Reverend Insanity
2120 From Today Onwards, You Are The Poet Immortal!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2120 From Today Onwards, You Are The Poet Immortal!

Seeing that the tribulation lightning was about to hit Li Xiao Bai, Su Qi Han flew into the sky.

She charged up relentlessly, wanting to sacrifice herself to block the lightning.

"Sigh, this foolish daughter." A figure suddenly appeared, stopping Su Qi Han.

Su Qi Han saw the person who came and became joyful and surprised, shouting: "Father!"

He was the current dynasty's Imperial Minister Su, a rank seven Gu Immortal of Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

"Li Xiao Bai is my son-in-law, why would I let him die on his own? Just be patient and watch, don't create trouble." Imperial Minister Su consoled Su Qi Han while sighing internally.

Truly, daughters would leave the parents to be with their husbands eventually.

Even though Imperial Minister Su appreciated Li Xiao Bai's aptitude, he was against Li Xiao Bai's actions.

Originally, Imperial Minister Su wanted Li Xiao Bai to marry into his family and to impart him Su clan's inheritance, so that Li Xiao Bai could undergo immortal ascension and become an official in the Imperial Court, he would progress smoothly and become a support pillar of Su clan.

But Li Xiao Bai continued to wander outside and gather more knowledge, he did not want to become an official, this action made Imperial Minister Su very unhappy.

Minister Su had made his attempts to recruit him in the past, but Li Xiao Bai's vision was too broad, why would he care about the small Imperial Court within Profound Literature grotto-heaven? He was Gu Yue Fang Yuan's clone, he had grand ambitions, this Profound Literature grotto-heaven could not hold him down.

"Even though this lad does not know what's good for him, he is still a Su clan member, the man that my daughter loves. Even though he is too rash in undergoing tribulation this time and does not know fear, I need to protect him!" Imperial Minister Su sighed deeply, waving his robe, a bright rainbow shot out, blocking the three pale green lightning balls.

"Damn it, damn it! Imperial Minister Su came after all!" Du Zhi Xiao watched with and shuddered in anger, he screamed internally with indignance: "Li Xiao Bai, you are simply too lucky, such a great person actually defended you. I hate it, I hate everything about you!"

Du Zhi Xiao watched as his plans were about to fail, right at this moment, a figure appeared on his left.

This figure appeared from the sky, it was clearly a Gu Immortal.

The masked Gu Immortal charged towards Imperial Minister Su.

Imperial Minister Su had to fight against him, he showed anger on his face: "Come! I have many political enemies, which one of them are you? You have such methods!"

The masked Gu Immortal spoke in a hoarse voice: "Imperial Minister Su, you understand it as well. Your son-in-law is exceptional but he is simply too dazzling. It is better if your Su clan is not so strong! Don't even think of helping him now."

"Someone is helping me?! Hahaha, great, wonderful!" Du Zhi Xiao was slightly stunned before becoming extremely happy, he started to jump around in joy.

"Father!" Su Qi Han shouted from the ground: "Help Xiao Bai."


The tribulation lightning struck again, Li Xiao Bai had to use his killer move and create a poem wall.

Du Zhi Xiao screamed wildly: "Don't even think of blocking it!"

Grey smoke appeared from his body again, raising the power of the tribulation.

The poem wall was broken by the tribulation lightning, but most of its might was blocked, only the pale green fire was left on Li Xiao Bai's body, burning him.

"Xiao Bai!" Su Qi Han was deeply shocked, she charged towards him without second thoughts.

Since she could not resolve this problem, she would rather die together with Li Xiao Bai!

But at the crucial moment, Li Xiao Bai's hand pushed out of the cocoon, he waved at Su Qi Han: "Don't be rash, in this situation, in this danger, I gained a surge of inspiration, I have a feeling, I have the urge to recite a poem."

"What?" Su Qi Han was stunned.

Imperial Minister Su and the masked Gu Immortal also froze halfway through their fight.

Imperial Minister Su could not help but turn to look, the reason was that in the current dynasty and mortal world, there were many rumors of Li Xiao Bai surviving fatal danger by creating and reciting poems spontaneously.

"Again? I want to see if you have the ability to surpass the might of heaven itself!" Du Zhi Xiao had an extremely grim and dark expression.

In the past, he had an overwhelming advantage with victory in sight. In the end, because of Li Xiao Bai's poem, he turned the situation around and won.

