Reverend Insanity
2094 Brotherhood
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2094 Brotherhood

Days later.

Sunlight pierced through the darkness, radiating on the world.

In a certain valley near the periphery of Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, Eastern Obscenity Chen Yin Dao, Western Thief Yu Ba Guang, Southern Disturbance Shi Bao and Northern Squandering Fan Chun Yao had already woken up, they were sitting on an icy rock, looking at the sky as they laid spread eagled, their eyes were hollow, there was no life in them.

Ever since that terrible ordeal in slaughter soul crater, every night, the four great obscenities and Wang Xiao Er would lose control of their bodies, they would engage in the indescribable activity together.

The four great obscenities would lose their senses each time, by the time they wake up, they would realize that they had done some horrifying act once again.

Even though Wang Xiao Er got rid of a portion of Zhao Lian Yun's method, some of it still lingered.

"This is a curse! The most vicious curse in this world!"

"That fairy from Spirit Affinity House looks so kind and delicate but she is truly too vicious, she is evil to the core!"

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, maybe I am just dreaming now. I will wake up from my nightmare one day, right?"

"I am a great man, how can I do something so shameful, I have let down heaven and earth, I have let down my parents, I have let down myself!"

The four great obscenities were silent on the outside but they were all crying out in their hearts, feeling sadness and anger, regret and pain.

Wang Xiao Er walked out of the Gu House at this moment.

He had just woken up, he rubbed his eyes and looked at them, asking in concern: "Brothers, why are you up so early, you are all naked outside, you might catch a cold."

The four great obscenities' bodies shook intensely.

They turned around and looked at Wang Xiao Er, showing a complex emotion on their faces.

On one hand, they revered Wang Xiao Er, because of Zhao Lian Yun's method, if not for him, they would have died of exhaustion already. They believed in Wang Xiao Er's identity now, only an immortal could dispel another immortal's method!

But on the other hand, they hated Wang Xiao Er. Ever since they saved him, nothing good had happened. Not only did they return from Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range empty handed, they even received the greatest humiliation of their lives!

After a long silence, their boss Chen Yin Dao spoke bitterly: "Brother, you woke up."

"Yes, our exercise last night was too intense, I slept very soundly." Wang Xiao Er smiled innocently: "Recently, I've started to feel pleasure from this, brothers, what you told me earlier makes sense after all."

The four great obscenities' bodies shook again.

The four of them looked at each other, sensing the fear and horror in each others' eyes.

"Don't tell me this immortal was like this to begin with?!"

"What sort of person did we actually save!"

"Maybe he has the ability to lift our curse but he purposely chose not to, this is something we should think about."

"Is he really amnesiac, or is he pretending? If I like men too, as an immortal, I might want to play around in the mortal world as well…"

The four felt more terror as they thought about it.

They wanted to get away from Wang Xiao Er but they could not do that anymore.

Each time the curse activated, they needed Wang Xiao Er to dispel it. If they left, they might die the following night.

Thus, the four of them had to keep Wang Xiao Er happy, so that he would get rid of this fatal danger for them.

"Seriously, what is this situation!" Chen Yin Dao wanted to cry but he had to smile forcefully: "Xiao Er, this is nothing much, we enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together, we are brothers after all!"

After finishing his words, Chen Yin Dao stared at the other three.

They had to resist the disgusting feeling as they spoke in agreement as well.

"Indeed, this is our brotherhood!"

"Otherwise, why would there be a saying about brotherly relationships?"

"We were destined to meet, as your elder brothers, we need to take care of you."

Wang Xiao Er smiled and nodded: "It was really my fortune to have met you brothers."

"No, this is the greatest misfortune of my life!" The four of them screamed internally.

Wang Xiao Er added: "Let's continue to play tonight!"

"Don't remind me, you scumbag!!" The four of them cried out in anguish in their minds.

While Wang Xiao Er was away, the four of them gathered during the day.

"We cannot let this go on!"

"We cannot live life like this."

"Guys, do you think Wang Xiao Er really lost his memories or is he pretending?"

"We need to test it. Go capture a few mortal women tonight, no matter what, we need to let Wang Xiao Er know we are normal people. If he really lost his memories, we will turn him back to normal, if he is pretending, we will make sure he cannot put up with the act anymore!"

The four great obscenities shouted in unison, they were going crazy these last days.

This method was risky, but even if they angered the immortal Wang Xiao Er, death was still a good reward at this point!

At night time, the four great obscenities captured over a dozen mortal women.

The women were all brought into the Gu House.

Wang Xiao Er was a little excited: "Brothers, you have worked hard to invite such a large audience tonight."

"Brother, let us teach you something tonight." Chen Yin Dao patted Wang Xiao Er's shoulder as he said solemnly.

"Alright, I will do my best to learn it, I will listen with my heart!" Wang Xiao Er clenched his fists, showing an excited expression.

But reality was still cruel to them.

When their activity reached the climax stage, the four great obscenities were shocked to find out — they could not do it!

"Quick, turn hard now."

"Oh, why, why did this happen?"

"I actually, I actually don't feel anything towards women. Waaaaaaaaa…"

"Why do I feel more excited and pleasured when I look at men now?"

The four men wanted to struggle but the curse activated at the next moment.

