Reverend Insanity
2101 Fang Yuan Makes A Transaction
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2101 Fang Yuan Makes A Transaction

Wu Yong tried to stay calm as he exchanged some words with mushroomman Gu Immortal Ke Xin Hong.

"So Fang Yuan wants my Sheng Tian true inheritance but he has not discovered Hu Land!" After some probing, the worry in his heart was finally lifted.

The truth was, as long as Kong Ri Tian did not expose this secret personally, there was only a slight possibility that Hu Land would be discovered by anyone else other than Wu clan.

Back then, Kong Ri Tian and the rest used Hu Land to escape, no other Gu Immortal saw them.

"After Kong Ri Tian and the rest escaped, no news of them had emerged. Thus, outsiders like Fang Yuan would think that Kong Ri Tian is in my hands. Thus, he came to me for Sheng Tian true inheritance."

Wu Yong thought: "My actions earlier were not good enough. I should have announced immediately that Kong Ri Tian was captured by my Wu clan!"

Even though that was not true, if Wu clan publicized that, Kong Ri Tian would not come out to refute him anyway.

If Kong Ri Tian exposed himself, the Gu Immortals that were after Sheng Tian true inheritance would charge towards him like jackals, they would tear his weak little body to shreds.

"If Kong Ri Tian hears such an announcement from my Wu clan, he will also understand our motive. Keeping Hu Land a secret will also be ensuring his safety, he will not reject it."

Wu Yong had another plan, he could make up for his previous mistake.

Hu Land was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it had immense value, if Wu clan wanted to own it, he would need to do it in secret!

"I can let you have Sheng Tian true inheritance." Wu Yong rapidly transmitted and replied Ke Xin Hong.

For Hu Land, giving up Sheng Tian true inheritance was a wise decision.

Moreover, this Sheng Tian true inheritance had just been obtained by Wu clan, it had contents but not Immortal Gu. The Immortal Gu and immortal essence were still in Kong Ri Tian's hands.

Ke Xin Hong was slightly stunned.

Wu Yong agreed so readily, it was out of his expectations.

He was a Gu Immortal expert of Mushroomman Paradise, after Lu Wei Yin submitted to Fang Yuan along with the entire paradise, he became Fang Yuan's subordinate.

This was the first mission that Fang Yuan gave him.

When Ke Xin Hong received this mission, he felt great internal pressure. He had heard of Wu Yong's name long ago, along the way, he was thinking of what to do if Wu Yong rejected or refused to agree with this.

To think that he would agree so easily after they met.

"I finally understand the might and prestige of my lord now." Ke Xin Hong sighed internally, filled with deep emotions.

Ke Xin Hong added: "Lord Wu Yong, my lord is willing to pay for the entire Sheng Tian true inheritance."

It was Wu Yong's turn to be stunned.

Hearing Ke Xin Hong's words, it seemed like Fang Yuan wanted a fair trade? He was not going to extort or snatch it by force?

Wu Yong quickly reacted, he listed his condition.

Ke Xin Hong frowned slightly, because Wu Yong wanted a rank nine wind path immortal material, it was quite rare in the market.

Ke Xin Hong could not decide this alone, he quickly communicated with Fang Yuan.

After receiving an answer, Ke Xin Hong started to smile again as he looked at Wu Yong.

Using treasure yellow heaven, this transaction was quickly completed.

Fang Yuan obtained the full details of Sheng Tian true inheritance, while Wu Yong obtained a rank nine wind path immortal material.

"Fang Yuan has a large number of grotto-heavens from the two heavens, it is not strange that he has rare immortal materials. But he really went ahead to transact with me?!"

Surprisingly getting a rank nine wind path immortal material, Wu Yong's preparatory work for refining eight-faced prestige wind Immortal Gu achieved a significant breakthrough.

But Wu Yong could not be happy!

Fang Yuan had the battle strength to snatch Sheng Tian true inheritance but he did not do that.

He only sent a mushroomman Gu Immortal and expressed his sincerity in making a fair trade, afterwards, he held his word and paid with a rank nine wind path immortal material.

"Fang Yuan is truly amazing!" Wu Yong sighed deeply.

As the saying goes, an expert swimmer would eventually drown, an expert combatant would die in battle, relying on one's specialty without possessing other skills was a dangerous thing.

Once people started to rely on something, they would unknowingly stay within their comfort zone, they would develop a mental pattern. When they encounter problems, they would use their specialty trait to resolve the issues, as time passes, all of their other methods and perspectives would vanish. Eventually, they would face the greatest predicament of their lives, it might be their end.

But Fang Yuan did not do that.

He had great battle strength and could snatch the true inheritance, but if he did that, he would waste a lot of time and energy, there was even a chance of failing.

After all, the information could be erased.

But using this transaction, Fang Yuan easily obtained Sheng Tian true inheritance without a hitch.

Wu Yong analyzed: "This can mean at least two things."

"Firstly, Fang Yuan has a lot of immortal materials, one rank nine wind path immortal material is not important in his eyes!"

"Secondly, even though he is the number one person in the world, he still keeps his composure and scheming mind, he does not overly rely on his strength. Sigh, it would have been great if I managed to kill him back then. Fang Yuan has already grown fully, with such a nature, he is too terrifying."

