Reverend Insanity
2112 Totem Killer Move
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2112 Totem Killer Move

Hei Lou Lan woke up and opened her eyes in a daze.

"Where… is this?" Her blurry vision started to clear up, she found that she was lying on a stone bed.

Around the stone bed, there was a large tent made of skin.

At the center of the tent, there was a huge pot hanging on a metal rack.

The pot was bubbling and seemingly contained boiling soup. At the bottom of the pot, there was a red rat spewing fire continuously.

"You woke up?" The flap of the tent was pulled aside as a person walked in.

This was a beautiful middle aged woman, her clothes were quite simple, she had a beast skin top and skirt, her shoulders, tummy, and half of her breasts were exposed.

On her chest and back, there was a blue phoenix tattoo, not only was it very vivid and lively, it even emitted a faint blue light.

Hei Lou Lan struggled and managed to sit up.

During the process, she found that her clothes had been changed as well, it was the same as the middle aged woman, having a wild and brutish style.

"I am Desolate Extremity Lu Tong Lan, you are now inside Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven." The middle aged woman smiled as she walked towards Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan had fully woken up now.

Longevity Heaven had the Eight Extremities, their names were Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow, Space, Time, Flood and Desolate respectively. Black Extremity was Sun Ming Lu, he cultivated formation path. This woman in front of her was Desolate Extremity, she had been staying within Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven.

"Lady Lu, what should I do?" Hei Lou Lan inquired. Immortal Zombie Giant Sun had only told her to listen to Desolate Extremity's instructions after arriving here.

Lu Tong Lan smiled: "In here, you should call me Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader. Your current identity is my illegitimate daughter, I birthed you long ago and left you outside. Recently, when relocating the tribe, I found you by accident and brought you back."

"Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven has countless tribes, we coexist with the beasts, it is very different from the five regions. Every ten thousand years, all the tribes would gather and hold the Myriad Tribes Ceremony. This is your fortuitous encounter!"

"Alright, now, you need to start drinking soup."

Lu Tong Lan scooped a huge bowl of hot soup and passed it to Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan sat at the side of the bed, she held the hot metal bowl, the fragrance of food drifted into her nose.

She was currently hungry, she immediately drank a large mouthful.

But when the soup entered her mouth, it had a peculiar and spicy taste, it was not nice at all!

"Cough cough!" Hei Lou Lan was not prepared for this, she almost gagged on reflex.

But Lu Tong Lan had a solemn expression: "Drink it, this soup is extremely important for you, you need to finish every single drop of it in the pot. Drink."

Hei Lou Lan knew that this was Immortal Zombie Giant Sun's arrangement, she frowned as she drank one bowl, followed by another.

By the third bowl, she could not take it anymore, her stomach was bloated and painful.

Lu Tong Lan had been guarding her the entire time, seeing this, she nodded: "Stop here for now, your body is at its limit."

Hei Lou Lan started to experience diarrhea, it was very serious, she almost went weak from it.

But Lu Tong Lan did not let her off, even though Hei Lou Lan was lying down in a weak state, Lu Tong Lan brought the bowl over and poured the hot soup into her mouth.

Hei Lou Lan drank as the diarrhea intensified, she felt extremely terrible.

"What is the point of drinking this soup?" Hei Lou Lan asked.

Lu Tong Lan answered: "Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven is different from the five regions, those who succeed in life are those who can eat well. I specially prepared this soup for you to expand your appetite. During the process of having diarrhea, your body is adapting to it. Even though it is initially very severe and seems nearly fatal, the symptoms will gradually become lighter. In less than three days, you will be back to normal and feel extremely hungry."

Hei Lou Lan stayed in the stone bed for two days and nights before regaining her strength, she could barely walk again.

By the third day, like what Lu Tong Lan had said, she recovered her strength and the diarrhea was gone, her appetite increased and her stomach growled since the early morning.

Lu Tong Lan cooked soup for Hei Lou Lan again.

"This is meat soup, it is different from before." Lu Tong Lan said while taking out five to six rats and tossed them into the pot.

The rat struggled in the pot, squeaking loudly.

Lu Tong Lan's expression did not change, she took out several poisonous snakes of various colors, tossing them into the pot.

The snakes and rats gradually melted in the soup, floating at the top like colorful mud.

Lu Tong Lan took out several black rocks that resembled charcoal and tossed them inside as well.

Hei Lou Lan's eyelids were twitching at first, but soon she understood certain details.

"Blue Phoenix Tribe Leader, are you refining Gu?" Hei Lou Lan asked in curiosity, she saw that when making the soup, Lu Tong Lan used many refinement path techniques.

Lu Tong Lan continued to cook the soup as she smiled and said: "Hei Lou Lan, you are quite perceptive. This snake-rat soup is already done."

Hei Lou Lan was stunned, she watched as Lu Tong Lan stopped cooking the soup.

"Did the Gu refinement fail? This is a pity." Hei Lou Lan said: "After all, the snakes and rats used earlier were ancient desolate beasts."

