Reverend Insanity
2121 Heaven“s Envy Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2121 Heaven“s Envy Immortal Gu

From Du Zhi Xiao's corpse, an Immortal Gu floated up and appeared on his chest.

This Immortal Gu seemed like it was made of crystals, it looked like a flea and was as large as a fist, curling up into a ball and staying completely silent.

"This Immortal Gu allowed a mortal like Du Zhi Xiao to exert influence on the tribulation?" Li Xiao Bai cleaned the battlefield of loot, he naturally found this Immortal Gu.

To activate Immortal Gu, immortal essence was normally needed. But there were exceptions that did not face such a limitation.

"It seems that this peculiar Immortal Gu can be activated by a mortal." Su Qi Han said.

"This Immortal Gu is very uncommon, let me check." Imperial Minister Su looked at this Immortal Gu with a peculiar expression and used his information path methods.

Profound Literature grotto-heaven was an information path grotto-heaven, it focused on collecting and accumulating information. Even though Profound Literature grotto-heaven was physically secluded, it had not dared to isolate itself from the world, it still maintained contact with the outside world.

And Imperial Minister Su was an important person of the Imperial Court, with his authority, he could gain access to much of the Imperial Court's secret information.

Soon, he got the answer: "This is heaven's envy Immortal Gu!"

"Heaven's envy Immortal Gu?" This was the first time that Su Qi Han had heard of this.

Imperial Minister Su explained: "Heaven's envy Immortal Gu is a heaven path Immortal Gu, there are other similar Gu like heaven's rage Immortal Gu, heaven's sorrow Immortal Gu, and others. This type of heaven path Immortal Gu cannot be activated even by a rank nine venerable."

"Father, you must be wrong? We saw Du Zhi Xiao activate this Immortal Gu with our own eyes to create trouble for husband." Su Qi Han retorted.

Imperial Minister Su shook his head: "I'm not done yet. Immortal Gu like Heaven's Envy is quite special, it can resonate with emotions of envy and jealousy to activate itself. But the price to use it is huge, often requiring lifespan. Thus, Du Zhi Xiao turned from a young man to a middle aged man, before becoming an old man."

Su Qi Han was dazed, she could not help but think of \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, saying: "I remember that in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, there are similar records. Don't tell me strength Gu and wisdom Gu are also heaven path Gu worms?"

Imperial Minister Su smiled faintly: "I am not sure about that either, even though \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e states that, heaven path Gu worms cannot be used by any Gu cultivator, the most famous example is fate Gu. You've both seen the fight during the fate war yourselves."

Su Qi Han pouted unhappily, thinking: "I thought that this Immortal Gu would be useful to Xiao Bai, but to think that it is a heaven path Immortal Gu. This Immortal Gu requires envy and jealousy to activate on its own, but my husband is someone with great personality, a noble and special individual in this world, how can he have such emotions? And the price of using it is too high as well, the lifespan needed is too much!"

Imperial Minister Su saw his daughter's disappointment, he smiled and said: "Xiao Bai, this heaven's envy Immortal Gu is yours. As for how to deal with it, that is your matter. If you offer this Gu to the Imperial Court, according to the rules, you will be compensated."

Su Qi Han's eyes shined with bright light.

Li Xiao Bai pondered: "Can I exchange for an information path Immortal Gu?"

Imperial Minister Su had a difficult expression: "That…"

Su Qi Han coyly grabbed Imperial Minister Su's sleeves: "Father! Our heaven's envy Immortal Gu is rank seven, we will take the loss and just exchange for some rank six information path Immortal Gu."

Imperial Minister Su flicked his daughter's forehead as he said jokingly: "You silly lass, you're looking down on the Imperial Court. Do you think Gu Immortals are so stupid? Even if a heaven path Immortal Gu is rank eight, it has little actual value, it is far inferior to a rank six information path Immortal Gu."

For her lover's sake, Su Qi Han did not give up: "Father! You are the current Imperial Minister."

Imperial Minister Su sighed, what else could he do, this was his beloved daughter.

"I'll think of a way and find a chance for Xiao Bai." He answered.

Su Qi Han smiled brightly, pressuring: "Father, I am sure that you can succeed!"

Imperial Minister Su smiled bitterly: "Little girl, I've never seen you so confident in your father before."

Li Xiao Bai was calm all along, he thought: "Father-in-law has many political rivals and enemies, if I ask him to get an Immortal Gu exchanged from the Imperial Court, he would face many obstructions, the chance of success is low. Even if he succeeds, he will lose a lot of his political power and bargaining chips, that is not a wise act."

Thinking of this, Li Xiao Bai said: "Father-in-law, Han Er, no hurry in giving it up. I'll try to put this heaven's envy Immortal Gu up in treasure yellow heaven and see if anyone wants to buy it."

Imperial Minister Su nodded: "That is a good idea, but Xiao Bai, don't be too optimistic about it Even though heaven path Immortal Gu are rare, nobody can directly use them, this is a well known fact. Who would use their own useful Immortal Gu to exchange for an unusable heaven path Immortal Gu?"

Su Qi Han sighed: "That is true."

Li Xiao Bai nodded: "I'll just give it a try."

Imperial Minister Su advised: "Don't dwell on it, putting an Immortal Gu up on treasure yellow heaven requires a continuous fee."

Li Xiao Bai's expression suddenly changed: "Someone bought heaven's envy Immortal Gu!"

"What?" Imperial Minister Su was stunned.

Su Qi Han called out in joy: "What price did they pay?"

Li Xiao Bai said with uncontainable excitement: "I… I already made the transaction. They are offering me rank seven poem wall Immortal Gu, this is an offer I cannot reject."

Li Xiao Bai's immortal ascension did not have excess heaven and earth qi to refine his vital Gu into an Immortal Gu. A large part of the reason was due to heaven's envy Immortal Gu.

