Reverend Insanity
2113 Eating People
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2113 Eating People

Hei Lou Lan cultivated while sitting on the stone bed.

Long after, she opened her eyes slowly.

She lowered her head and looked at her chest, there was a totem.

The totem was very simplistic and only had a few strokes, however, the markings were very clear, one could see a black cat that was drawn on it.

The black cat was young and small, it looked very adorable, its tail was raised up as its back was crouched, its front paws grabbed the ground, as if it was going to pounce at the next moment.

"Desolate Extremity lent me the relevant Gu worms, using them, the first form of my totem killer move has been completed."

Hei Lou Lan calculated the time in her mind.

Ever since she came here and cultivated the first form of her totem, thirty days had passed.

During these thirty days, Hei Lou Lan did not leave even once, other than eating and attending to daily affairs, she only cultivated the entire time.

She did not relax or slack off at any moment, she worked really hard.

Suddenly, there was an argument outside the tent.

"Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, you are going overboard!"

"Indeed, these last days, you used so many ingredients in our inventory for your illegitimate daughter."

"Initially, you used the ancient desolate beast single horned deer to increase your daughter's appetite. After that you made the snake-rat soup and used ancient desolate beast snakes and rats just to find out the recipe most suited for your daughter! After that, you have been consistently draining our reserves dry, the ingredients you pick are at least desolate beast level."

"We nominated you as the leader but you are being so selfish, you have let down the entire tribe's expectations!"

Hei Lou Lan heard this and showed a peculiar expression.

It seems that the tribe elders were currently questioning and blaming their tribe leader Lu Tong Lan.

"Speaking of which, I have been using a lot of immortal materials recently, is Desolate Extremity unable to control the situation anymore?" Hei Lou Lan guessed.

At the next moment, Lu Tong Lan's voice resounded: "Tribe elders, no need to be angry. I am doing this for the sake of our tribe. Lan, come out."

Hei Lou Lan heard this and finally left the tent that she had stayed in for a month's time.

This was a valley with lush greenery, there was a river not far away.

There were tents of various sizes all around, they formed into a tribe.

The tent that Hei Lou Lan was in was right at the center, it was the safest location. At the same time, this was the largest tent in this place.

At the area outside of the tent, a group of people confronted Lu Tong Lan.

These people were also wearing beast skin and exposed a large portion of their body, most of them were elderly people, being all Gu Immortals. The thing that attracted Hei Lou Lan's attention were the totems on their bodies.

"Lan, come over here." Lu Tong Lan waved.

Hei Lou Lan did not speak as she walked towards Lu Tong Lan.

The tribe elders' gazes were focused on Hei Lou Lan's body, or more precisely, on her chest.

The expressions of the elders started to change.

Some were in disbelief, while some became very excited.

"This, this is?"

"Has my vision gone bad?"

"Can anyone confirm with me, is this the dark capital strength tiger?!"

Lu Tong Lan smiled: "Indeed, this is the dark capital strength tiger totem!"

The tribe elders were silent, their bodies were shaking from agitation.

Lu Tong Lan continued: "I know what you want to ask, since my daughter has the dark capital strength tiger totem, I am sure you all understand she has the sacred physique! Only the sacred physique can cultivate the dark capital strength tiger totem."

The elders gasped at once.

Lu Tong Lan waited for some time, after their discussions became softer, she continued: "Now, do you still think that I am being selfish?"

"Of course not!" An elder shook his head and said with a firm attitude.

"This is the sacred physique, it allows a person to directly advance in the Myriad Tribes Ceremony and challenge the Predicament!" An elder stared at Hei Lou Lan with a heated and excited gaze.

"As long as the sacred physique survives in the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, our entire tribe will benefit from it, we will become one of the back-up sacred tribes." Another elder started to dream about the beautiful future.

"Sacred physique? Are they referring to my Great Strength True Martial Physique?" Hei Lou Lan calmed down because she knew that the entire situation was still firmly within Lu Tong Lan's control.

Lu Tong Lan's lips curled up: "Why just the back-up, can't we directly become the sacred tribe?"

The elders' expressions froze before quickly shaking their heads.

"Tribe leader, don't be so hasty!'

"Your daughter has rank seven cultivation level but to become the winner of the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, her cultivation level is not high enough."

"We need to be patient, as long as she becomes rank eight, we will not need to challenge anything, according to the customs, she will be the Sacred King!"

"We need to protect and nurture her in order to become the sacred tribe. Why do we need to take a risk?"

Lu Tong Lan was silent for a while before nodding: "Elders, you are right, I was too hasty. But undeniably, the stronger Lan becomes, the higher our position in the Myriad Tribes Ceremony, and the more benefits our tribe will receive. Isn't that right?"

The elders nodded: "Of course."

Lu Tong Lan suddenly bowed: "Thus, I hope everyone can understand and help to improve Lan's totem with your full effort. The more benefits she receives, the more gains we will have later on!"

The elders reacted and some nodded in agreement, while others pointed at Lu Tong Lan and smiled brightly: "So this was all part of your scheme, Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader."

Because of Lu Tong Lan's meticulous arrangement, Hei Lou Lan was accepted by the tribe at her first appearance.

Hei Lou Lan also understood that one of the main reasons why Immortal Zombie Giant Sun sent her here was because the Great Strength True Martial Physique was really useful in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven.

Afterwards, Hei Lou Lan asked Lu Tong Lan why the Great Strength True Martial Physique was considered the sacred physique in this place and why it had such a huge status.

