Reverend Insanity
2103 Song Clan Faces Disaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2103 Song Clan Faces Disaster

Several days later.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Dream realm.

After an intense battle of life and death, the opponent in front of Meng Qiu Zhen finally fell to the ground.

"I want to see who you really are!" Meng Qiu Zhen lost control of the body, he was acting as a young man who angrily went up and pulled off the opponent's veil.

But the appearance shocked the young man deeply.

"Father, how can it be you?!" The young man shouted as his body trembled.

The one who fell was his father, he smiled in satisfaction as he said: "My son, you did well. You've learned all the killer moves of our clan, but your heart lacks sufficient hatred and sadness. I have a terminal illness anyway, I cannot live for long, it is better to sacrifice myself for you."

The young man broke into tears: "Father, why can't we give up on hatred and live in seclusion? Why must we take revenge at all cost?"

The young man's father stared at him fixedly: "Our entire family was killed by the enemy, your mother, your grandparents, your younger brothers and sisters, they were all killed. This hatred is above anything else, how can we not take revenge?! Remember, your father died because of this. If you do not take revenge, my death will be in vain, I would have died because of you!"

The young man's body shook as he said in a hoarse voice: "Father…"

He wept in pain as a pale blue flame started to burn around his body at this time.

His father saw this flame as became very happy: "Good, good, good, such a powerful agony blue heart flame, it is enough to take our revenge, we can take revenge now…"

Saying so, the young man's father took his final breath.

"Oh no." Meng Qiu Zhen cried out internally.

Seeing his father's death, the agony blue heart flame on the young man' body expanded rapidly, it burned with at least ten times of the intensity as before!

Meng Qiu Zhen's soul was still in the dream, he instantly felt a surge of sadness, anger, and hatred, they poured into his heart like a torrential river.

"I cannot lose myself! This is the hardest part of the dream realm." Meng Qiu Zhen desperately held on but he started to lose his grip in a few moments.

Create dream!

Without a choice, he immediately used a dream path immortal killer move to defend his soul.

In a newly created dream within a dream, he was situated in a large room.

The room broke out in flames, it was burning in blue flames.

Meng Qiu Zhen quickly took action, extinguishing the fire all over the house, trying to save it.

After a chaotic period, the fire started to dwindle, the sturdy house was also burned to a crisp, only an intact guest room was left.

"I survived." Meng Qiu Zhen let out a breath of air, dispelling the killer move dream within dream as he returned to the original dream realm.

The final hurdle of the dream realm was simply too fatal!

Meng Qiu Zhen was almost engulfed by emotions, he nearly forgot about reality and the dream completely, submerging entirely into this dream.

Of course, each time he explored a dream, his main body would stay outside to guard against any accidents, he would take action if something happened.

This dream realm was finally passed.

Together with the gains of the earlier few dream realms, Fang Yuan's fire path attainment level reached great grandmaster!

"Fire path attainment level reached great grandmaster, I can finally annex those fire path grotto-heavens in the two heavens. Looking at the time, Wu Shuai's method should have activated already." Fang Yuan's main body assessed.

Immemorial two heavens.

Fire Plain grotto-heaven.

On a vast grassland, there was red colored fire beard grass growing everywhere.

It was harvest season, Gu Masters of the grotto-heaven started to use Gu worms to collect the fire beard grass.

"Crack, crack…"

From somewhere, a terrifying sound could be heard from below.

The moment the Gu Masters sensed something, they were faced with a fatal threat.

Countless ants came up from underground, some were finger-sized, some were large as carriages, the number of ants was uncountably large, they instantly engulfed the entire fire beard grassland.

Skeleton grotto-heaven.

"What is going on? What is going on?!" The grotto-heaven Gu Immortal in charge of raising the bone armor hounds was flustered and helpless.

The thousand or so bone armor hounds that he was in charge of rearing started to growl in anguish, some were rolling on the ground, biting in a frenzy.

The Gu Immortal had a pale expression: "Oh no, I'm finished. Granny said that I had to take care of these bone armor hounds with utmost carefulness, but I actually screwed up so badly!!"

Some bone armor hounds started to die, a large number of ants crawled out of their corpses.

The Gu Immortal gritted his teeth in anger: "So these ants are the cause of this! I want you all to… ugh!"

The Gu Immortal was quickly shocked and uncertain.

Because more and more ants came out of the bone armor hounds, some were even coming out from the ground.

These ants were like raging tides, the size was growing rapidly, the Gu Immortal was very shocked. There was even Immortal Gu aura among them, the Gu Immortal did not dare to stay here, he quickly retreated.

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

Imperial Court.

"Your Majesty, Chuzhou[1], Qingzhou, Lianzhou and other areas are experiencing ant plagues."

"The ant plagues are too terrifying, in just half a day, hundreds of thousands of mortals died, a hundred cities got wiped out!"

"Within the ant plague, there are rank six and seven immortal ants, all of the officials in the various provinces are troubled."

The current dynasty's emperor frowned with a solemn expression: "The ant plague is too vicious, it is not something we can resolve. The current matter at hand is to contact the Grotto Lord!"

Song clan headquarters.

"Grandpa, you're so nice to me, thank you for the Immortal Gu!" Song Yi Shi held the rank six water path Immortal Gu in her hands as she spoke happily.

Song clan's first supreme elder Song Qi Yuan was her grandfather.

