Reverend Insanity
2115 Lou Lan Fights a Predicamen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2115 Lou Lan Fights a Predicamen

With the full support of Desolate Extremity Lu Tong Lan, Hei Lou Lan started to devour a large amount of immortal materials again.

After digesting them, her totem finally reached greater success!

"Good, your dark capital strength tiger totem has formed completely. With just this move, you are a peak expert among rank sevens, even in the outside world of the five regions." Lu Tong Lan was very happy: "Now, if you are interested, you can give it a go."

The Myriad Tribes Ceremony had reached a cruel stage of the competition.

Every day, a large number of tribes were defeated, their experts got injured, and they lost many resources in their inventories. There were even those who went after their enemies, they did not bet on immortal materials but a person's life instead!

What made Hei Lou Lan feel a chill inside was that any Gu Immortal who died during the Myriad Tribes Ceremony would be sacrificed on the spot, merging into the yellow soil land.

Blue Phoenix Tribe was still in a good state.

Because of Hei Lou Lan's identity as a Sacred Child, as long as she was alive, when she reaches rank eight, the entire Blue Phoenix Tribe would be elevated to the Sacred Tribe, they would have high authority.

Thus, almost nobody provoked Blue Phoenix Tribe.

Even if some people felt jealousy and hatred, wanting to attack Hei Lou Lan before she grew stronger, they would be filled with caution, they would not attack the Sacred Child during this important event, it was disrespectful to Great God Reckless Savage after all!

During the day, the myriad tribes engaged in continuous combat. At night, countless tribe leaders and elders conversed in secret, forming alliances while working and scheming together.

Lu Tong Lan and Jiao Huo were also secretly in contact.

Anyone who wanted to target Blue Phoenix Tribe might likely contact Fire Blend Tribe, the opposite was also true.

Blue Phoenix Tribe, which possessed a Sacred Child, attracted a lot of jealousy, even including those people who were friendly to Lu Tong Lan normally!

Fire Blend Tribe did not have a good time either, they lost a good number of elders half a year ago, they became weaker and had to join Yellow Bell Tribe as a subsidiary force.

But Yellow Bell Tribe had enemies too.

All of the experts continued to fight and kill.

But thankfully, because only totems could be used in battle, the death toll was much lower.

In normal situations, other killer moves would be used in a battle of life and death. Totems were mostly trump cards, a good number of non-totem killer moves were also held as trump cards.

Hei Lou Lan gained a lot of insight these few days.

She saw all sorts of totems, she recognized many outstanding experts.

Her totem had already reached greater success, the path ahead of her was to continue eating with the dark capital strength tiger as the foundation, to fuse with other dao marks and gradually turn it into a totem that suited Hei Lou Lan specifically.

But there was another path, she could construct a second or third totem.

Experts who had many totems had a larger range of methods, but because their efforts were split, the quality of their totems were lower as well.

By investing the same effort and resources, cultivating one totem was naturally stronger.

As for which route to take, Hei Lou Lan was still thinking about it: "In historical records, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable had countless totems, each one was extremely strong. They had at least rank eight battle strength, some were even at pseudo venerable battle strength. It seems that Reckless Savage Demon Venerable took the second path."

As days passed, the situation of the myriad tribes changed rapidly every day.

Initially, those normal tribes with only Gu Masters started to lose and assimilate into each other rapidly. But this situation actually extended to the super forces as well, eventually, even a super force like Yellow Bell Tribe showed signs of downfall!

When three rank eight Gu Immortals died on Moon Field Slope, this yellow soil land started to emit a faint yellow light.

In this yellow light, a road slowly appeared before them.

"Myriad Life Road has appeared!"

"Huff… the myriad tribes challenge has finally ended."

"Only publicly recognized experts can enter the Myriad Life Road and find the immortal opportunities left behind by Great God Reckless Savage!"

Hei Lou Lan had some realization too: "So all the sacrifices are meant to open up this Myriad Life Road."

As the one with the sacred physique, she did not need to be tested, she was qualified to enter the Myriad Life Road immediately.

After the tribes discussed among themselves, they chose eighty-eight people.

There were eleven people of each respective rank.

Among the tribes, there were no rank nine Gu cultivators, thus the maximum number was only eighty-eight.

For some reason, this number struck a chord with Hei Lou Lan.

Under countless envious gazes, eighty-eight people stepped onto the Myriad Life Road.

From the outside, the Myriad Life Road looked like an illusory image. But when Hei Lou Lan and the rest stepped into it, they felt a completely different sensation.

"It feels like there is really a road, I can step on it firmly." Hei Lou Lan walked for over ten steps, her expression changed gradually.

She was accompanied by Lu Tong Lan.

Not far away behind her, there was Jiao Huo.

These two were part of the Eight Extremities after all, they had successfully emerged from the competition and became one of the eighty-eight chosen people.

"Walking on this Myriad Life Road, every step expends our strength, will, and even immortal essence." Hei Lou Lan said.

Lu Tong Lan added: "More accurately speaking, our foundation and strength are depleted at a certain rate proportionately."

There was fairness for everyone walking on this road, they experienced the same difficulty.