Li Xiao Bai did not have the ten extreme physiques, he only obtained a high grade blessed land.

But in this transaction, Li Xiao Bai obtained his first Immortal Gu, and it was rank seven at that.

Imperial Minister Su looked at the poem wall Immortal Gu in Li Xiao Bai's hands, he stared in disbelief: "Someone actually bought this heaven path Immortal Gu? They even offered an information path Immortal Gu of the same rank? Which fool is this?"

The 'fool' that Imperial Minister Su spoke of was none other than Gu Yue Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had always been paying attention to Li Xiao Bai's situation. Even though Du Zhi Xiao and heaven's envy Immortal Gu were out of his expectations, Fang Yuan had also not thought of interfering with Li Xiao Bai's development, but having an Immortal Gu was simply too important to Li Xiao Bai.

He had to help in this aspect.

Treasure yellow heaven was a safe place, nobody would be able to investigate the identities of the people undergoing this transaction.

With Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool, Fang Yuan had a high success rate in refining rank eight Immortal Gu, not to mention rank six or seven.

The time path clone directly refined poem wall Immortal Gu and raised it to rank seven.

He wanted to create some opportunity to hand this Immortal Gu to Li Xiao Bai, but to think that he would appear in treasure yellow heaven and sell heaven's envy Immortal Gu.

With such a great opportunity, Fang Yuan immediately grabbed onto it.

The transaction ended quickly.

Li Xiao Bai obtained rank seven poem wall Immortal Gu, even though he was only rank six and had insufficient cultivation level, this rank seven poem wall Immortal Gu was good enough to be his core Immortal Gu.

On the way back, Imperial Minister Su sighed to himself internally: This Li Xiao Bai's luck was simply unrivaled!

"So this heaven's envy Immortal Gu is the thing that caused my luck resonance." Fang Yuan obtained heaven's envy Immortal Gu and found that Cooking Luck Pot was vibrating slightly.

After inspecting it, he realized the truth of the matter.

Looking at his silver light pillar again, the clouds on the surface had gathered into one, giving one a feeling of congruity. The clouds revolved around the pillar as they moved slowly, not only were they clearly defending it, they were rising up too, clashing with the clouds that were at the peak of the pillar of light.

Fang Yuan was deeply shaken: "It seems that this heaven's envy Immortal Gu is the key to dealing with those venerables?"

Fang Yuan started to use wisdom path methods for deductions, sharp light flickered in his eyes for a long time, afterwards, he started to instill immortal essence into heaven's envy Immortal Gu!

Heaven's envy Immortal Gu shook intensely, resisting him stubbornly. But it could not stop Fang Yuan's powerful invasion, it started to falter.

A moment later, heaven's envy Immortal Gu absorbed a portion of the immortal essence and spat out a lump of grey smoke.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with immense brilliance!

"I actually refined a part of heaven's envy Immortal Gu! Furthermore, I can actually activate a heaven path Immortal Gu!! Is it because of my unrestrained heavenly marks?"

Fang Yuan's unrestrained heavenly marks had already passed ten thousand in number. Every grotto-heaven that he annexed would provide the sovereign immortal aperture with a number of heaven path dao marks, which would be refined by Fang Yuan into unrestrained heavenly marks.

Earlier, he used his rank eight immortal essence to forcefully refine heaven's envy Immortal Gu, he actually succeeded partially.

Afterwards, he successfully activated heaven's envy Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan did not lose any lifespan.

Fang Yuan calmed down and inspected it carefully, he found out new information: "Even though I can activate heaven's envy Immortal Gu, I cannot fully utilize it. I have only partially refined heaven's envy Immortal Gu, I've only barely managed to gain its recognition. Thus, I cannot exert its full strength yet."

Fang Yuan's thoughts clashed rapidly: "This should be the result of having unrestrained heavenly marks, I am different from everyone else. If I continue gaining unrestrained heavenly marks, will I be able to further refine heaven's envy Immortal Gu, or even completely refine it?"


Suddenly, a flash of inspiration appeared in Fang Yuan's mind, it was like lightning that pierced the darkness, creating a huge commotion in his mind!

At this moment, Fang Yuan's lips became a bit dry: "Heaven's envy Immortal Gu is a heaven path Immortal Gu, fate Gu is too. Since I can refine heaven's envy Immortal Gu, does that mean that I can refine fate Gu and control fate as well?"

Southern Border.

Tribulations were raging, while Wu clan's Gu Immortal Wu Zhen controlled the situation.

He focused his attention on that qi cocoon.

Suddenly, a person shouted from within the cocoon, breaking out of it and creating an immortal aperture, becoming an immortal.

It was Wu Ji!

In this immortal ascension, not only did she obtain a super grade blessed land, her vital Gu even became an Immortal Gu.

Wu Zhen could feel Wu Ji's aura, he sighed: "Wu Ji, you chose strength path after all."

Wu Ji had no regret, she laughed: "This is precisely the path I seek!"

And on Shang Liang Mountain.

Shang Yan Fei gathered his children in the same hall.

He had died on Yi Tian Mountain, but because of fate Gu's destruction, he was revived by Shang clan's Gu Immortals.

Right now, he sat on the main seat with blood red light surrounding his body.

"Congratulations to father for succeeding in the immortal ascension, you have surpassed the mortal realm and become a blood path immortal!" Shang Qiu Niu was the eldest son, he was the first to speak.

After that, the rest of his children also congratulated him, including Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Yan Fei waved his hand: "Blood path has a poor reputation, keep the fact that I am now a blood path Gu Immortal as a secret. I gathered you here today because I want to distribute the family assets now, before I enter closed cultivation. The great era has arrived, I want you all to become immortals too and lead the new tides of this great era!"


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