Reverend Insanity
2100 Fire Thunder True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2100 Fire Thunder True Inheritance

In the past, Wu Yong chased after Fang Yuan and forced him to go from Southern Border to Western Desert. Now, Wu Yong was afraid that Fang Yuan would approach his clan and snatch Hu Land away!

Wu Yong knew that if Fang Yuan came for it, he would not be able to block him.

Immortal Gu were easily destroyed, Fang Yuan might act carefully, but these kinds of secluded domains were hard to destroy, he was almost certainly going to succeed in snatching it.

"Fang Yuan has the sovereign immortal body, he can cultivate any path, that is quite terrifying, Hu Land is definitely useful to him. If this Hu Land is exposed, my Wu clan will not be able to keep it, it will be taken away. By then, not only will we waste our time and resources, we may also incur deaths. Wu clan's prestige may also fall, it will be better if we leave it alone!" Wu Yong thought about the situation.

He decided to send people and secretly take Hu Land away. If it got exposed during this process, he would immediately abandon it.

Even though Wu clan was big, it was not the match of someone like Fang Yuan!

In this world, the number of people did not matter, only individual strength was of importance.

"Those villages around Rotten Mud Mountain have no Gu Immortals, but we need to prevent the mortals and Gu Masters from exposing the news. Maybe we can make use of the 'beast tide' to settle this problem."

"There is no rush to find Kong Ri Tian, we can just investigate it secretly. Hopefully, he does not expose his location before I get Hu Land."

If he still kept up the commotion, he would cause suspicions — Wu clan's Gu Immortal was actually unable to capture Kong Ri Tian, wasn't that too strange? What method did Kong Ri Tian use to escape from Wu clan's rank seven Gu Immortal?

By then, they would cast their suspicions on Rotten Mud Mountain.

Thus, Wu Yong would rather have Kong Ri Tian hide himself these few days without exposing his location.

"To lure the attention of Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, I might need to activate my arrangement in Ba clan in advance to create a smokescreen for me to take Hu Land."

"Of course, there is the one biggest flaw in this plan, that is Kong Ri Tian."

"Kong Ri Tian has Kong Sheng Tian's will, he can connect to treasure yellow heaven. At the crucial moment, if he exposes the secret of Hu Land, it would cause our Wu clan to suffer a huge amount of conflict."

"But this possibility is quite unlikely."

Wu Yong analyzed to himself.

Firstly, Kong Sheng Tian cultivated qi path, Kong Ri Tian would definitely cultivate qi path too. If Wu clan obtains Hu Land, from their perspective, they would want to compete with Wu clan in the dark and retrieve Hu Land without a commotion. They would not want a large number of competitors to emerge.

Secondly, if Kong Ri Tian exposed the secret of Hu Land, he would be the mortal enemy of Wu clan, it was not a wise thing to do since it would cause them to take revenge. At the same time, Kong Ri Tian would expose the secret that he was still escaping, other Gu Immortals would go and capture him.

Even though the possibility was unlikely, the chance was still there.

The risk of secretly taking away Hu Land was very huge to Wu clan!

But the benefit it involved was also massive, Wu Yong was willing to take the risk.

Some days later.

Above red dragon river, Wu clan's, Xia clan's, and Ba clan's Gu Immortals were nervously anticipating a contest.

River water surged as ripples spread with explosive sounds, this was the fire thunder river segment of red dragon river, it produced fire path and lightning path Gu worms.

A newly discovered rank eight true inheritance was hidden at the bottom of this river segment.

The person who set up this true inheritance was called Fire Thunder Divine Lord, he cultivated fire path primarily with lightning path secondarily, even though he was a lone cultivator, he had above average luck and experienced many fortuitous encounters.

He was not a Southern Border Gu Immortal, he came from Western Desert.

He had once caused chaos in Western Desert's Gu Immortal world, several Western Desert super forces chased after him. Even though he managed to survive, by the time he got to the fire thunder river segment of red dragon river, his injuries could not be healed, before dying, he made his arrangements.

Precisely because of his arrangements, this river segment turned into the fire thunder river segment gradually over time.

Fire Thunder Divine Lord's methods were not eye-catching, they were very close to that of nature, even though this was the intersection of Ba clan and Xia clan, the two super forces did not notice anything strange, they thought it was a natural development.

Even though fire thunder river segment produced fire path and lightning path Gu worms, no Immortal Gu had ever been produced. Thus, Ba clan and Xia clan did not pay attention to it.

For mortals, even though the fire path and lightning path mortal Gu were alluring, the environment was too dangerous, few rank five Gu Masters would take the risk.

