Reverend Insanity
2109 Wu Shuai“s Life In Danger
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2109 Wu Shuai“s Life In Danger

Fire path resources could not be placed too closely with water path resources, otherwise, they would affect each other's growth, not only would production shrink, they might even be destroyed.

But isolating all fire path and water path resources was also not a good idea.

Because fire path resource points also affected each other, they were not completely harmonious.

There were also a lot of immortal materials which had two types of dao marks, like giant disaster blazing tree's fire path and luck path.

A lot of Gu cultivation resources had dao marks of two paths or more.

Some resource points that produced immortal materials needed a lot of ordinary Gu materials in the vicinity for production to occur.

Some resources needed specific wind or water to grow as well.

There were also resources that needed an opposite environment. For example, frost ice flame was a fire path immortal material produced in an area of dense ice and snow path dao marks.

Thus, Fang Yuan had prepared for this, long ago, when annexing immortal apertures, he had specially split them up into portions and placed them scattered over the sovereign immortal aperture.

All in all, Fang Yuan was mimicking the characteristics of the five regions and nine heavens.

For example, Mini Southern Border had many mountains, Fang Yuan chose to put earth path resources there most of the time.

Or for example, Mini Red Heaven was fire based, so Fang Yuan placed his fire path resources there.

Fang Yuan could now feel the intricacy of the distribution of the five regions and nine heavens. Using this design, most resources could be classified and arranged, it could greatly lower the need for him to make deductions, he could control the influence of these resource points on each other more easily.

But it was not enough.

Each time Fang Yuan annexed a grotto-heaven, he would gain dao marks of a certain path.

With an increase of dao marks, there would be some influence for the following period of time on the entire sovereign immortal aperture.

Earlier, when he annexed Qi Xiang grotto-heaven, the sovereign immortal aperture gained a huge boost of qi path dao marks, currents started to appear all over the immortal aperture. There was the largest quantity of heaven and earth qi, allowing the sovereign immortal aperture to have no need to open its entrance and absorb external heaven and earth qi for some time.

After that, there were profound yin qi, luck qi, blood qi, astral qi, domination qi, life qi, death qi, righteous qi, orchid vitality qi, elderly qi, and other immortal materials.

Dao marks affected the entire sovereign immortal aperture, allowing it to produce resources gradually from a blank state. It started with mortal Gu materials, after dao marks accumulated, a qualitative change would occur, becoming immortal level Gu materials.

These resources were naturally formed as a result of dao marks.

The sovereign immortal aperture was gradually filled up like this, it reached eighty percent development now.

Other than resources, an increase in dao marks would also affect the production of existing resources.

After annexing Fire Plain grotto-heaven and gaining a bunch of fire path dao marks, the entire temperature of the immortal aperture would rise gradually, many water path or wood path resource points would suffer as a result.

If he gained metal path dao marks, a large amount of ores would appear in the soil, the fertility of the soil would change, affecting the growth of the vegetation above.

If he gained water path dao marks, there would be more rain, over time, floods might occur.

If he gained poison path dao marks, some plagues or diseases might erupt instead of being seasonal, they might spread widely and rapidly.

If he gained transformation path dao marks, many lifeforms might mutate when they grow, some might have different forms or natures, causing problems to their original groups.

Thus, during this period of time, the sovereign immortal aperture had not been peaceful.

Many strange things occurred at random times occasionally.

Like earlier, Mini Eastern Sea had eerie winds appearing out of nowhere.

Profound eerie winds swept the area, causing small islands to form on the surface of the sea.

But the area in which these profound eerie winds blew did not need islands, the earth path dao marks would obstruct the sea waves, while the soul path dao marks would kill the weak life forms and create soul beasts, changing the natural habitat.

Fang Yuan initially suspected the two neighboring sea areas, they were right at the core of the profound eerie winds, they were very plausibly the source of them.

But after some tests and deductions, Fang Yuan found that the reason was two far away sea areas, their dao marks influenced each other, like the repulsion of magnetic waves, causing profound eerie winds to be created between them.

As for situations like wild beast mutation that caused problems to beast groups, the spread of plagues and diseases, the increase of ores that destroyed the homes of rockmen, the burning of forests for no apparent reason, the fall of ice shards from the sky and others, they happened continuously.

All of the defending Gu Immortals were extremely busy, they went around taking action and salvaging the situation.

Fang Yuan's main body also took action frequently, setting up immortal formations at the important resource points, like he was patching up torn clothes.

"The boost of dao marks carry uncertainty, only time can digest and assimilate such issues. I need to let the sovereign immortal aperture develop and naturally acclimatize to these situations."

"Originally, the sovereign immortal aperture had a huge space and sparse resources, it was hard for them to affect each other. but now, after reaching eighty percent, there are too many resources that are closely packed together, their influence on each other is also not between two resources, but a large group of resources in the vicinity, they affect each other in a chain-like manner."

"And worse is that I used Time Difference grotto-heaven's method to construct year essence pools and created different time path regions. Because the areas have varying time flow, my deductions are even more complicated."

