Reverend Insanity
2075 Venerable Revival
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2075 Venerable Revival

Central Continent.

Flowing Silver blessed land.

"Spare, please spare me!"

"Retreat, she is demonic immortal Zi Wei! She is not someone we can fight."

"Such bad luck, we just invaded and demonic immortal Zi Wei arrives!"

The Central Continent Gu Immortals sighed as they escaped everywhere in a hurry.

"Did I let you leave?" Fairy Zi Wei sneered, purple radiance spreading from her whole body.

The radiance shone upon half the sky, most of the Central Continent Gu Immortals died miserably, and only one escaped alive.

Fairy Zi Wei was a rank eight Gu Immortal and a wisdom path great expert. Against these rank six and rank seven Gu Immortals, she displayed absolutely despair-inducing battle strength.

After easily killing the Gu Immortals, Fairy Zi Wei waved her finger, the Gu Immortals' souls were pulled to Ying Wu Xie.

"Master's soul foundation will greatly increase once again after devouring them." Fairy Zi Wei said with a smile.

Ying Wu Xie, however did not feel joy and was low-spirited: "Sigh, even if my foundation is stronger, so what? The main body is dead, I am merely a lingering split soul that is barely living."

"Master, don't lose spirit." An Xun quickly persuaded, "I have brought almost all the soul path resources of Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven, they are food for your cultivation."

During this period of time, An Xun had already joined with Fairy Zi Wei and Ying Wu Xie.

After urging Ying Wu Xie, An Xun said to Fairy Zi Wei: "Lady Zi Wei, did you intentionally let that transformation path Gu Immortal leave? Why did you do that? Are you hoping for him to bring in even more Gu Immortals?"

An Xun's soul was tampered by Spectral Soul and had extreme loyalty towards Ying Wu Xie. He would object to anything that went against Ying Wu Xie's benefits.

Right now, he was staring fixedly at Fairy Zi Wei with a questioning look.

Fairy Zi Wei sneered and did not respond.

Ying Wu Xie quickly lightened the mood: "If I am not wrong, that transformation path Gu Immortal should be Steel Rush Warrior. He is Fang Yuan's subordinate, a Gu Immortal of Beast Calamity grotto-heaven. After the fate war, he has been drifting about in the outside world."

An Xun frowned and felt indignant: "It was Fang Yuan who killed our master's main body, he is our sworn enemy. There is even more reason not to let him leave!"

Ying Wu Xie sighed: "At present, Fang Yuan's demonic might is overwhelming, he has completely subdued the variant human alliance and is occupying a region of Eastern Sea. When he fought Eastern Sea's righteous path alliance, he displayed pseudo venerable battle strength and should have already broken free from the shackles of the heaven path dao marks. He is now calling his subordinates to return, do you think any super force will dare to block them? Even Central Continent's ten great ancient sects are turning a blind eye to it."

Fairy Zi Wei added: "Fang Yuan is crafty, despicable, sinister, and vicious. In his youth, he slaughtered his whole clan and relatives to increase his aptitude. He is cold and heartless, be it the fate war or the recent battle against Heavenly Court, he threw those subordinates away without any hesitation. Even if we killed this Steel Rush Warrior, can we inflict any loss to Fang Yuan?"

"Damn it!" An Xun clenched his fists as he realized: "This demon's dominance has been established, we cannot destabilize him indeed. Not only this, even killing his subordinates poses a huge threat should Fang Yuan decide to investigate it. Since this demon has already recovered his battle strength, why has he not gone to fight Heavenly Court?"

Fairy Zi Wei analyzed while looting Flowing Silver blessed land: "I have a suspicion, that is Fang Yuan's immortal essence reserves. It is very likely he lacks immortal essence currently. He may only have been putting up a front when fighting Qi Sea Ancestor, currently, he should be completely focused on recuperating."

"Are you sure?" An Xun's eyes shone: "Maybe we can make use of this!"

Fairy Zi Wei fell into silence once again.

Ying Wu Xie gave a bitter smile: "Do you know what our greatest gain in fighting with Fang Yuan is?"


"It is that this person, Fang Yuan, can never be estimated with common sense. According to the previous battles' intensity and frequency, it is common sense for him to be lacking immortal essence now. But no one knows how many methods he has, how many venerables have provided resources for him, what miraculous methods he has brought back from his rebirth. Even my main body fell to his trap, it was not easy for us to escape, it is better if we don't try to provoke him." Ying Wu Xie explained.

Fairy Zi Wei frowned, Ying Wu Xie's words did not upset her, instead she felt somewhat worried about Ying Wu Xie's morale.

Fang Yuan showed astonishing performances so frequently that Ying Wu Xie was now filled with fear. This was not the disposition of the grand Spectral Soul!

Ying Wu Xie was not just a split soul of Spectral Soul, he was the master whom Fairy Zi Wei and An Xun had devoted their loyalty to, they were looking forward to his rise.

To lift Ying Wu Xie's spirit, Fairy Zi Wei pondered for a while and said slowly: "Fang Yuan is terrifying indeed. He has always been pressured by all forces. Be it the forceful push by great venerables or the pursuit of Heavenly Court when I led it, he had to keep on wandering around from place to place for a long time in a precarious state."

"According to my guess, Fang Yuan was only a chess piece, and the moment he destroyed fate Gu, the venerables who supported him abandoned him. Not only abandoned, they even want to get rid of him! Be it the shackles from heaven path dao marks or Spectral Soul's pursuit, they are both evidence of this."

"But now, Fang Yuan has escaped the shackles and killed Spectral Soul. He is free from the venerables' arrangements and obtained freedom. He never had the time to develop himself properly, but now he has."