When Sheng Tian true inheritance's transaction ended, Fang Yuan's main body was already in Western Desert.

Western Desert, Fang clan's headquarters.

Fang clan's supreme elders were almost fully gathered, they stared at Fang Yuan like he was a fatal enemy.

"Everyone, don't be too nervous, really, I came here to make a transaction with Fang clan." Fang Yuan smiled.

But Fang clan's immortals felt huge pressure weighing on them.

Fang clan's first supreme elder Fang Gong said: "Is it our fortune or misfortune to have received your attention?"

"Everyone, we have quite the relationship actually." Fang Yuan started to activate his killer move.

As the aura leaked, all of Fang clan's Gu Immortals stood up from their seats, they quickly activated their Immortal Gu, a battle was about to start.

"Fang Yuan, what are you doing?"

"This is our Fang clan's headquarters!"

"Earlier when we were outside, you said you wanted to make a transaction, if you attack now, who will believe your words in the future?"

Fang clan's Gu Immortals called out with intense nervousness.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly: "If I wanted to harm you, I could have attacked from the start, can your Fang clan stop me?"

As he said so, his appearance changed.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals were shocked: "Suan Bu Jin?"

Fang Yuan activated familiar face again, changing into another appearance.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals saw Fang Yuan's appearance, they became shocked again: "Fang Di Chang?"

Fang Yun frowned, he was the adopted son of Fang Di Chang, seeing Fang Yuan's transformation, he felt repulsed: "Lord Fang Yuan, did you come all the way to our clan just for this display of transformations to mock us?"

Fang Yuan looked at Fang Yun, saying with deep meaning: "Yun Er, during this time when I was gone, why didn't you convert to wisdom path? Father gave you three wisdom path Immortal Gu and even my wisdom path inheritance. Fang clan has no wisdom path Gu Immortal at the moment, if you do not take up this responsibility, who will?"

"You, you!" Fang Yun pointed at Fang Yuan, he stared with wide opened eyes, filled with shock.

The other Fang clan Gu Immortals also had a change of expression.

They realized something from his words, they had a guess regarding the truth, the reality of it made them sink into panic.

"Indeed, I am Suan Bu Jin, who also became Fang Di Chang later on. I have interacted with you guys much more than you think." Fang Yuan looked around as he laughed heartily.

Fang Gong's expression was livid, he could not wait anymore, he stood out: "What evidence do you have?"

Fang Yuan gave a bunch of evidence to the Fang clan Gu Immortals as he transmitted to Fang Gong, snickering: "Fang Gong, you and Fang Di Chang decided to sacrifice Suan Bu Jin to refine Divine Bean Palace, do you really want me to expose it?"

Fang Yuan not only had evidence, he even had accurate facts, Fang clan soon realized the whole story.

"So Fang Yuan infiltrated our Fang clan long ago!"

"He even became our external supreme elder!"

"Oh heavens, even our second supreme elder Fang Di Chang was replaced by him, we did not even notice!!"

After Fang clan's Gu Immortals realized the truth, they all turned pale as cold sweat broke out.

It was too terrifying.

If not for Fang Yuan's reveal, they would still think that Fang Di Chang was currently trapped inside Divine Emperor City.

Ever since the fate war ended, Fang clan had been trying to negotiate with Heavenly Court to get back their supreme elder Fang Di Chang.

"This means that Divine Bean Palace trapped your clone, while our second supreme elder died at your hands!" Fang Gong looked at Fang Yuan with a cold gaze.

Fang Gong was tall and sturdy, with long white hair and beard spreading around his head like a lion's mane, he had bulging muscles that resembled rocks. Facing the murderer of his second supreme elder, if it were any other person, he would have attacked already.

But against Fang Yuan, he could only restrain himself, he looked at Fang Yuan with a complex gaze, there was anger and hatred in his eyes, but also helplessness and wariness.

Fang Yuan was too strong, his demonic might was unparalleled, his reputation was unmatched, Fang Gong did not dare to make a rash move!

Fang Yuan continued: "Saying that Fang Di Chang died at my hands is both correct and also wrong. Fang Di Chang's body is destroyed but his soul is in my hands, do you want it back?"

Back then, to avoid the detection of soul lantern Gu, Fang Yuan did not kill Fang Di Chang, he only separated his body and soul.

Fang Di Chang's soul was still kept in Fang Yuan's hands.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals heard this, they became excited.

"Fang Di Chang's soul is in your hands?"

"Great, our second supreme elder can be saved!"

"No wonder Central Continent has been so vague all this time, so they did not even have our second supreme elder in the first place."

"In the current world, Fate has been destroyed, as long as Fang Di Chang's soul is around, if he gets a Gu Immortal body, he would return to Fang clan again."

"If this Gu Immortal body cultivates wisdom path, then after Fang Di Chang revives, he will be an immense help to your entire clan!"

"Now tell me, friends from Fang clan, do you want to make a transaction with me?" Fang Yuan stated his ultimatum.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals were silent, they looked at Fang Gong.

At the crucial moment, only a rank eight Gu Immortal like Fang Gong could make the decision!


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