Reverend Insanity
2088 Dream Path Master
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2088 Dream Path Master

The dream path Immortal Gu held in Fang Yuan's hands now was a round ruby-like jewel that was cut in half.

This semi-circular ball-shaped Gu worm looked very cute, its red color was also very attractive.

Its head was only ten percent of its body, its back was round and smooth, there were black markings all over, resembling a tortoise shell.

This was rank seven dream path Immortal Gu — Dream Armor.

It was a defensive dream path Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu currently, but he only had one dream path Immortal Gu, it was rank eight Dream Token, the core Immortal Gu of Dragon Palace.

Dream Token was shaped like a dragonfly,  it had a round head and long body, with a pair of pink ruby eyes and four pairs of transparent wings. Looking closely at its thin wings, one would also see a faint layer of rainbow halo.

Looking at the two, Fang Yuan found that dream path Immortal Gu seemed to all look very pretty.

"I wonder what Dream Travel and Dream Wings look like?" Fang Yuan could not help but think.

He had five hundred years of memories,  he knew that dream wings Immortal Gu was in the hands of Feng Jin Huang, while dream travel Immortal Gu was in Lady Poison Scorpion's hands.

it was not that Fang Yuan had no intentions of targeting them.

All along,  he could not effectively deal with Feng Jin Huang, while he had little confidence in regards to Lady Poison Scorpion.

In his previous life,    Dream Travel,    Carefree Travel,   Fixed Immortal Travel,  and Liquor God Travel were the publicly recognized four great movement Immortal Gu. Even though Fang Yuan was strong, Lady Poison Scorpion could travel through dreams and instantly enter any single dream realm.

"Currently,    dream path is still not developed enough,   dream realms have not manifested everywhere in the outside world. Dream path immortal materials are still rare,  while dream path Immortal Gu are even rarer, and yet I already own three of them." Fang Yuan was quite happy with this result.

In the previous life,  the manifested dream realms were even larger than Spectral Soul's dream realm, they were everywhere in the five regions.

Thus,  everyone could enter dream realms for exploration, it was unlike now where dream realms were occupied by the experts.

A vast amount of dream realms meant countless opportunities for Gu cultivators to excavate dream path Gu materials. With these materials, dream path started to develop rapidly as a path.

Thus,   at this current time,   dream path had only started to grow in its initial state. Thieving Heaven's dream realm,  Paradise Earth's dream realm, and Spectral Soul's dream realm were just small flames that could not boil this entire pot of water.

To boil the pot of water that was dream path, Spectral Soul's dream realm was just too small, the entire world's strength was needed.

In Fang Yuan's case, the Immortal Gu Dreaming and Dream Token were even less important than Dream Armor.

Because Dream Armor was a defensive Immortal Gu.

With this Immortal Gu, he would have the capability of resisting dream path tribulations, the Pure Dream Reality Seeker clone would be able to undergo immortal ascension!

Fang Yuan recalled his luck inspection results earlier.

The pure dream clone's luck was like a pink sandbox, it was very small but yellow sand entered it continuously, turning into pink sand that strengthened the sandbox.

The sandbox luck predicted that the pure dream clone would receive the help of Paradise Earth, now it seemed like that was truly the case.

Fang Yuan activated Cooking Luck Pot again to inspect his luck.

His silver luck pillar did not change much, the pillar of light only became slightly larger while most of the yellow sand below it had vanished.

The pure dream clone's luck was still like a pink sandbox but no more yellow sand fell into it. The sand pile in the box was very tall, there was a feeling of collapse or breakthrough at the next moment."

"I gained Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance, with his help, the pure dream clone has the opportunity to breakthrough. But even so, the risks are still huge, I need to make even more preparation."

Fang Yuan quickly understood.

After Cooking Luck Pot reached rank eight, Fang Yuan obtained even more benefits from luck path.

He was increasingly feeling the advantage of luck path, it was no wonder that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable managed to rise to the top back then!

Crazed Demon Cave was definitely a place to visit, but Fang Yuan could not go now.

