Reverend Insanity
2081 Luck of Fang Yuan“s Clones
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2081 Luck of Fang Yuan“s Clones

Second to the Qi Sea clone's luck was Wu Shuai's luck.

His luck had weakened by a lot.

Dragon Palace was destroyed and could not be constructed within a short period of time, the Four Dragon Generals were dead, and even Di Zang Sheng was suppressed in Heavenly Court.

Wu Shuai's luck still had the flying dragon's form. This was closely related with his dragonman identity.

When observed carefully, Wu Shuai's dragon luck seemed to be formed from ants.

The countless ants gathered to form an ant-dragon luck.

"Besides handling the variant human alliance's affairs as my representative, Wu Shuai is researching enslavement path methods to increase his battle strength. This is why there is the ant-dragon luck."

Fang Yuan observed his time path clone's luck.

The time path clone's luck was still in the shape of a miniature River of Time. But compared to before, it was much more vast and the water was flowing rapidly.

Zhan Bu Du's eagle luck had not changed much.

But Li Xiao Bai's luck had a huge change in appearance.

His luck had been a blooming flower with thin layers of nectar in its pistil, which signified how Li Xiao Bai's cultivation would improve back then.

But now, his luck's appearance had changed into a white wall.

There were three poems on the wall with different lengths. When read carefully, it was clear they were the three masterpiece poems that Li Xiao Bai had 'created'.

Every letter of the poem was pitch-black, which was even more conspicuous on the white wall.

Moreover, countless dark, inky characters were flying around the white wall, about to fly into the wall.

"This is his poem wall luck." Fang Yuan realized in his mind.

After Li Xiao Bai obtained the Book House inheritance, he progressed rapidly, walking on the path of becoming renowned in the world.

Not only did he change his vital Gu, he also roamed the world to collect poems, and formed three killer moves with the poems he created (copied and stole).

These three information path killer moves made him the number one Gu Master in Profound Literature grotto-heaven and also the Gu Immortal seed who was looked upon favorably by countless people. There were even discussions saying he was a talent that was hard to come by in several hundred years!

Li Xiao Bai's outstanding achievements naturally attracted Old Immortal Hua Yu's attention.

There were all kinds of indications that Old Immortal Hua Yu had decided to nurture Li Xiao Bai with all his strength!

The Qi Sea clone and Fang Yuan's main body were aware of Li Xiao Bai's recent condition, but they did not interfere and only watched from the side.

Back when Fang Yuan had created Li Xiao Bai, it was to scheme for Profound Literature grotto-heaven's information path inheritance to fill the deficiency in his information path aspect.

However, because Profound Literature grotto-heaven was an information path grotto-heaven with extremely strict monitoring, Fang Yuan could not give too much support and Li Xiao Bai had to move ahead by himself.

The result was that only after Fang Yuan had gone through the fate war, the pursuit battle, killed Spectral Soul, and resolved the issue of heaven path dao marks did Li Xiao Bai finally show some advancement and progress.

Moreover, Profound Literature grotto-heaven was also in the Righteous Qi Alliance, most of the contents of its information path true inheritance could be obtained through the internal exchange between Righteous Qi Alliance members.

This was life.

Sometimes, plans could not keep up with changes; sometimes, changes could not catch up to plans.

Like this, the chess piece Li Xiao Bai had a new arrangement.

So, Fang Yuan was going to let him develop naturally.

Last was the pure dream clone's luck.

The pure dream clone was still at rank five level, the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body would attract dream path calamities and tribulations when undergoing immortal ascension. Even the current Fang Yuan did not have confidence to deal with it.

But the pure dream clone's luck had also changed.

His luck was like a drifting pink fog that fluctuated constantly. But this lump of pink fog had condensed now, becoming a sandbox.

The sandbox was still pink in color, it was very small but yellow sand entered it continuously, turning into pink sand that strengthened the sandbox.

"Sandbox luck… what is this trying to say?" Even Fang Yuan was puzzled.

After activating wisdom path methods, Fang Yuan's eyes shone sharply as he made some guesses, but they had to be confirmed.

Fang Yuan counted; unknowingly, he had already created eight clones.

Creating these clones was one of the gains Fang Yuan had from studying Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul relied on clones to create Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance. Fang Yuan's clones also gave him huge help.

"Among the eight clones, only Fang Di Chang was sacrificed. Huh? Wait, this is…" Fang Yuan suddenly discovered a piece of luck.

This piece of luck was vague, almost transparent, and gave an extremely weak feeling.

Fang Yuan had almost missed it, but after carefully observing it, he showed pleasant surprise: "This is Fang Di Chang's luck? He is still alive!"

During the fate war, Fang Yuan was schemed by Genesis Lotus, not only losing Divine Bean Palace but also Fang Di Chang.

Such a long time had passed, Divine Bean Palace had already combined with Emperor City to form Divine Emperor City, becoming the number one Immortal Gu House in the world; Fang Yuan thought Fang Di Chang was already done for.

But he had never expected to gain some clues from this round of luck inspection.

"How did I not discover it before?"

"I see."

