Reverend Insanity
2107 Invading Fire Plain Grotto-Heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2107 Invading Fire Plain Grotto-Heaven

An exposed immortal aperture floated in the air, its entrance was not open but it absorbed the surrounding heaven and earth qi, Fang Yuan easily grabbed onto it.

His immortal killer move could capture and relocate immortal apertures, it had originated from Blazing Heaven Demoness' fire hand killer move.

Now, this method had been modified by Fang Yuan into a compound killer move, its power rose greatly, the effects were shocking.

Next, Fang Yuan deactivated the compound battlefield killer move and used heaven and earth travel to leave the place.

Soon, the immortal aura leaked and the surrounding ancient desolate beasts and immemorial desolate beasts were attracted.

Fang Yuan could not conceal his aura yet.

It was not his expertise.

After arriving at a safe location, Fang Yuan tossed Fire Plain Grotto Lord's immortal aperture into the sky.

This was a rank eight grotto-heaven, it could only be attached to the two heavens, it would not land in the five regions.

After the grotto-heaven door opened, it took in heaven and earth qi and quickly settled into this location.

But Fang Yuan did not move in, he only sent his immortal aperture's Gu Immortals to scavenge the grotto-heaven.

During this time, Fang Yuan annexed more grotto-heavens, his dao marks increased in numbers again, the amount was so much that if he entered this unstable grotto-heaven, he might cause it to burst.

Soon, his Gu Immortals returned, there were no Immortal Gu and they only brought very few immortal materials.

"Everywhere is burning, everything went up in flames."

"These are the only resources left, lord, please forgive us!"

"The newly born heavenly spirit is also trying to destroy everything in the grotto-heaven, this seems to be the obsession left by that rank eight Gu Immortal."

His Gu Immortal subordinates reported.

Fang Yuan did not mind this, he let them back into the sovereign immortal aperture.

After the grotto-heaven stabilized, Fang Yuan would forcefully annex this grotto-heaven.

Even if the heavenly spirit was unwilling to, Fang Yuan had a method to suppress the heavenly spirit, he had already modified it into a compound killer move.

Fang Yuan's ability at modifying compound killer moves was limited to only usual killer moves and battlefield killer moves.

When using his usual killer moves and battlefield killer moves, all the Gu worms were inside Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture, with the amplification of the unrestrained heavenly marks, he could unleash the might of a compound killer move.

As for ancient battle formations, Gu formations, and Immortal Gu Houses, their Gu worms were all in the outside world, without an environment of unrestrained heavenly marks, even if these methods were turned into compound killer moves, there would be no effect.

As Fang Yuan annexed grotto-heavens, he thought about the battlefield killer move he used earlier.

This killer move was not strong enough offensively, it was focused on combining theft path and wisdom path. But in actual combat, this battlefield killer move's effect was not good.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord was just an ordinary rank eight Gu Immortal, but Fang Yuan only managed to steal one rank eight Immortal Gu from him.

Immortal Gu were too easy to destroy, the Gu Immortal could destroy them with a single thought.

Even if Fang Yuan exerted his wisdom path methods to the limit, he could only affect the thinking speed of rank eights, he could not stop all their thoughts.

It was extremely difficult to reach that step.

Unless there was a huge difference in actual strength.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord was a rank eight Gu Immortal after all, he had many dao marks that naturally protected him. Furthermore, he also had decent defensive killer moves.

In history, almost no wisdom path Gu Immortals could reach this step against other similarly ranked immortals.

Looking at it carefully, certain people like Peeping Gentleman, Sect Leader Mei, Finger Deducing Steward and others had such achievements (many situations were unique and could not be replicated), but the total number was still less than five.

Even Star Constellation Immortal Venerable was not in this list.

Of course, nobody knew if she could reach this step, there were no clear records in history.

This showed that it was extremely difficult to suppress all the thoughts of a similarly ranked expert and make them unable to resist at all, even if it was only for a short period.

The strongest methods of wisdom path Gu Immortals against their enemies were still emotion based.

Thought, will, emotion; these were the three main wisdom path cultivation aspects.

In this case, Fang Yuan's compound battlefield killer move did not have much value in actual use, it needed to be modified further.

Even the best theories had to be tested in practice.

Like a combat system.

Creating a combat system out of nothing by simply staying in isolation was very difficult. There was a need for a powerful opponent or intense battle of life and death to test if a combat system was really superb or not.

Thus, as Fang Yuan considered his own combat system these last days, he felt some gratitude towards people like Duke Long or Spectral Soul.

Precisely because of them as reference, Fang Yuan had the qualifications to create his own combat system.

After annexing this rank eight grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan's fire path dao marks rose in numbers again.

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied, he continued to move.

This time, he placed his sights on Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Immortal killer move — Heaven Form!

Fang Yuan created a huge entrance into Fire Plain grotto-heaven through brute force.

The heavenly spirit of Fire Plain grotto-heaven was a rabbit.

Because it had devoured a nine heavens fragment before, the rabbit was dazed and slow. But now, it was jumping around, screeching in fear and panic.

The Gu Immortals of Fire Plain grotto-heaven noticed this and became very uncertain and shocked.

"The heavenly spirit is muddled but the past Grotto Lords have used the killer move humanly flame smoke to help it gain a bit of clarity compared to heavenly spirits of other grotto-heavens!"