At this moment, Song Qi Yuan looked at his beloved granddaughter, he said in concern: "Our clan is researching Tian Nan's true inheritance, this water path Immortal Gu is our first success. But my dear granddaughter, don't go around flaunting it, tell others that you captured this wild Immortal Gu by chance. Even though I am the first supreme elder, I cannot be openly biased towards you."

"I get it, I get it." Song Yi Shi looked at the water path Immortal Gu in her hands with overflowing joy, while she was toying around with it in her hands, her face suddenly turned pale as she held her tummy.

"So much pain, so painful!" She fell down weakly, her face had turned white like snow.

Initially, only her stomach was hurting, but soon, the unbearably intense pain spread to her entire body.

"My granddaughter, what's happening?!" Song Qi Yuan was shocked, he quickly checked.

At the next moment, Song Qi Yuan found that there were countless ants roaming around in Song Yi Shi's body, devouring her flesh.

The thing that made him even angrier was that these ants were actually eating away at her dao marks!

"Such evil ants, such vicious methods!" Song Qi Yuan quickly made his move.

A pure white light shrouded over Song Yi Shi, the light split into countless threads that entered her body, killing all of these ants in an instant.

Song Qi Yuan cultivated light path, his attainment level was very high, he used his methods with great proficiency, easily suppressing the situation.

But good times did not last long, soon, new ants grew out and continued to torture Song Yi Shi.

Song Qi Yuan's brows were tightly locked, he felt heartache at her plight but also deep anger, he soon realized the problem.

It turned out that these new ants were emerging from Song Yi Shi's immortal aperture!

"My granddaughter, bear with the pain, take a look at your immortal aperture!" Song Qi Yuan tried to speak to her in a gentle tone.

Song Yi Shi took a look at her immortal aperture as her face turned pale with shock, she cried with reddened eyes: "So, so many ants! Grandfather, my immortal aperture is going to be destroyed by these ants!!"

The terrifying ant plagues spread around the many Gu Immortals of the Righteous Qi Alliance.

The grotto-heavens of the two heavens were the main victims, Old Immortal Hua Yu, Granny Skeleton, and Fire Plain grotto-heaven's owner were the main targets. Other than them, there were the Song clan, the Ruo Lai clan, and the Cai clan. As for the remaining Eastern Sea super forces, even though they faced the ant plague too, it was to a smaller extent, involving their external resource points.

Once the ant plague appeared, it immediately received the attention of the entire Righteous Qi Alliance.

"This ant plague is too strange, it is clearly targeting us!"

"We didn't find anything strange earlier, the variant human alliance is completely intact!!"

"Such powerful ants, even an idiot knows that this is the work of Wu Shuai."

"To think that Wu Shuai is just a mere clone of Fang Yuan, yet he has such a terrifyingly vicious method."

The Righteous Qi Alliance soon found the culprit, they were furious and gathered to discuss it.

Many of the victims displayed the ants in their territories. The aura of these ants varied from weak to strong, from mortal to immortal. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there was no clear pattern.

"These ants are very scary, the most terrifying thing is that they can devour dao marks to refine and raise their rank themselves!"

"They are too hard to eliminate, we could not find any ant eggs."

"And the biggest question now is, when did we get hit by this move?"

The Gu Immortals discussed among themselves while Qi Sea Ancestor sat at the main seat, holding this session for them. He had a worried expression but he secretly admired Wu Shuai internally.

"I've been trying to complete my combat system and create core killer moves. Thus, I asked the main body to get Sheng Tian true inheritance. To think that Wu Shuai has already gone one step further and innovated, creating an even more complex killer move, lingering poisonous ant plague."

Qi Sea Ancestor knew some details.

Even though Fang Yuan's main body and Wu Shuai did not tell him, they were not keeping things a secret either. In their interactions, they exposed some details.

It turned out that after Meng Qiu Zhen became an immortal and obtained multiple dream path Immortal Gu, his efficiency in exploring dream realms rose tremendously.

Fang Yuan's food path and poison path rose to grandmaster level. Clones shared his attainment levels, Wu Shuai used his quasi-supreme refinement path and enslavement path attainment levels, as well as wood path grandmaster, to create a qualitative change and make a breakthrough.

Originally, Wu Shuai's ants came from Green Ant Ascetic. Even though this method had great battle strength, a long time had passed since his era.

This time, Wu Shuai referenced the killer move Qing Chou, on the basis of Green Ant Ascetic, he made a breakthrough and allowed his ants to devour dao marks to auto-refine themselves into higher ranks.

But Wu Shuai's main body could not use the move, only Fang Yuan's main body could use it.

Lingering poisonous ant plague was in essence a compound killer move comprising poison path, enslavement path, refinement path, wood path, and food path, it even expended unrestrained heavenly marks!

This move had an incredibly powerful concealment effect, it began by using the advantage of poison path, possessing concealment and infectiousness. After the killer move's dao marks infect the target's immortal aperture, it would turn into miniature ants that devour the surroundings to grow stronger and increase in numbers. After they reach a certain size, they would turn into the terrifying ant plague.

To completely get rid of the ant plague, one would need to eliminate the respective dao marks.

But currently, the Righteous Qi Alliance had not found out this fact yet.

Even if they knew, they would not have efficient methods to deal with this compound killer move either.

[1] Actual cities in China.


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