Reverend Insanity
2092 Wang Xiao Er“s Amnesia
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2092 Wang Xiao Er“s Amnesia

Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range.

In an ordinary and common cave, the four great obscenities of Central Continent chose to rest in this place.

Eastern Obscenity Chen Yin Dao, Western Thief Yu Ba Guang, Southern Disturbance Shi Bao and Northern Squandering Fan Chun Yao, they all had rank four cultivation level, they were infamous in Central Continent's Gu Master world, they had taken the chastity and lives of many innocent girls.

At this time, these four men were standing in a circle, they stared at a young man who was unconscious, observing him.

"Why hasn't he woken up yet?"

"He has been sleeping these last days, he has not even eaten anything but he is still full of vitality."

"Do you guys think he is an immortal?"

The four Gu Masters were talking about Wang Xiao Er.

Wang Xiao Er was an ordinary shepherd, but life was extremely cruel to him. During the battle to pursue Fang Yuan, the aftermath caused the mountain he lived on to be destroyed, all of his family members were dead.

But for some reason, Wang Xiao Er did not die, he even fell into this peculiar state.

"Think about it, when we first met him, the grass and flowers around him were blooming and dying constantly. He might be a Gu Immortal who joined that battle, he got injured and his enemies thought he was dead, but he used some method to preserve his life, except he fell into a coma afterwards." Yu Ba Guang tried to connect the events.

They were just Gu Masters after all, they did not have the information that Heavenly Court was spreading around in treasure yellow heaven.

"But if he is an immortal, why would an immortal dress like this?" Shi Bao pointed at Wang Xiao Er's clothes as he showed a strange expression.

Wang Xiao Er's clothes were tattered and patched up, he obviously had the lowest status in society, he was not even qualified to become a Gu Master.

Fan Chun Yao rubbed his chin: "If only we can soul search him, we would know the truth. But these days, even though we used all our soul searching methods, there was no effect. This is definitely something a Gu Master cannot do."

Soul searching methods had been widely spread ever since Spectral Soul created them, it was simply too convenient after all.

Any demonic path Gu Master who did not know a single soul searching method would be too ashamed to call themselves demonic.

The four Gu Masters gritted their teeth, they had never seen such a peculiar situation, they did not know what to do now.

Eight eyes stared at Wang Xiao Er fixedly.

Chen Yin Dao spoke: "Sigh, look at his motionless state, if only this were a female immortal."

The other three looked at each other.

"Hehehe." At the next moment, they chuckled knowingly.

After some silence, Shi Bao suddenly shouted: "Screw it, waiting like this will have no progress! I am going to take action."

"What are you thinking of doing?" Fan Chun Yao asked.

Shi Bao snickered: "This!"

Before finishing his words, he attacked abruptly, he activated an offensive Gu worm and shot out a red light at Wang Xiao Er.

"You are crazy!" The others were shocked.

But soon, all of their attention was drawn by the phenomenon around Wang Xiao Er.

They saw that traces of silver threads glowing around Wang Xiao Er, these threads easily blocked the red light, it weakened and dissipated instantly.

Shi Bao was dumbfounded, the others showed the same expression. They all knew that this was Shi Bao's strongest method, but it was easily dispelled by this Wang Xiao Er.

"Looking at his aura alone, this is clearly just a mortal."

"But he managed to block Shi Bao's attack in his sleep, this is something that even a rank five Gu Master has to block carefully."

"If he is not an immortal, what can he be? This is not something a Gu Master can do."

"Wait, his eyelids are moving!!!"

The four were shocked, the cave fell into dead silence.

Wang Xiao Er slowly opened his eyes, his vision was still blurred, his mind was in a mess.

He sat up.

Plop, plop… the four Gu Masters knelt down on the ground, shouting: "Immortal, spare us!"

Wang Xiao Er was shocked: "Who are you guys? Where am I? Wait, who am I?"

Wang Xiao Er hugged his head as pain could be seen on his face.

The four demonic path Gu Master looked at each other, a similar thought appeared in all their minds.

"Don't tell me, the immortal… lost his memories?!"

Several days later.

In a valley at night, a raging bonfire was burning.

"Come, drink wine!" Chen Yin Dao placed his arm around Wang Xiao Er's shoulder as he took out the precious wine that was kept for years, offering it to him.

Wang Xiao Er's face was already red, he was covered in the odor of alcohol.

Once he took the bowl, Shi Bao smiled as he handed the fragrant barbecued meat to Wang Xiao Er.

"Come, eat, little brother." Shi Bao's tone was so mushy he even felt like vomiting, this evil individual had never been so nice to anyone.

Wang Xiao Er was not only looking rosy, even his clothes had changed, the quality was much better than before.

He drank wine and ate meat as he said: "Brothers, you are really nice people, not only did you save me, you are treating me so well."

