Reverend Insanity
2116 Fortitude Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2116 Fortitude Gu

The Predicament growled, clenching its body at the area of the injury.

The dark capital strength tiger totem created a huge hole and caused it to weaken greatly.

Its body continued to shrink like a burst balloon, until it was only half of its original size, before the hole closed up and mended itself.

After stabilizing its condition, the Predicament did not dare to attack Hei Lou Lan anymore, it screeched and ran away.

Hei Lou Lan did not chase it, she picked up the rank six Immortal Gu and continued on the road with Lu Tong Lan.

The two walked on the Upslope Road with all their effort, gaining greater and greater rewards.

A while later, they obtained two rank six Immortal Gu and one rank seven Immortal Gu.

Their encounters soon alerted the others, they started to use their full strength to walk on the Upslope Road.

Gradually, some expended all their strength and fell from the heavenly road, crashing onto the yellow land of the Moon Field Slope.

Some encountered the Predicaments but did not manage to break out, dying inside. There were some who defeated their Predicaments but lost too much strength, they had gloomy expressions.

Predicaments were a mystical type of wild beasts in essence, one's battle strength had to be greatly exceeding their endurance limit for them to lose. Only strength path methods had greater effect.

Hei Lou Lan felt more difficulty as she walked.

After defeating two more Predicaments, she found that from a total of eighty-eight people, only thirty or so were left.

"I am starting to lose my ability to continue, a lot of my strength has been depleted, while the Predicaments that show up are getting stronger. My remaining battle strength is only enough for one more Predicament." Hei Lou Lan gritted her teeth, feeling unresigned.

"Don't worry, I have a way, let's continue." Lu Tong Lan patted Hei Lou Lan's shoulder with an optimistic attitude.

After encountering another Predicament, Lu Tong Lan used her blue phoenix totem and worked with the dark capital strength tiger to defeat the Predicament.

"Be careful, don't let it escape!" This time, Lu Tong Lan shouted and acted in time, not allowing the Predicament to escape as they killed it successfully.

"Eat it." Lu Tong Lan cut the Predicament's flesh and gave Hei Lou Lan a piece.

Hei Lou Lan had read \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e before, she understood something.

Each piece of the Predicament's meat that she ate, she felt her strength returned by a portion. After she and Lu Tong Lan devoured the entire Predicament, her strength had mostly recovered.

But this way, the method was exposed.

Many Gu cultivators saw this and started to mimic them.

But a portion of the Gu cultivators were not surprised, they knew about this long ago.

"You cannot overeat the Predicament's flesh, otherwise, your heart will burn and your mind will collapse." Lu Tong Lan sighed: "Let's continue."

After several more minutes, Jiao Huo chased up to Hei Lou Lan and Lu Tong Lan.

"What do you want?" Lu Tong Lan pretended to be unhappy as she called out.

Jiao Huo snorted coldly: "Only seven of us are left, we want to cooperate, of course. We can settle the score outside, but here, we need to look at the big picture!"

Lu Tong Lan was silent.

"Tribe leader Jiao Huo is right, the Predicaments are getting stronger, we need to work together." Yellow Bell Tribe Leader also arrived, he looked at Hei Lou Lan and said: "Sacred Child, you are qualified to cooperate with us and fight together."

Next, Yellow Bell Tribe Leader looked at the others: "Since everyone could reach this far, we are all qualified to work together. What do you think?"

Among the seven that were left, one was rank six, two were rank eight, while the last four were rank seven.

Everyone looked at each other, turning silent for a moment.

"Working together will allow us to get further indeed!"

"But how do we distribute Immortal Gu and immortal materials?" The rank six Gu Immortal asked the crucial question.

If they had to compete, he would definitely lose against them.

Yellow Bell Tribe Leader pondered and spoke: "There is no need to fight over Immortal Gu and immortal materials, we can take them in turns. As for the sequence, we can discuss it. If anyone ignores the rules, they will be everyone's enemy. The Myriad Life Road only appears once every ten thousand years, whoever disobeys the rules will face the pursuit of everyone!"

"Okay." The other rank eight Gu Immortal agreed.

But regarding the sequence, everyone argued for a long time.

The one who was placed first naturally would get the lowest value of resources. The one who got the later rewards would gain greater value. But who had the confidence to last until the end?

Right now, everyone was near their limit, otherwise, they would not have cooperated. If their position was later and got eliminated before they could gain the rewards, it would be a huge loss!

Everyone thought about it for a while before deciding the sequence and continuing on.

After defeating two Predicaments, the first rank eight Immortal Gu appeared!

According to the sequence, it belonged to that rank six Gu Immortal.

Under everyone's gaze, the rank six Gu Immortal collected the Immortal Gu with trepidation.

The two rank eight Gu Immortals did not snatch it, their turn was later, this rank six Gu Immortal also had a decent status, his father was a famous rank eight expert.

With the appearance of a rank eight Immortal Gu, the group of seven became quite tense.

Moving along another segment of the Upslope Road, there were no Predicaments blocking their way, but the group found a dragon horn grass.

Dragon horn grass was an immemorial desolate plant, it was shaped like a coral, similar to a dragon horn, every segment was the length of a finger, it would grow by one segment every month.

According to the sequence, it was Jiao Huo's turn now.

Jiao Huo collected the dragon horn grass while feeling helpless internally, he wanted an Immortal Gu, Longevity Heaven did not lack such immortal material resources.

