Reverend Insanity
2104 Helpless Immortals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2104 Helpless Immortals

In the hall at the bottom of qi sea.

The representatives of the clans in the Righteous Qi Alliance gathered with many different wills, discussing on how to resolve the lingering poisonous ant plague.

The ant plague had just been discovered, the clans did not have any good ideas.

Thus gradually, their gazes shifted towards Qi Sea Ancestor.

The grotto-heaven owners that resided in the two heavens were already gritting their teeth, they asked Qi Sea Ancestor to stand up for them.

The ant plague harmed almost all the two heavens grotto-heavens' Righteous Qi Alliance members, these people were considered closest to Qi Sea Ancestor, as for Eastern Sea's forces, only Song clan, Ruo Lai clan, and Cai clan were affected.

Thus, Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals deduced: "Did this method originate from the two heavens? Song clan, Ruo Lai clan, and Cai clan got hit by it because they have Ascending Heaven Plain?"

Nobody suspected Qi Sea Ancestor to be the culprit.

Because the ones who suffered the most were Qi Sea Ancestor's closest allies in the Righteous Qi Alliance.

After staying silent for a moment, Qi Sea Ancestor said: "We need to resolve this ant plague. In my opinion, this problem is even greater than the qi harvest fruit from before. As long as the qi harvest fruit does not explode, it would not damage the grotto-heaven. But this ant plague harms Gu Immortals and their foundations at all times."

"Among us here, some have not encountered this problem. But if we do not try to resolve this now, nobody will be spared in the future!"

The immortals in the hall were all very worried.

Gu Immortals were astute people, everyone acknowledged Qi Sea Ancestor's words. If not for this, they would not have gathered to discuss this so quickly.

The ant plague was like a fire, even though it was only burning some people now, if it was not put out in time, everyone would be affected by it eventually.

Qi Sea Ancestor continued: "Resolving this ant plague will not be like the qi harvest fruit problem. During that time, I could still try to solve it, but this ant plague does not concern qi path. Thus, we will have to rely on all of you, we must work together to get through this."

"We need to gather the wisdom path Gu Immortals of the respective clans and make deductions together. During the process, if they need any Immortal Gu, killer move, a particular path's Gu Immortal great expert, or even the help of a true inheritance, you need to provide it without holding back."

Qi Sea Ancestor's expression became increasingly solemn: "Even if we cannot resolve this, we need to be able to suppress and slow down the ant plague for now. If we cannot even suppress it, we will need to wage war on the variant human alliance again!"

Qi Sea Ancestor spoke with a firm tone, his expression was very serious.

The hall fell into silence.

The Gu Immortals stopped talking.

Qi Sea Ancestor's words made good sense.

The terrifying part of the ant plague was that it consumed the foundation of the Gu Immortal.

If it could not be restrained or stopped in time, the ant plague would grow increasingly strong while the Righteous Qi Alliance would became weakened severely.

After a long time, a clear difference in strength would be apparent between the Righteous Qi Alliance and variant human alliance, if they did not attack early and deal with the variant human alliance, eventually, the Righteous Qi Alliance would not have the strength to contest the variant human alliance anymore!

The killer move lingering poisonous ant plague involved many paths and even used up unrestrained heavenly marks. This killer move was at the strategic level, it had terrifying might.

"But waging war on the variant human alliance? Isn't that simply waging war on Gu Yue Fang Yuan and Wu Shuai?"

"How can we be Fang Yuan's match? Even Spectral Soul fell at his hands!"

"But if we do not fight, are we going to wait for death?"

"There is no longer an option for us, this demon Fang Yuan is too overbearing!"

"No, even Heavenly Court could not do anything against Fang Yuan, even though our Righteous Qi Alliance has many members…"

"Isn't Fang Yuan also accumulating strength right now?"

"Maybe we can get help from Heavenly Court?"

"Hmph, Heavenly Court is not worthy of being the leader of the righteous path, our Lord Alliance Leader has already contacted them, wanting to work together to deal with the variant human alliance. They have been stalling with excuses."

"In my opinion, the best situation is for us to work together and resolve this ant plague!"

"Even though Fang Yuan is behind this, he has not taken action personally, this is his probe towards us. We need to perfectly resolve this ant plague and show him our strength!"

The immortals in the hall discussed, they soon came to a consensus.

They did not want an all-out battle to the death.

Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals did not have the same nature as Northern Plains' Gu Immortals.

Furthermore, all of the clans were busy competing for the newly exposed true inheritances, they were too busy, why shouldn't they strengthen themselves instead of pitting their lives against the enemies?

For normal fights, they would be wins or losses, there was hope, that was why people would want to fight.

But to fight against Fang Yuan to the death?

It would not lead to the enemy's death, they would certainly die themselves!

All the Gu Immortals did not say this but they had the same opinion internally.

Heavenly Court's distressed state, Spectral Soul's loss, all these proved that Fang Yuan had terrifying might and incredible craftiness.

Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals did not know that Spectral Soul's main body was still around. In their eyes, Fang Yuan even managed to kill a former venerable, his strength was simply too much, his demonic might was unparalleled.