The female captives were shocked to see the battle of five men, it was a climactic fight, some of them were very excited while the others felt disappointment.

Some even wanted to join in but were sent flying with one slap.

This incident was a huge blow to the four great obscenities.

"Let's suicide, this is not a life that we can lead."

"Living is worse than death, I'd rather die now."

"Can anyone kill me, please come out now!"

The four of them were sick of life, they were listless and dejected all the time.

Seemingly granting their wishes, not long after, righteous path Gu Masters came to pursue them.

"We finally found you! You dared to target our Spirit Affinity House's disciple, did you really think we would let you off?" Qin Juan said with anger, attacking the four great obscenities.

The four great obscenities were in despair and felt life was not worth living, after leaving Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, they did not bother to conceal their traces, they were no longer as vigilant as usual.

After hearing that they were alive, Zhao Lian Yun felt a little interested, she passed down a sect mission to kill these people and investigate the truth.

Qin Juan was close to Feng Jin Huang, but she did not know that this mission which carried a huge reward was listed by Zhao Lian Yun. The Spirit Affinity House Gu Master who got captured in slaughter soul crater earlier was close to her, thus, she took on this mission.

The four great obscenities screamed about not wanting to live every day, but at the moment of crisis, they erupted with an intense will to survive.

For half a month, they fought nearly ten times.

Qin Juan had rank five cultivation level, she suppressed the five of them.

Even though the four great obscenities were famous demonic path Gu Masters in Central Continent, they were just demonic cultivators that the ten great ancient sects allowed to live. These demonic cultivators were useful in training their sect disciples, thus, they made use of these people to act as a trial for their members.

The ten great ancient sects did not mind minor characters like the four great obscenities, thus they were allowed to cause chaos in Central Continent and hide successfully from arrests.

But the situation was different now, the Gu Immortal Zhao Lian Yun had sent a mission, the force pursuing them was different from usual.

The four great obscenities escaped with Wang Xiao Er as they tried to come up with a plan.

"We can't live in Central Continent anymore!"

"What do we do?"

"We can only go elsewhere, boss, you can decide for us."

Chen Yin Dao pondered: "Northern Plains is dangerous and lacks resources, we can't go there. Even though Eastern Sea is rich, the righteous path is fighting against those variant humans, it is too dangerous. Western Desert is full of deserts, and the environment is bad. Let's go to Southern Border instead."

"Alright, we will go to Southern Border!"

Southern Border.


"According to Lu Wei Yin, it should be here. Mm, found it." Fang Yuan went deep underground, suddenly, his eyes shined as he found his target.

He saw that at the walls of this small Earth Trench, there was a field of pink grassland.

Each 'grass' was pink, moving without any wind.

Looking at the 'grass', each was thin and long, resembling fur.

"This is the earth dream fetus hair, Meng Qiu Zhen, come out." Fang Yuan opened his immortal aperture door as the pure dream clone came out.

Meng Qiu Zhen took a glance and praised it as he took action, using dream path methods to carefully store the earth dream fetus hair away.

After Fang Yuan obtained Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance, he gained many earth path Immortal Gu, he also had methods to search for immortal materials underground and the ability to control Flying Earth.

The Mushroomman Paradise had existed in Southern Border for a long time, after tens of generations of accumulation, they found a lot of treasures deep under Southern Border.

Among the treasures, Fang Yuan found some locations with dream path immortal materials.

The earth dream fetus hair was just one of them.

Dream path Gu materials and Gu worms had appeared in the world long ago, for example, Fang Yuan's Dream Token and the spring dream fruit tree that Bo Qing and Mo Yao found.

This was like how water path Gu worms and materials existed during Ren Zu's era, but water path was only created by Central Continent's Shui Ni, the founder of Spirit Affinity House, during the Medieval Antiquity Era.

Dream path was similar.

Even though dream path had not been formally created, the dream path Gu worms and materials that existed in history had already appeared.

But dream path was different from water path, it would have an explosive growth in the future.

By then, the five regions and two heavens would be full of dream realms.

Because dream path Gu materials would be too easily obtainable, and because a vast number of Gu cultivators could use them, dream path would quickly progress as a path.

Countless dream path Gu Masters would cultivate more dream path Gu materials to refine more dream path Gu worms, pushing the progress of dream path to an unprecedented level!

If Great Dream Immortal Venerable truly appears, then dream path would reach its peak popularity in history.

Thus, Fang Yuan was not surprised that some dream path immortal materials were hidden away.

Meng Qiu Zhen successfully took the earth dream fetus hair, he went back inside Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

Next, Fang Yuan went to another location, there were many nine tune dream flowers there.

Meng Qiu Zhen had a lot of things to do.

On one hand, he had to organize dream path killer moves, on the other hand, he had to plant resources and develop his immortal aperture.

According to Fang Yuan's plan, after these dream path immortal materials were successfully retrieved, Meng Qiu Zhen would have a complete set of dream path methods.

At that time, he would take the place of Fang Yuan's main body and invest himself into exploring dream realms.

To play safe, Meng Qiu Zhen would first use up Spectral Soul's dream realms before moving onto Paradise Earth's dream realms, just in case there was a trap.

Even though this was highly unlikely, Fang Yuan was still a vigilant person.


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