Reverend Insanity
2087 Obtaining Southern Border“s Paradise Earth True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2087 Obtaining Southern Border“s Paradise Earth True Inheritance

"So this is the secret of venerable invincibility…" Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

This trip to the Mushroomman Paradise was truly not in vain!

Fang Yuan obtained a lot of secrets involving venerables, he also had some sort of guess towards Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's motive.

At this point, the signs shown in Fang Yuan's luck inspection were verified.

His luck was like a pure silver pillar of light, even though it was slim, it was tall, shooting towards heaven, seemingly trying to pierce the sky.

At the bottom of this dense pure silver light pillar, there was a lump of yellow qi guarding it, looking like a dust cloud that seemed to support the pillar.

At the top of the pillar, there were three clouds, one was black as ink, one was golden and dazzling, one was shining with starlight.

These three clouds were phenomena that seemed to be obstructing Fang Yuan's luck from rising further.

The black ink cloud should be Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. After all, the current Shadow Sect was already left with few members, it had little threat.

The starlight cloud was most likely the revived Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. It radiated mystery, it had an aura filled with wisdom.

As for that golden cloud, there was no need to guess, it was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. In the fate war earlier, Giant Sun's attack came from Northern Plains with imposing might, arriving in Heavenly Court with unparalleled strength!

During the battle to pursue Fang Yuan, even though they lost one legendary immemorial beast, Longevity Heaven's strength did not fall much, they still retained their foundation. The Huang Jin family was like the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, it dominated Northern Plains and ensured that the whole of Northern Plains was controlled by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's bloodline descendants.

Crazed Demon Cave was in Northern Plains, there was no way to avoid Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Longevity Heaven.

"Maybe, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable chose to create Longevity Heaven in Northern Plains not because he was a Northern Plainsman but because of the crucial Crazed Demon Cave, he wanted to make his arrangements."

Fang Yuan had many thoughts, he pondered about the deeper meaning of this.

If it were him, he would make the same arrangements.

If fate Gu was not destroyed, everything would not matter. But once it was destroyed, the venerables could revive. By then, whoever occupied Northern Plains and encircled Crazed Demon Cave would have the clear advantage!

Fang Yuan looked at Lu Wei Yin again: "Since Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable created the Yellow Earth Great World, then by helping me become venerable, does he also want me to help him revive successfully?"

Lu Wei Yin nodded and smiled: "Precisely. Back then, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable brought blessings to the world, but his main true inheritances were left in the five regions. Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance is here. Eastern Sea's Paradise Earth true inheritance is in the blue dragon whale. Central Continent's Paradise Earth true inheritance is Reincarnation Battlefield. Northern Plains' Paradise Earth true inheritance is inside the Yellow Earth Great World. As for Western Desert's Paradise Earth true inheritance, someone seems to have taken it already."

"Venerables have left behind their revival methods but they are limited. As long as they are destroyed in advance, these venerables will not be able to revive. But if they revive, the difficulty to take them down will be at a whole new level compared to before."

"Now that fate Gu has been destroyed, the River of Time's lower stream is in turbulence and chaos, the world is experiencing an unprecedented shift in era. Who can be sure of what will happen in the future? Not just venerable revival, just talking about Great Dream Immortal Venerable alone, will she still appear? Pseudo venerable is just pseudo venerable in the end."

"By now, Fang Yuan, I am sure that you no longer suspect our sincerity. As long as you help Lord Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable revive, we will be the closest allies. Not only will we give you Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance, we will also provide clues for Eastern Sea's and Central Continent's Paradise Earth true inheritances, the value is simply immeasurable."

Fang Yuan was silent.

Lu Wei Yin was here to convince him, he was not just qualified to do so, he was incredibly skilled!

"As expected, every venerable had extremely deep wisdom." Fang Yuan was starting to understand the accuracy of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's scheme.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not need to worry that Fang Yuan would reject him!

Because the things that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable offered had immense value, not only would Fang Yuan be moved, he also needed these venerable secrets urgently.

The reason why Lu Wei Yin exposed these secrets to Fang Yuan earlier was not because he was stupid or generous.

It was because Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable knew about Fang Yuan's nature.

To work wholeheartedly with a person like Fang Yuan, the first condition was that he needed to be assured. Otherwise, even though Fang Yuan was a risk-taker, with his immense vigilance, he would not help to revive a venerable while only being a pseudo venerable!

Thus, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable needed to help Fang Yuan become venerable.

Red Lotus and Spectral Soul were worried that Fang Yuan would become unstoppable when he became a venerable, thus they wanted to get rid of him. But Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable wanted to help Fang Yuan in this, while the other venerables were fighting alone, he had already cooperated with Fang Yuan.

Venerables were the strongest existences in heaven and earth, they were at the limit of the world. In a contest between such individuals, their strength would usually be quite equal, any bit of difference would decide the eventual outcome.

Thus, if Paradise Earth worked together with Fang Yuan, the advantage would be huge.

All these were simply alluring temptations.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not just tempt Fang Yuan with the present gains, he even lured Fang Yuan with the future benefits of working together.

Of course, other than allure, there was also pressure!

Lu Wei Yin had already told Fang Yuan clearly: The venerables want to revive in Crazed Demon Cave, would you not stop them? If not, after losing this opportunity, you will definitely suffer in the future.

Fang Yuan, look at what you've done in the past!

Longevity Heaven, Heavenly Court, and Shadow Sect were all his enemies, if the venerables revived, they would not let him off.

