Reverend Insanity
2108 Slaughtering A Hundred Million People
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2108 Slaughtering A Hundred Million People

There were mushroomman Gu Immortals as well.

Even though the mushroomman blessed land had not been annexed by Fang Yuan, most of these mushroommen had already relocated into his sovereign immortal aperture. Ke Xin Hong was the strongest Gu Immortal among them, his poison path methods were extraordinary.

It was not long before Fire Plain grotto-heaven started to lose on all ends.

Not only did they have fewer numbers compared to Fang Yuan's subordinates, even when rank sevens fought against each other, Fang Yuan's subordinates were still stronger.

As Fang Yuan's subordinates attacked, they killed several more Gu Immortals of Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

In the end, the remaining Gu Immortals lost their morale, they wanted to surrender but Fang Yuan ordered for them to be killed regardless.

Next, they cleaned up the battlefield.

Fire Plain grotto-heaven cultivated fire path primarily, most of the immortal materials were also fire path.

Even though some were lost due to the ant plague, because the grotto-heaven's Gu Immortals did their best to preserve the materials, there was still a large quantity of valuable resources.

For example, there were twenty-eight charcoal lakes, distributed all over Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Every charcoal lake's location was meticulously calculated, there were huge advantages in placing them there.

Fang Yuan had once constructed his own charcoal lake, but it was inferior to any single charcoal lake of Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

These charcoal lakes were self-producing, especially at the depths of the lakes, a large amount of immortal material fire charcoal was produced.

Other than charcoal lakes, Fire Plain grotto-heaven also had a huge forest.

Fire date forest!

Fang Yuan even found several ancient desolate plant giant disaster blazing trees.

This type of tree was covered in raging flames, nothing could get close to it. More impressively, this giant disaster blazing tree would cause bad luck to whatever life forms got close to it.

This was an immortal material that contained fire path and luck path.

The two heavens' grotto-heavens of Fang Yuan's subordinates contained a certain quantity of luck path immortal materials at minimum, Fire Plain grotto-heaven was no exception, it had luck path materials too.

Other than these, Fang Yuan also gained a large amount of flames.

The largest quantity was date flame.

This flame was vermilion red in color, it was condensed into a lump and the fire was very well hidden within. Even though it was an immortal material, even a mortal could hold it with their hands without getting burned to ashes.

Other than date flame, there was also phoenix song flame, black lantern blind fire, elephant tusk flame, firefly flame, flying flame, dragon snake dancing flame, and others.

What disappointed Fang Yuan slightly was that even though there were many types of flames, there were none of the rank nine unique flames of heaven, earth, and human.

The so-called three flames of heaven, earth, and human were the heaven flame bright light glorious ring fire, earth flame azure divine stone furnace fire, and human flame raging wave rising dragon fire.

After collating the immortal materials, he looked at the Immortal Gu.

There were very few Immortal Gu gained, he only obtained three.

One was a fire path Immortal Gu that was heavily injured, it was a Gu worm that was let out, Bing Yuan was very fortunate to have obtained it.

The other two were ant Immortal Gu, one was golden in color and large like a mountain, it resembled red copper. The other was small as a thumb, its body was extremely long, like a soft white noodle.

The red copper immortal ant could spit out fireballs while the white noodle immortal ant could produce large numbers of ants.

These were all the products of the lingering poisonous ant plague killer move.

When ants devoured the Gu materials within Fire Plain grotto-heaven, they would continue to refine themselves. Those that were mortal Gu could be elevated into Immortal Gu.

But Fang Yuan could not guess or estimate what Immortal Gu would be produced.

From these two ants, he could still barely see their origin.

The red copper fire ant should have been an arrow ant, its mouth could shoot out sharp spikes. After shooting three spikes, it would be weak, it would not be able to fight even a worker ant.

The white noodle immortal ant should be a queen ant. It was huge and had no offensive or offensive methods, but it could rapidly produce worker ants, soldier ants, armor ants, arrow ants, and others.

Army ants were just vicious insects in essence, but they could raise their strength, from being an ordinary beast, to beast king, to desolate beast, to ancient desolate beast and finally, to immemorial desolate beast level.

This just was like the dark web spider in the River of Time which was an immemorial desolate beast, or the tiger-striped honey bee in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e that was also an immemorial desolate beast.

But after Wu Shuai's modifications, these ants that the lingering poisonous ant plague produced had undergone a qualitative change, they all became Gu worms!

Even though Gu worms also ate food, they were the hosts of dao mark fragments.

The value of a mortal ant Gu far exceeded an ordinary ant or insect.

These ant Gu were all tough and strong, they had intense vitality and fighting spirit. A hundred ant Gu could easily slaughter a hundred ants of the same rank.

Most Gu worms had fragile bodies that could be easily crushed, but some also had tough exoskeletons and strong vitality.

For example, the chainsaw golden centipede that Fang Yuan used in the past.

The chainsaw golden centipede had two main advancement routes.

One was the rank four chainsaw killer centipede, the other was the flying vajra centipede, having rank three, four, and five versions.

When Gu Masters used these two Gu worms, the former could slaughter strong enemies while the latter could pierce bones and flesh, drilling into the enemies' body.

Even at Immortal Gu level, such Gu worms existed.

Like the sword legged dragon centipede Gu.

Rank seven sword legged dragon centipede Gu was seven li long, it had a centipede body and dragon head. Its countless limbs contained sword path dao marks, allowing it to carry tens of thousands of swords with it. Once it coiled around its prey, these sharp swords would attack from all directions, creating bloody holes in the ancient desolate beast, it was very fierce.