Thus, Fire Thunder Divine Lord's true inheritance remained hidden for so long, until now when the qi tides swept through the world, it was unveiled.

Fire Thunder Divine Lord was a rank eight Gu Immortal, the rank eight true inheritance he left behind was quite high quality, it caused almost all of Southern Border's super clans to compete for it.

After some probing and fighting, only three competitors were left.

One was Wu clan, the other two were Ba clan and Xia clan.

Ba clan's current first supreme elder was Ba De, he was tall and had a plain look, he had a strong body with broad shoulders and chest, his skin that was not covered looked like thousand year old tree bark, there was even green moss growing on it.

He had a large mouth and broad nose, his eyes were covered by a black cloth, covering them completely. His dark green beard hung down to his waist, while his jade green hair extended to the back of his waist.

Ba De floated in the air as he called to Wu Yong: "Wu clan, you are overstepping your boundaries, this is the territory of my Ba clan. Regardless of what true inheritance it is, this belongs to Ba clan. Wu clan, as the leader of the Southern Alliance, the leader of Southern Border's Gu Immortals, why are you not being a role model, are you ignoring the rules of the righteous path?"

Wu Yong smiled as he said gentlemanly: "Since when has this fire thunder river segment become yours? The territorial boundary between Xia clan and Ba clan is a sensitive area, Ba De, you need to speak more carefully, at least, you need to ask about the opinion of our comrades from Xia clan."

Before he finished, Xia clan's Gu Immortal Xia Zhao spoke: "Lord Wu Yong, regardless of whether this is Xia clan's or Ba clan's territory, it is still our matter. Wu clan is far away at the southern-most area, even Qiao clan is nowhere close to the fire thunder river segment."

Even though Xia Zhao only had rank seven cultivation level, Xia clan's original first supreme elder Xia Cha had already been turned into a mortal Gu Master by Fang Yuan, Xia Zhao was now the current first supreme elder, on the same status as Ba De. Thus, it was not strange that he spoke.

Xia clan and Wu clan had conflict between them even from before now, their relationship was not good.

Ignoring anything else, just merely in recent years.

Xia clan and Wu clan conflicted over Frosty Peak, Fang Yuan had disguised as Wu Yi Hai and forced Xia Fei Kuai away, winning the contest.

After that, Xia clan still made an attack and took over Qiao clan's empty origin pit. Qiao clan was Wu clan's subsidiary force, invading Qiao clan's territory was offending Wu clan. After that, Wu Yong used Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building to turn the situation around, Xia clan was forced to return empty origin pit.

Xia clan's external supreme elder Immortal Yan Huang had once owned Moon Bowl, but Wu clan had already taken possession of this territory.

Thus, even though Xia clan and Ba clan were not harmonious, because Wu clan was the strongest among them, these two clans were actually standing on the same side now.

Qiao Si Liu's expression changed slightly.

She was one of Southern Border's three great fairies, her beauty was on par with Fairy Miao Yin.

Her cultivation level was also rank seven.

This time, with Wu clan's action, Qiao clan had to show some effort as their subsidiary force, thus they sent Qiao Si Liu to accompany Wu Yong.

Qiao Si Liu knew about the rules of the righteous path, seeing Ba clan and Xia clan joining up against Wu clan, she became anxious internally.

Righteous path Gu Immortals had a set of rules to follow, they were not as free as the demonic path or carefree as the lone cultivators.

Even though Wu Yong was strong, seemingly the number one person in Southern Border, without a good righteous reason, he could not take Fire Thunder true inheritance by force.

At this moment, Wu Yong's reputation and his status as the Southern Alliance Leader became the chains that bound him.

If Wu Yong took it by force, he would lose everyone's support, Southern Border's righteous path would lose faith in his impartiality as the alliance leader.

Wu clan was a powerful force but they did not cultivate fire path or lightning path, a rank eight fire thunder true inheritance was really not significant to Wu clan. If Wu Yong tried to take it now, Wu clan's losses would be even larger instead!

Against Xia clan and Ba clan's resistance, the smile on Wu Yong's face became even more evident: "Go, bring the person here."

He instructed.

The Wu clan Gu Immortal behind him opened his immortal aperture's entrance, a mortal Gu Master came out.

Wu Yong introduced: "This Western Desert Gu Master is the bloodline inheritor of Fire Thunder Divine Lord. Whether fire thunder river segment belongs to Ba clan or Xia clan does not matter, what is clear is that the Fire Thunder true inheritance in the river belongs to this little friend."

The expressions of Ba clan's and Xia clan's Gu Immortals changed.