Even if they had no grudges, hehe, as a pseudo venerable closest to the level of venerables, would those revived venerables want more chess players in this world to compete with them?

Paradise Earth was a good person, he only expressed kindness to others. However, Paradise Earth's magnanimity and scheming ability definitely lived up to his title as a venerable!

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable tempted and pressured Fang Yuan at the same time, what would he choose?

How else could he choose?

At the next moment, Fang Yuan nodded with a grim expression: "Alright, I agree to this. Let's set the agreement."

Lu Wei Yin waved his hand: "I believe in you, Fang Yuan, why would we need to set an agreement?"

He was bullshitting.

The true reason was that Fang Yuan had methods like myriad beings assimilation transformation, almost no alliance agreements in the world could restrict him.

Lu Wei Yin had no choice but to show his tolerance in this issue.

Fang Yuan was a logical person, if he was not logical and vigilant, he would not reach this stage today. Precisely because of his logic and wariness, he knew that working together with Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had benefits, while refusing had its demerits.

This was more effective than any alliance agreement in the world!

Lu Wei Yin slowly stood up: "Since we are in an alliance, Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance is yours now. Please follow me."

Fang Yuan followed Lu Wei Yin and left the house, going to a mountain peak.

Outside the house, the sky was tall and the clouds were wide, the fields under the mountains were green, the breeze was gentle and the trees were swaying slowly.

Lu Wei Yin pointed at the base of the mountain: "Fang Yuan, firstly, this Mushroomman Paradise is now your property. You can freely annex it, of course, you can let it remain here as your territory in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world."

Fang Yuan was moved, this gift was not a small one. Mushroomman Paradise had existed for over a hundred thousand years, it had abundant resources, comparable with top tier grotto-heavens in the two heavens.

Let alone the giant resource points inside, just the countless mushroommen living here were definitely something unique among the five regions and two heavens! This was the best mushroomman resource in the world, there was no contest!

Next, Lu Wei Yin handed Fang Yuan more than ten Immortal Gu, they were mostly earth path.

Among them, one was an information path Immortal Gu that recorded the details of Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance.

Fang Yuan's divine sense entered and saw everything at once, he found that this true inheritance had three components. The main part was the earth path true inheritance, there was the core killer move, paradise creation, after using this move, the immortal aperture would no longer have calamities and tribulations.

The second part was related to human path, Fang Yuan had seen the contents before, when Lu Wei Yin tried to reform Fang Yuan in the dream realm, Fang Yuan had obtained this Virtue true inheritance before.

This true inheritance had a weird requirement. It needed the inheritor to maintain a just heart, to be a virtuous person. The greater the user's virtues, the easier it was when cultivating.

The core Immortal Gu was accumulate virtue Gu. As long as Fang Yuan did good deeds and acted kindly, it would continue to refine itself. The greater the accumulation of kindness, the higher the rank of the accumulate virtue Gu refined.

Accumulate virtue Gu had many incredible uses, the most useful one was to modify Fang Yuan's physique into the Righteous Virtue Physique that was only inferior to the ten extreme physiques, but it did not have any of the ten extreme physiques' flaws, it represented a limitless future and potential!

Fang Yuan only took a few looks before he sighed in amazement towards Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's talent.

Earlier, he had only interacted with a small portion in his dream, he did not understand its full profundity.

The human path segment of Southern Border's Paradise Earth true inheritance opened a new door for Fang Yuan, he saw a new perspective of human path. It stemmed from the morals of people, developing in this direction. If Gu cultivators chose to cultivate this way, it would definitely create change and become a central part of Gu cultivation in the future.

If this cultivation information was spread widely, it would definitely cause the righteous path to prosper.

Additionally, the refinement method of accumulate virtue Gu was also incredible!

It was able to refine accumulate virtue Gu in the person's body through acts of righteousness and kindness. This was a type of human body Gu refinement method, or rather, a human path Gu refinement method.

From this aspect, one could see that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had shocking refinement path attainment.

Fang Yuan currently lacked this essence of refinement path, it was a huge inspiration to him.

"I am only a quasi-supreme in refinement path, mainly consisting of the hairy man Gu refinement method. To become a genuine supreme grandmaster, I lack these things! But how many of these things are in existence? Where are they left at? This human path refinement method of accumulate virtue Gu seems to have some similarity with Qing Chou's hatred Gu refinement."

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while, he was secretly happy internally.

He next moved his attention to the third portion of Paradise Earth's true inheritance.

This was regarding the dream path.

The core killer move was: three lifetime dreams reform a chosen one.

This killer move used fetus earth maze as the foundation to create a dream realm. It allowed the people who entered the dream to live in the same dream together for three lifetimes, one could experience the mortal lives fully and comprehend life and death, understanding the vicissitudes of human ways and forgetting the evil in their heart, turning over a new leaf.

Fang Yuan had already been hit by this move before, Lu Wei Yin was the user.

The reason why Lu Wei Yin understood Fang Yuan's nature and goal so well was also because of this move.

Thus, Fang Yuan obtained two rank seven dream path Immortal Gu from him.

The first was dreaming Immortal Gu, it was the core Immortal Gu of three lifetime dreams reform a chosen one, it was not a surprise.

The other Immortal Gu made Fang Yuan very happy.

"Even though this Immortal Gu is only rank seven, it carries a huge significance in my case, its importance surpasses rank eight Immortal Gu, and even rank nine!"


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