Lu Tong Lan answered: "The rumor is that Reckless Savage Demon Venerable has the Great Strength True Martial Physique. Nobody can confirm if this rumor is true or not."

This was not important, Hei Lou Lan soon left this information behind.

She continued cultivating her totem killer move.

This time, not only did Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader Lu Tong Lan help her, the entire tribe was also chipping in.

Hei Lou Lan's totem soon grew from a small cat into a black leopard.

At this point, the elders' help also started to dwindle.

Throughout the process, the immortal material expenditure was immense. But the good news for Hei Lou Lan was that her dark capital strength tiger totem had incredible power when used, far beyond her previous methods.

The dark capital strength tiger totem became her strongest killer move!

"But this is not enough!" Desolate Extremity Lu Tong Lan said truthfully once after cultivating: "Since our lord sent you here, I will do my best to nurture you and not let our lord down! Those elders did not use up their inventory, but I do not have much resources left. Don't worry, in a few days, the situation will change."

The elders had their descendants too, even though Hei Lou Lan had the sacred physique, she was still the tribe leader's descendant, the elders would not expend all their resources for her, this was a natural thing.

Several days later, Blue Phoenix Tribe was suddenly attacked by their mortal enemy Fire Blend Tribe, they suffered huge losses and were forced to escape from the valley.

While retreating, Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader led her troops and retaliated harshly. Fire Blend Tribe was caught off guard and was forced out of the valley, allowing Blue Phoenix Tribe to regain their territory.

Fire Blend Tribe was not resigned to give up, they stayed outside the valley and went into a stalemate with Blue Phoenix Tribe, waiting for an opportunity to arise.

Late at night on this day.

Lu Tong Lan brought Hei Lou Lan away from the gathering point, going to a cave in the valley to meet Fire Blend Tribe Leader.

Fire Blend Tribe Leader looked at the shocked Hei Lou Lan and smiled while explaining: "I am Yellow Extremity Jiao Huo."

It turned out that this situation was just Lu Tong Lan's and Jiao Huo's performance.

Jiao Huo took out a large amount of immortal materials and handed them to Lu Tong Lan: "These are all the Gu materials I can find that are suitable for Hei Lou Lan."

"Other than that, we have these…" Jiao Huo had a strange expression as he took out several corpses.

These were the corpses of Fire Blend Tribe's Gu Immortal elders who had died from battle earlier!

Lu Tong Lan also took out several corpses, these were the ones sacrificed from Blue Phoenix Tribe.

In front of Hei Lou Lan, Jiao Huo started to cut the meat while Lu Tong Lan prepared the pot and flame.

Hei Lou Lan was stunned: "You want me to eat these people?!"

Jiao Huo cut the human flesh as he smiled: "No need to think of them as humans, just treat them as immortal materials. Normally speaking, when Gu Immortals die, as long as they are not immortal zombies, their dao marks will go back into their immortal apertures. But the Gu cultivators here are different, their immortal aperture will be digested by Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven before it falls in place, the totem killer moves on them are created by dao marks, they are fixed and contain the most value within the body."

Saying so, Jiao Huo picked out a few pieces of meat from the pile and tossed them into the pot.

Lu Tong Lan stirred the meat soup while saying: "Hei Lou Lan, there aren't many pieces of meat that suit you. But because they are humans after all, they are easier for you to absorb, it will help greatly in your totem's growth!"

Hei Lou Lan turned pale as her voice changed slightly: "Is the act of eating people popularized in this Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven?"

Lu Tong Lan looked at the human meat soup in the pot as she said plainly: "Of course not. Even though eating people can help the growth of totems, it is still a demonic act. Publicly eating your tribesmen means you are a demonic path member, you will face judgment. That is why we brought you here secretly to hide from the rest. You have the sacred physique, but if you are found to be eating people, your status will be lost. There is no helping it, we have little time, to raise your strength to the limit, eating humans is the best way."

"It's cooked, go ahead and eat."

Lu Tong Lan served the soup as Hei Lou Lan received it with a numb expression.

The human meat soup was far more delicious than all the food she had been eating previously. But after her first mouthful, Hei Lou Lan started to vomit intensely.

Lu Tong Lan and Jiao Huo looked at her calmly.

Hei Lou Lan vomited until even her gastric acid came out, she asked the two: "Have you eaten human flesh as well?"

Lu Tong Lan shook her head, but Jiao Huo nodded and said: "I was the first to arrive, after some time, my identity as an outsider was exposed and I got hunted down. All of my rations were consumed, I fell into desperation and had to eat people to raise the power of my totem killer move. Relying on that, I managed to survive and change my identity, eventually becoming the current Fire Blend Tribe Leader."

Lu Tong Lan said with a calm tone: "Hei Lou Lan, you can choose not to eat it. We will not force you to do this, we are only trying to complete master's tasks to the best of our abilities. I have not eaten human flesh before, I can understand why you reject it. This is only a method to become stronger, you can also eat other ingredients to help your totem grow, it will only take more time."

"It will take more time?" Hei Lou Lan's ears twitched.

She smiled bitterly as she muttered to herself: "The difference between me and him is already so large like a heavenly chasm, if I do not make good use of my time, how can I ever surpass him? If it were him in this situation, would he choose to eat the human meat?"

The answer was obvious!

"I'll eat it." Hei Lou Lan had a solemn expression as she came to the pot.

She drank the soup with huge gulps, she ate the meat in large mouthfuls!

Lu Tong Lan's expression changed while Jiao Huo nodded slightly.

Such a person… it was no wonder their lord had such a high evaluation regarding her!


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