"As long as the grotto-heaven faces danger, the heavenly spirit will be uneasy, this is a warning for us."

"When the ant plague occurred, the heavenly spirit became anxious already. In the grotto-heaven's history, there were several disasters too, for example, when immemorial desolate beasts attacked or when enormous fires burned, the heavenly spirit became uneasy."

"But we have never seen the heavenly spirit in such a wild mood, its voice even went hoarse from growling!"

The immortals in Fire Plain grotto-heaven looked at the heavenly spirit with increasingly uneasiness as well.

The heavenly spirit was becoming increasingly frenzied, its expression was fearful and it even slammed its head at the surrounding pillars.

Unfortunately, the heavenly spirit was not a real rabbit, it would not faint from this no matter how hard it hit the pillar.

"Go investigate! We need to get a result, we need to know what the danger is!"

"This danger is very severe, it might lead our Fire Plain grotto-heaven into the brink of destruction!"

"Quickly contact the Grotto Lord, only he can make the decisions in such a serious matter."

"Is the ant plague going to continue intensifying?"

Fire Plain grotto-heaven's Gu Immortals were very anxious, they quickly got to action.

"Oh, oh no! Grotto lord's life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu have been destroyed!"


"How is this possible?!"

The immortals of Fire Plain grotto-heaven became dazed.

Next, they found a huge hole in the sky.

Fang Yuan used heaven form killer move without concealing himself, he came openly and grandly.

If Fire Plain Grotto Lord was still alive, he might be able to use the entire grotto-heaven to resist Fang Yuan for some time while waiting for reinforcements.

But now, he was already dead.

"Fang Yuan, it's Fang Yuan…" Seeing the person beyond the hole, many of Fire Plain grotto-heaven's Gu Immortals became anguished.

"Why did this demon come for us?" Even more Gu Immortals turned pale as they shuddered with fright.

"Grotto lord is dead, this demon Fang Yuan might likely be the culprit. What are we going to do?"

"Everyone, we've already requested for help from Righteous Qi Alliance, now is the time we stake our lives and fight for survival!"

"This is our home, the place where we were born and grew up in, our friends and family all live here. We cannot run! We cannot let that demon devour our homeland like this!!"

After their initial panic, the immortals gathered their spirits and united to resist Fang Yuan.

"It is a pity I cannot go inside now." Fang Yuan rubbed his chin as he thought, looking at the huge hole formed by heaven form, he could only stand outside.

He had too many dao marks, according to his calculations, this Fire Plain grotto-heaven could not hold him either.

As long as Fang Yuan went in, with the conflict of dao marks, countless cracks would spread from this hole, the fire path dao marks inside would be forced to squeeze to the surroundings.

Seeing that the Gu Immortals were resolved to fight, Fang Yuan smiled coldly as they flew into the sky and attacked heaven form, he opened his immortal aperture.

At almost the next moment, a group of Gu Immortals led by Fairy Miao Yin and Lady White Rabbit flew out of the sovereign immortal aperture, charging into Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Gu Immortals of both sides engaged in intense combat.

At once, flames danged as lightning flashed. Figures flew around in the sky, clashing and parting, shock waves could be felt at intervals, killer moves were unleashed like fireworks, many Gu Immortals lost their lives amidst this beautiful show.

Immortal killer move — Wondrous Hand Profound Sound!

Fairy Miao Yin wore a pink dress, her two original arms were white like snow, the remaining six were translucent and pink, formed from her killer move.

Profound sounds spread out, attacking her surroundings in all directions.

Once Fairy Miao Yin appeared, she created a huge battlefield that enveloped three rank seven experts of Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

After several rounds, the three rank seven Gu Immortals got suppressed and fell into a disadvantage.

Fairy Miao Yin disregarded immortal essence expenditure, there was a reason for her current desperate attitude. She was once captured by Shadow Sect, she had to work with them and provide clues about Fang Yuan for Fairy Zi Wei.

There was a clear contrast between her and Lady White Rabbit, after returning to Fang Yuan, she knew she had to perform well to make up for her past mistakes.

Fairy Miao Yin wanted to perform well, the other Gu Immortals had similar thoughts.

Bing Yuan led the snowman Gu Immortals, she sent a wave of frost energy that froze the enemies. Shi Zong directed the rockman Gu Immortals as they unleashed a large number of falling meteors together, causing huge losses to the enemies. Inkman Gu Immortal Mo Tan Sang was a qi path cultivator, he waved his hands as a large number of qi gathered and moved, he attacked and caused a huge commotion, causing the enemy Gu Immortals to fall out of formation.

Comparatively, the hairy man Gu Immortals were slightly weaker.

After all, the hairy man Gu Immortals mostly cultivated refinement path.

But there were exceptions to this.

Golden Fur Immortal Monarch was covered in golden thread-like fur as he held a hammer and charged forward, he had ferocious might, raising the morale of others as well.

Strange Hair Grotto Lord was covered in black hair, he activated the incomplete Immortal Gu House Black Emperor Building and rampaged all over the place, having already killed one Gu Immortal from Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

Their Golden Hair grotto-heaven and Strange Hair grotto-heaven had been annexed by Fang Yuan, becoming a part of the sovereign immortal aperture.

As for Lang Ya Sect's hairy man Gu Immortals, the best performance was from rank six Gu Immortal Twelfth Hair, he cultivated enslavement path secondarily and controlled multiple desolate beasts, creating quite a commotion.


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