But Lu Tong Lan shook her head: "I said before, I am brewing soup, not refining Gu. The snake-rat soup is very perfect, you need to drink it all."

"What?" Hei Lou Lan was stunned again.

Lu Tong Lan scooped a huge bowl of soup and passed it to Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan drank a mouthful and frowned immediately, this soup was ten times as disgusting as the diarrhea soup earlier! With just one mouthful, her entire tongue went numb, even her throat was gradually becoming numb.

By the time she finished the hot soup, her entire body expanded like a balloon, even her skin and flesh were bloated, hair started to grow on her body rapidly.

The hair grew extremely quickly, after a few minutes, Hei Lou Lan's hair almost filled the entire tent.

And the hair had various colors.

Red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, white, black, there were various colors of differing quantity, none of them were the same.

Lu Tong Lan inspected the hair, even counting the number of hairs of each color meticulously.

Next, at her will, the blue phoenix tattoo on her chest floated up and spat out a lump of blue fire.

The blue fire burned the hair, in almost an instant, all of Hei Lou Lan's newly grown hair was gone.

Hei Lou Lan stared with wide eyes and asked curiously: "What method is this? It is really amazing, I am completely unharmed."

Lu Tong Lan smiled: "This is my blue phoenix totem. Inside Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, totems are the mainstream way of cultivation. Even though we use Gu worms as well, totems are the symbol of our strength and status."

Hei Lou Lan's eyes shined with bright light: "If I am not wrong, this totem is not simple, each line and marking on the totem is a dao mark! The essence of the totem is a killer move! There actually exists such an amazing method in the world, does everyone cultivate totems in here?"

"Hahaha." Lu Tong Lan laughed even louder: "Hei Lou Lan, you are the genius that our lord chose to send here indeed. You saw the essence of the totem with just one glimpse. Indeed, our Gu cultivation killer moves use Gu worms or expend Gu materials. While Gu worms are fragments of the Great Dao, Gu materials are agglomerations of dao marks. The totems here use the same logic, it is just that the cultivation way uses Gu worms to assist slightly, the main method is still to rely on our consumption and digestion."

"Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven is Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's immortal aperture, this Demon Venerable left his immortal aperture within the body of the gluttonous demon frog, allowing this grotto-heaven to have a food path environment."

The gluttonous demon frog was a legendary immemorial beast, it contained an unimaginable number of food path dao marks.

With the influence of food path dao marks, within Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, humans could eat Gu materials to increase their corresponding dao marks. Using the Gu worms here, they can gradually construct their own totems.

Hei Lou Lan did not guess wrongly, totems were a special type of killer move. Normally, they would stay on the surface of the Gu cultivator's body. Once primeval essence or immortal essence was instilled, they would turn solid and fly out to fight.

"Totem killer moves have a lot of advantages, ordinary killer moves need to activate Gu worms and expend thoughts when they are used spontaneously. But totems only need to be constructed beforehand, you can save a lot of effort and time as a result!"

"In the five regions outside world, even though Gu Houses also contain fixed killer moves, totems can be refined and improved upon continuously. Meanwhile, strong Immortal Gu Houses have no room for improvement." Lu Tong Lan continued to explain.

Hei Lou Lan started to frown: "I have the Great Strength True Martial Physique, I should cultivate strength path, but this totem seems to be a transformation path killer move?"

Lu Tong Lan shook her head: "Not quite so."

"The other specialty of totems is that they can be suitable for all Gu paths. I, for example, cultivate fire path, after devouring all sorts of materials, I used Gu worms to construct my blue phoenix totem killer move. This totem is a fire path killer move, it is very suitable for me."

"As for you cultivating strength path, you can also construct your own strength path totem."

Hei Lou Lan cupped her fists and said solemnly: "Please teach me, senior."

"Of course." Lu Tong Lan pointed at the empty pot: "The snake-rat soup I gave you to drink earlier is meant to decipher your physique and learn what ingredients you are suitable to eat, and what kinds of ingredients are the best for your natural absorption and contain the most nutrients you need, as for your totem, it is something unique to you, only you will know what it truly becomes."

There were countless totems, even if they looked similar, each one was different.

Lu Tong Lan continued to speak in concern: "Hei Lou Lan, you need to make use of your time and quickly construct your totem. This killer move is the only method you can use when you join the Myriad Tribes Ceremony."

After Hei Lou Lan understood all this background information, she started to wholeheartedly cultivate this method.

Each time Lu Tong Lan cooked something, she would eat it without leaving anything behind, using this food path environment to allow her body to absorb dao marks.

Lu Tong Lan initially boiled soup, gradually, there was meat and vegetables, she also added more grains as well.

All of the food had one similarity, they tasted horrible.

But Hei Lou Lan was an ambitious person, as long as it could raise her strength, she could eat anything regardless of the taste, even if she felt intense pain in her stomach countless times, as if she was in living hell.


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