Reverend Insanity
2114 Hei Lou Lan, You Are Too Ugly
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2114 Hei Lou Lan, You Are Too Ugly

Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven.

The myriad tribes were gathered on Moon Field Slope.

"The Myriad Tribes Ceremony is held here?" Hei Lou Lan looked at the barren land and expressed her disappointment.

Every Myriad Tribes Ceremony was held at Moon Field Slope.

But in Hei Lou Lan's opinion, this place was empty and desolate, there was yellow sand everywhere, nothing else was in sight. When wind blew, sand would stir and move in the air visibly.

"The Myriad Tribes Ceremony is different from the Thousand Tribes Ceremony, it is a grand event that involves the entire Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, held once every ten thousand years. This is my first time taking part in it too." Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, one of the Eight Extremities, Desolate Extremity Lu Tong Lan, replied.

Behind them were the Blue Phoenix Tribe members.

Half a year ago, there was an intense fight between Blue Phoenix Tribe and Fire Blend Tribe, the result was that Blue Phoenix Tribe lost many Gu Immortal elders. But as a result, Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader gained a deeper control of the entire tribe.

"Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, Sacred Child!"

"This is the Sacred Child?"

"Hahaha, I've heard that Blue Phoenix Tribe produced a Sacred Child, this is making us envious."

Entering Moon Field Slope, Lu Tong Lan met a few familiar faces. These people were either famous experts, tribe leaders, or elders, they had high authority and status.

Hei Lou Lan's reputation had already spread recently, her identity as a Sacred Child was too eye-catching.

"Hmph!" A cold grunt could be heard as Fire Blend Tribe Leader stared at Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, Hei Lou Lan, and the rest with a furious gaze.

Around him, there was also a group of tribe leaders and elders.

"Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, you came too slowly, are you afraid?" Jiao Huo asked arrogantly.

Lu Tong Lan immediately retaliated with a cold laugh: "Even if I am afraid, it will not be because of you. What fear can you create?"

"Tribe leaders, the Myriad Tribes Ceremony is about to begin, if anyone fights, they will be the enemy of the myriad tribes, we will use them as the ceremonial tribute." The elder of a large tribe saw this situation and came over.

Immediately after, the elder said to Jiao Huo: "Fire Blend Tribe Leader, why are you still here? My tribe leader has already held a banquet, you cannot be late."

Jiao Huo snorted coldly, leaving some words for Lu Tong Lan: "I'll let you off for now."

Saying so, he led the people around him and left.

"Fire Blend Tribe Leader, this guy…" After he left, the tribe leaders around Lu Tong Lan spoke out.

"Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, even though Fire Blend Tribe Leader lost to you half a year ago and his strength fell greatly, you cannot be careless, he has already gone over to Yellow Bell Tribe."

"Yellow Bell Tribe is a super tribe, not just its tribe leader but even the first elder have rank eight cultivation level!"

These experts spoke one after another, detailing the information of Fire Blend Tribe Leader.

Hei Lou Lan listened without making a sound, gaining a deeper understanding of Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven's situation.

"The situation here is not too different from the five regions, the weaker forces still have to join larger forces. Lu Tong Lan and Jiao Huo are two of the Eight Extremities, even when they cultivate in here and use totem killer moves, they are still superior to others, being experts among rank sevens. Thus, a group of people gathered around them."

"But the truly top tier forces are still existences like Yellow Bell Tribe. It seems that Jiao Huo's plan succeeded, he made use of his tribe's weakness as an excuse to get close to Yellow Bell Tribe."

"Who could ever imagine that these two irreconcilable enemies were actually the closest allies in this world?"

Hei Lou Lan felt deep admiration towards these two people and their methods.

Days later, the Myriad Tribes Ceremony began.

"In the name of Great God Reckless Savage, Purple Gold Tribe offers thirty golden sand carps as tribute!"

"In the name of Great God Reckless Savage, Ice lake Tribe offers three fetus lions as tribute!"

"In the name of Great God Reckless Savage, Yellow Bell Tribe offers a vast heavenly sparrow group, ten sight plundering vines, and one outsider as tribute!"

At the central field of all the tribes, they took turns to slaughter and contribute their sacrificial tokens.

Some tribes were weak, they only contributed desolate beasts. Some tribes that were slightly inferior to Blue Phoenix Tribe offered ancient desolate beasts instead.

As for the strongest forces like Yellow Bell Tribe, they offered a large amount of ancient desolate beasts and plants, or even several immemorial desolate beasts and plants.

From time to time, outsiders would be captured and brought here to be killed in public view.

These outsiders were all Gu Immortals with at least rank seven cultivation level. The outsiders that Yellow Bell Tribe executed were even rank eight Gu Immortals!

"If these things were given to me as food, my totem would grow by a large amount." Hei Lou Lan felt it was a pity.

Be it desolate beasts or Gu Immortal corpses, once they landed on the yellow soil, they would melt like candles, absorbed into the earth gradually.

It was as if this ground was a silent beast devouring all of the sacrifices without making a sound.

"This Moon Field Slope contains a huge secret, it is definitely not so simple!" Hei Lou Lan thought, she watched as the sacrifices sank into the yellow earth ground, the soil that was dyed red slowly returned to its yellow color.

No matter what cultivation level the outsiders have, each time they were sacrificed, the myriad tribes would cheer.

The cheers were loud like tsunamis or earthquakes, it was truly stunning.

Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven had existed for so many years, rumors had definitely spread. Even Immortal Zombie Giant Sun had sent people in regularly, others went in as well.

"Good, kill them all! These otherworldly demons deserve death!"

"In historical records, each time the Myriad Tribes Ceremony is held, these otherworldly demons will appear."

"Let's kill all of these outsiders, how dare they invade our world!"

Hei Lou Lan listened to their discussions while feeling deep and strange emotions surging internally.

The inhabitants of Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven saw this grotto-heaven as the whole world, they treated outsiders as otherworldly demons, not knowing that the outside world was even larger!

This made Hei Lou Lan think of City Well in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, as well as the minimen living inside it.

The sacrificial ceremony lasted for a day, other than the super tribes who were allowed to openly hold their ceremony at the central field, the other tribes could only do their sacrificial ceremonies at their own camps.

On the night of the ceremony, there was a large bonfire celebration.

Leather drums made stunning noises as tens of thousands of bonfires were lit, countless people who wore beast skin clothings and feathered accessories danced around their bonfires as they laughed, danced, sang, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Many men and women were attracted to each other, they held each other's hands and left the bonfire, returning to their own tents, away from the laughter and noise outside, to engage in the most intense and enjoyable ritual on their beds.

Of course, some approached Hei Lou Lan too.

"This is the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, the most sacred moment of all. Lady Sacred Child, we are a match made in heaven, we will produce the most outstanding offspring." The son of a tribe leader brought a large amount of immortal materials and approached Hei Lou Lan.

This young man belonged to a super tribe, on the same level as Yellow Bell Tribe. His father was the tribe leader, a rank eight Gu Immortal, while he himself was rank six.

Hei Lou Lan had an ugly expression, she rejected him on the spot.

The young man laughed instead: "Great, I didn't want to get close to you anyway, you are too ugly. But father gave me orders I could not defy, I had to come here. Hopefully, we never meet again!"

Other than the young man, an elderly rank eight expert also came to her.

He brought a large amount of extremely valuable immortal materials.

"With these immortal materials, Sacred Child, your totem will reach greater success!" The elderly rank eight Gu Immortal spoke: "Even though you are ugly, I am old and still do not have a son, we can cooperate and achieve a win-win status."

Hei Lou Lan had a cold expression and rejected him as well.

The old rank eight Gu Immortal shook his head and sighed before leaving: "Sacred Child, you are still too young, after missing this opportunity, it might never come to you again. Not everyone can accept your ugly appearance, only people like me who have already gone past that stage can ignore the opinions of everyone else."

Hei Lou Lan almost screamed at him to scram.

Even though she did not care about her appearance, she was still a great beauty at heart.

Her parents were both extremely good looking, she inherited their good genes and was beautiful enough to be a fairy of Northern Plains.

But within Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, the concept of beauty differed greatly from the outside world.

The inhabitants here worshiped muscles, skin color should not be pale or smooth, they had to be dark and rough, giving people a sense of strength and power.

Thus, in this place, Hei Lou Lan was an ugly woman rarely seen in a hundred years.

The first time anyone sees Hei Lou Lan, they would subconsciously think: It was no wonder Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader abandoned this daughter in the past, she is simply too ugly! But possessing the sacred physique despite the ugliness, heaven is truly balanced and impartial.

On this night, Hei Lou Lan was pestered repeatedly until daybreak.

The Myriad Tribes Competition started!

At the area in front of every tribe, there was a blank space.

It was the field for their competition.

"I, Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, challenge Stardust Tribe Leader by betting a divine peacock feather." Lu Tong Lan brought Hei Lou Lan to the area of Stardust Tribe.

She was challenging the tribe for Hei Lou Lan.

"It seems that Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader is after that white thread tendon of the five emperor eel." Stardust Tribe Leader smiled bitterly as he walked into the empty space.

In the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, a challenge could not be rejected.

"Please start." Lu Tong Lan instilled immortal essence, her blue phoenix totem shined in bright light, turning solid and flying towards Stardust Tribe Leader.

Stardust Tribe Leader gritted his teeth, shouting as his totem flew into the sky, turning into a single-horned mountain goat.

The single-horned mountain goat crashed towards the blue phoenix, creating a huge cloud of stardust.

The blue phoenix dodged as it chirped, spitting out a torrent of blue flames.

The blue flames were extremely hot, the single-horned mountain goat was swept by the flames and got encircled, it tried to break out several times.

Each time the single-horned mountain goat tried to act, the blue phoenix would intercept and force it back.

"Lu Tong Lan definitely has a stronger totem, but the main reason for this situation is the difference in combat attainment of the two tribe leaders." Hei Lou Lan watched at the side and realized.

"As expected of Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, sigh, I admit defeat." Not long after, Stardust Tribe Leader said.

He needed to preserve his strength, the Myriad Tribes Ceremony had just started. If he got injured and could not fight anymore, more people would challenge him and cause him to lose more immortal materials.

Lu Tong Lan stopped immediately.

Stardust Tribe Leader arranged for the white thread tendon of the five emperor eel to be given to the winner.

Both sides did not go overboard.

"Stardust Tribe Leader, if you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can send a letter to my Blue Phoenix Tribe. If it is a trivial matter, we will definitely help you." Lu Tong Lan said before leaving.

Stardust Tribe Leader's expression soothed.

Even though one could not reject challenges in the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, they could invite others to help them out. This was also why many weaker forces chose to join or side with super forces of their own accord.


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