This experience became the great psychological trauma of Du Zhi Xiao's life!

Everyone listened attentively as Li Xiao Bai recited:

Under the pine trees I ask of a disciple,

He replies, his master had gone to gather herbs.

Somewhere in the mountain he was for certain,

Within the dense clouds, his figure is hidden.

A chain of black characters flew out of Li Xiao Bai's mouth, becoming four segments that revolved around him.

A few breaths later, the poem turned into dense smoke that moved turbulently around him.

The pale green fire on Li Xiao Bai's body got completely absorbed into the smoke.

With a soft sound, the white clouds vanished while the pale green fire was extinguished, no longer able to obstruct Li Xiao Bai.

Du Zhi Xiao was dumbfounded.

Imperial Minister Su praised immediately: "Good poem, good poem. The diction is concise and straightforward, the words used can stir deep emotions, there is profundity in its plainness. To describe complex feelings with simple words, yet the sentiments are sincere and exciting!"

Su Qi Han raised her hands to her chest and looked up at Li Xiao Bai, her eyes shining with adoration: "Xiao Bai is truly a genius! The poem is free of flashy descriptions and feels very natural, but has vivid descriptions and appropriate intensity. Green pines and white clouds. The green and lush pines contain unparalleled vitality, the vast white clouds are thick and dense, remote and elusive, it makes one think of the autumn waters and beautiful women that remain as figures within the fog. It's so beautiful, this poem and its meaning is really too beautiful!"

The masked Gu Immortal laughed: "I understand, I understand now. Li Xiao Bai, you are a true secluded genius, the white clouds in the poem show your high purity, the pines represent your upright attitude. You want to get away from the mundane mortal realm and go to the world of pines and clouds that is beyond. I was simply worrying for nothing, how can a person like you lower yourself to the Imperial Court? Forget it, forget it, I'm leaving, I'm leaving. With talent like yours, if you die, it is the loss of the entire world in terms of poetry development! I don't want to be a sinner whose rotten reputation goes down in history."

As the masked Gu Immortal said that, he turned around and left.

Imperial Minister Su, who had a complex expression, was left behind.

"He left? He let him go just like that?!" Du Zhi Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood, he stumbled backwards for a few steps, barely controlling himself and not falling over.

"This happened again, another person was convinced by Li Xiao Bai's literary talent once again. I am indignant, I am not convinced, this is the treatment that I should receive instead!"

"Ahhhh!" Du Zhi Xiao screamed madly as grey smoke appeared from his body again.

At the same time, Du Zhi Xiao's appearance turned old, he went from a young man to a middle aged man.

The grey smoke floated to the air and was discovered by Imperial Minister Su: "You are the one causing trouble? Du Zhi Xiao, the former number one scholar in the world, to think you would act so despicably!"

Du Zhi Xiao smiled bitterly: "Number one scholar in the world? I am no longer number one, I will reclaim this title personally!"

Imperial Minister Su called out: "It seems that I am forced to kill you today."

"Wishful thinking!" Another person flew over from the right of Du Zhi Xiao.

This Gu Immortal was also masked.

"Another person is helping me?" Du Zhi Xiao was overjoyed.

The masked Gu Immortal fought against Imperial Minister Su, who was helpless to intervene anymore, watching as the grey smoke flew into the tribulation cloud.

The tribulation's power rose again, three pale lightning balls shot towards Li Xiao Bai.

Imperial Minister Su was very angry: "I have many political enemies, which one of them are you?"

The masked Gu Immortal smiled coldly: "So what if you manage to guess it? Your son-in-law cannot block this tribulation cloud, he is dead meat!"

"Xiao Bai!" Su Qi Han shouted again, her voice was filled with agony, her expression was of despair.

But Li Xiao Bai waved his hand again: "In this situation, in this danger, I gained a surge of inspiration, I have a feeling, I have the urge to recite a poem again."

"What?? Again? I don't believe it, I don't believe it!" Du Zhi Xiao shook his head in madness.

Imperial Minister Su was still worried: "Stimulation from danger can allow a Gu cultivator to gain a burst of inspiration and create a work that is divine and change his situation for the better. This has happened many times in the history of the current dynasty, but such situations often use up the Gu cultivator's potential, it cannot be forced. Li Xiao Bai is in danger!"

