Reverend Insanity
2106 Forcing A Rank Eight To Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2106 Forcing A Rank Eight To Death

The night wind howled in his ears.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord flew in immemorial white heaven.

He concealed his traces as he moved, if others looked, they would only see a vague figure moving rapidly. The only thing was that the trail he moved on had high temperature, but wind soon blew the anomaly away.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord had rank eight cultivation level, but in an environment like immemorial white heaven, he still had to be very careful.

If he acted more brazenly, he would cause immemorial desolate beasts to attack him.

Especially those fire path immemorial desolate beasts, they had a huge interest in Fire Plain Grotto Lord.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord was not weak of course, but he was not in the frame of mind to bother with such problems. If he wanted to hunt immemorial desolate beasts in immemorial white heaven, he would need to plan and make preparations beforehand.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord rushed back to his grotto-heaven as he assessed his own body.

The ant plague in his body had already been suppressed.

Fire Plain grotto-heaven was affected long ago, the Gu Immortals in the grotto-heaven had also been hit by this vicious method.

Poison path excelled in traits like concealment and infectiousness, the Righteous Qi Alliance was right to ask poison path experts to participate in the research.

"The situation is stabilized at least, but Fire Plain grotto-heaven is still in deep trouble, we need a lot of contribution points to salvage it." Fire Plain Grotto Lord was very worried.

Fire Plain grotto-heaven's losses were severe this time.

Inside the grotto-heaven, the largest fire beard grassland had perished, turning into ruins. The fire beard grass that had great vitality was gone without a trace, not even the roots were left.

The vermilion flame wolves and red grass horses were also nearly extinct. The ant plague spared nothing, these wolves and horses were all eaten with no bones left behind.

"Our losses are too severe, but we still need to spend a huge sum to salvage this disaster!" Fire Plain Grotto Lord frowned tightly.

The Righteous Qi Alliance members paid such a huge price to research and gain some results that could suppress the lingering poisonous ant plague killer move.

Even brothers became sensitive when it came to money, not to mention this Righteous Qi Alliance that had barely any cohesiveness.

For the groups to survive and resist the powerful Fang Yuan, Wu Shuai, and the variant human alliance, they created the Righteous Qi Alliance.

Eastern Sea's righteous path paid a huge price for this, they would not allow the rest to use these gains without paying a cost.

According to the rules set by Righteous Qi Alliance, Fire Plain Grotto Lord had to pay a huge amount of resources or use high quality true inheritances in exchange for contribution points, which could be used to save Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

But what else could he do except that?

Fire Plain Grotto Lord sighed deeply in his heart.

He was filled with worries towards the present and the future.

"This is only the first move by that demon Fang Yuan! This is likely just a test, but our clan has already suffered greatly. He will definitely make a second or third attack."

"Fang Yuan possesses the sovereign immortal aperture, he can annex rank eight grotto-heavens. Those grotto-heavens of the variant human alliance are dwindling, he has already annexed many of them. My clan's Fire Plain grotto-heaven is definitely on his hunting list!"

"Or more accurately speaking, all the grotto-heavens in the two heavens are now his prey."

Ever since Fang Yuan annexed Grand Swine grotto-heaven and Time Difference grotto-heaven, he had not stopped annexing others.

The variant human alliance had been subdued by him long ago, they could only watch as he annexed their grotto-heavens, helpless against Fang Yuan.

Many were definitely furious that their homelands were annexed by Fang Yuan, but they did not dare to say anything in spite of their rage.

The commotion from the annexing of the apertures was too great, it was impossible to hide.

Therefore, Fire Plain Grotto Lord and others clearly were aware of this information.

"The enemy is too powerful, our Righteous Qi Alliance is clearly at a disadvantage. If we cannot match them in combat, we can only place our advantage in development." Fire Plain Grotto Lord analyzed inwardly.

The grotto-heavens of the two heavens had limited space, after countless years of development and accumulation, they had long since reached the point where they had no more development potential.

However, Eastern Sea was vast and rich, even if all these grotto-heavens were added together, they could not compare to the size and wealth of Eastern Sea.

This advantage was also the source of Righteous Qi Alliance's confidence against the variant human alliance. Even though the latter occupied Xia clan's territory, they only had a tiny area of Eastern Sea.

In this aspect, the Righteous Qi Alliance had a clear advantage.

"Fang Yuan can also tell that we have this advantage, thus he used the compound killer move to weaken us."

"He is definitely not going to stop here, by then, us Gu Immortals of the two heavens will become his main targets."

"Sigh! When will we finally be able to… hmm?!"

Suddenly, the scene before Fire Plain Grotto Lord changed abruptly.

The surroundings were covered in blue fog that trapped him in many layers.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord quickly stopped moving, he activated his defensive and investigative methods.

At the next moment, his expression changed.

"Battlefield killer move! Who are you, how dare you attack a member of the Righteous Qi Alliance! Come out, don't try to act mysterious!" Fire Plain Grotto Lord shouted.

But he only heard a wave of chuckling noises that resembled a child's voice.

