Reverend Insanity
2089 Come Compete Yourself!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2089 Come Compete Yourself!

Water vapor surged, three Gu Immortals flew rapidly among the clouds.

"Faster, faster!" The Gu Immortal in front was the current first supreme elder of Spirit Affinity House.

The three Spirit Affinity House immortals that were moving showed unease and anxiety on their faces.

It turned out that after Zhao Lian Yun forcefully sent the rank five Gu Master guarding the Gu refinement room away, this Gu Master felt very worried and went to inform the higher-ups of Spirit Affinity House.

After receiving the news, first supreme elder and the rest could not wait any more, they quickly rushed towards the place!

Nothing had to happen to Feng Jin Huang!

Earlier, even though Feng Jiu Ge betrayed them in the fate war and caused Fairy Bai Qing and Feng Jin Huang to fall from grace, Heavenly Court dealt with the issue calmly, they did not punish the two of them.

According to the rules of the righteous path, they could not punish them. This was because Feng Jin Huang and Fairy Bai Qing did not betray their sect, Feng Jin Huang was even the disciple of Duke Long.

During the pursuit of Fang Yuan, Qin Ding Ling handed out emergency orders. Spirit Affinity House's first supreme elder personally controlled the Immortal Gu House and brought Feng Jin Huang to the battlefield, where she collected all of the dream realms that Fang Yuan left behind.

Feng Jin Huang made a huge contribution in this battle!

Before the first supreme elder left, Qin Ding Ling secretly transmitted to her and said: "Take good care of Feng Jin Huang. Even with the destruction of fate Gu, dream path is still the future trend of the world."

Spirit Affinity House instantly understood the intention of Heavenly Court — they still thought highly of Feng Jin Huang and wanted to nurture her. All of the dream realms that Feng Jin Huang collected were kept with her, Heavenly Court did not take a single one away!

The three immortals flew into the Gu refinement secret room directly.

"Fairy Lian Yun, you need to calm down… hmm?" The three immortals were surprised.

They did not see Feng Jin Huang's corpse,  instead, they saw that Feng Jin Huang and Zhao Lian Yun were facing each other.

Traces of blood was still seen on Feng Jin Huang's lips but using their investigative methods,  the three immortals found that she was very healthy, completely uninjured.

"What is going on?"

"Did Zhao Lian Yun really save Feng Jin Huang?"

"This is too strange. Zhao Lian Yun has always been part of the anti-Feng faction,   Feng Jin Huang failed her Gu refinement this time,  she came at a peculiar timing, she evidently wanted to deal a fatal blow. Why did this happen?"

The three immortals were unable to understand.

Looking at the situation,  Feng Jin Huang had the upper hand, while Zhao Lian Yun's expression was quite ugly.

"Feng Jin Huang, very well done!" Zhao Lian Yun looked at Feng Jin Huang deeply in the eyes, she spoke with deep meaning before leaving.

She walked past the three immortals without even greeting them,  this went against her usual demeanor, it showed how terrible her mood was.

Feng Jin Huang wiped the blood traces off her lips as she smiled and greeted the three supreme elders.

The three immortals quickly understood the reason, they sighed in their hearts.

"This must be due to Feng Jin Huang's plan,  she must have sensed something and went along with the scheme to lure out the enemies, causing Zhao Lian Yun to expose herself."

"Ever since the fate war, Feng Jin Huang's improvement has been very evident. Predicaments truly help to train people."

"But what should we do about their conflict?"

The three immortals were secretly troubled.

On one hand, there was the anti-Feng faction, Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao were the pillars holding this faction up, they helped Zhao Lian Yun become the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House. With her addition, the faction was already the number one force within Spirit Affinity House.

On the other hand, there were Fairy Bai Qing and Feng Jin Huang. This mother and daughter pair was not easy to deal with, they had deep foundations. Even though Feng Jin Huang seemed to have lost her grace, she was still very important to Heavenly Court. After all, her father was Feng Jiu Ge, even though he betrayed the righteous path, as long as he was not dead, Spirit Affinity House could not ignore his existence!

The conflict between the two factions became the greatest internal threat of Spirit Affinity House, but the first supreme elder was unable to do anything.

"Feng Jin Huang, if you want to refine Gu in the future, you can come to my mountain peak." The first supreme elder looked at Feng Jin Huang for a while before speaking amicably.

She pretended not to know about the fact that Zhao Lian Yun came to find trouble earlier.

There was no direct evidence.

The only evidence was the Gu refinement materials, but they were destroyed already.

Even if there was evidence, the first supreme elder would likely not want to deal with it. Having it manifest now would just trigger the internal threat, causing the decline of the sect.

The first supreme elder was very mature. She knew that Spirit Affinity House had fallen into some internal strife now, it was like a volcano bound to erupt soon. She needed to use a pot lid and cover the top, stalling for as much time as she could. During this period, she had to dig some routes to redirect the lava away and release the inner pressure to stabilize the situation.

Zhao Lian Yun returned to her mountain with a livid expression.

She did not enter the hall, she stood on the mountain peak, looking at the dark weather.

She knew that someone would come.

As expected, a while later, Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying flew over together.

This couple's expressions were not good, along the way, they already knew that the plan had failed. But they still needed to find out the details from Zhao Lian Yun herself.

Before Xu Hao or Li Jun Ying spoke, Zhao Lian Yun already asked them: "How did Feng Jin Huang find out the flaw in the Gu materials? Do you have anything to say about this failure?"

Xu Hao was silent.