"Cooking Luck Pot has just advanced to rank eight, my luck inspection method is many times more powerful than before. Also, it is clear that Fang Di Chang made some progress in this recent period of time. Combining both of these causes, my connection with him was strengthened by a lot and I am able to see his luck now."

Although Divine Emperor City possessed painting worlds, Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, who had left behind the killer move contented lifestyle, was active before Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Because of this, Divine Emperor City was rather weak in the aspect of luck path.

Discovering Fang Di Chang was alive and strengthening himself, this was a pleasant surprise. But Fang Yuan did not change his plan.

He had no plans to attack Divine Emperor City in the short term.

Divine Emperor City was not a Gu Immortal, its methods were fixed and hard to change, it was not a problem to let it be. And Fang Yuan was a pseudo venerable who had finally gotten the opportunity to rest and recuperate safely, it was a splendid time for him to focus on cultivating.

Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool was constructed and most of the grotto-heavens had yet to be devoured, Fang Yuan's strength would soar without stopping now. Why would he take the risk during this precious period of time to fight Divine Emperor City?

After inspecting his and the clones' luck, Fang Yuan understood a lot.

Cooking Luck Pot could allow Fang Yuan's main body to greatly increase his clones' luck, but Fang Yuan did not do so.

On one hand, the situation of both the main body and the clones was much better. After getting through the previous predicament, their luck was spontaneously rising, it was the so-called 'when misfortune reaches the limit, good fortune starts to rise'. So there was no necessity.

On the other hand, what this consumed was not immortal essence, but the luck of Fang Yuan's main body. After all, it increased the clones' luck by using the luck inside the pot.

"I should refine wood path Immortal Gu now." Fang Yuan once again invested in his Gu refinement project.

As for why he chose wood path, the reason was simple.

Fang Yuan had gathered a lot of wood path immortal materials and they were enough for refinement. The variant human alliance's Xiao He Jian and Green Forest Great Sage were rank eight miniman Gu Immortals, their grotto-heavens were wood path grotto-heavens which provided enough wood path immortal materials.

"Let's first raise Immortal Gu Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus to rank eight."

Divine Emperor City, painting world.

In the newly added growling beast painting world, a camp was being constructed rapidly.

The camp's location was selected after careful thought, it was in a strategically located area and there was a stream flowing near it.

Zhao Shu Ye was standing on a boulder and commanded the hundred craftsmen in constructing the camp.

"Although craftsman Gu has weak battle strength, it has broad usage." Fairy Bi Xia was standing beside Zhao Shu Ye and praised as she looked at the busy work site.

Zhao Shu Ye's head immediately lifted as he said proudly: "It is our Fairy Bi Xia who has good foresight. Craftsman Gu's prospects are much higher than thief Gu, soldier Gu, and officer Gu. Besides processing immortal materials and constructing Gu houses, it can also refine Gu!"

Fairy Bi Xia nodded: "Yes, if not for your craftsman Gu, how could we have constructed ten camps and explored deeper into the growling beast painting world. But, how can you control so many craftsmen alone? This is an enormous burden to the mind. Did you use organization Gu?"

Organization Gu was a type of human path Gu worm which allowed human Gu to form a group. Fang Di Chang's sect token Gu was also of this type.

Zhao Shu Ye laughed heartily and did not hide it: "Right, I used labor union token Gu and constructed a labor union. I am carrying union head Gu and gave supervisor Gu to twelve or so high ranked craftsman Gu. I have given one vice union head Gu out as well and still have three in my hand. No need to hurry, as my labor union continues to grow, they will have ample scope to show their abilities."

The two were discussing when the emergency bugle was played.

Fairy Bi Xia's expression had a slight change: "Beast groups came to attack again."

Zhao Shu Ye said indifferently: "With Xiao Qi Xing and others here, we don't need to worry."

Sure enough, at the next moment, Xiao Qi Xing's voice spread throughout the camp: "All forces, attack!"

Thump thump thump thump thump…

There was a series of footsteps, and as the white smoke was blown away by the wind, the wide camp was filled with soldiers.

Soldier Gu were in the highest number, there was the small group leader level sergeant Gu, lieutenant Gu, the higher ranked captain Gu and even chief captain Gu were used.

The size of Xiao Qi Xing's army had increased again in this period of time.

Divine Emperor City was truly the sacred land of human path cultivation!

The army charged towards the beast tide, both sides collided like huge sea waves.

After the stalemate lasted for a while, the orderly battle lines began to show uneven gaps; a large number of wild beasts and soldiers had died in the most intense areas. Immediately after, these gaps were filled by soldiers and beasts.


Several powerful beasts appeared. Their size was clearly larger than others, like fortresses rampaging on the battlefield.

Xiao Qi Xing's expression showed a trace of seriousness: "The deeper we go in, the stronger the beast groups are. Everyone, please make your moves."

"Alright." Chen Da Jiang, Gu Ting, and the rest began to attack.

This large battle lasted for an hour, the beast tide retreated, and there were casualties in Xiao Qi Xing's group as well.

After half a day, the camp's construction was finished. The supply group along with merchants, peddlers, citizens, and even beggars settled in the camp.

These camps were like the strongest nails that were firmly fixed in their position, becoming the support for the ten children of human path to explore deeper.


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