Wu Yong smiled again with calm composure: "As righteous path members, how can we snatch other people's inheritances? This true inheritance has its owner, it belongs to this friend from Western Desert. As the Southern Alliance Leader, I need to be impartial in my actions, if anyone suspects his identity, you can extract his blood and test it."

"As expected of Lord Wu Yong! So he came prepared." Qiao Si Liu's eyes shined as she calmed down.

With this excuse, Wu clan had the right of reason, they could block any accusations that came at them, Wu Yong could use his full strength. In contrast, Ba clan and Xia clan fell into an awkward spot.

Ba De and Xia Zhao looked at each other, their expressions were ugly.

Wu Yong made such ample preparation, they were quite surprised.

Even though Wu Yong had just risen to power recently, his political skill was a huge lesson to the entire Southern Border Gu Immortal world.

Ba De and Xia Zhao knew that since Wu Yong brought out this bloodline descendant, his identity had to be authentic. Even if Wu Yong was faking it, he would have done it with a superb method that could not be seen through for now.

Ba De and Xia Zhao discussed among themselves and took a few steps forward.

Ba De had a solemn expression: "How can we return an inheritance of Southern Border to Western Desert?"

Xia Zhao added: "Since Fire Thunder Divine Lord died here and left his true inheritance in Southern Border, this is simply the will of heaven."

Ba clan and Xia clan could not back out, the true inheritance was in-between their territories, if they backed off now, would they still keep their reputation?

Wu Yong was not surprised by their words, he waved his sleeves:"Then let the three of us compete for it."

The situation had reached this stage, they could only fight to determine the outcome.

"Let me exchange blows with you!" Ba De shouted as he acted first.

Xia Zhao only had rank seven cultivation level, he quickly flew away and attacked from afar, helping Ba De to restrain Wu Yong.

Wu Yong laughed heartily, intense winds blew as the sky turned dark.

Ba De cultivated wood path, he activated his killer move, countless ancient trees and flying leaves appeared in the sky.

But against Wu Yong's killer moves, the trees were sliced apart and the leaves wilted away.

After three rounds, Ba De and Xia Zhao got defeated by Wu Yong, the superior side was very obvious.

"Anything else to say?" Wu Yong smiled.

Xia Zhao had a livid expression, he remained silent. He could not help but recall the time when Xia Cha was still rank eight, at least back then, Wu Yong was not so arrogant.

"He actually became this strong!" Ba De was internally shaken as he clenched his fists: "But I still have another trump card killer move unused. If I try… can I defeat Wu Yong?"

Ba De thought about it, he relaxed his clenched fists.

Just this Fire Thunder true inheritance was not important enough for him to expose the killer move that he had kept a secret for years.

Ba clan and Xia clan left in the end.

Wu Yong brought the Western Desert Gu Master to the bottom of the river as he retrieved the Fire Thunder true inheritance.

The Western Desert Gu Master knelt down on the spot, requesting to join Wu clan.

Wu Yong agreed immediately.

This Western Desert Gu Master was called Zhong Yi, he had ample talent and a good character, he could become a Gu Immortal seed with some nurturing, Wu clan had no losses in taking him in.

Because of Fang Yuan, a number of Wu clan's Gu Immortals had died. Wu Yong needed more Wu clan Gu Immortals to emerge now, thus he took in the surrounding Gu Masters of other regions as their clan's future external elders.

"Congratulations to Lord Wu Yong, you easily defeated Ba clan and Xia clan, obtaining Fire Thunder true inheritance." Qiao Si Liu said with deep politeness.

"In the current Southern Border, who dares to contend with our lord?" Wu clan's Gu Immortals gained a surge in morale, they spoke excitedly.

Wu Yong acknowledged their words, he said calmly: "Spread news of today's battle, I want the entire Southern Border Gu Immortal world to hear of it."

"Yes." Wu clan's Gu Immortals answered.

"Lord Wu Yong, I, mushroomman Gu Immortal Ke Xin Hong, seek your audience." At this time, a mushroomman Gu Immortal approached from the southeast direction, riding waves along the way.


"A mushroomman Gu Immortal!"

"Does he come from Mushroomman Paradise? Such guts."

The Gu Immortals around Wu Yong had changes of expressions.

Ke Xin Hong wore a white shirt, he had a plain face, he did not conceal his appearance, there was a large mushroom above his head, looking like a hat.

Wu Yong's heart jolted.

At the next moment, Ke Xin Hong transmitted to Wu Yong: "Lord Wu Yong, I come from Mushroomman Paradise, I carry the orders of Lord Gu Yue Fang Yuan."

Wu Yong's expression did not change, he replied: "For what matter have you come?"

Ke Xin Hong smiled: "Sheng Tian true inheritance."

Wu Yong's pupils shrunk immediately.


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