stories, the scene where he destroyed fate, all of them were widely spread.

Most demonic cultivators saw Fang Yuan as their idol, they looked at him as their goal and inspiration.

Even in the righteous path, there were many who admired him secretly, looking up to his courage in challenging the experts of Heavenly Court, he had incredible wits and was able to scheme despite danger.

Feng Tian Yu was not special, he was just one of them.

But because he had once interacted with Fang Yuan, and because of their similarities in refinement path, he who had once been a blessed young master experienced his entire family being slaughtered, the terrible ordeal in his life made his personality even more twisted and extreme.

Thus, because of his life experiences, he treated the strongest refinement path expert in the current world, the grand and legendary figure who he cannot surpass in this life, Fang Yuan, as his target for fanatical idolism.

Even though Shang Xin Ci did not produce any solid evidence, as long as there was hope, as long as there was a chance for him to get close to his idol, the divine existence in his heart, it was enough for him to feel extreme excitement, he could not control himself.


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