The laughter spread around Fire Plain Grotto Lord, causing this rank eight Gu Immortal to be unable to discern where the voice was coming from.


A child attacked him from the huge blue fog without any notice.

He stretched out his chubby little arm and quickly grabbed at Fire Plain Grotto Lord's back.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord had already used an investigative killer move, even though its range was restricted to less than half of the usual because of this battlefield killer move.

But it was enough for Fire Plain Grotto Lord to detect this child's action.

However, Fire Plain Grotto Lord was still too slow, the mysterious child succeeded.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord grunted as he was hit by the move.


At the next moment, Fire Plain Grotto Lord unleashed a fierce attack and sparks of flames burst out and slaughtered the mysterious child on the spot.

The child died but there was no blood or flesh, he turned into a lump of blue fog.

"This mysterious child is made from the battlefield, but thankfully, the attack is not strong. Still, my defensive killer move was weakened by this, it has half of its strength left!"

Fire Plain Grotto Lord started to feel uneasy and anxious.

He needed to break this battlefield killer move quickly, even if he could not, he had to create a hole and communicate with the outside world to seek help.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord started to use his methods, he attacked the surroundings and tried to break the battlefield.

But it was useless, his methods were like harmless wind, the surrounding blue fog was endless and limitless.

From time to time, mysterious children would appear from the blue fog, they were either male or female, having blue eyes. They surrounded Fire Plain Grotto Lord as they attacked continuously.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord was clearly able to detect their appearance but he could not stop them from attacking, each time, he got hit by them.

"This seems to be a wisdom path battlefield! It is influencing my thoughts, causing me to act slower and slower, I cannot attack in advance to stop the children."

While Fire Plain Grotto Lord was thinking, his expression suddenly changed.

He felt that a fire path Immortal Gu was stolen by the children from his immortal aperture.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord quickly destroyed the child but the surrounding blue fog surged towards him, sweeping the exposed fire path Immortal Gu away.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord chased after it for a while but could not find anything.

"Oh no! This is a theft path battlefield, these mysterious children can steal my immortal aperture's Immortal Gu when they attack!!"

"I cannot stay here anymore, it is too dangerous!"

Originally, Fire Plain Grotto Lord felt that even though these mysterious children could not be guarded against, they were not strong, he could last a long time.

But now, Fire Plain Grotto Lord became deeply shocked, his hair was standing on end, his expression turned very ugly.

There was a pessimistic guess in his heart.

"This is a compound battlefield of theft path and wisdom path, or at least, it definitely contains these two paths!"

"I've never heard of such a compound killer move before."

"If this is a new killer move, then the user is most likely…"

Fire Plain Grotto Lord thought of a name.

He could not help but shudder.

Just this name alone made him break out in cold sweat.

He wanted this guess to be wrong, but at the next moment, Fang Yuan's figure slowly emerged.

Life was this cruel after all.

"Gu Yue Fang Yuan…" Fire Plain Grotto Lord took in a sharp breath, his eyes were staring wide as he looked at Fang Yuan in a daze.

This was the number one demon in the world, he was smiling and appearing in front of him.

"This is my new killer move, what do you think about it? Fire Plain Grotto Lord, obediently hand over your Immortal Gu and Fire Plain grotto-heaven, I might allow you to surrender." Fang Yuan said calmly, the surrounding blue fog concealed his body, making his smile even more peculiar and sinister.

This battlefield killer move was Fang Yuan's newest creation.

Fang Yuan ventured into the territory of battlefield killer moves, the results were quite promising.

This killer move used sneak attack Immortal Gu as the core, it was a compound battlefield killer move that contained wisdom path, theft path, refinement path, time path, and others.

After getting the information of Fire Plain Grotto Lord's route from Qi Sea Ancestor, Fang Yuan arranged an ambush here and used this method to test out the effect of his new killer move.

"Gu Yue Fang Yuan, I am not your match. Let me… let me consider your request." Fire Plain Grotto Lord had a hoarse voice as he lowered his head.

At the next moment, blazing flames started to burn around Fire Plain Grotto Lord's body with a loud sound.

Immortal killer move — Furious Red Heart Flames!

"Fang Yuan!" Within the fire, Fire Plain Grotto Lord shouted: "Don't force me! With just one thought, I can burn all of the Gu worms and resources in my immortal aperture."

"Let me off! Give me a way out, let me leave the battlefield, I will hand my Gu worms to you." Fire Plain Grotto Lord said with a distorted expression.

He knew that Fang Yuan was vicious and heartless, he tried to use this threat to survive.

But Fang Yuan snorted coldly: "Do you think I care about those few Immortal Gu? Or even the resources in your immortal aperture? Hehe, go ahead and burn. Incinerate your entire immortal aperture if you can, that will be a show!"

Fang Yuan did not take action personally, he vanished into the blue fog behind him.

Next, a large number of blue eyed children jumped out and attacked Fire Plain Grotto Lord continuously.

Fire Plain Grotto Lord was extremely furious and sad as the children attacked him. After enduring for a few breaths of time, he growled in anger as the flames exploded around him, he had actually burned himself to a crisp!


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