Currently, his strength was growing explosively, Fang Yuan intended to raise his battle strength to the limit before heading to Crazed Demon Cave.

Even though Lu Wei Yin claimed that the situation was extremely urgent, Fang Yuan had Luck Inspection, he knew that he still had some precious time left.

"More preparation leads to better future results, let me first research on dream path methods before I help the pure dream clone to ascend!"

Fang Yuan looked at himself, his dream path knowledge was undoubtedly the number one in the current world.

The knowledge of dream realm exploration that he brought along with rebirth was still the top tier research result of the current world, but his advantage was quickly shrinking.

However, after Fang Yuan was reborn, he still made incredible progress in dream path.

The killer move unravel dream came from his memories, from Shadow Sect, he obtained lead soul into dream, switch soul in dream, and pure dream reality seeker transformation. From Dragon Palace, he obtained dreamy light smoke, dream within dream, and dream revelation. And now from Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance, he obtained three lifetime dreams reform a chosen one.

Fang Yuan had more dream path killer moves than dream path Immortal Gu.

Many of the dream path killer moves had core Immortal Gu of other paths, there was no helping it, he used a vast number of dream path mortal Gu in place of a dream path Immortal Gu. For example, killer moves like lead soul into dream and switch soul in dream.

"What I need now is a dream path defensive killer move that uses dream armor Immortal Gu as the core. After that, I need a dream path movement method so that I can escape danger and gain some time to recuperate. After that is healing and finally offense."

Even though Fang Yuan's dream path attainment level was ordinary, he was confident in creating new dream path killer moves.

The reason was that he had unrestrained heavenly mark, he could create a large number of compound killer moves!

Longevity Heaven and Heavenly Court were definitely plotting to contest in Crazed Demon Cave, they would not send troops to attack Fang Yuan's variant human alliance.

Not to mention approaching Fang Yuan.

As for the Southern Alliance led by Wu Yong, they would be glad if Fang Yuan did not find them for trouble. Why would they come to him and court death?

The external environment was unprecedentedly safe, Fang Yuan started to enter closed cultivation, he created dream path killer moves, he made good progress every day.

More than ten days later, Fang Yuan suddenly stopped, entering a daze.

He advanced to dream path master!

This was the explosive growth of his accumulation, it was extremely smooth after long periods of foundation building. When creating his killer moves, he had unknowingly succeeded and stepped into the next realm.

Ever since rebirth, Fang Yuan had been pressured by external forces, he had never invested any time or energy into dream path.

Until now, he started to truly cultivate dream path, he put effort into it.

                             Because his foundation was deep, he was able to progress rapidly from the start, raising his dream path attainment level.

Master attainment level — the Gu cultivator's use of Gu worms had already reached an artistic level, they were no longer amateurs.

The most evident trait was the emergence of instinct. Their understanding of Gu worms and the conceptualization of immortal killer moves for that path had also turned into the cultivator's innate ability. It was like a natural skill that came with them from birth, smooth and easy to use.

For example, Fang Yuan had a very vague idea of dream path Gu worm compatibility for killer moves, he had to try to find out if they would succeed or fail. But now, before trying, his instincts would tell him if some ideas were more feasible or if they were meant to fail even without trying, whether he would only waste his time, energy, and resource if he went ahead.

"Good! Having dream path master attainment level is truly icing on the cake! My dream path achievement is definitely at the top of the current world. But… this might change after some time."

In the memories of Fang Yuan's previous life, there were many dream path geniuses. Among them were shocking talents like Feng Jin Huang and Lady Poison Scorpion, raising dream path attainment level was much easier for them compared to others.

Some people were born with compatibility with certain paths, talent was something that could not be explained. Especially for Great Dream Immortal Venerable seeds like Feng Jin Huang and Lady Poison Scorpion!

Fang Yuan had self awareness, he knew that others would surpass him soon in the aspect of dream path attainment level.

But Fang Yuan would not give up on developing dream path, he would not commit the same mistake as in his previous life.

Dream path was the great trend ahead, the revolution of the future, there was a huge advantage in a new path.