"Don't mention it!" Chen Yin Dao patted Wang Xiao Er's shoulder: "It was fate that we met."

At the same time, his heart was bleeding internally: "My wine that has been kept for more than ten years, I couldn't even bear to drink it myself!"

"We are all people in the same situation, this is nothing." Yu Ba Guang returned, he had just arranged some investigative Gu worms in the surroundings, he showed an honest and dependable smile.

"Rely on family when at home, rely on friends when outside. As long as everyone helps each other, I believe this world will become a better place!" Seeing the other three's performances, Fan Chun Yao did not want to fall behind as well.

They were all shocked by the scene in the cave earlier. After confirming that Wang Xiao Er was a Gu Immortal who had lost his memories, they decided to treat him like their own ancestor.

After all, if Wang Xiao Er regains his memories in the future, seeing how well the four of them treated him, he would not do anything bad to them.

Wang Xiao Er drank wine and ate meat, after filling his stomach, he went to sleep on the comfortable and large bed that the four of them prepared.

He had truly gotten amnesiac.

Even though he did not lose his ability to function as a person, he could not remember any of the details of his past.

During this period, the four Gu Masters had brought him back to the ruins but his memories did not return.

All that happened was that Wang Xiao Er remembered his own name, he told the four great obscenities.

Wang Xiao Er felt that life was very blissful.

But the other four Gu Masters felt like life was currently torture.

Since when did these four demonic path Gu Masters act so subserviently before? They were ruthless and cruel, they did things without worry, why would they put up this groveling attitude?

Thus, a few days later, these four Gu Masters could not take it anymore.

"Guys, even though I want to know the immortal ascension method from this immortal, this life is really too hard to live."

"I know, we have to be careful all the time, it is really stifling."

"My worry is, if this Gu Immortal recovers his memories, will he really reward us?"

"If he is a righteous path Gu Immortal, he will easily learn of our past deeds. What will he do to demonic path members like us?"

"If he is a demonic path Gu Immortal, if he recalls the scene of us attacking him, will he rip out our tendons and skin?"

The four of them had deep chemistry after years of living together, their thoughts were quite similar.

The four of them discussed for a while, they decided to get away from Wang Xiao Er.

Life was too painful while reward was nowhere in sight, in fact, they might be awaiting death instead.

"How can we get free from Wang Xiao Er?"

"We can't leave too directly, if he regains his memories, wouldn't he come after us for trouble?"

"I have a good idea."

"Tell us, tell us."

"We are currently here, there is slaughter soul crater nearby, we will enter this place and get free from this problematic person!"

The next day.

The four Gu Masters brought Wang Xiao Er deep into slaughter soul crater.

Slaughter soul crater had a plain terrain, but the actual environment was very complicated.

This place was part of Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, it was originally an ordinary mountain that had nothing special in it. But after the huge battle involving Fang Yuan, this place was implicated.

At that time, Black Heaven Temple's Gu Immortals witnessed themselves how this slaughter soul sunken land formed.

Spectral Soul shot out a black soul ball but Dragon Palace dodged it.

This soul ball shot into the mountain valley.

There was no sound, at the instance, with the valley as the core, the surrounding thousand li of mountains and valleys turned into black dust that flew away with the wind. The originally bountiful mountains vanished soundlessly, only a huge crater was left.

The crater was formed by Spectral Soul's killer move, it was filled with soul path dao marks.

The living beings who had once lived here were wiped out, but their souls remained.

Soul path dao marks, wind path dao marks, earth path dao marks, and others converged to form a dense fog, all sorts of soul beasts started to live in the fog.

The surrounding living beings either entered by mistake or were attacked by the soul beasts, either way, the more living beings that died here, the more souls that remained, this slaughter soul crater's fog became increasingly denser.

The five of them carefully avoided many strong soul beasts, they went to the center of slaughter soul crater.

Yu Ba Guang made an excuse of scouting the area as he left, the other four did not move away.

Wang Xiao Er did not understand the situation, he asked: "Brothers, why are we here?"

"Clearly, we want to leave you here. Of course, we won't do it directly, we will lure some soul beasts here and pretend to be outmatched, in order to protect you, we will lure these soul beasts away while risking our lives." Chen Yin Dao smiled to himself as he thought.

Other than putting up a show, the four great obscenities also had another thought.

In the event that this immortal died at the hands of the soul beasts, would he leave any inheritance behind?

Those who were in the demonic path were normally people with extraordinary guts.

The four great obscenities were outstanding members in this aspect.

Chen Yin Dao did not speak the truth of course, he patted Wang Xiao Er's shoulder: "Brother, we came to Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range to collect some Gu materials. This slaughter soul crater was created by the fight between immortals, before it calms down completely, we have a lot of opportunities to get rich here."


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