Gu Immortals were stronger than Gu Masters, but the difficulty level for Gu Masters was decided according to their own strength.

This caused many Gu Masters to move ahead of the Gu Immortals instead.

"I found a Gu worm, they are crawling on the ground, once we pick them up, they can be instantly refined!"

"Quickly look, there are so many food ingredients, this is worth a fortune."

Many people shouted and cheered, they quickly gained some plentiful rewards.

The myriad tribes outside could not see this scene, they could only see eighty-eight figures that shrunk to the size of black dots as they became concealed by the heavenly road in the sky.

Hei Lou Lan observed closely and soon found something strange.

"The heavenly road is uneven, the slope is upwards at times and downwards at times. When going up, there will be Gu worms and Gu materials, when going down, even though there are no rewards, we will expend less of our strength." Hei Lou Lan analyzed, suddenly gasping in shock: "Strange, this feels like something depicted in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e!"

She quickly looked at Lu Tong Lan as the latter smiled: "You are right, this is Upslope Road and Downslope Road."

Hei Lou Lan could not help but shake internally!

Her eyes shined with bright light: "This means to say, I can obtain the legendary ability Gu and effort Gu here?"

Lu Tong Lan replied: "That will depend on your fortune. If these Gu worm really exist here, I am sure they will be near the end of the heavenly road."

Hei Lou Lan gritted her teeth as she made up her mind: "This is a fortuitous encounter that I cannot let go of! In history, Gu worms that are mentioned in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e are all top tier Gu worms, they either have terrifying strength or incredible abilities. Ancestor Giant Sun was right, I need to make the best of this supreme opportunity to have a chance of surpassing that guy, Fang Yuan!"

Hei Lou Lan started to move ahead.

Lu Tong Lan instructed her: "Don't take the Downslope Road, try to walk on the Upslope Road. This is the guidance of our lord."

Hei Lou Lan was a little bewildered.

Normally speaking, the Downslope Road had a small expenditure on the person, it was most logical to walk on it. Only until the second half of the heavenly road should one start walking on the Upslope Road.

But Immortal Zombie Giant Sun's advice was the opposite.

Hei Lou Lan hesitated for a moment but decided to trust Immortal Zombie Giant Sun.

She and Lu Tong Lan walked together, trying to go on the Upslope Road as much as they could.

They found a lot of Gu worms and materials while walking on the Upslope Road, yet most were just mortal Gu and materials.

Not long after, they started to find immortal materials. As for the Gu Immortals who traveled the same distance as them, because they walked on the Downslope Road quite often, their rewards were fewer and also kept within the range of mortal materials.

Hei Lou Lan realized at once: "The heavenly road does not calculate distance traveled but the quality of the road traveled instead. It does not split into the first or second half, it only sees if we are giving it our full effort when we walk on the road. By putting in my full effort, I have a chance of making desirable gains. But if I slack off and take the easy path, I might consume all my strength without gaining anything significant."

Lu Tong Lan and Hei Lou Lan continued ahead.

When they found the first rank six Immortal Gu, the first Predicament also appeared.

Predicaments had all sorts of shapes and sizes, they were translucent and had various colors.

The Predicament in Hei Lou Lan's path was light brown in color, it resembled a raccoon with the size of a mountain, blocking the heavenly road.

"Predicament, a wild beast recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e. It is extinct within the five regions, to think that it still exists here. But since this is the heavenly road, there is nothing strange about it."

Hei Lou Lan took in a deep breath, working with Lu Tong Lan to attack the Predicament.

The Predicament roared as it charged towards Hei Lou Lan and Lu Tong Lan.

The two of them felt their vision blurring and changing, they arrived in a light brown secluded space.

"We are inside the Predicament, we were eaten by it." Lu Tong Lan immediately said.

Predicaments were very special entities, rumor had it that the first person who created a battlefield killer move took inspiration from researching the Predicaments.

Each Predicament could also be treated as a natural battlefield killer move.

Within the Predicament, calamities and tribulations formed and descended.

Lu Tong Lan took the lead: "I will block the calamities and tribulations, Hei Lou Lan, you will break out of the Predicament!"

Hei Lou Lan was stunned: "What should I do?"

"You have the Great Strength True Martial Physique, according to the records of \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, you are a counter to these Predicaments! I do not know what you need to do, but just go ahead and try. Remember, you cannot spend too much time, the tribulations within the Predicament are unceasing!" Lu Tong Lan instructed.

Hei Lou Lan gritted her teeth, activating her strength path killer moves and attacking the place randomly.

A moment later, joy flashed on her face as she felt a movement in the space.

The tribulations became fiercer.

But Lu Tong Lan was very happy: "Continue with that, this Predicament is already staking its life to fight!"

Hei Lou Lan suddenly thought: She had the Great Strength True Martial Physique, but others did not. What could they do if they faced a Predicament?

"Dark capital strength tiger, come out!" Hei Lou Lan willed as she expended a large amount of rank seven immortal essence.


With a surging black light, the huge black tiger condensed into solid form and charged ahead.

With a loud sound, a huge hole was formed.

"Let's go!" Hei Lou Lan and Lu Tong Lan flew out of the hole together, returning to the outside world.


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