"But now is not the time to truly cultivate dream path!" Fang Yuan understood his circumstances clearly.

He had to become a venerable first to resist the external threats, only then would he have time and opportunities to develop his dream path slowly.

After hearing of the four venerable ascension conditions from Lu Wei Yin, after careful consideration, Fang Yuan guessed that refinement path would be the most likely path that he would become venerable in.

First becoming a venerable in refinement path, then going onto becoming venerable in other paths.

This was the advantage of the sovereign immortal body!

The other venerables would only be able to stare at his growth.

Even though Spectral Soul knew how to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, after failing in his pursuit of Fang Yuan, he had already fallen behind in terms of progress.

Fang Yuan had far greater potential for development than the current venerables.

At the same time, Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House.

In a certain Gu refinement secret room within Spirit Affinity House, Feng Jin Huang's Gu refinement was reaching its crucial stage.

"I am about to succeed." Feng Jin Huang's eyes shined: "As long as I refine this dream path mortal Gu, I will have defensive abilities in dream realms. This is definitely a huge breakthrough… urgh!"

Suddenly, the light in front of Feng Jin Huang exploded, the Gu refinement failed as she coughed out a mouthful of blood, falling down.

"How did this happen?!" Feng Jin Huang was extremely shocked, this was not supposed to happen, the dream path mortal Gu recipe had been checked more than ten times, how could there be a mistake?

Even if any mistake was present, it should not have triggered at this crucial point.

"This is not a problem with my Gu recipe, the problem is the Gu material!" Feng Jin Huang's head was hurting greatly, but she still understood what had happened.

"When refining the Gu, I did my inspection. The Gu materials must have been tampered with, and it must be the work of an immortal, that is why I could not notice it."

"I was plotted against."

"Someone wants me dead!"

Thinking of this, a deep chill emerged from the depths of Feng Jin Huang's heart.

She struggled to get up but halfway, she fell over.

Her face was pale as her aura weakened, the strength in her body dissipated as well.

"I am going to die here." Feng Jin Huang gritted her teeth as tears appeared in her eyes. her beautiful and elegant face was plastered on the cold ground, she had no strength to raise it herself.

"Master…" Before dying, Feng Jin Huang thought of Duke Long, her mother, and her father.

"I am not willing to die here!" Feng Jin Huang shouted in her heart.

Suddenly, she heard some quarreling outside.

"Fairy, fairy, you cannot go in!"

"I, Zhao Lian Yun, am the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, I can use any Gu refinement room I want, why can't I choose this best room?"

"Fairy, this room has been taken already, you barged in like this, what if an accident occurs when the person inside is refining Gu…"

"Accident? Hmph! How can there be any accident?" The moment she said that, there was a loud sound, the third door of the secret room was forcefully opened.

"Ah, what is going on?" The Gu Master in charge of the Gu refinement secret room became pale with shock.

"Her Gu refinement failed, she suffered a backlash. Quickly give way, how can a Gu Master like you save her from these injuries?" Zhao Lian Yun pushed the Gu Master aside, a dark light flickering in her eyes.

The Gu Master was covered in sweat, thinking about the history between Feng Jin Huang and Zhao Lian Yun, she was flustered and did not know what to do.

"Aren't you scramming? If you interrupt my healing, can you bear the consequences?" Zhao Lian Yun called out again.

The Gu Master gritted her teeth: "Fairy… ah!"

Zhao Lian Yun waved her hand, a lump of profound light sent the Gu Master flying far away.

Zhao Lian Yun approached Feng Jin Huang as she squatted down.

The two peerless beauties looked at each other.

The Gu refinement secret room fell into dead silence.

This was truly a twist of fate, the two of them had reversed statuses at the moment.

Feng Jin Huang was not flustered in the face of death, she said calmly: "So you are the ones who want me dead."

She was intelligent, after seeing Zhao Lian Yun, she thought of Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao. The latter two had deep grudges with Feng Jiu Ge.

Zhao Lian Yun sighed as she extended her hand towards Feng Jin Huang.

Feng Jin Huang had no strength to resist, her vision fell into darkness.


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