Reverend Insanity
2105 Obtaining True Inheritances
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2105 Obtaining True Inheritances

"We still have hope!"

"We are not in a truly desperate situation yet."

"That's right, even though we gathered most of the elite Gu Immortals of our clans, we have not taken out our true inheritances for them to use as reference."

"With these true inheritance contents, if we can come up with ideas together, there is a high chance of resolving the ant plague crisis!"

Qi Sea Ancestor was silent for a while before nodding slowly: "The situation is very severe, I believe all of you know that even without me saying it. Thus, everyone needs to contribute their true inheritances, please show us your utmost sincerity! If anyone dares to hide their inheritance or conceal it, don't blame me for taking matters into my own hands."

"As long as we can get rid of the ant plague, the entire Righteous Qi Alliance will benefit. Everyone's efforts will be rewarded and compensated, I believe that our contribution board would be the best answer to you!"

To resolve the ant plague, all the clans started to make contributions.

Hua clan took out their snake poison qi thread true inheritance, Nan Gong clan took out great profound true inheritance, Xie clan took out remnant leaves true inheritance, Su clan took out big belly true inheritance…

Originally, even though Righteous Qi Alliance had a contribution board, there were few names on it.

Before this, Qi Sea Ancestor also asked the clans to exchange inheritances and killer moves mutually, but these were all superficial exchanges. After all, if there was no need to, who would take out their unique inheritance to trade to others?

But now, the situation was different.

Not only did the contribution board's length get longer, the intensity of the competition over rankings also rose, the names on the list moved up and down constantly.

Different inheritance details had varying value, some were more precious than others, while some were hard to assess.

But Qi Sea Ancestor was Fang Yuan's clone, they shared attainment level, he had deep knowledge about this and gave all the clans' inheritances an appropriate assessment of value.

Even if the contributor was not happy with it, Qi Sea Ancestor would gather the immortals and discuss together, each time, his arguments would convince all the Gu Immortals and leave them unable to rebuke him.

As this happened with increasing frequency, Qi Sea Ancestor's prestige also rose as well.

The Righteous Qi Alliance's members were all in awe towards Qi Sea Ancestor's wealth of knowledge.

"First supreme elder, are we really handing over Tian Nan's true inheritance?"

"This is Tian Nan's true inheritance after all!"

"Back then, in order to get Ascending Heaven Plain and obtain this true inheritance, we spent so much effort and suffered immense hardship!"

Song clan's Gu Immortals went to find Song Qi Yuan, they were very unwilling.

Song Qi Yuan sighed deeply as he said helplessly: "Can't you see the current situation? It has gone out of our control. Everyone knows that we possess Tian Nan's true inheritance, they have already been asking us to contribute it time and time again, even dragging it until now is our limit. Xia clan gave their molten casting true inheritance while Tang clan contributed their myriad fusion true inheritance, if we do not give them Tian Nan's true inheritance, we will not be able to explain for ourselves. Everyone is looking at us now, who would let us off?"

Song clan's Gu Immortals turned silent.

The situation had unknowingly gone out of their control.

Initially, all the clans had good intentions, in order to avoid war and to resolve the ant plague, they contributed some true inheritances.

Even though these true inheritances were of wood path, food path, and other relevant paths, they were not too important or valuable.

But even if the value was not high, they were still ranked accordingly.

Some people became higher ranked, some were lower ranked.

If the difference was not obvious, so be it.

But this contribution board indicated everyone's contribution very clearly!

The clans at the top would feel unhappy when they looked at it: "Why did we contribute so much while others make barely any contribution? Let alone the rest, doesn't that clan have that true inheritance we need? Why are they still keeping silent? Look at us, we even gave up our important true inheritance!"

With such pressure, those at the lower end of the list had to choose some inheritances to contribute.

This way, the people at the bottom would go to the top, they would feel unhappy again. If they still ranked below the rest, they would be mocked at by the top contributors, they might even face humiliating criticism: "Is this all that your clan has? You can't even give us anything good, you dare to call yourselves a super clan?"

Gu Immortals were astute people, when they took out their inheritances, they would think of offering those with similar value, to make sure everyone had around the same ranking.

But how could that happen?

There were too many names on the contribution board, who could be certain that their inheritance was 'just about right'?

And even if some Gu Immortals felt that it was about right, others would think differently.

Even if everyone was happy about it, hehe, don't forget who the person evaluating these inheritances was!

Qi Sea Ancestor pretended to be regulating this exchange but he was creating problems for them secretly!

Thus, all the different clans competed and mocked each other, the competition became intense. The clans started taking out more and more valuable inheritances, this led to the pain of loss, which turned into anger and unhappiness when they saw those people who contributed less than them.

Thus, the situation got out of their control.

All the clans had to take out their top tier true inheritances, Song clan was not the first one. And Tian Nan's true inheritance was already an eyesore to some people, they wanted it to be contributed.

"I've already given up this true inheritance, why is your Song clan keeping Tian Nan's true inheritance, do you think this is the right thing to do?"

"Hmph, my clan's sacrifice is so big, I need to make sure Song clan suffers as well."