Unless they had absolutely no choice, they did not want to provoke such a person!

"In that case, let's try to resolve the ant plague." Qi Sea Ancestor's final sentence ended this meeting.

The Righteous Qi Alliance started to put in effort to research on how to resolve this.

But was the killer move lingering poisonous ant plague so simple?

The more the Gu Immortals from the Righteous Qi Alliance researched, the less confident they got. Facing everyone's expectations, even the wisdom path Gu Immortals doing the deductions felt increasing pressure as time passed.

Days passed, they did not produce any good results.

All the clans were unhappy, Qi Sea Ancestor also personally came to ask about it.

The wisdom path Gu Immortals with Hua An at the lead had to ask: "Don't be anxious, we have a discovery! The ant plague contains wood path profundity, these ants are able to grow while growing is a specialty of wood path. This is likely because Fang Yuan fought against Qing Chou and gained some inspiration from it."

To be honest, these wisdom path Gu Immortals were quite impressive to have realized this.

Thus, Eastern Sea's wood path experts were brought over and participated in the research.

There was no result again.

The wisdom path and wood path Gu Immortals felt increasing pressure, they shouted: "Enslavement path, enslavement path! The ant plague contains enslavement path profundity, these ants are organized in an orderly manner, they work in unison to create a huge plague, this is the power of enslavement path."

Thus, the Righteous Qi Alliance's enslavement path experts also joined in the group and participated in the research.

But the research still made no progress.

The wisdom path, wood path, and enslavement path Gu Immortals could not stand the pressure, they shouted again: "We need poison path experts!"

There were not many poison path experts but they still existed.

Under everyone's expectations, the poison path experts also joined in the research.

"We also need food path experts! These ants have the ability to grow from devouring food." The researching Gu Immortals said in agreement.

However, food path Gu Immortals were just too rare.

After talking among themselves, the immortals had to invite the famous Eastern Sea lone immortal, Zui Xian Weng.

Zui Xian Weng had many acquaintances, he had some sort of connection with most of the righteous path forces, but he was not currently in Eastern Sea.

"We need refinement path as well! We found that the core of the ant plague is refinement path! Undoubtedly, after Fang Yuan obtained Lang Ya Sect, his refinement path attainment is too deep. These ants are able to devour dao marks and refine themselves into Immortal Gu, this is too shocking!"

Eastern Sea's clans quickly put in effort together, they sent most of their clan's refinement path Gu Immortals over.

With everyone's collective effort, progress in the research was showing.

These clans' elites were really talented people.

But they could not find the most important and fundamental result!

Did this single move, lingering poisonous ant plague, overwhelm the entire Eastern Sea righteous path?

That was the fact of the matter.

This was simply unbelievable to the Righteous Qi Alliance's Gu Immortals, but they had no choice but to admit it!

Shen Cong Sheng said some words that showed deep wisdom: "At this point, I've already understood some things. That Fang Yuan has the sovereign immortal body, he cultivates all paths, he is an all-rounded genius. This compound killer move comprises poison path, wood path, refinement path, food path, and enslavement path profundities, he put the specialties of all these paths together in an intrinsic manner."

"As for us? We can only cultivate one path, or two at most. If we cultivate poison path, we cannot understand wood path. if we cultivate wood path, we know nothing about food path. Because of this, even if we work together, we cannot solve this ant plague problem."

Even now, the Righteous Qi Alliance had not discovered that lingering poisonous ant plague killer move also comprised heaven path profundity.

However, nobody in history had ever cultivated heaven path, it was normal that they did not discover this.

"How can a person cultivate every path like this?!"

"Speaking of which, Spectral Soul is too useless. Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance spent over a hundred thousand years of accumulation to refine a rank nine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, but he actually lost it to Fang Yuan like this!!"

"Creating compound killer moves is simply as easy as breathing for him. After some time passes from now, he is going to have even more new methods."

"This demon only used one move to send us into panic and helplessness."

"Why is it that our Eastern Sea has to be the one suffering from this number one demon's method?!"

The Righteous Qi Alliance could not find a solution, while venting their frustrations out loud, they felt disdain towards Spectral Soul, they felt increasing hatred towards Fang Yuan, along with dense wariness, they also felt helpless and tearful about their own fate.

"In that case, let's fight with them!" Qi Sea Ancestor surged with fighting spirit, he said with a firm tone.

"Lord Alliance Leader, the situation has not reached that stage yet." A Gu Immortal immediately interjected.

Qi Sea Ancestor sighed: "Our Righteous Qi Alliance's losses have been severe these days, carrying on like this is pointless, we will fall into that vicious Fang Yuan's trap. If we wait anymore, we will not have the strength to fight anymore."

These days, the two heaven's Gu Immortals suffered tremendous losses.

Among Eastern Sea's righteous path forces, Song clan, Cai clan, and Ruo Lai clan suffered the most losses. As for the other clans… even though the ant plague also affected them, it had just started for them after all.

Thus, most of the righteous path clans did not want to wage war now.

Of course, this situation was something that Fang Yuan intended for when he took action earlier!


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