"Xiao Bai, I believe you, quickly recite it." Su Qi Han was filled with confidence.

Li Xiao Bai coughed once, sighing internally.

He did not want to keep a high profile, but there was no helping it.

His methods could not resist the tribulation alone, he had to rely on Profound Literature grotto-heaven's killer move, assisting literary talents.

This killer move was used by Profound Literature grotto-heaven's original owner, as long as the grotto-heaven existed, it would be effective.

As long as a purebred human created or recited outstanding poems or writings of any kind, they would obtain recognition and reward from this grotto-heaven.

Earlier, because of Li Xiao Bai's poem, he was rewarded and the pale green fire was extinguished.

Thus, Li Xiao Bai recited again:

Over a thousand hills with no birds in flight,

The myriad paths had not one footprint in sight.

A straw hat man sits in a small lone boat,

Fishing alone in the cold frozen moat.

Once the poem was recited, the tribulation lightning dispersed, the effect was simply too good!

"Good poem, this is a divine poem! Fishing alone in the frozen water, it is eerily quiet and chilly cold. Comparing a thousand hills and a lone fishing boat, the absolute contrast produces absolutely breathtaking effects. In this backdrop, the intense yin produces yang instead, a reverse reaction occurs and the fishing action becomes full of vitality and vivid movement, everything becomes crystal clear, showing the poet's clean inner heart, surpassing the mortal realm and having pride that is transcendent to all. I get it now, i really understand now. Li Xiao Bai, you never wanted to be an official from the start! You have such incredible talent, I really cannot bring myself to kill you, I am leaving!" The second masked Gu Immortal sighed with deep emotions, he praised intensely before leaving.


Du Zhi Xiao coughed out another mouthful of blood, falling to the ground.

"This again, this again! I know his poems are good, really good, but that makes my heart hurt even more. I am really sick of such praises, it is disgustingly sickening, I want you to die, I want you to die!"

Du Zhi Xiao summoned the grey smoke again, turning from a middle aged man to an old man.

Li Xiao Bai was faced with a crisis again.

"Is there really a point in this?" Li Xiao Bai was really troubled: "I need to recite another poem now?"

He did not want to do that, it was too flashy and outstanding.

It would cause suspicions!

Thus, before he became renowned in the world, Li Xiao Bai controlled himself and only recited two poems. During the tribulation now, he recited another two new poems, it seemed that he was about to recite yet another 'new' poem now.

"I really can't do anything about you, fine, I'll recite it!" Li Xiao Bai looked at Du Zhi Xiao who was lying on the ground, he felt very helpless about this situation too.

Li Xiao Bai recited loudly:

The sun beyond the mountain glows,

The Yellow River seawards flows.

One can enjoy a grander sight,

By climbing to a greater height.

Li Xiao Bai's crisis was alleviated, the tribulation clouds dispersed, his three qi exploded into a new immortal aperture, he became an information path Gu Immortal!

"Oh heaven, since I was born, why did you create Li Xiao Bai?" Du Zhi Xiao shouted loudly in incomparable grief, he had a look of sadness, anger, helplessness, and hatred as he took his last breath.

"From today onwards, you are Poet Immortal Li Xiao Bai!" Imperial Minister Su flew to Li Xiao Bai with a complex expression.

He sighed: "The younger generations will surpass us in time, I had underestimated you all along. I wanted to make you an official of the Imperial Court, but your aspirations are too grand, compared to you, I am a mere commoner. It is truly laughable, from today onwards, go ahead and roam the world as you please, just don't let down my daughter."

"What?" Li Xiao Bai opened his mouth, he wanted to say that being an official was a good idea, he could have resources and a larger network. But his poem had already been recited, his 'aspirations' were shown.

Thus, Li Xiao Bai had to say: "Father-in-law, don't worry, I will protect Han Er."

Li Xiao Bai and Imperial Minister Su descended to the ground.

"My husband, you are too amazing! Your talent is vast as the sea, it cannot be estimated through logic anymore." Su Qi Han sprinted towards Li Xiao Bai.

Imperial Minister Su heard his daughter's words and felt a little uncomfortable internally, but he could not refute these words, after all, he had just witnessed the situation earlier with his own eyes.

Li Xiao Bai rubbed his nose, thinking that he had created too big of a commotion this time, he had to go along with the flow: "To speak the truth, ever since I was born, I had always felt that I was different from the rest…"


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