"Currently, he is growing stronger with every moment of time at an unknowable speed. Even though I am a wisdom path great expert and have fought Fang Yuan many times, I am unable to estimate how strong he will be the next time he makes a move."

"But, no matter how strong he becomes, as long as he does not become venerable, he is not invincible." Fairy Zi Wei changed the subject.

Ying Wu Xie gave a bitter smile: "Who can say for sure, Fang Yuan might have already become a venerable the next time he makes a move."

"No." Fairy Zi Wei smiled, "The realm of venerable is not that easy to reach. Since ancient times, there have only been ten of them. Venerable ascension holds an enormous secret! All the clues point out that the venerables who helped Fang Yuan will not inform him of this secret."

"So that's it!" An Xun clapped and said excitedly: "This is too good. As long as Fang Yuan does not become a venerable, he will only be a pseudo venerable, no matter how strong he is, there will be limits. Be they Qi Sea Ancestor or Divine Emperor City, they both can fight him."

Ying Wu Xie let out a breath of air: "That means, as long as Fang Yuan does not become venerable, we still have hope?"

Fairy Zi Wei nodded: "Although Fang Yuan is strong, there are many restrictions on him. Fate Gu is destroyed, the order of the world has turned chaotic. Since Demon Immortal Qi Jue revived, could venerables not revive as well? That would not make sense. Demon Immortal Qi Jue was only a pseudo venerable."

An Xun's heart shook: "Lady Zi Wei, you once led Heavenly Court, can it be that you have some clues on venerable revival?"

Fairy Zi Wei shook her head slightly: "This is only my guess, I have no evidence. But one thing is obvious; the stronger the Gu Immortal, the more difficult it is for them to revive. Demon Immortal Qi Jue consumed a grotto-heaven and also borrowed the help of the qi harvest fruit. Even so, because of the severe interference during the revival process, Demon Immortal Qi Jue's strength was not consistent with Heavenly Court's records, it fell after the revival. A venerable's revival will be countless times more difficult than Qi Jue's."

As she said this, Fairy Zi Wei could not help but think of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable.

She already had many suspicions.

These last days, although she and Ying Wu Xie were pursued, Heavenly Court did not chase them intensely.

After carefully thinking of it, although Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's arrangements showed up during the fate war, they clearly were not focused on guarding Heavenly Court.

Under the control of Genesis Lotus' will, Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City combined, forming Divine Emperor City. But during the fate war, it only stayed in Central Continent and did not move.

And the battle not long ago proved Divine Emperor City could move.

And after the bamboo tree painting that Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable arranged at the topmost floor of Heaven Overseeing Tower absorbed many of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal experts, it flew out of Heavenly Court and left without a trace.

Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had left behind various methods, but Fairy Zi Wei all along felt Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's focus was on other things, and not on defending Heavenly Court and protecting fate Gu.

"Fang Yuan might have also sensed this so he did not attack Divine Emperor City, I assume?" Fairy Zi Wei gazed towards Eastern Sea.

It was unknown who released the rumor in treasure yellow heaven, but rumors that were luring Fang Yuan and Heavenly Court into fighting were spreading wildly.

There was only one discussion in the whole of the world of the five regions' immortals — the fight between Fang Yuan and Heavenly Court's Divine Emperor City would decide who was the ruler of the world!

Wu Yong only started it, Western Desert's Gu Immortals, Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world, Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, and even the two heaven's Gu Immortals had strong motives to secretly give momentum to this rumor.

"This plan is quite good, but what kind of person is Fang Yuan, will he fall for it?" Fairy Zi Wei sneered.

The world's game of chess that involved all living beings was decided by the fight between several people. Although Fairy Zi Wei did not have the strength to participate, as a wisdom path great expert, she had the ability to observe this game.

Flowing Silver blessed land was looted completely and Fairy Zi Wei successfully obtained the Flowing Silver inheritance as well.

This was a metal path inheritance created by Silver Horn, a rank seven Gu Immortal of Central Continent.

It did not have much value to Fairy Zi Wei. Ying Wu Xie and An Xun also cultivated soul path, so the true inheritance's value was not big. The useful part of it were the immortal materials in the blessed land.

After making sure they did not miss out on anything, Fairy Zi Wei and the group immediately left this place.

Immemorial black heaven.

Under Bing Sai Chuan's lead, Hei Lou Lan arrived in front of Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace.

"Longevity Heaven actually hid such a trump card!" Hei Lou Lan was inwardly shaken.

The rank eight Immortal Gu House in front of her was much larger than Calamity Luck Altar, its grand dark golden body revealed signs of vicissitudes that spanned across countless years, but had a disposition of being firm and unshakable.

"I brought you here to seek an audience with a person." Bing Sai Chuan led Hei Lou Lan inside the depths of Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace.

"You, you are?!" Hei Lou Lan's eyes widened as she saw Immortal Zombie Giant Sun, who was sitting cross-legged on a cushion mat.

The intense reaction from her bloodline and Immortal Zombie Giant Sun's appearance made Hei Lou Lan quickly confirm the identity of this person.

She immediately knelt on the ground and bowed: "This unfilial descendant greets Ancestor Giant Sun!"

"Good child, get up." Immortal Zombie Giant Sun smiled kindly.

A formless and gentle force lifted the agitated Hei Lou Lan.

She had just stood up when she heard Immortal Zombie Giant Sun continue: "You are my outstanding descendant, if we talk about who was unfilial, those Gu Immortals of Hei tribe were the unfilial ones. They are cowards who actually surrendered to an outsider — that junior Bai Zu."

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun paused before continuing: "Hei Lou Lan, from today onwards, you will cultivate in Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace, in the future, you will go to Northern Plains and rebuild Hei tribe!"


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