"Everyone, I can't continue. I'm really sorry, please understand, I am not trying to leave after getting my reward!" After walking for some time, the rank six Gu Immortal said with a pale expression and shaking body.

Yellow Bell Tribe Leader nodded: "Go back, at this rate, you will die of exhaustion."

The rank six Gu Immortal bowed deeply and fell towards the ground.

While in the air, he fell unconscious, luckily, there were people waiting for him at the ground.

After the rank six Gu Immortal left, the trend started as people also reached their limits. First was the other rank eight Gu Immortal, followed by Lu Tong Lan.

That rank eight Gu Immortal had not reached his turn yet before getting eliminated, he had an ugly expression when he left.

Lu Tong Lan was also at her limit, she instructed Hei Lou Lan to be careful before leaving.

Only four were left, they were Hei Lou Lan, Jiao Huo, Yellow Bell Tribe Leader, and a young rank seven Gu Immortal.

"What Gu is this?" Everyone's eyes lit up.

Everyone saw an extraordinary rank eight Immortal Gu, it looked like an ant with the size of an adult's fist, it emitted a rainbow colored light.

"This is quantity change Gu!" Yellow Bell Tribe Leader laughed heartily, it was his turn now.

With this Immortal Gu, he could make the target go from one to ten, ten to a hundred, increasingly greatly in quantity. Of course, the immortal essence expenditure was also raised accordingly. Some targets could not be multiplied, for example, any Immortal Gu.

Of course, this Immortal Gu could be used in combat as well.

For example, if the enemy shot out a torrent of flames, quantity change Gu could reduce the number of flames and weaken the enemy's offenses rapidly.

However, they had to defeat this Predicament in order to get the Immortal Gu.

After an intense battle, everyone won and shared the meat together.

Yellow Bell Tribe Leader was the happiest, not only did he get a top tier Immortal Gu, his strength also recovered to an extent.

Everyone continued on their way.

A Predicament blocked them again, but there was nothing on the ground.

One could not turn back on the heavenly road, they were forced to engage in a tough battle, killing the Predicament and eating its flesh.

Everyone recovered some more strength.

Walking on the Upslope Road, a rank eight Immortal Gu appeared.

It was a rhinoceros beetle that resembled an ingot of steel, it was thickly armored and stoutly built.

"This is actually… fortitude Gu!!"

"Fortitude Gu, did I see wrongly?'

"It really is fortitude Gu, this is an Immortal Gu recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e!"

Everyone was shocked as they looked towards the rank seven Gu Immortal. According to the sequence, it was his turn.

This Gu Immortal was really the greatest dark horse in this Myriad Tribes Ceremony. His entire body was shaking from excitement now!

After an intense battle, the Predicament shouted pitifully and fell on the ground.

Everyone split the meat while the rank seven Gu Immortal took fortitude Gu.

"This trip was worth it, it was worth it!" The rank seven Gu Immortal muttered to himself, feeling excited.

Yellow Bell Tribe Leader spoke to recruit him.

"I'll consider it." The rank seven Gu Immortal rejected immediately, Yellow Bell Tribe Leader frowned before relaxing his expression immediately.

"This person will not have a good time in the future." Hei Lou Lan saw this but did not expose it. The rank seven Gu Immortal's pride had swelled up, he was disregarding Yellow Bell Tribe Leader, thinking he had immense value himself.

But it was not strange, Hei Lou Lan knew that it was obvious: In the future, many people would go ahead and attempt to recruit this rank seven Gu Immortal. Maybe this rank seven Gu Immortal might get sick of hearing such words.

Everyone set off again.

Predicaments blocked the way, but there were no Immortal Gu or immortal materials.

One could not backtrack on the heavenly road, they had to kill this Predicament.

But Jiao Huo rejected the Predicament's flesh.

"I can't eat it anymore, I am at my limit. If I eat any more, my heart will burn and I will die." Jiao Huo sighed, looking at Hei Lou Lan deeply before leaving.

Only Hei Lou Lan, Yellow Bell Tribe Leader, and the rank seven Gu Immortal were left.

Hei Lou Lan had chosen her reward earlier, now that Jiao Huo was out, according to the sequence, it was Yellow Bell Tribe Leader's turn again.

But after several segments of road, they had no gains, they even met two Predicaments, after an intense battle, even though they gained some flesh, the recovery could not match the expenditure, their strength fell sharply.

"Don't be anxious or dejected. I've seen the pattern already, the further we go, the more the Predicaments and the fewer the Immortal Gu and immortal materials, but any rewards that show up are all top tier!" Yellow Bell Tribe Leader tried to raise the morale, he was the next beneficiary, he did not want his efforts to be wasted here.

Like what he said, they finally saw another rank eight Immortal Gu in the end.

This Immortal Gu was shaped like a spider but it was a long body and many compound eyes, shining in blue and red crystal lights, it seemed like a fusion of ruby and sapphire.

"Ability Gu! Another famous Immortal Gu from \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e!" Hei Lou Lan was tongue-tied.

"This Immortal Gu is incredible, it is even better than my fortitude Gu." The rank seven Gu Immortal also gasped.

"Kill this Predicament, I'll stake my life to kill this Predicament!!" Yellow Bell Tribe Leader's eyes were red, he spoke while breathing roughly.


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