"When I bring in more immortal materials in the future, the deduction difficulty will rise by a hundred times! It is beyond my capabilities." Such deduction difficulties were simply too high, Fang Yuan was helpless about it.

"Furthermore, even if I can deduce the results, I will still need to modify the location of the respective resources. Each time I relocate them, it would be like a huge surgery, expending a lot of my resources, time, and energy."

"I am afraid that eighty percent is my current limit!"

After understanding this, Fang Yuan felt admiration when he looked at the five regions and two heavens.

The five regions and two heavens had far larger space than the sovereign immortal aperture, but all of their resources were appropriately located, they influenced each other in a harmonious way.

Even when the five regional walls vanished, when the earth veins merged, even after the heaven veins merged, these resource points were still unchanged, they were barely affected.

"I see, this is — heaven path!"

Fang Yuan's body and mind shook intensely, at this moment, he could sense the law of balancing of heaven path deeply!

"If my heaven path attainment level can rise to master level, I will be able to resolve this predicament and make a breakthrough, I can continue to develop the sovereign immortal aperture even further. What a pity, what a pity…"

In history, nobody had ever cultivated heaven path, even though Limitless Demon Venerable created unrestrained heavenly mark, he was still a rule path cultivator. As for Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, he cultivated earth path.

Fang Yuan might be the Gu cultivator who had the deepest venture into heaven path.

Fang Yuan activated Cooking Luck Pot, inspecting his own luck.

He saw that above the silver white pillar of light, there were still three clouds that were continuing to get larger.

But the silver white light pillar that represented Fang Yuan forcefully grew to around four times the original size. It was originally thin and slim, but now it was slightly 'thicker'.

This was caused by the annexation of Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Because Fire Plain Grotto Lord and Fire Plain grotto-heaven had their respective luck, after Fang Yuan killed and devoured the grotto-heavens, he also expended some of his own luck.

After some time, Fang Yuan's luck would recover and grow even thicker.

In terms of the growth of luck, Fang Yuan was naturally the winner among them.

"It seems that my tactic is correct, my development far surpasses the three venerables during this period. But…" Fang Yuan pondered.

He acutely sensed that even though the silver white light pillar expanded to four times of the original, it was no longer as condensed as before, it was quite loose now, the light was also no longer as clear as before.

"The reason why my silver white light pillar grew this much is because I annexed many grotto-heavens, my foundation rose sharply. Other than that, I also created and modified many compound killer moves, my time path clone also made many rank eight Immortal Gu."

"But these things only reached a quantitative change, without qualitative change, it is still too loose."

"For example, the sovereign immortal aperture is still very unstable, the resources are not assimilated into the environment yet, I've only used some methods to forcefully place them here. If I am careless, a disaster will occur, I will suffer huge losses and my luck will fall."

"And even though I have many rank eight Immortal Gu and compound killer moves, I still do not have a proper combat system that perfectly uses them, I cannot link them together!"

"Thus, the silver white light pillar is loose."

Fang Yuan could feel the amazing aspect of luck path once again.

Through luck inspection, not only could he understand his current circumstances, he could also inspect his own flaws and weaknesses.

With this, he even had the direction that he was going to pursue next.

Fang Yuan took a look at the luck of his clones as well.

Qi Sea Ancestor, Zhan Bu Du, Meng Qiu Zhen, and the rest had increased luck.

His connection with Fang Di Chang was also becoming clearer.

But Wu Shuai's dragon luck was not in good shape, it was actually near the brink of collapsing!

"What is going on? Don't tell me that after creating lingering poisonous ant plague, it actually led to a bad result?" Fang Yuan soon ruled out this guess, he was quite confused internally.

Among his clones, Wu Shuai was the safest in terms of circumstances.

Qi Sea Ancestor's true identity was a hidden threat.

Meng Qiu Zhen faced danger when exploring dream realms.

Zhan Bu Du had already been sent away by Fang Yuan to lurk elsewhere.

Li Xiao Bai was a mortal Gu Master, he did not have much control over his situation.

The time path clone made use of Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool to refine a large number of rank eight Immortal Gu, yet he only had rank six cultivation level, if any accident occurs, he would die from backlash.

Even though Wu Shuai was also trying to get stronger himself, his main responsibility was to manage the variant human alliance. How could he be in danger?

And this was a fatal danger that could cost him his life!

Central Continent.

In an underground cave somewhere, an elderly Gu Immortal with a reddened nose laughed loudly: "I finally got here, I did not waste my effort for the last ten or so days without sleep!"

There was a rank eight Gu Immortal true inheritance in front of him!

The will that had been slumbering for a long time was awake, he looked at the elderly Gu Immortal: "If you want to obtain the true inheritance of myself and my wife, you need to agree to one condition."

"What condition?" The elderly Gu Immortal squinted and asked.

The Gu Immortal will sighed: "In my later years, I took in a traitorous disciple named Wu Shuai. He actually enslaved both me and my wife! If you want to obtain this true inheritance, you will need to shoulder the responsibility of taking revenge."


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