Li Jun Ying said grimly: "I underestimated Feng Jin Huang. Lian Yun, you know about my title as Illusory Fairy, I am skilled at such things. Especially when I became a shadow path great grandmaster recently, even if the Gu material were to be placed in front of first supreme elder, she might not have found out."

Zhao Lian Yun's expression was cold as she waved her sleeves in anger: "But it happened anyway, what explanation do you have?"

Xu Hao spoke: "Maybe Duke Long left Feng Jin Huang some defensive methods. Or maybe this is the power of dream path. After all, we are not familiar with dream path, that demon Fang Yuan has also relied on dream path to fight strong enemies while he was weak."

                             Xu Hao continued: "Alright, this was our mistake. Fairy Lian Yun, according to our agreement, after helping us with this matter, we no longer owe each other anything. Since this plan failed, let it be, it was our fault after all, we will treat it as a completed task. From today onwards, we do not owe each other anything!"

Hearing his words, Li Jun Ying showed anxiety on her face, she wanted to speak, but Xu Hao stopped her with his hand.

Zhao Lian Yun's expression eased at this moment, she nodded at the two immortals before turning around and leaving without speaking.

The two immortals saw that Zhao Lian Yun went into her palace, they had to return.

Along the way, Li Jun Ying said angrily: "If not for our help, how could this Zhao Lian Yun have gotten the divine concealment of Thieving Heaven's true inheritance? If not for our help, how could she have become the current generation fairy? She actually wants to keep a clear distance from us now, she is truly an ingrate. And husband, you actually let her off so easily, do you know that she is the best weapon for us to deal with Feng Jiu Ge! To think that you are a wisdom path cultivator, sigh."

Xu Hao smiled: "My dear wife, don't worry. Even though we failed, there were gains too. Firstly, we learned about Heavenly Court's intentions through the first supreme elder's actions. Secondly, we now have Zhao Lian Yun on our side for good. Thirdly, we also found out some of Feng Jin Huang's abilities."

Li Jun Ying was slightly dazed before she realized: "That's right, even though we failed, Zhao Lian Yun also became enemies with Feng Jin Huang. Even if we do not look for Zhao Lian Yun, Feng Jin Huang will eventually 'repay' her for this, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, so she is still on our side."

"Precisely." Xu Hao nodded.

Li Jun Ying smiled: "Husband, you are really a wisdom path cultivator, I was wrong earlier."

Xu Hao smiled, showing a gaze full of bitterness: "Feng Jin Huang is truly the daughter of Feng Jiu Ge, her attitude, talent, and dream path methods surpass my expectations. Our original plan was to use Feng Jin Huang as the bait to lure Feng Jiu Ge into attacking Spirit Affinity House angrily, to make him conflict with Heavenly Court."

Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying's target was still Feng Jiu Ge after all.

Even though Feng Jiu Ge was strong and even ten of Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao together could not fight him, was there really a need to face him in combat?

Humans were the spirit of living beings, there were many ways to kill an enemy stronger than yourself.

Xu Hao, who cultivated wisdom path, thought of a plan to use Heavenly Court as the blade to exterminate Feng Jiu Ge.

This was the flair of a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he was skilled at using other people or situations to achieve his goal!

"This plan failed, I truly underestimated Feng Jin Huang. After this, she will definitely stay by her mother's side, we will not have many opportunities to strike again in the future." Xu Hao was very worried.

Feng Jiu Ge had once suppressed Xu Hao, causing him to live a life shrouded by darkness. This was their grudge.

When Feng Jiu Ge was in Spirit Affinity House, his family occupied all of the resources, causing Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao to progress slowly in cultivation. This involved their benefits.

Feng Jin Huang cultivated dream path and was highly regarded by Heavenly Court, she was the forerunner of the new era. This was a future threat.

Spirit Affinity House and Heavenly Court could not be depended on, the only one who could defend Xu Hao's benefits was Xu Hao himself.

If he did not do his best, who would help him?

"The journey of cultivation involves competition and conflict, we can only win if we stake our lives on important gambles." Xu Hao muttered, determination flashing in his eyes again.

Some days later.

Eastern Sea.

On a nameless island in a nameless sea area, Fang Yuan let out his dream path clone.

"Start." Fang Yuan said plainly.

The dream path clone nodded as he took a deep breath, shattering his aperture at the next moment.

The complete Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique's aperture was different from an ordinary rank five aperture, it was constantly alternating between shattering and forming at all times, yet its aperture wall had a thin layer that was able to fix this dream path aperture in place.

At this time, Fang Yuan's dream path clone only used primeval essence to assault the wall before it shattered.

At the next moment, formless heavenly power surged towards him from all over the place as the pure dream clone's body started to rise into the air.


Clouds gathered in the sky as thunder rumbled.

The waves around the island became more intense, soon turning into huge tides!

The environment became quite hostile, using Gu worms in this area, be they immortal or mortal, would result in backlash.

If the backlash was severe, even Immortal Gu would be destroyed!

Heaven's will was seemingly enraged!

Fang Yuan was a hated scoundrel, he actually wanted to become a dream path Gu Immortal in advance.

This was not part of the plan of heaven's will.

This went against the arrangement of fate.

It could not be spared!

It could not be forgiven!

Fang Yuan looked up at the sky, his gaze was peaceful yet determined.

So what if the Heavenly Dao did not allow it?

Then contest!

Then fight!

In this world, the most reliable thing was neither your clan or sect, nor your family or lover, it was yourself.


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