Wu Shuai elevated the essence of his army ants from insect to Gu, they gained a huge amount of potential for growth.

But this method had huge flaws.

The first flaw was the immense expenditure. Originally, ants could breed themselves with just some resources expended. But to create ant Gu, Gu materials would be expended for the refinement. Other than that, ant Gu also needed to be fed. The price of feeding ant Gu was many times higher than raising normal ants!

The second flaw was regarding the level of rank six and above.

Because Immortal Gu were unique, even though there could be countless desolate level ants of the same variety, there could only be one Immortal Gu of each breed.

If there were just a few ant Immortal Gu, then overall, the earlier army ants with desolate beasts would be easier to form and have greater overall strength as well.

"However, if I use this method to cultivate them, the new army ants will also be able to expand greatly in numbers." Fang Yuan observed the red copper fire ant and white noodle queen ant as he thought.

These two ants were Immortal Gu but Fang Yuan could not recreate them, he did not know their Immortal Gu recipes.

These ant Gu had successfully ascended after devouring the Gu materials and immortal materials in Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

The ant plague was extremely huge, involving almost the entire grotto-heaven, but only two ant Immortal Gu were produced in the end.

The killer move lingering poisonous ant plague contained refinement path profundity, it stood at the apex of the current world's hairy man nature Gu refinement technique!

Nature Gu refinement technique used the natural dao marks of the outside world to refine Gu and greatly raise the success rate.

The moment Fang Yuan created lingering poisonous ant plague, his attainment in the nature Gu refinement technique already surpassed Long Hair Ancestor in every aspect!

These ants could refine and ascend themselves, it was not just due to the Gu materials of the outside world, most importantly, Fang Yuan was expending his own unrestrained heavenly marks.

Long Hair Ancestor did not have any unrestrained heavenly marks after all.

"Using lingering poisonous ant plague, I can nurture a large number of ant Immortal Gu. As long as I have a large number of ant gu, if I expend a lot of resources, I will have a continuous stream of ant Immortal Gu produced. Even though Immortal Gu are unique, after obtaining red copper fire ant, I can still produce ant Gu like red copper water ant or yellow gold fire ant!"

With just a slight difference, the Immortal Gu would still be considered unique.

Fang Yuan made his deduction, he realized that the key obstacle to this was not the uniqueness of Immortal Gu but the resources needed.

Using this method to nurture ant Immortal Gu had too high of an expenditure.

Refining the two rank six Immortal Gu, red copper fire ant and white noodle queen ant, took so much in resources from Fire Plain grotto-heaven, it was sufficient to refine more than ten rank seven Immortal Gu normally.

The efficiency of using the resources was too low!

Other than immortal materials and Immortal Gu, there were also some Gu cultivation inheritances gained from taking down Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

The most valuable one was Fire Plain true inheritance.

Even though Fang Yuan did not get it from Fire Plain Grotto Lord, there was the original copy in Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Fire Plain true inheritance was a high quality fire path true inheritance, it had a profound method called furious red heart flames. Fire Plain Grotto Lord had used it before his death to threaten Fang Yuan to let him off, it was used in his suicide.

There was also the killer move humanly flame smoke, this was a fire path killer move with human path effects. For Fang Yuan, it was quite valuable.

"Lord, what do we do with these people?" A subordinate Gu Immortal asked.

Fire Plain grotto-heaven was a human grotto-heaven, there were over a hundred million purebred humans here.

If they were all moved into the sovereign immortal aperture, the burden would be immense.

Fang Yuan thought about it and gave his orders plainly: "Kill them all to construct Human Sea."

Thus, the variant human Gu Immortals took action and engaged in a merciless slaughter.

A hundred million humans were all slaughtered, their bones, flesh, intestines, and soul were collected and classified into different groups of Gu materials, they were transported into the sovereign immortal aperture's inventory.

Their human qi was completely taken by Human Sea.

This incomplete artificial secluded domain of heaven and earth was obtained from Xia clan by Fang Yuan.

In order to become venerable, Fang Yuan would need to get past the Heavenly Dao blockade, these human path methods needed elevation to deal with it.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Fang Yuan annexed the immortal apertures of all these Gu Immortals, before finally targeting Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

He moved most of the resources in the grotto-heaven into Mini Red Heaven.

Because of his constant annexing recently, the sovereign immortal aperture had undergone a huge change, its development was currently at eighty percent!

The sovereign immortal aperture's Gu material inventory was completely full, more than ten more inventories were made in succession.

Be they the mini nine heavens or the mini five regions, they all had many resource points in them, at least hundreds or thousands of them.

After careful and meticulous deduction, Fang Yuan finally allocated all these resources to the most appropriate locations.

"Mini Red Heaven is almost full as well, the sovereign immortal aperture feels packed now." Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

He felt that he was like a hungry fatty recently, he ate too much in a short period, he could not digest it well.

Normally, Gu Immortals cultivated one path, their immortal aperture's environment was quite simple and easy to manage. Most Gu Immortals did not have a huge immortal aperture, only space path Gu Immortals had the largest immortal apertures.

Fang Yuan, however, was different.

He cultivated all paths, the environment of his immortal aperture was very complex, almost all sorts of resources could be grown inside.

At the same time, his sovereign immortal aperture was also the largest and most unprecedented aperture, even a venerable's grotto-heaven might not be this big!

Thus, there were many things that he had to consider during this development.


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