"Song clan's Tian Nan's true inheritance definitely has huge value. Using this chance, we can obtain it easily while having a good reason for it, this is great!"

All the clans had many Gu Immortals, these were all elites.

The contribution of true inheritances became a competition, it turned into a political conflict between the clans, the Righteous Qi Alliance's members were tearing at each other, while the biggest beneficiary was the high and mighty Qi Sea Ancestor who watched this spectacle from his main seat.

Fang Yuan not only obtained Tian Nan's true inheritance, he also got several other refinement path true inheritances.

There were also some food path inheritances that he was interested in.

Undoubtedly, Eastern Sea was very rich, these super forces had very deep foundations.

They definitely had even better things, but it was not wise to ask them for more. If the pressure intensified, it might backfire instead.

What made the Righteous Qi Alliance slightly happier was that after the immense contributions, they finally saw some results.

Even though they could not get rid of the lingering poisonous ant plague, there were methods that could restrict its growth now.

Brainstorming was still an effective strategy.

Even though Fang Yuan's killer move was unique, with the hard work of the entire Eastern Sea righteous path, it was only a matter of time until they resolved it.

Using one killer move to decimate the entire region's righteous path was impossible to begin with.

Killer moves were fixed, they had flaws, that was why Gu Immortals could improve upon them.

Fang Yuan did not think this would work, his true motive was to get refinement path inheritances, everything else was an added bonus.

He wanted to become venerable through refinement path!

He had to become venerable to reach a qualitative change, that would give him the strength to resist Star Constellation, Giant Sun, and Spectral Soul.

Of course, it was not that Fang Yuan could not snatch these inheritances using force.

His current battle strength had surpassed the entire Eastern Sea righteous path.

But the efficiency was just too low, how could it compare to the speed of their willing contribution? Also, true inheritances could be destroyed, it was a risky thing to do. And finally, it would waste Fang Yuan's time and energy, his growth would become slower, Fang Yuan would also waste his luck.

All these super forces had immense foundation and huge luck, fighting against them would expend his own luck.

When he went to Crazed Demon Cave, Fang Yuan would need to face venerable opponents, it was better to conserve his strength instead of wasting it.

This was also why Fang Yuan made transactions with Southern Border's Wu clan and Western Desert's Fang clan.

Fang Yuan's main body soon got hold of the contents of Tian Nan's true inheritance and the others.

Among all the inheritances that the Righteous Qi Alliance took out, Tian Nan's true inheritance had the highest value. Right now, on the contribution board, Song clan was placed at the top spot.

Old Eccentric Tian Nan described his grand and maniacal ambitions in this true inheritance.

He wanted to refine the immemorial two heavens and even the five regions, to turn them into his own external immortal aperture!

There was no doubt about it, he failed.

Even a venerable could only refine the dao marks of their own path in the outside world. Yet, Old Eccentric Tian Nan wanted to refine all the dao marks of the world.

In Fang Yuan's case, this was completely possible in theory. When Gu cultivators refine Gu, weren't they just refining the relevant dao marks or dao fragments of the Gu?

The biggest obstacle to Old Eccentric Tian Nan was none other than heaven path.

He found that no matter what idea he came up with, he could not refine heaven path dao marks.

Eventually, he found an extremely risky method but ended up failing. In historical records, Old Eccentric Tian Nan had an eccentric nature, he tried to refine the heavens and ended up dying as a result.

It was said that being half a step ahead of the era was genius, while being one step ahead of the era was insanity.

Old Eccentric Tian Nan was such a lunatic.

Two million years passed and the eras progressed, one person who managed to resolve Old Eccentric Tian Nan's biggest problem finally appeared.

Limitless Demon Venerable!

He succeeded in his heaven path refinement.

Over a million years passed again, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable entered Crazed Demon Cave in his exploration, he obtained Limitless Demon Venerable's method that could do this.

Indeed, it was unrestrained heavenly mark.

The unrestrained heavenly mark killer move that Lu Wei Yin gave to Fang Yuan had a long history, it was not created by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, Paradise Earth merely modified it, the source was Limitless.

And what surprised Fang Yuan was that in this Tian Nan's true inheritance, there were Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's notes.

It turned out that Reckless Savage Demon Venerable had also obtained Tian Nan's true inheritance in Ascending Heaven Plain.

Even though he learned the true inheritance's details, he did not destroy it, he even made it more sturdy to pass on to the future generations.

In his later years, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable returned here and added his own refinement path experience in Tian Nan's true inheritance.

"This old man Tian Nan is really daring, speaking of which, if I can refine the entire Heavenly Dao, that would be so cool!"

"It is a pity that refinement path does not suit me, I still prefer close combat using my body."

"But… I can make use of those remaining beastmen. Didn't they want to use food path to claim victory? Hehehe, wishful thinking!"

"They think I have not discovered that gluttonous demon frog."

Using the notes, Fang Yuan saw that the mystery of the past history was unveiled to an extent.

In historical records, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable used the lingering beastmen in his old age to create Reckless Savage grotto-heaven, he left behind his true inheritance inside it.

It turned out that Reckless Savage Demon Venerable was using Tian Nan's true inheritance to scheme against and make use of those beastmen's methods instead.


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